BlueSnow Pack
03:31:31 Bluewind Pack
That is also true
03:31:07 Moth
Electrical tape is good. Stronger than sticky tape but not as damaging to the skin as duct tape.
BlueSnow Pack
03:30:27 Bluewind Pack
Sticky tape or Tape that you use for bandages
03:29:22 Fei/Demon/Vixen
sticky tape?
BlueSnow Pack
03:29:20 Bluewind Pack
Well if you need any help with anything let me know in dms
03:28:35 Moth
Thank you! I already have quite a few, and I'm aiming higher still.
BlueSnow Pack
03:28:26 Bluewind Pack
BlueSnow Pack
03:28:12 Bluewind Pack
FAI try tape
BlueSnow Pack
03:27:48 Bluewind Pack
Well I wish you the best of luck with your empire of one of a kind wolves
03:26:54 Fei/Demon/Vixen
fuck. I need something that will keep this white dressing patch on my hand
03:26:54 Moth
Well there's a lot in this game that's new to me like crystalline pelts and monthly events but I'm learning it all. And slowly building a little empire of one-of-a-kind wolves.
BlueSnow Pack
03:25:14 Bluewind Pack
Okay so how are you going
03:24:47 Moth
Yes and no? I just started on here a few weeks ago but I've been on and off the site for years.
BlueSnow Pack
03:23:52 Bluewind Pack
Are you new???
03:20:50 Moth
Is it though?
BlueSnow Pack
03:19:58 Bluewind Pack
Chat is dead NOOOO!!!!!
BlueSnow Pack
02:50:23 Bluewind Pack
That is okay Coy
Destinations End
02:47:32 Desti, Coy, Coydog
Back. Sorry about that
BlueSnow Pack
02:30:49 Bluewind Pack
No problems
BlueSnow Pack
02:30:32 Bluewind Pack
Same here I'm currently almost ready for my next year of school


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All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN June 10, 2021 03:41 PM

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All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN June 10, 2021 09:20 PM

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Name: Kit Sawyer

Nickname(s): Saw / Kit

What’re you lookin’ at?”

Age: 26

Birthdate: February 16th, 1872

Gender: Male

Sexuality: He doesn't really do romance

Rank: Member

Desired Rank: He’s happy where he is

Appearance: Despite the fact that Kit is in fact 26, he is a fan of constantly reminding others that no, he is not a kid, he certainly looks far younger than he is. This is likely due to his inability to grow any facial hair, much to his grievance. He also tends to act like a child, so there’s that. Regardless, Kit has honey-blond hair, which despite it’s short length often cuts into the field of vision of his steely, blue-gray eyes. The tips of his hair, the ones that are exposed underneath his cowboy hat anyways, are slightly lighter in color due to bleaching from the sun. He’s got a nicely shapes diamond face, and while he likes to consider himself attractive, most would consider him to be attractive in the soft, city-slicker way.

Another reason Kit often is mistaken for being younger than he rightfully is would be his stature. He’s not scrawny or tiny by any means, but he does inquire some laughs every now and then when people ask what his profession is. Saw is about 5’8” on a good day- though he’s prone to tell most that he’s actually 5’10” and they are just standing on a decline- and his build could be considered lean but muscular. There is a constant look of mild amusement on the young man’s face, and his lips are more often than not quirked up in a grin to reveal his decently white teeth.

Due to being out in the sun the majority of his life, his skin is a nice shade of tan, and lucky for him he hardly ever burns. Because of that fact, he often has his sleeves rolled up to reveal his forearms, which again aren’t really anything to preen about. Attire wise, he almost always wears dark or black clothing, which is rather counter-intuitive given the fact that he at times is intolerable of heat*. That doesn’t change the fact that he thinks he looks best in dark clothing, so that’s never likely to change. Even though he could give a shit about his appearance, he always seems to be somewhat put together. His black button up is relatively clean for Western standards, unless he’s freshly coming back from a job. His dark jeans are worn but sturdy as ever. He enjoys cool temperatures, so unless it’s snowing he forgoes a jacket.

