12:34:20 Techno | The Blade

Just wait until I upload all 40+ characters on standby...

That's when the real test comes.
12:31:59 ssa das
You're far better at organizing than I ever will be *^*
12:29:13 Techno | The Blade

You are hopeless you know?

Also I think I am done for tonight on organizing so you should go check it out ^^
12:27:09 Local Poofer

Thanks! Being ghosted in an rp kinda sucks, sorry you gotta go through that

I'd rp with ya but I'm already in like

6 other roleplays right now sksk
12:25:40 Lycan
Looking for role play partners. I can do any topic and any pairing. Please do not ghost me that is all I ask.

I am hoping to do a mxm role play
Ninjago Realm
12:25:33 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
Jay Walker walks into a bees nest and runs away from the swarm.
um Jay why
Stardust Hurricane
12:25:18 Nagito (he/him)
Aw. That's so cute.
12:24:39 Local Poofer

Eating and working on art

Finished this the other day


12:24:23 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
@Ninja star XD I must get more snakes
12:23:54 ssa das
What's worse is that I legit have the same characters in different worlds. These characters literally have different personalities and backstories in each world, but they all got the same names.

Because I hate myself that much LMAOOO--
12:23:52 Local Poofer

Ah yes but do not fear, I am getting food
Stardust Hurricane
12:23:40 Nagito (he/him)

I'm doing alright. A little tired and kind of wondering where all my roleplay partners went all of a sudden but otherwise I'm fine. How are you?
12:23:10 yamumma
12:22:49 Local Poofer

When you think about it

Existence is a joke x
12:22:34 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
@ Ninja star ah and Dang it I must awaken the grate devoer
Spoopy wolf
12:22:07 Tristan, Hawk
-WP Click- i love this girl
12:21:52 Local Poofer

Drawing and kinda hungry

Desti hasn't been online in a bit, not that I've seen
12:21:41 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
-WP Click- Vote comment
12:21:07 yamumma
When you think about it

I exist x
12:21:01 Local Poofer

4 seconds too late xD

How are ya?


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All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN May 28, 2021 09:30 PM

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Post 1: Index
Post 2: Rules
Post 3: Plot
Post 4: Locations
Post 5: Roles/Character Roster
Post 6: Character Sheet
Post 7: Links
Post 8: Misc/Extra Information

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All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN May 28, 2021 09:34 PM

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-As with any and most RPs, Eve/SixBear's general WP, forum, and RP rules all apply, as do my own, in regards of this role-play.

-This RP is supposed to be literate. That means I expect at minimum, 300 words per post with minimal grammar mistakes. I completely and utterly understand writer's block, but 300 words should be enough to get by. If not, the lowest I will let slide is 250 words if you have writer's block. No exceptions. Either wait for more interaction or PM me if you need help.

-Along with being literate, you also need to be able to post at least twice a week. If something comes up in your daily life and you need to take a break, want to drop out of the RP, are going on a hiatus, etc, please be sure to contact me. Inactivity will get you kicked from the RP and your character will be removed.

-As a Wild West RP, this is strictly realistic to humans and the time period. Your character isn't going to have hot pink hair with a tablet, and nor are they going to have any powers. Do a bit of research on the time period if you need help with your characters, or simply refer to those who have been accepted.

-Do not be OP. Your character can and more than likely will get injured or possibly killed. They will not dodge everything thrown at them and be able to fight back every time. Also, make sure to make room for the other party's reply while doing fight scenes.

-That being said, make sure you have consent to injuring or killing someone else's character. You do not have to bring it up to me, but a heads up will be nice in the meantime. Just as long as everyone agrees, we're good.

-In the name of being OP, this also relates to Gary/Mary Sues, Weeping Willows, etc. Don't have your character be that guy who's also running off and causing trouble - I get it, it's a RP about badass outlaws, but c'mon.

-And in the name of having character's stealing the spotlight, ensure to include everyone. It's called a group RP for a reason, not a 1x1 or something. Try to interact with everyone as much as possible is all I'm asking.

