04:43:35 Fei/Demon/Vixen
Burning Stars
I am thinking the theme of either dark, sad or bittersweet but not completely sure.

Ooh which shows have you been watching?
Wraith Fox
It's that time of night. I'm sleepy but feel like I could stay up longer and then I start listening to Mr. Nightmare soothingly tell me a horror story.
Burning Stars
04:40:16 ChocyMilkObsessed
What are you thinking of for the banner?

And honestly not much since I'm done my sports for the year. Been binge watching a few shows
04:36:08 Moth
Speaking of Aussie stars I actually wanted to become a voice actor, but things just didn't go that way. Not that it's too late to start, but it's just too hard.
04:35:50 Fei/Demon/Vixen
Burning Stars
I am thinking about getting a different banner. I am just unsure of who I should choose lol

What have you been up to? ^^
BlueSnow Pack
04:35:46 Bluewind Pack
Okie I going to bed for real night
Burning Stars
04:33:47 ChocyMilkObsessed
That's good. And sounds nice ^^
BlueSnow Pack
04:33:45 Bluewind Pack
I think I just found another online bestie
04:32:21 Moth
Probably because late-gen melas are so common now that he's not worth anything.

Also yeah the hemsworths are a great example.
04:32:00 Fei/Demon/Vixen
Burning Stars
I am still alive. Life hasn't killed me despite it's attempts.

Had fun with my grandparents today. They came to visit :)
Wraith Fox
Wow, there's a mela in the Sanctuary.
BlueSnow Pack
04:29:47 Bluewind Pack
Moth that is very much true like have you seen Chris Hemsworth like damn if he was my age I would never let out of my sights
Burning Stars
04:29:34 ChocyMilkObsessed
I'm pretty good, thanks. You?
04:28:23 Moth
I beg to differ. You can't find much hotter than an Aussie.
BlueSnow Pack
04:28:23 Bluewind Pack
Any how night guys
04:27:51 Fei/Demon/Vixen
Burning Stars
how are you?
BlueSnow Pack
04:26:39 Bluewind Pack
Lol Aussies are great but anyone can be better than Aussies NGL
Burning Stars
04:26:36 ChocyMilkObsessed
Hey! Good to see you too :)
04:25:38 Fei/Demon/Vixen
hey Burning Stars! Good to see you
Burning Stars
04:24:22 ChocyMilkObsessed


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All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN May 31, 2021 02:38 PM

Hurricane blizzards
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I added a bit more to it,and now it's 290 words
All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN May 31, 2021 02:44 PM

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All right! Thanks for joining the roleplay! ^^
All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN May 31, 2021 02:47 PM

Hurricane blizzards
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Glad I was able to join!
All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN May 31, 2021 03:32 PM

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Everyone's forms who have been completed and accepted by Sand will be added into the roster :)

Also, we will start when I get Stefan done, which should be later today or early tomorrow ^^
All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN May 31, 2021 03:39 PM

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@ Corpses
Oki, sounds great!
All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN May 31, 2021 05:28 PM

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Connor O'Conner (Ya I know, wonderful)







Possible love intrests:






Connor wears lighter, faded brown boots on his feet. They are a bit too big on his feet, but he never pays it much mind other than the occasional stumble. He wears old rusted spurs that barely spin on the ends and are usually caked in dirt and along with the bottom of his soles.

His jeans used to be a bright blue denim, but are now so faded that the blue is barely visable anymore. They have many tears in them that have been patched together multiple times by very jaged and and crooked stiching. He wears chaps over his jeans, and they are long enough to touch the sides of his boots.

He wears a black button up shirt. It is once again torn and ripped with the same jagged stitching the jeans have where it has been fixed. He usually wears a raw leather vest over his black top.

He wears a bandana around his neck that is a black color and fades into his shirt color. It is the only thing he has on him that doesn't have any large rips or holes in it.

He wears a short hunter jacket. It hits him about his wasteline. Unlike his other clothing, this jacket's rips and holes have not been patched. It has wolf fur for the collar and the rest is a simple borwn/tan leather.

He wears an old brown cowboy hat that has a few bullet holes through the rim and top. Making his close escapes. It is not fancy at all and is in horrible condition.


He wears one singular gunbelt that is just as worn out as his other clothes. It is not fancy at all and looks like it's very old, mostly from lack of care and the actual age. It is a darker chesnut color.

