BlueSnow Pack
03:25:14 Bluewind Pack
Okay so how are you going
03:24:47 Moth
Yes and no? I just started on here a few weeks ago but I've been on and off the site for years.
BlueSnow Pack
03:23:52 Bluewind Pack
Are you new???
03:20:50 Moth
Is it though?
BlueSnow Pack
03:19:58 Bluewind Pack
Chat is dead NOOOO!!!!!
BlueSnow Pack
02:50:23 Bluewind Pack
That is okay Coy
Destinations End
02:47:32 Desti, Coy, Coydog
Back. Sorry about that
BlueSnow Pack
02:30:49 Bluewind Pack
No problems
BlueSnow Pack
02:30:32 Bluewind Pack
Same here I'm currently almost ready for my next year of school
Destinations End
02:30:12 Desti, Coy, Coydog
Awesome ^^ thanks
BlueSnow Pack
02:29:51 Bluewind Pack
Destinations End
02:29:50 Desti, Coy, Coydog
Overall so-so I guess.
I'm struggling horribly with a lot of things but I'm trying my best to focus on more positive things

BlueSnow Pack
02:29:21 Bluewind Pack
You can call me that I you like
BlueSnow Pack
02:29:06 Bluewind Pack
Aww that is so cute
Destinations End
02:28:46 Desti, Coy, Coydog
Can I possibly call you Bird? As in a bluebird
BlueSnow Pack
02:28:30 Bluewind Pack
How are you
Destinations End
02:28:11 Desti, Coy, Coydog
Hello blue
BlueSnow Pack
02:26:14 Bluewind Pack
Destinations End
02:25:12 Desti, Coy, Coydog
Flying Ramen God
02:20:55 Ramen
The only food I currently have is for the soul


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All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN May 30, 2021 12:55 AM

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Adaline O'Byrne







Possible love intrests:

Benjamin (Ben) Hanson


Second in Command



Starting down at her feet, Adaline wears simple black leather boots that hit about ankle highth. She is almsot never seen without her half chaps over the boots and over her jeans. Her half chaps are almost too small and stop at around 3/4ths of the way up her calf. They are tight and fit right over her jeans and contour her calf. She wears spurs on the back of her boots, the spurs not being the longest or largest spurs, but they do make noise when she moves. Which is the main reason she wears them.

Her jeans are simple dark blue denim fabric. They have a few rips and tears that have been haphazardly swen back together by a few strands of random thread. They are a little big on her, but she wears an extra belt along the loops to have it fit around her waist. The waistline hits right above her hip bones, making the jeans high on her waist. The belt that she uses to hold her jeans has a patterns across it of many swirls that all come together to make a nice pattern. It is homeade, so the pattern is not picture perfect. It has a belt buckle that is a simple silver toned cheap metal that has the image of a horse on it.

For her top she is often seen wearing a white long sleeve nice looking shirt. It has a collar on the top and she will often button it while in towns or around other travlers, but will leave it unbuttoned a hole or two (Not showing anything but her collar bone) when she is around her gang or commiting a crime.

She wears a this red bandana around her neck, often tucking it into the collar of her shirt and it giving the appearence of a necktie. It has no design, just the darker blood red color all throughout the bandana.

She is almost always wearing a long leather duster. It is a dark black color, dust staining the bottom and showing how it has been worn and torn on the edges. It has multiple bullet holes that she had patched with leather sitched below the coat. The coat will slightly drag on the ground behind her as she walks, and as she stands the edge rests on the ground with the slightest of wrinkles at the hem. She buttons up the coat to about her waistline often, especally while riding. If she is not riding or she gets hot or uncomfortable she will leave it unbottoned, but she almost never takes it off.

She wears a black cowboy hat that she almost never takes off. It is covered in sleek black leather and is pointed in the top more than other hats. It has a wide brim and is often pulled down to hide her eyes.


She wears two black leather gunbelts. They go across her body, starting at the top of her hip and swooping down to rest in the middle of her thigh. They have pieces of leather to tie them to her legs, making sure they do not come loose when she rides. They have silver round circles inlayed around the actual gun holster, making a badass look. The gunbelts have a few spare magazines for her pistols, then they house extra bullets.