-Your character sheets can include images, but make sure they're properly credited and on a proper image-hosting site. Appearance and personality should each have 250 words, and of course, more is always (and forever) welcome. This is just to prove you can describe things (duh) and write what I require for the RP.

-Characters' strengths and weaknesses should be balanced - at least three each, no exceptions. They should also weigh each other out (ex. Character is built tall and stout, so their strength is hand-to-hand combat, but their weakness is they're not as agile because of their size).

-You are allowed up to two characters, preferably one male and one female - exceptions will be made depending on the gender ratio.

-LGBTQ is allowed, but think about it in the Wild West...

-Of course, this is meant to be fun. Therefore, I like drama inside the RP rather than outside of it. However, shit happens, and if there's some problem that comes up, PM myself and I will deal with it or have a mod deal with it.

-Just be kind, respectful, and welcoming to everyone who gets accepted into the RP.


Obviously, there is no secret thing you need to put into your form. I shouldn't need to, but it's obvious if you don't read through all of my rules. Please. Just. Read. The. Damn. Rules. ;-;

Edited at May 29, 2021 06:35 PM by Corpses
All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN May 28, 2021 09:34 PM

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The year is 1898. Most of the Wild West had been tamed by civilization and the law, but that didn't apply to most places... or everyone.

The descendant into the past has began to a dying gang, trying to escape their greatest enemy and thrive all at the same time. After a bank robbery gong wrong, the gang leaves their money and home behind in order to save what is left of them before it all disappears.

However, the past catches up sooner or later. Some may call it karma, others call it a curse of being an outlaw.

After lying low for four months, the federal agents known as the Pinkertons, a powerful national detective agency are sent after the remaining outlaws, including the gang this story follows.

It's only a matter of time before everything they know is all gone.


Edited at May 29, 2021 02:00 PM by Corpses
All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN May 28, 2021 09:34 PM

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Taking place in a rather more heated area, the gang has moved further west in hopes of the more quiet places masking where they are from the law and to lay low for a while before the law shows up.

Camp/Black Wolf Woods

The camp is tucked away in a thicker forest, set up in a clearing with their tents, wagons, and supplies. The forest they live in, known as the Black Wolf Woods, gets its name from just that - wolves. Most people don't approach the area because of it, so it became a good place for the gang to set up their camp. It is set southwest of the town, Openshaw.


About four miles southeast of camp, Openshaw is the closest town to the camp. Although a larger town that is gaining more and more attraction, it is best known for its unbelievable amount of money from a nearby farm. Nobody really knows this family who owns the farm, but rumor is that they pay the town to keep quiet about their own illegal businesses. Anyways, the town consists of a saloon, a smaller hotel, sheriff's office, bounty boards, a general store, and most the essentials. Sometimes there are livestock and horse auctions to make their income seem more... normal.

Deadrise Mountains

Sitting east to Openshaw, the Deadrise Mountains are some of the most dreadful mountains ever in the area. They're called the Deadrise Mountains for a reason, not just because they can be called that. Most people who go there never really come back. The mountains are snowy, colder and colder as you go higher up. However, at the base of the mountains there are some decent hunting spots with elk and deer, but of course, some bears.


Nearby the camp is a nice lake that can be used for fishing. It has beautiful scenery, as you can see the mountains along the horizon, but some wolves run wild here among the occassional rabbit and deer that come strolling through. The lake is of average size, and there are some families or people who actually use it to hopefully find gold.