His boots, a new purchase he’s so far been pleased with, are leather ebony black square-toed cowboy boots, adorned with a ridiculous pair of California style gold spurs that he spent far too much money on. He had to have something to match the gold belt buckle after all. More often than not Kit wears thin, black calfskin gloves with the tips of the index and middle finger cut out to allow easier access to the trigger of his weapons. Not because he thinks it makes him look cool or anything. ‘Course not. The only pops of color you are allowed to see on Saw is the cream pinch front cowboy hat he wears, though it’s got a black band around it. He does wear a worn blue bandana around his neck; or, when the dust is particularly bad, around his face. The blue happens to match the saddle pad he’s got on his gelding, but that genuinely was by accident.

Race: Caucasian

Nationality: American

Accessories: Kit dons a dark brown bandolier slung around his chest, which serves the obvious purpose of holding extra ammunition. He’s got a lasso hitched to the saddle of Blue, which is an essential piece of equipment when chasing down fugitives through the desert. He’s got a pistol holder strapped around his waist, though it really only comes in handy in dire situations. As far as weapons go, Saw’s a simplistic man. He’s got a decent rifle with quite the scope on it, and while the weapon still carries a pleasant shine it’s definitely seen better days. The young man has a pistol, naturally, but he rarely every employs its use. Due to that, the gun is highly polished, in all of its blue iron metal works and pearl handle glory. Kit keeps a Bowie knife on him at all times, but realistically it rarely sees use unless he uses it too skin, typically animals.

Personality: The chief characteristic one would say Kit possesses is the absolute air of calmness about the man. It is nearly impossible to see him in a state other than relaxation, as the young man is not one to anger quickly. In fact, it would be a cold day in hell to see him get anything more than flustered. Things tend to roll off his shoulder as he has a knack for not caring about the goings on around him, for better or worse. He is happy to entertain anyone, and makes friends quite easily. There isn’t anyone he particularly dislikes, as he tends to enjoy everyones company in its own way. For all that’s worth, while it’s increasingly difficult to annoy or upset Kit, the opposite isn’t exactly true. Saw tends to be mildly intruding and annoying at times, which can earn him retaliation from his fellow gang-members, but again the confrontation never bothered him. He doesn’t actively try to be annoying, it just tends to happen. He thinks extremely highly of himself- slightly ironic as he is not a criminal himself, but that’s a conversation for another day.


◦ Kit has what one would refer to as eagle-eyes, pair that with his steady hands and he’s a valuable shot

◦ He’s quick on his feet

◦ Overall a very open and welcoming guy- though he tends to step on nerves and boundaries at point

◦ Cash cow


◦ He’s not exceptionally strong and would likely be bested by most in hand-to-hand combat, so he relies on stealth; Kit’s got enough strength to throw a hogtied bounty over his horse, and he’ll never back down from a brawl, but he’ll likely walk away with numerous bruises, or not walk away at all

◦ Remarkably egotistical and cocky

◦ Has an inability to take things seriously

◦ His brain and mouth often fail to communicate, resulting in him saying truly dumb remarks that usually require the assistance of other gang-member to bail him out of a bad situation


◦ Cigars

◦ Night

◦ Cold Weather

◦ Being with the ‘family’