His pistol is a Colt Single Action Army revolver, which holds 6 shots when fully loaded, which it always is. It is a .45 calliber and can do nice quick damage to a target. The gun looks old, some of the metal having chips. The steel is a regular type, nothing fancy. The wood on the handle is starting to crack and split, which is sometimes painful when he holds the gun.

He also has a double barrel shotgun usually strapped to his back. The strap for the gun contrains the shells for the gun for a quick reload. The gun is a sligthly blued steel with a cherry wood stock. Flowers have been engraved in the steel. It is the nicest thing he owns.


Connor is a relativly handsome young guy. He has very pronounced freatures, the most striking being his light gray eyes. They stand out against his brown eyebrows and darker eyelashes. He has lighter skin, but it often gets tanned slightly from the sun. He does not look very feminine depsite his longer eyelashes, he has a square jawline and a pronounced, yet not very large nose. He has full strawberry blonde eyebrows matching his hair.

He has a deep scar cutting across the corner of his face and down to his jaw. It starts by cutting a piece of his ear off, then swooping down across his cheekbone and then jawline. It is a nice cut and has healed, but left a good sized, very prominant scar. He also has another knife cut that is very faint right across his right eyebrow. You can mostly tell that it is there by a little space in his eyebrow.


He is very skinny, too skinny. It's not natraul either, he's skinny because he often had to go to without food and still doesn't take much for himself. He stands at 6'4, but will usually appear an inch or two shorter due to him slouching his shoulders much of the time.

Because he is so skinny, you can see every ounce of his muscle. He is a rather musclular person, having an athletic build. He has large broad shoulders and a smaller waist. He has a large scar across his shoulder and another one down his back. He also has some claw scars along his leg and and down his back.


He has strawberry blonde hair that is almost always messy. It's short and unkept and constantly having to be shoved back from his eyes when he doesn't have his hat on.



Conner is a natraully catious person. He is not one to rush into anything without having a thorough look at it and making sure it is safe or at least concrete on a plan. He also has some trust issuesm not able to let his gaurd down with barely anyone he comes into contact with. He would rather doubt everyone and expect to get hurt or betrayed than to take a chance.


He is also reactive of things that happent to him. He will react out of self defence and won't hesitate to hurt or harm you if you do anything that he percieves as a threat.


He is very patient. He will be the first to wait something out instead of being impulsive and jumping straight in. He likes to tkae time to carefully plan and doesn't mind waiting to get what he wants. He also is very patient with others around him, giving them second chances and waiting by their side.


He is extremely kind to everyone. He usually is kind of shy and quiet, but that wont keep him from showing kindness to everyone he interacts with. He is natraully very soft and genlte with his approach in things, making him slightly different from other people in the gang.


~Thinks things through~

~Good shot~







Mother- Deceased. Killed by father

Father- Deceased. Killed

Half-brother he doesn't know he has- Benjamin (Ben) Hanson

Son- Deceased.





6 Years old




(Stock image credited to almondjoyy5 on deviant art)


Knight is a very large, tall stallion. He is built and is a very powerful horse. He was trained as a youngster to be used as a wagon horse.





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All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN May 31, 2021 08:10 PM

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Conner is accepted~
All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN May 31, 2021 09:10 PM

Honeybee Falls
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Asta Tove Shah
"A good compromise leaves everyone unhappy"
call her what you want, she doesn't respond to anything she finds offensive though
September 26, 1867 (hoping my math adds up for once)
Desired Rank:
She's not done with this world till she's in charge of it

Asta is around 5’9’’ and rather skinny. She’s a bit unmuscular, which actually helps out with her girly appearance. She has light skin and suntanned cheeks. Her face shape is an oval with slightly pointed ears sticking out from the sides of her head. She has an aquiline nose leading to light pink cupid’s bow lips. Her eyes are monolid shaped with long eyelashes. Her eyes are emerald green with a touch of fern spiraling around. Under her right eye is a small mole. She covers it with a touch of makeup when acting as a girl. In the way of hair, her’s is rather short for the typical midwestern female. The top is kept long while the sides and back are shaved off. The length of the top goes to about below her nose and the wind usually chooses which direction it flows in. It’s color is black; dark as a raven’s feather. Then we’ve got the scars portion of her appearance. From the tip of her shoulder to her elbow runs a deep knife cut on her right arm. It’s been about a year, but still burns a bit occasionally. Then, her long fingers usually sport many unusual scratches and her knuckles are still lined with dirt.