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All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN May 28, 2021 09:47 PM

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Gang Leader

More than likely a man, this person has the most power over everyone. Perhaps honorable and admirable, they make all the calls for the gang and what they say goes.
-Arthur "Buddy" Thornson | Male | 30 | Deadly Words


The second most powerful person in the group, they help call the shots and might do so if the leader is away. This person and the leader might haver a tight relationship, and is the leader's right hand man... or woman.
-Adaline O'Byrne | Female | 26 | Dragonhorse


These people make up most of the gang's population. Ranging from any ages, they do any business that needs to be done, any shooting that needs to be done, and basically help the gang properly move along.
-Stefan Althaus | Male | 36 | Corpses
-Lotte Althaus | Female | 28 | Corpses
-Roxie Sweet | Female | 24 | Black_Sand
-Ollie Bright | Male | 31 | Black_Sand
-Diamond Caleden | Female | 25 | Shadowedstars pack
-Evangeline J Hargreaves | Female | 22 | Xuan
-Sameen F. Jones | Female | 23 | Hurricane Blizzards

-Benjamin "Ben" Hanson | Male | 26 | Deadly Words
-Asta Tove Shah | Female | 24 | Honeybee Falls
-Edward "Slicker/Eddy" Bennings | Male | 27 | Determined_Wolf


Anyone who has been in the gang for less than six months is considered a newcomer, although they do the same thing as normal members, they might not be completely trusted yet.

-Matthew Perry-Blackthorn | Male | 21 | Honeybee Falls
-Connor O'Conner | Male | 25 | Dragonhorse

Edited at June 1, 2021 08:58 PM by Corpses
All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN May 28, 2021 09:47 PM

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Everything that is in this sheet is required. You may add onto it, however, but make sure everything that is already here is filled out. Your form will not be considered complete until then. (If you have everything I require filled, but not everything you added filled, I will still consider it done - if it follows the rules, of course).




Edited at May 30, 2021 01:02 AM by Corpses
All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN May 28, 2021 09:47 PM

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Discussion: [Click]

RP Thread: [Click]

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All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN May 28, 2021 09:47 PM

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BLACK_SAND is a co-host. They can accept and decline forms and should be treated with the same respect as me.

Gender Ratio

M | F
5 | 5


As their era comes to an end, it's only a matter of time before all they know is all gone. Follow the story of a gang on the run from the law to (hopefully) live out their lives in a way that is memorable.

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All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN May 28, 2021 09:47 PM

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"That's a price that we all pay."

Name: Stefan Althaus
Nickname(s): Stef, Alt
Age: 36
Birthdate: December 9th, 1862
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Gender: Male
Alignment: True Neutral
Rank: Member
Desired Rank: He doesn't give a shit.
Appearance: Stefan stands at a towering six foot three with a rather broad frame. With wide shoulders and bulky arms and legs, Stefan holds himself with slight pride, however, the man normally slouches, so he may appear a tad shorter than he really is. Stefan has a longer torso rather than his legs, which is where he retrieves his height from. And in this case, it makes it hard form him to find shirts that properly fit - hence the layers he might wear at times. With fair skin that is a warmer pale color, almost tan, Stefan has minimal blemishes... not counting the amount of scars this man posesses. However, he has few freckles and moles scattered about, but his freckles thrive on his face, which are mainly littered across his nose and cheeks, but aren't all that noticable until or around the summer time.

Moving along, though, Stefan has a rather angular face. His head is on the more square side of things, with a defined jawline and distinct cheekbones that you can easily make out, but aren't exactly prominent. Stefan's face is probably the most interesting space on his entire body, seeing that the scars he posesses across his face are eye-catching. Three scars that travel from his hairline on his right side, travel down and across his nose reach just below his jawline. From a horrid bear encounter, Stefan's face has been through a lot, and these aren't the only scars that are on him.

His abdomen and back are littered with scars, small and major. For reasons he will not talk about and reasons he doesn't like thinking about, Stefan as multiple scars, small and large, from knives being slashed into him during harsh circumstances in his lifetime. Stefan is not ashamed of these, however, so the man does not attempt to hide who or what he is. Of course, other smaller scars from his childhood and stupid accidents are all over his body as well, but aren't as obvious.