The pistols themselves are different makes and models from eachother. One of them is a Colt Single Action Army revolver, which holds 6 shots when fully loaded, which it always is. It is a .45 calliber and can do nice quick damage to a target. The gun itself is a simple regular steel, having an intricate carved wooden handle which is a light birch. It is engraved with a doe which is bounding through a beautiful forest scene. Her other gun is a .42 calliber LeMat revolver. It has a blued steel and a light maple handle, which had a carving of a snarling cougar. She carved into both of them herself, so they are very special to her.

For her last gun it is a beautiful Winchester Model 1873. It is the simple rifle edition of the gun, but it has a special barrel and measures 26 inches in legnth versus the usual 24 inches. The battel and metal going down the side are blackened steel, giving a beautiful finish. It is ingraved with a flowery pattern and the stock of the weapon, a beautiful walnut wood, is engraved with wolf hunting elk on one side, and a snarling wolf on the other. The strap that holds the gun to her back is a black leather, matching her boots, coat, hat and other holsters. The front of the strap houses rifle casings for the gun. The strap also has silver studs like her pistol holsters.


Adaline was a very beautiful woman. Was being the key word. She has a beautiful oval shaped face, with paler skin due to her never being exposed to the sun. She has freckles across her face and bright green sparkling eyes. She has very long eyelashes and hooded eyes. Her eyes are hooded, but they are still very large. She has beautiful full lips that are a light rosy color. She has a pronounced snub nose, making her features very distinguishable. She has rosy cheeks and a young flushed looked. She has a slightly aged face though, laugh lines and faint lines around her eyes. She also has creases between her eyebrows from frowning and squinting too much.

Yet despite her pretty features, she has scarring that has taken away most of that. She has a nasty burn scar across her face. It starts at the corner of her left eyebrow, singeing off part of it, and travling down her cheek and touching the corner of her lips. The burn scar is mostly discoleration of the skin, but it does get worse when it goes across her cheek. It goes across almost her whole left cheek, then starts tapering to the right and going on the side of her chin and along her lips. It is an almost diagnol line and goes across her lips and becomes very small as it goes over her bottom lip and and barely touches her chin.

She has a few more scars across her forehead and her cheek, due to multiple fist fights she had gotten and busted open cuts. They had healed over time and had made clean small white lines from the trauma. Her nose has also become slightly crooked due to it healing wrong after being broken.


She stands at 5'5, having a slight hourglass figure. Yet despite her hourglass firgure, she is very built and had a good amount of sleek muscle. She doesn't look musclular when you're looking at her, she looks like a skinny smaller woman, but she carries a good amount of hidden muscle.

If you ever catch her without her jacket and shirt (Don't count on it), it reveals more burn scars going down her left shoulder and down her back, reaching her lower back. She also has a few old bullet wounds across her right shoulder and her left side, barely missing her innards.


Her hair is a golden brown. It shines like gold in the sunlight, but out of the light it resembles more of a brown. It has natraul highlights in it and is often pulled back into a braid while the gang is pulling anything, but is left down otherwise. It reaches the small of her back and takes on a natraul beach wave look.



Adaline is extremely loyal to her gang. As the second in command she had to constantly rely on her fellow gang members to follow orders and do what they are told, but that doesn't mean she ever expects them to do it on their own. She is always there, in the middle of the battle leading the charge, never hiding. She views her gang as her family, all equals with her.


Adaline is a very stubborn woman. She will not budge from a decision she has made unless the leader tells her to. She will stand by anything she says and will get into fights and arguments with anyone who will defy her or go against her.


Adaline lives on a very short fuze. If you do something that pisses her off she will immidiately let you know, usually by either yelling at you or punching you square in the jaw, she doesn't like to mess around. She makes her boundries crystal clear and if you even cross one of those by a hair you will have her on you about it.


Adaline will not show this side very often, or will show it in rough ways. She is very caring towards her gang members. She expresses this by often making sure they have the things they need to have, treating any injuries any of the members have or even being extra hard on the members when they make risky and dangerous mistakes. She will rarely show her actual sweet caring side, so don't expect any miracles. She is still a hard ass.








Mother- Deceased. Burned to death.

Father- Unknown.

Brother- Deceased. Shot to death as a baby.

Older brother- Ollie Bright

Sister- Unknown outcome of her fate.

PM me if you'd want to talk about being someone in her family.

(Might happen, might not)





8 Years old




(Stock image credited to almondjoyy5 on deviant art)


Bourbon is a nice muscular mare. Despite her being musclar, she is not stocky. She has a very athletic build with a smaller ribcage and torso for her body. She is built like a regular jumper horse, which is where most of her muscle comes from. She is a swift horse, but nothing like a racer. Her stregnths are in her ability to leap over high objects in her path, including fences, logs and everything.