Sometimes Asta pretends to be a male to gain more rights and attention within this time period. She’ll rub dirt on her face and mess up her hair. She usually wears a greyscale plaid; which she claims is too tight around the chest, but too loose for the midsection. Padding rests within the shirt to try and make her look less like a female. The right sleeve is ripped off and she tightly ties on a red bandanna to avoid having it caught on anything. Hand-me-down grey riding pants are added in, leaving her outfit still needing more color. She also wears brown leather boots with the spurs torn off of them. If you need a horse to go faster, just ask; don’t keep poking them with sharp stuff. Around her waist is a belt with two sheaths for short swords. When she fights, it’s with two; a hard thing to perfect, but more effective. Black stud earrings decorate her ears and a silver key hangs around her neck on a short chain to tie her costume together. Now, she hates wearing her female outfit, but has to in order to avoid being overly suspicious in other places. She washes off the dirt from her face and tries to fix her posture in this form. She wears a white long-sleeved,v-neck top in a laced-up style of a blouse. A knee-length black skirt ripples down from that and she keeps the same old boots with this outfit. Anything except boots will get thrown out of the window in a stubborn fit. A long, silver chain with a chunk of rose quartz attached to it dangles around her neck. Her earrings in this form are shards of shell crafted by natives of this land she had once encountered. She has to wear a bonnet to hide her hair though. So now a pink bonnet with white lace lining the edges is tied around her head. Her bangs hang out, swept to the sides when wearing this. Usually a dagger is slipped inside her boot for a quick escape if needed.

Danish- parents were immigrants

Asta is both shy, social, and manipulative, but all from different portions of her personality. Where she’s shy is with people she doesn’t know and with people who could possibly negatively impact her future goals- like the leader of an organization she’s in. She follows all the rules set in place for her if they’re around. Any plans people set in motion she follows down to the exact detail, though they can be taken too literal. If someone tells her to hit the lights, expect a broken lightbulb. Everyone’s opinions are heard, just not cared to be used. She is extremely loyal to someone who gains her trust. If her loyalty is misused she will find a way to make you regret it. Any plans she puts in motion are always flexible, though she is extremely stubborn with certain aspects of it and obsesses over the tiny details. When someone speaks, she listens silently before putting her strongly opinionated area into play. This gang is like her ticket to not being caught along again. She is a hopeless romantic though. When she finds a love interest she attaches to it, but is too shy about the topic to say anything to them. That person would also be the one person she would trust her life with. A lot of other people she isn’t attached to would be disregarded unless it were a life or death situation. Even if someone were to die she would see if they had any real use within the gang or an emotional attachment to someone first.

She is social with groups of people similarly ranked, or beneath her in roles. She always has something to say or hit here. She always speaks what she has to say, but makes sure it won’t get her into trouble first. Well, unless she wants excitement at the moment. Although she acts respectful sometimes, Asta is definitely a rebellious child. She lies sometimes to protect her innocence even. Being overly sarcastic is definitely something associated with her. She loves to travel and explore new places, so packs light for sudden changes in housing situations. She throws out anything she either doesn’t need or isn’t attached to. Wanted posters are treated the same way. Keep a few as trophies, then the rest belong to the garbage bins. If something disgusts her, you can definitely tell. If something angers her she will probably choose to stay silent, but she does anger easily. She expresses her emotions as long as she feels it’s within reason. Otherwise she wears a mask of a smile. When she insults, it’s usually quiet and barely noticeable. It might also be in Danish, too. She believes in equality and fairness within rights. She’s tired of women not getting as many rights within society (for that time period) so just started dressing as a male for an act of rebellion. Her free time is usually spent practicing swordplay and footwork. She’ll have a song in her head and jump around to the beat of it. Just don’t call it dancing, you might not make it out of there alive. Music is another one of her passions, as long as it has a fast tempo and strong percussion in it. She strives to be called dangerous one day, being confident in her abilities with combat.

Asta’s true nature is being manipulative. She tries to twist her words to seem innocent, but is really just in it for gain. That’s where her greed comes into play. She pulls strings and presses as many buttons as possible behind the scenes to achieve her end goals. Whether it’s working from, or launching surprise attacks, shadows are her preferred areas. Plus, it makes her seem more like a force not to be reckoned with. She keeps quiet when angered sometimes, but always has revenge ideas. Violence is always an answer with this kid. She likes to think over her actions carefully first, though. The most beneficial path to her is probably the one she’ll end up traveling down. She likes to march to the beat of her own drum while keeping her wants and needs in mind, then the rules in a smaller mindspace only if they’ll help. If no one’s enforcing the rules why not go for it and break a few? In her mindset everyone has a role in life. If you don’t have one, she’ll assign you one. She sees everyone as tools until they become friends or prove to have a strong character in their soul. Or...if they’re a threat. If something’s a threat she’d want to eliminate it unless if it’s too powerful. Then she’ll go insane over it. If she were to be captured, depending on who it would harm or how it would effect them, she’d likely stay quiet except for lies. If it’s something not to be joked about you could hear a pin drop. Asta also likes to be the last one laughing after an argument.