◦ Bright lights

◦ Quiet / Lack of sound

◦ Hatred for raccoons- don’t ask why

◦ Moonshine / Alcohol

Mother: Matilda Sawyer - Deceased

Father: William Sawyer - Deceased

Brother(s): N/A

Sister(s): N/A

Spouse/Significant Other: Funny

Offspring: Kit absolutely loathes children

Backstory: Typical sob story- Kit lost both his parents at the ripe age of 8 to unfortunate circumstances when a particularly nasty brawl broke out between his father and some backwater gang members. Both his mother and father were fatally wounded so the boy was left to his own devices. Evidently he figured things out well enough, and he came across the gang when he was about 18. Previously, he had been a glorified errand boy for local sheriffs but grew tired of constantly obeying the imposed laws of society. Under the gang he felt a sense of belonging, despite his law of criminal past. In fact he’s never been a criminal, so the lack of a bounty on his head makes him a notable asset as he is free to wander and do odd-jobs to generate income for the gang. His current occupation is bounty-hunter, amusingly enough. Kit is actually fairly good at hunting down others like a bloodhound, and while duty often calls him away from camp for weeks to months at a time, he always returns with a decent hunk of cash and intel he’s gathered from his travels- by civilian and policemen alike.

Other: * Kit has what we now know to be Anhidrosis, albeit a very mild case so he doesn’t sweat near as much as one should, especially in the West. Due to this, he spends a lot of time up North while on bounties, but he always returns to wherever home is designated due to his fondness of the gang.

As Kit is returning from a few months of absence, doing his thing and what not, it is likely that newcomers do not know him but naturally seasoned gang members do.


Horse: Blue

Age: 8

Color: Bay Roan Appaloosa

Gender: Gelding

Height: 15.3 Hands

Personality: Simply put, Blue is the equine equivalent of a 7-year old. He’s quite stubborn, will pin his ears or swish his tail at anything, and has a nasty habit of nipping those who stray too close. The horse, however, can run for days, and is the epitome of what one would request in a true cowboy horse. He’s as bomb-proof as they come and never strays aware from the fire-fight, or so much as spooks at anything in his path. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say the gelding merely tolerates Kit, but he will accept the occasional treat every now and then from other gang-members. There is no denying that the man and the horse share a bond, though. Herd wise, Blue is fairly low on the totem pole. He’s got a strong herd mentality so he enjoys being with the other horses, whether they appreciate his presence or not.


Permission to use photo of RR Lonesome Heartman by Priest Creek Farms

All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN June 11, 2021 06:52 PM

Plague Doctor
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───── ❝ Mireya del Vell/Lelia Hancock ❞ ─────

"I have good looks. A great personality. Who doesn't want me?"

Name: Lelia Hancock/Mireya del Vell
Nicknames: Lady of Seduction, Reina de la Belleza (Queen of Beauty)
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Birthday: February 14th, 1879
Race: Mixed
Nationality: Caucasian (1/2) and Mexican (1/2)
Alignment: True Neutral
Left-Handed, Right-Handed, or Both?: Originally left-handed, but was forced to use her right hand.

⊱ ────── {⋅. ✯ .⋅} ────── ⊰

Rank: Member
Desired Rank: Nah. That's too much work.

⊱ ────── {⋅. ✯ .⋅} ────── ⊰
Lelia is a big flirt and would flirt with anyone that gained her interest: either for fun or to swipe whatever valuable items they have on them. Her flirting skills are on another tier-she managed to persuade many men and women to give her what she wants with her honeyed words. She even flirts with the town's sheriff to remove her bounty (if lucky enough, the others' bounty as well). With her winning the heartstrings of others in the town, she has been offered many different marriage proposals. She denies them but steals the rings afterward as momentoes.

Along with her flirty personality, she is also quite charismatic. She's more a diplomate than a fighter, rather using her words instead of shedding needless blood. However, if things go array, then she'll have no choice but to use violence. It's hard to back out of her offers, especially to the poor folks and business owners who require protection. To make this simple, she's good at extorting others for profit while gaining alliances in return.

-Two Sides-
Lelia/Mireya is a kind-hearted woman that's always so eager to help others and can loan them some of her cash to financially help them (Edgar takes this trait beneficial to his gambling needs). She'll rip off her fancy piece of fabric to patch up a wound and would not shed a tear about her expensive dress. However, if someone keeps overusing her kindness, then she's not afraid to put a foot down and wouldn't socialize with them. Or perhaps kick their ass. Strangely enough, when she's upset, she imitates Edgar to the point the older man would avoid her entirely at times.