She has a very plain coat color, it being a light bay with certain spots being in a dark bay. She has a patch of white spots on top of her rump. She has a few scars on her hind right leg, but no other scars.


Bourbon is a very spunky mare with lots of attitude. She likes to bite the other horses and cause touble and is usually the one making noise. She likes Adaline and will behave semi well for her, but is still a little punk and will buck and rear occasionally, sometimes even taking off. She does spook at weird things, but does not flinch with gunfire and will be antsy, but not run unless she has been told.

She respondes to clicks to get her to go faster and will do so within a heartbeat. She trusts her rider easily as long as it is Adaline, if it isn't Adaline, she will act up and possibly try to get the rider off of her back. She is not the most trusting horse and would rather bite a newcomer than trust them. She can be bribed by food though, although she is picky in what she likes.


Bourbon is usually put in a black leather saddle along with black leather bridle and reins. They are not very fancy, but are usually very sleek and shiny, due to her constantly cleaning and polishing her tack. The saddle pad is a dark red and matches her bandana color. It barely shows around the edge of the saddle, but where it does it's the same dark burgundy.

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All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN May 30, 2021 02:32 AM

Desolated StormBelt
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[ Lucinda Aju Leone ] (Based Off My OC)

("Never give up, move forward.")

Nicknames: Linda / Luce

Date of Birth: August 27

Age: 21

Sex: Female

Gender: Female (She/Her/Hers)

Alignment: Newcomer


Height: 5'9"

Weight: 156

Build: Not very athletic but strong and stocky.

Hair: A white ish blond hair color. Long and wavy hair. Her hair does get tangled easily. so she uses a bandanna to keep her hair in a ponytail.

Eyes: A bright green hazel color. When you look at her eyes you see a bright young lady.

Mouth: Thin and in a dull expression. She is always happy but has a dull expression. Her lips are a pink ish tan.

Chin: Round.

Face Shape: Round.

Which Facial Feature is Most Prominent?: Her green hazel eyes.

Which Bodily Feature is Most Prominent?: None

Other Distinguishing Features?: Her scar

Skin: Pale ish skin.

Hands: Normal sized palms. Longer fingers.

Scars: Has a scar on her arm. She was bullied when she was little, and one of the kids cut her with a knife. Which now is a scar, that kind of pops off her skin.

Race/Ethnicity: White.

Right/left-handed: Right.

Allergies: Has a decent allergen to cats fur, she will get a massive headache when she smells cat fur.


Style: Western.

Type of Clothing: A red ish brown shirt, with a dark brown vest over her shirt. With a dark gray skirt, that goes past her knees. A dark gray bandanna in hair, and a dark gray bandanna around neck.

Shoe Wear: Brown boots. that are right below her skirt.

*Color Scheme: Red ish brown, Dark gray, Dark brown, Brown.

Accessories: A dark brown rope bracelet she made herself, on her right wrist.


Personality Traits: Kind, Helpful, Friendly, Brave, Curious, Stubborn, Calm, bright, Hardworking, caring.

Optimistic/Pessimistic/Realistic?: Realistic

Introverted/Extroverted?: Extroverted

Logical/Emotional?: Emotional

Likes: Hunting, Horse back riding, Swimming, Being social.

Dislikes: Being treated, and told she's worthless and a disgrace. Being ignored when she is trying to speak. Being left out.

Strengths: Strength, Grip, Climbing.

Weaknesses: Running, Getting told she's nothing, Watching her friends getting hurt, feeling like she is a failure.

Fears: Falling off a cliff, Wild horses, One of her friends getting killed because of her.

How Competitive Is she?

Half, Put her in a challenge, and she will try her best but she is alright if she fails, tho in some events she will try as hard as she can

How Is She Perceived By Others:

A friendly, bright soul. Hardworking, Caring person.

Grounded or Wild?

Both but a little more grounded, she has a eye for adventure. and sometimes will try and see if Calico will go out exploring with her.

Predictable or Unpredictable?

Predictable. She will try her best to be unpredictable, but she has never really been good at being unpredictable. She will throw punches but will get blocked most of the time. she is strong so if she does land a punch it might hurt.

Love Interest?

Pm me if you want to be in a thing, with my character.