Moving on... again, Stefan's facial features include his bright blue eyes that a striking. Spaced pretty much evenly, they are an almond shape, slightly rounded, with thin yet dark eyelashes rimming the outside of them. The blue is lighter towards the outside of his iris, while it slowly gets darker towards the pupil. There are some hints of green in his eyes as well, but nothing too crazy. Just above his eyes are his eyebrows, of course, which are a dark brown, slightly darker than his hair. Stefan's eyebrows are full, and are slightly arched towards the ends. However, they are technically slightly thinner eyebrows, due to the smaller width of them. His nose is wavy in shape, coming down from his average-sized forehead. The end of his nose is straight, therefore there is no curve, downwards or up. His nose looks slightly fucked up because of his scars, but, it's normal... for the most part. But regardless, just below his nose are his lips, which are wide and full, but is slightly covered due to his darker facial hair. They are a dull pink color, appearing rather lifeless.

Stefan's hair is a dark brown, sometimes appearing black in some cases. Parted to the left, it's thick and slightly greasy (more like very greasy), and curls out slightly below his ears, in which is ears are average with a detached lobe. Stefan has some facial hair, which is normally a slight stubble or a more longer stubble, and his facial hair is just as dark as the hair on his head. Anyways, his hair is almost always hidden due to the fact that he wears a black cowboy hat, which is beat to shit, but he wears it anyways as it's the only thing he likes to wear.

Race: Caucasian
Nationality: German-American
Accessories: His silver wedding ring that he still wears even if the love of his life is dead. Alongside that, Stefan wears his black cowboy hat, and has a black bandana that is tied around his neck in a lose manner.
Aroma: Strong whisky, sometimes blood, and dirt.
Personality: The first thing most think of when it comes to Stefan is his alcohol problem, making him emotionally unavailable in most cases and perhaps an asshole. This is rather true, however, there's most to Stefan than just his bad smoking and drinking habits that make him unlikable. Although not the greatest person to have ever existed, Stefan's greatest traits has to be his determination, protective nature, and deep down, the man might care for someone close to him.

Stefan works until he drops. With a good work-ethic, he doesn't take no for an answer, causing him to become stubborn and unstoppable if he sets his mind to something. Perhaps it isn't often that the man actually focuses on one thing, but the subborness still applies. He will do as he please without being judged or told otherwise, therefore he's proven he has a mind of his own that he isn't ashamed of, just like most things. Stefan could give two shits less on what someone thinks about him.

Moving along though, Stefan is more than just some "gruff and tough" sorta guy. Although he does fit that sort of stereotype, there's so much more to the man than you could perhaps imagine. To start off with, Stefan cares... sometimes. It's a rare thing to ever see in the man, but when he cares about someone so deeply, he proves it and would take a bullet for said person. He will protect them with his life, and although it could be annoying, Stefan seeks for some validation in his life... This is a tad upsetting, honestly.

After the passing of his wife, Stefan believes he could never love again and nobody could ever love him the way she loved him. So as a result of this, Stefan pushes most people away, but letting people in means there's some sort of validation he must prove, right? Even if it is a complete platonic relationship, Stefan can't prevent him from doing this. This can make it seem like he's kissing ass, when really, he isn't. That's why it's so hard to read the man.

One of the more intense things about Stefan is his temper. He loses it quickly, and most of the time, he says things more hurtful than he would intend. Although already blunt, this becomes an issue of sorts. Without much thinking, Stefan become oblivious while mad and although he might vent or vocalize how he truly feels towards someone or something, most can say that Stefan becomes more scary and intimidating when mad. You say something to him or something about him, expect him to approach you. But if you do or say anything to someone he loves... You might mytseriously disappear.

Stefan has a tendency to be quite sarcastic and speak in this tone that makes you think he's just being an asshole. Though true, this is something else that makes him seem a bit lifeless and careless. There isn't many moments where Stefan isn't being sincere, but it sounds like he doesn't take most things serious or is being truthful. This causes it to sound like he doesn't give a damn, and in most instances, this is quite true.