Trickery- remember the pulling strings from behind scenes? Yeah, that’s her thing. The domino effect lets things fall into place well.

Stamina- she can keep hitting back at something for a while due to long distance training.

Agile-fancy footwork in fencing and parkour moves I can barely think about without tripping.

Communication(I hope XD)- certain styles of code are permanently burned into her mind. She is also the self-proclaimed language master of her household.


Heights- a lot of screaming would follow and her range of motion would be greatly limited to barely moving.

Greed- she can definitely be too greedy. If they’re on a robbery and she sees something shiny, she has to have it even if it gets her in a tough situation.

Confidence- she’s a bit too confident in her plans as she’s a bit too used to seeing them work and is becoming lazy with it.

Sadness- when she’s sad she can be easily tricked or manipulated as half her brain turns off and leaves her unshielded.

Speed- while she is rather agile, she isn’t fast. Long distance is more of her thing.

Family Members:

Elizabeth Shah- mother- deceased- died on the way to America when Asta was five. It was pretty emotional for both Asta and her father, but they’re both over it by now. Well, at least one of them is.

William Shah- father- 50- A very loving person who knows just enough English to get by in life. He works as a miner currently, and every day Asta crosses her fingers that he won’t die in some accident.

Marabell Shah- stepmom- 48- Marabell has to do most of the translating for William. She does a lot of the shopping, and is a kind and caring person, always making sure everyone has enough food and quilts.

Malthe Shah- half-brother- 18- When Asta is in town, he follows her around everywhere. He was always interested in outlaws and robbers so he keeps trying to get permission to join the gang. Asta keeps dragging him back to their home, and lecturing him about how dangerous it is though. She doesn’t know what she'd do if that kid got killed or put in jail.

Love interests:
Asta grew up in Denmark till the age of five when her parents decided to move to America for better economic opportunities. The way over was miserable; being stuck in the bottom of a ship with people they didn’t know. It smelled of vomit and disease,and before they knew it Asta’s mother caught one of those illnesses. By the time they got to America everyone was a mess, whether it was emotionally or physically. They traveled as far west as they could still find people,then settled down there. Eventually Asta’s father remarried. She could remember sitting against a tree in a white dress, glaring at the whole ceremony. Within about a year she was used to having another person around, but wasn’t prepared to have a younger brother. She recalls having to yell over all the noise and ask if it did anything other than cry all day. When they grew up some more little Malthe treated Asta like his guardian angel. It’s not like she could just decline being a little child’s protector. It was a high honor for her, and they became best friends. When she was about ten, she became exposed to the world of swordplay. Fencing soon became her passion, and she took the time to learn using two swords while fighting. Around 15 years of age she began to rob stores and trains because she got bored of doing the same old thing every day. That was when she cut off most of her hair and decided to act as a boy for her criminal activity. She could remember having to fight off someone while her brother was watching and thinking he would never want to talk to her again. Turns out, he wanted to join her in that. Asta joined up with a gang to try and prevent her negative influence on her brother, but he eventually found her and kept asking to join. Siblings can be a nuisance like that.
fluent in Danish.
She cares for her horse -more than my other character at least. Horses are living creatures too. don't poke at them, just ask and they might help. if not, poke lightly at least. Her horse is always well-fed and watered. Asta washes it if it's dirty and brushes out it's mane often. If they're treated badly you'll just be kicked- so be nice.
she's the type of person to write long, emotional letters to someone only to throw it out because she's too scared over what they'll say in response.
so... I'll just add a vague description of her new horse because I'm too lazy to actually type it out and I've got stuff to do.
Arawn is a mud brown horse with a black mane and tail. Two black spots lay one on her muzzle, the other covering her left knee. Her eyes are a dark amber in color.

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All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN June 1, 2021 10:51 AM

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Reserve Member please <3
All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN June 1, 2021 10:52 AM

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Fangsoffire said:
Reserve Member please <3

Sure! I'd hurry if I were you though, we'll probably be starting later today <3

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