Other: Lucinda claims her spirit animal is a fox, she is also half death.

.Hopefully this form works because it helps me greatly.

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All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN May 30, 2021 02:48 AM

Desolated StormBelt
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All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN May 30, 2021 03:54 AM

Desolated StormBelt
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[ Calico Collin Korean ] (Based Off My OC)

("Dark skies down on me")

Nicknames: Cali / Calik

Date of Birth: July 14

Age: 19

Sex: Male

Gender: Male (He/Him/His)

Alignment: Member


Height: 5'10"

Weight: 138

Build: Athletic skinny build.


His natural hair color is a silver ish color. Hair on right side ends at his chin. His hair on the left side is short. He has straight hair, except for the tips which are curly.


Dull dark brown with a hint of green, when looking into his eyes, you can see a adventurous soul.

Mouth: thin, his mouth usually in a out of it frown. His lips are a pinkish tan.

Chin: Round.

Face Shape: Round.

Which Facial Feature is Most Prominent?: Probably his almost full gray ish eye brows.

Which Bodily Feature is Most Prominent?: None

Other Distinguishing Features?: None

Skin: Light tan


Large palms, Long fingers, which makes it easier to grip around large things.


Has a scar on arm and another scar on forehead. He had a abusive dad, which had cut him on his arm when younger. which his mom tried you help Calico, which now he has a scar on his arm. He was kicked off a stallion, into a fence when he was 14. Which created a gash on his forehead, which his mother did the best she could to help him. Now he has a scar on his forehead.

Race/Ethnicity: White.

Right/left-handed: Right.


Different types of plants.


Style: Western.

Type of Clothing:

His shirt is a long sleeve white and black plad. A black vest over his shirt. dark gray jeans which were ripped, since he rides wild horses, sometimes he falls info cactus. And a dark gray bandanna, that's almost always over his mouth and ears.

Shoe Wear:

Dark brown boots. That reached his knees. His boots are a bit worn out.

*Color Scheme: White, Black, Dark gray, Dark brown.

Accessories: none


Personality Traits:

Non friendly, Calm, Brave, Adventurous, Can be rude, Nice, Hardworking, Lonely,

Optimistic/Pessimistic/Realistic?: Realistic

Introverted/Extroverted?: Introverted

Logical/Emotional?: Logical

Likes: Hunting. Horse back riding. Arctic wolves. Someone who tries to be his friend, even when he's being annoying or rude. Wild horses. Singing.

Dislikes: Swimming. Black wolves, due to as he thinks of them as the enemy wolves.

Strengths: Running longer distances without getting tired. Can deal with getting hurt pretty well. Having a need to fight.


His friends getting hurt, Black wolves, Swimming as he can't swimming, getting reminded of the past.


Drowning. Someone getting killed because of him. His past. A pack of black wolves trying to kill him.

How Competitive Is he?:

Halfway, he will try to do whatever you put him up to. But he won't always go all out, only on something's he will try his best.

How Is he Perceived By Others:

Rude for no reason, Annoying, calm, always in the background.

Grounded or Wild?:

Grounded, he is not very wild, especially around other humans. He is calm and will listen well.

Predictable or Unpredictable?:

Unpredictable, as a child he got hurt and abused, so he retreated into learning sports fighting and songs. Sports made him faster, and fighting teached him how to throw a few punchs without it looking like he will.

Love Interest?:

Pm me if you want to be in a thing, with my character.

Other: Calico claims his soul protecter is a arctic wolf.

.Hopefully this form works because it helps me greatly.

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All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN May 30, 2021 06:19 AM