Among other things, Stefan just tells you how it is. Obviously, this is him being blunt, so he won't sugarcoat anything. Therefore, he's someone to tell the truth... In most cases. He's mastered lying for most, but figured that he's got nothing else to lose if he tells the truth, but at times, he will lie to protect those close to him. This is easily another thing to hate about Stefan, but as everything else about him, he doesn't give two shits about what others think about him.

Some other things to note about Stefan is that he is very observant, trustworthy, sorta socialable, doesn't like to admit to his wrongs and feelings, and sometimes is just a general asshole... or most of the time.

-Only good in some cases, he's a good liar among making most cases for others believable. Stefan's observant nature adds to this, therefore he can cover for most people.
-Stefan is one hell of a fighter. Especially with hand-to-hand combat.

-His trustworthiness.
-Maybe annoying, but his protective nature.
-He's quick to think.

-Stefan isn't as agile in stealth because of his size.
-Deep down, the man cares. A strength and a weakness.

-His smoking and alcohol addictions. He denies both most of the time, especially the alcohol.

-Not the greatest shot.
-Stefan isn't the most agile person in the world, mainly because of his size.
-Stefan is in fact one of the biggest softies deep down, but he'll never admit it.


-Some people
-His alcohol
-His cigarettes
-Stefan enjoys sunsets and sunrises.
-Saloons... for obvious reasons.
-Colder areas
-Less-crowded spots

-Being told what to do

-People who make comments about his addictions
-Admitting to his wrongs
-Seeing those close to him hurt
-Early mornings
-Loud noises
Mother: Ida Althaus/Deceased/Died at 58 of heart attack
Father: Florian Althaus/Unknown whereabouts/65
Brother(s): N/A
Sister(s): Lotte Althaus/In gang/28
Spouse/Significant Other: Elizabeth Ting-Althaus/Murdered
Offspring: Ida Jane Althaus/Murdered, James King Althaus/Murdered, Reiner Althaus/Murdered
Backstory: This will be discussed later on. If you couldn't tell, it isn't good.
Other: PM me if you want him to be a love interest, friend, enemy, anything of the sort.

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All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN May 29, 2021 06:31 PM

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Lotte Althaus

"I'm distracting you, you turd-blossom."

Name: Lotte Althaus
Nickname(s): Lot, Free-bird (mainly by Stefan)
Age: 28
Birthdate: October 7th, 1870
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Gender: Female
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Rank: Member
Desired Rank: Content
Appearance: Lotte inherited her mother's shorter height, standing at five foot evenly with a rather hourglass-shaped body. Her frame is quiet small and skinny, with a rather smaller and more petite appearance. However, with a thinner waist and wider hips, Lotte has a curvacious body. Her chest is an average size, adding onto her curvy nature, however. She has her height from her shorter legs, in which are rather small, just as her arms are. With a more pale complexion than her older brother, Lotte has many more obvious blemishes than her brother. The most obvious would be her dark freckles, scattered across her face and scatter down onto her scrawny shoulders.

Lotte has gained an angular face over the years, especially because of her small and scrawny build. Her face is slim, a bit more on the rounder side, with a round chin and a defined jawline. As stated already, Lotte has many freckles scattered throughout her face, mainly across her nose and cheeks. They are significantly darker than her pale skin, therefore are more obvious. She has one small scar towards the end of her eyebrow, cutting through it from a childhood accident. Compared to her brother, Lotte has little to no scarring at all, apart from small ones from her childhood days and small accidents.

Moving along however, Lotte's face is, as already mentioned, quite slim. Although relatively clear of any blemishes apart from her freckles and a small mole or two, Lotte's main attraction are her large, round eyes. Slightly too close together, her eyes are a beautiful light brown, perhaps hazel, rimmed with thick yet short eyelashes that make them pop. Her eyebrows sit promptly above her eyes, obviously taken care of, which are full and arched towards the ends, slightly darker than her blonde hair. Lotte has a rather small nose, which is considered a button nose, curving at the end. Her lips lay just below that, which are a darker pink and are full, slightly wide. Her face is normally turned up into a smile, therefore, her lips appear a tad more smaller than they actually are. She wears minimal makeup, mainly light blush across her nose and cheeks, and sometimes nude lip color that the gang might have lying around.