She's a playful young woman, always interested in making jokes to cheer the others up or to annoy them-it all depends on her mood. Lelia/Mireya is the peacekeeper of the group, normally interfering if things are getting a little bit too heated. Her favorite pastime is hanging around in the tavern, dancing on tables, and just having fun entirely. When bar fights happen (it usually does), she uses her playful nature to calm everyone down.

-Animal Lover-
As the title of this suggests, she has a way with animals, rather it's wild or tamed. She loves animals, and the animals love her back. Which is something that cannot be explained, but she wasn't going to question it. This makes her closely bonded with her horse, Oro. Including her dog, Sombra that always sticks close to her side. With her and Edgar's different personalities, this causes a slight rift between them since the man enjoys hunting and Lelia/Mireya loves animals.

A big fan of romance novels and wishes that she can experience them herself one day. She enjoys helping others get the girl or guy they want and gets over thrilled when they get together. She gives sappy romance advice, which are words that she read from her collection of romance stories. She believes in love at first sight and is a sucker for deep love. If you want a professional matchmaker, then she's your girl.
Her height is 5'8 and she weighs 123lbs, and her body physique is curvy and slim. Lelia/Mireya's skin is smoother than silk and bears no scars. I guess you can say that her skin is flawless as it can get. Her skin tone is a light brown color, hinting at her mixed-race genes. The shape of her eyes is upturned, and the best part is that she has two eye colors. Her left eye is greenish-blue, and for the right, it's a dark brown. Her hair is long and wavy, with the length of her hair reaching two inches past his shoulders, and the color of her hair is jet black. The shape of her face is heart-shaped, her lips are full-shaped, and covered in red lipsticks. Lelia/Mireya's nose bridge is wide, and nostrils narrow. She has straight, luscious eyebrows that are covered in a black powdery substance.
She has many dresses that she has stored up in her chest. The dress is quite expensive and can only be found in Mexico or around the borderline (her different dresses make her stand out more in the tavern). Lelia/Mireya has numerous shoes too-ranging from party shoes all the way down to work boots. As for her workwear, she wears a fully white button-up shirt, light blue jeans, and tan leather boots. She doesn't wear a hat since it ruins her style.

Short-Sword (from Mexico)
Smoothbore Flintlock Musket (from Mexico)
Cattleman Revolver (from America)
Sawed-Off Shotgun (from America)
⊱ ────── {⋅. ✯ .⋅} ────── ⊰

An excellent diplomat and can almost sway anyone if she tries hard enough.
Using her beauty to lure in unsuspecting prey or possible partners.
She has a strong affinity with animals and can tell if something is wrong with them.
Acting like a peacekeeper wherever she goes and an expert at settling drunken rampages.
Has a smart mind-able to handle and keep track of the gang's finances.

She has severe self-esteem issues because of what happened to her as a child.
Let's just say that you better not be near her when she's holding a gun.
She lacks muscle, making her less intimidating than the other members of the gang.
She loves too hard and will quickly fall in love with someone, even if they are her current rivals.
Helping others

Parties (she tolerates them)
Animals or people getting hurt
Her constant suitors attempting to win her heart
Failed love/romance
Fighting in general

⊱ ────── {⋅. ✯ .⋅} ────── ⊰

She was part of a rich home in Mexico but was treated like the black sheep due to what her father did. Her relationship is strained with them and doesn't keep in contact with them.




Relationship Status?:

Single, PM me if interested

───── ❝ Oro ❞ ─────


3 years and 9 months


Azteca Horse

Oro is a stubborn stallion who disobeys Lelia/Mireya's commands at times and especially doesn't enjoy listening to others. He may seem like a crazy, disobedient horse, but Lelia/Mireya knows that he's doing it to play around. Their bond is too strong and unbreakable. Oro gets along with other horses but is wary around Traveler since the other stallion nips at him to go away. He's very energetic, always eager to go out on rides. His breed is natural warhorses, so he doesn't flinch at the sound of gunfire or explosions. He's also very protective of his owner, standing between her and whatever obstacle heading their way.