Shadowedstars pack
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Diamond Caleden
"Hope is something that never truly leaves just hides deep inside you."
Name:Diamond Caleden
Nicknames:Dipshit(people that don't like her),Dia(more good be added)
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Rank: Member
Appearance:Diamond is a short female standing at 4'11 foot tall. She has reddish blonde hair that reaches her hips but she usually has it in a messy braid or bun. Her eyes are a deep chocolate brown,they are round and soft but can seem threatening at times. She has a thin and slim frame. Diamond has a heart shaped face. She has many freckles covering her face along with dirt. She wears a pale red cotton shirt with some brown ranch pants,along with some black boots with sharp Spurs on them. She usually has a black or white fringe jacket on over her shirt. She has five scars in total,one on her cheek from a cruel man,one on her back from falling off of her horse and rolling down hill,one on her thigh from when you was drunk and scraped her thigh on a sharp objects,one on her collar bone from getting cut doing a fight,and the last when is inbetween her middle finger and her ring finger from when she was playing five finger fillet. She has a rather pale complexion.When she is going to town she will put on a white dress and white heels,and also a bit of makeup. Diamond during the winter will wear a thick heavy wool coat and leather pants.S will have her hair down has well to keep her warmer. She has surprising soft hands that are small and "delicate".
Diamond can have a bright smile or a pissed frown
She has a sack with arrows strapped to her back along with a rifle,and the bow she has she just slips it over her shoulder.
She has an old gun belt around her waist with an old cattleman pistol.
Personality:Diamond really doesn't like people and would rather be alone or with close friends. She doesn't give her trust out and if you betray her you better be ready to be ignored. She will protect those she cares about with a burning passion. She gois pretty good at lying when she needs to. Diamond will treat her lover like a god and will do everything and anything they want. She can be found often being very serious though she will make a pretty awful joke every once in a while. She won't put up with anyone's shit and will snap at people if they get on her nerves. She demands respect from everyone,not much just a little so she doesn't feel like a dog. Diamond will help anytime if you ask her nice enough. She will often be found around people with a similar personality as hers,though she can be found with more carefree and kind people. She can come off as quite rude and pissed off even if she isn't. She doesn't like people who pester her. She will often tease her friends or even flirt with them just to see there annoyed faces.Diamond hates being teased herself and will often say something like"Fuck off"or"Hey!I am supposed to be teasing you not you teasing me!..".Diamond often can be found talking to her horse,Smoke.Diamond has a deep love for animals and they seem to like her quite a lot most the time,if you needed to rob something but there is an angry blood hour in the way just let Diamond handle it.
Strengths:She is agile,she is extremely fast and sneaky.She is quite good with long ranged weopons(her favorite is a bow due to its silentness)
Weaknesses:She isn't the strongest in close combat.She isn't able to swim very well.She can be dumb in not trusting other sometimes
Aroma:A homey scent.Pine,smoke,blood
Love interest:PM me
Backstory:Diamond has been in the gang since she was 12,they found her living on the streets after her mother had kicked her out. Diamond was once caught by the law when she was 14 ,but she was able to lie her way out saying that they had kidnapped her. Diamondh came back to the gang two days after. She had a lover once but he was killed when she was 20
Age:5 yrs 4months
Barbara Barham on Pinterest
Personality:Smoke is a calm mare and is rarely ever spooky.She she loves treat and loves being riden.Smoke doesn't like being riden or touched by anyone other than Diamond.
Tack:Smoke usually put has white or grey tack put on her.She always has a red sadle blanket and leather saddle of some sorts.

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All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN May 30, 2021 06:32 AM

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@Shadowedstars pack
Looks good! Thanks for joing us! ^^
Also, To Everyone Entering Or Thinking About Entering, I don't think I even have to say this but please refrain from making characters too much like other peoples characters. If anything I would just at least scan over every character's personality before making your own so nobodys characters are too alike since it'll take the fun out of things. Thank You~
All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN May 30, 2021 07:15 AM

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Yup! Welcome to the RP :D Your form is accepted, but you're just a tad under the 250 words that I would prefer in the forms, but it's close enough that I'll let it slide for now. However, if you could add more, that would be great ^^ Also, if you could work on putting spaces between periods in your sentences that would be great, just so it doesn't look like a runon lmao

Your forms are both declined. Neither your personality and appearance meet the requirement of 250 words, or are even close. Your have multiple spelling mistakes and some grammar mistakes. For now, both of your characters are declined.

Edited at May 30, 2021 07:20 AM by Corpses
All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN May 30, 2021 09:10 AM

Honeybee Falls
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this seems like a cool roleplay. I'm just going to use the same character I did for other wild west ones, but I need to tweak the appearance and change the personality completely. My writing style was kind of "ehhh-" back then and I just need to get that fixed XD
prepare for chaos!

Edited at May 30, 2021 09:11 AM by Honeybee Falls
All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN May 30, 2021 09:10 AM

Honeybee Falls
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Keeping the horse here for future reference

X- yeah, that's its name. (design courtesy of Black_Sand)

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All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN May 30, 2021 09:14 AM

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XD Oh don't worry, I'm prepared!
Just make sure your characters not like any of the others and you have at least 250 words on appearnce and personality and you're likely all good! <3

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