Lotte was blessed with rather thick, dirty blonde hair, reaching past her waist and just above her bottom. She normally wears it up in a braided-bun, or a long, messy braid, and she normally rolls with the latter. Since her hair is a dirty blonde, her roots are slightly darker and there are streaks of light and darker blondes in her hair, making it more pleasing to look at.

Race: Caucasian
Nationality: German-American
Accessories: Lotte wears a necklace with her birthstone on it, gifted from Stefan that he gave to her on her 18th birthday.
Aroma: Normally something sweet, like vanilla.
Personality: Some may consider Lotte too soft for the world they live in, but she doesn't let that stop her from being who she is. With a joyful and a positive view on most things, Lotte can be considered a full-on optimist. Although true in most cases, Lotte can fully understand why people say this about her. She looks for the best in people and in most situations, no matter how harsh someone or something is. Considering the fact that Lotte is indeed a softie, she tries her best to emphasize and relate to anyone to the best of her abilities.

This leads to her rather motherly nature. She's there for her friends, and would more than likely give her life for those who she's close to. Lotte tries to be friendly with anyone and everyone, making her approachable and easy to talk to. However, mess with her friends, expect to see a side of Lotte you wouldn't expect. A mother bear, honestly. That's the easiest way to sum her up.

Lotte is able to keep her calm in most situations. While being observant and taking mental notes in most instances, Lotte has trained herself to become calm in tense or upsetting situations. In most cases, Lotte becomes somewhat intimidating, however, she is still quite emotional deep down, and normally reveals her emotions later on. This causes her to bottle things up, as she doesn't like seeing others down, so why would she reveal how she truly feels?

Because of that, Lotte can easily listen to someone else, but when it comes her opening up about something, it's a bit more harder for her. Lotte prefers to bottle her own issues up for the sake of preventing others from worrying about her, therefore she shuts down if asked how she truly feels or tries to mask it. This isn't a constant thing, however, it is common, so it is always something to be wary of.

On a lighter note, Lotte is quite flirtacious. Confident in herself, she is always making a slight scene with others, even if she doesn't intend to. Constant glances, hand gestures, small touches, even some compliments, are subtle flirty traits that Lotte projects onto almost everyone. In that sense, it is hard to pinpoint if Lotte might have feelings for someone, but even then, she would still be a huge flirt to almost anyone. Lotte is quite loyal regardless, so there shouldn't be too much to worry about.

Lotte has gained a rather caring, loving figure for most. The worst thing she can do to you though is just tell you how it is. Lotte is blunt, like most that are in her family, therefore she won't sugarcoat anything. However, just like her brother, she'll keep secrets if needed. Lotte doesn't believe in second chances, so if you fuck up one time around, she'll drop you in an instant.

Some other traits of hers include a slight stubborness, rebellious, adventerous, and a slight adrenaline junkie.
-Because of how small she is, Lotte is able to fit in places you'd never expect.
-She's intelligent, therefore she can think of creative plans when it comes to any robberies, lying to the law, etc.
-She finds herself being more powerful with people, so technically, people are a strength in her book.

-She has no physical strength whatsoever.
-Her gentle and kind nature is abused in most cases.
-Family and friends will forever be a weakness because she cares a tad too much.

-New scents/candles
-Adventuring and seeing new places
-Her friends and family

-Seeing those close to her hurt

-Extremely crowded places
-Being yelled at
-Having to lie constantly (constantly is the key word here)
-Being told what to do
Mother: Ida Althaus/Deceased/Died at 58 of heart attack
Father: Florian Althaus/Unknown whereabouts/63
Brother(s): Stefan Althaus/In gang/36
Sister(s): N/A
Spouse/Significant Other: Open, PM me
Offspring: Possible. I have an idea in mine, PM me if interested.
Backstory: Less traumatic than her brother's. Let's just say that.
Other: N/A

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