───── ❝ Sombra ❞ ─────


4 years and 8 months

Calupoh (or Mexican wolfdog)


Sombra is a loyal dog that loves being near Lelia/Mireya and would growl at anyone that comes near her. He's a well-trained guard dog and would bite only if she commands him to do. As with Oro, he'll only listen to his master and is eager to stick by her side. He's a silent dog, rarely barking unless he senses danger to alert his owner.

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All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN June 19, 2021 07:43 AM

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All accepted!
All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN June 20, 2021 07:47 PM

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Name: Daniele "Dani" McShaw
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Rank: Member
Head- Amber eyes are the first thing anyone notices when they first see Dani. The vibrant copper seems to pop with her lightly tanned skin. Soft, slightly curly, chocolate brown hair accommodates her head, free flowing and falls just past her mid back. She has nice, full lips that hide her slightly yellowed, slightly crooked teeth. A celestial nose sits in the center of her face. 3 claw marks adorn her right cheek.
Body- Dani stands on the shorter side, only standing at 5'6" from head to toe. She has a petite figure with some curves but not too much. Only enough to look nice. She's well muscled, though she doesn't look to be. Her muscles are toned and strong, though one is unable to see them unless she flexes. Her skin looks to be a light tan, but it is actually her real skin tone. She has a scar that runs the length of her spinal cord.
Attire- She can normally be found wearing a simple outfit. Some black jeans that have what look to be alcohol stains on them and holes in the knees. She has pure black cowboy boots that goes just passed the middle of her shin. She wears a simple white cotton shirt with a striped black and red vest. She wears a simple red jacket that is slightly worn and has lost a bit of color. She wears a simple black Cutter hat with her mothers chain necklace wrapped around the middle of the hat.
Weaponry- She has two black leather holsters on her belt, one to her right side and one going across her hip. These both hold separate Navy Revolvers, with a simple blackened steel handle. Across her back varies. If she's hunting she has a Mosin Nagant across her back. If she's on a mission or just out and about she has her Marlin.
Stubborn- Dani is an intensely stubborn female. She believes what she believes and no one's gonna change that. She has her views and refuses to listen to anyone else's views, even if she knows they're right about the situation. There are times when she does listen to people, but it's a rare occasion.
Fiery- Dani has a fiery temper and it tends to come out quite a bit. She has a tongue for back talk and isn't afraid to shoot insults to a person who insults her, regardless of their position or size. It does tend to get into quite a bit of trouble, especially with locals. She's also not afraid to fight anyone. She'll throw a lunch no hesitation if she sees fit. She also doesn't crap, from anyone. Besides the leader and second in command of course.
(E) Protective- Dani is incredibly protective of any of the gang members and won't hesitate to kill someone for even touching a hair on their head. She cares for each and every one of them, even when they make she want to rip their heads off, and will do pretty much anything to keep them safe. Though just because she I caring doesn't mean she's nice about it. She knows what tough love and if you piss her off she'll show you the toughest love you've seen.
Adventurous- Dani is a very adventurous woman. She hates being stuck in one place for too long, getting bored very easily. She lives to explore the woods around the camp or go to neighboring towns and get to know the locals, maybe find a legend about the land or two and indulge in that. She's also very
Straightforward- Dani is very blunt and straightforward. She says things how they are and hates it when someone "beats around the bush". No point is wasting her or anyone's time as time is important to her. She doesn't care who or what you are. She gets things done as fast as she can and doesn't care how it's done. As long as it's quick and short.
-Quick and Agile
-Good at hand to hand combat
-Easily broken temper
-Impulsive with no filter
-Very Reckless
Other: N/A
To have a horse do we have to make a form for it?

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All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN June 21, 2021 10:02 AM

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No, you don't have to make a form.
All Gone | Wild West RP | OPEN July 5, 2021 11:13 PM

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