Gosh any one up for a rp. I can't find one
03:53:51 Aikō
Took my dog to the beach the other day
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03:37:53 Taz | Dusk |
yeah ithink ima put it on DA
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03:36:11 Taz | Dusk |
but i think i could get away with it because its a dragon head lool
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03:35:22 Taz | Dusk |
And Thank you
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03:35:14 Taz | Dusk |
Yh i have a thing for big heads - can never get them the right size XD
03:35:00 King
Stranger things rp anyone? Pm me, please be able to play male
03:34:27 King
Skylanders academy rp anyone? Pm me
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03:33:59 13 | Bear | Lucky
I love it :) it's so unique, I especially love the way the tail is like a fire :)
I think the head is a little bit big for the body (I'm not great at anatomy though so I may be wrong) but otherwise it looks awesome!
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03:32:34 Taz | Dusk |
Hey guys Can you give me some comments On my Brand new Wolf Dragon i drew ^^
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03:23:25 13 | Bear | Lucky
Of course <3
03:23:01 SS | LSS | KQ
I think I might just try to fix it tomorrow. I feel like I could fall asleep while playing WP. Is it ok if I PM you for now?
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03:21:51 13 | Bear | Lucky
Have a look through here too :)
-WP Click-
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03:21:22 13 | Bear | Lucky
I'm not that great at it either but I can do a little bit, so it's more than okay if you're new <3
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03:19:35 13 | Bear | Lucky
I might need to have a play with it but I'm not sure how to change that but I'll have a look and see :)
03:18:00 SS | LSS | KQ
Yes. And you know where the green Chat word is when you hit send? I want to change that too. 😓 I have no coding experience, forgive me.
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03:16:05 13 | Bear | Lucky
I'll have a look, but you're wanting to change the text colours for the pack names and nicknames in chat as well as the text where the weather, season, currecncy etc. is in the little bar right? If so then I can PM you the codes for them :)
03:13:06 SS | LSS | KQ
I cannot figure out how to change the Chat in the bright red box. (It is currently green)

I also forgot which Coding thing changed the Currency color part (currently bluish)
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03:07:31 Taz | Dusk |
:( i only have 22 days remaining of meh premium
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03:07:28 13 | Bear | Lucky
Depending on what you need a hand with I might be able to help :)


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Forging of the herds || Deer RP October 19, 2020 06:17 PM

Former Pack
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‘Its cold’ Ezra simultaneously thought as the wind blew through his thick coat, the trees above casting a shadow over him. His steps didn’t falter though, he continued to tread through the snow with ease, almost missing the cacophony chirps of birds that would ring throughout the wilderness. The hanging velvet which was clutching onto his antlers for dear life, would often cover his peripheral, causing the stag to be a bit more cautious than usual. His eyes began to droop, not out of fatigue but out of boredom. He wished for amusement, or at least a patch of grass..Either one would do, but alas spring is late. Feeble spring, always losing the battle against winter and never appearing when its due. He’s grown to never depend too much on it,knowing to savor however much stalks of grass is left rather than take it for granted like last winter.. Ezra,pained with hunger yet too prideful to show it,slowly took notice of the lake, the thick trees surrounding it making it all the more beautiful. A small look of satisfaction crossed his face as he made his way over, the glistening water teasing his dry throat.

His head lowered gracefully, tongue lapping at the water carefully as the chilling liquid quenched his thirst with ease.He was careful not to slip yet his hooves were still dangerously close to the edge as he met his own reflection against the gentle rippling water. His head slowly reared back to its original,water dripping from his maw as he overlooked the lake and instead laid eyes on an inviting area of thin foliage,up to par with his expectations of a place to rest.

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Forging of the herds || Deer RP October 19, 2020 06:42 PM

Red Moon
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Reven | Lead Stag | Western | Mentions: Lilliana(indirect), Fox

The stag raised his head, sniffing at the crisp air to ensure there was nothing dangerous nearby. The lead stag often did these checks to stay alert. As he chuffed a breath, he could see the ghostly exhale of his own breath, despite the season being spring.

It seemed like winter had overstayed its welcome, since it was gently snowing and a fresh blanket of snow still covered the ground. Small white flecks decorated his coat, eventually melting into small water drops due to his body heat and glinting if the sunlight hit him just right.

Reven was the lead stag of the Western herd, one of the two that populated the region. The Eastern herd was led by his twin brother, Beau. Reven hoped his brother was doing alright, he never harbored any ill will towards him, even if he was a bit rough around the edges sometimes.

Reven flicked his ears, stomping a hoof a couple times, leaving an imprint in the snow layer. He had a relatively small herd, but it was something. Perhaps more would eventually join later on. But for now, it was just him and a couple of does, including his mate, the lead doe. Lilliana had her fawn just a short while ago, yet he had not met the young offspring yet. It was no doubt Reven would be a good father, depending on the standards. The lead stag was protective and always had the good of others on his mind, but warmth and love and emotions were always trumped by his duties.

Currently, he was standing alone. He had allowed Lilliana to go off alone to tend to her fawn, of course, which was customary. But he had no clue where Fox had ended up. A hint of her scent had been carried to him through a breeze, which he decided to follow.

Once he spotted her in the clearing laying down, he tilted his head and trotted over. There was no smell of blood so he was sure she wasn't too badly injured, but he had no clue why she would just be lying in the middle of the forest. "Fox? What are you doing over here? And on the ground, no less. You know if a predator came out right now, it would take you far too long to stand up and run off, right? What? You giving free meals today to the bears or something?"

Without much of a warning, the stag nudged at her, trying to get her up to her hooves.

(Haha, Reven is a bit blunt, but that's just his personality. He can come off a little rude)

Forging of the herds || Deer RP October 19, 2020 07:52 PM

Covidic Coffee
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Riot || Bachelor || Lone || Mentions: Venom (Ind.)

Riot was on his way towards the Eastern part of the forest. His pelt was coated in snow, but eventually, it would melt and disappear within his thick layers of hair. The large stag had traveled about half a mile by now. It wasn't much but it was something. Only 2-3 miles biggy, the red stag sighed before quickening his pace to a brisk trot.

On his way to his desired location, he kept thinking of his childhood. He could remember him and his brother playing in the tall grass~

"Come on Venom! Your so slow!" A young red buck was bounding through the tall grass, followed by an oddly colored Piebald red buck. "Wait up!" Young Venom called out in laughter, his thin legs stretched out in long strides. Sadly, his long strides were not as fast as his bigger brother, Riot. "Oh don't be a fawn!" Riot called out in a laugh, the two ran for hours, playing in the tall grass, rolling around, head butting.

It had finally been sundown, the two bucks had been playing all day long. They chatted and laughed as they returned to their mother. "Venom, Riot, come. Its time to sleep," a beautiful red doe was lying down, looking up to her children.

"Ah, such good times," Riot smiled, looking up to the sky. "I hope you are safe brother," he whispered quietly to himself, before looking forward, and continuing his path.

Venom || Bachelor || Lone || Mentions: Open

Venom had finished grazing an entire circle around the willow and finished the inside of the snow ring. He plumped down, all filled up. "Willow always has such..tasty grass," he smiled. The unique Stag looked up through the dead branches, and clumped snow, looking to the beautiful blue sky. Overhead, to the east, dark clouds were slowly forming and there he knew another storm was coming. "Well, that is fantastic!" Venom snorted sarcastically.

He stood up, shaking his coat. This tree has no support, and the snow will fall right through falling on me if I stay, he thought for a moment. "Screw it," he walked out of his ring, towards the western part of the forest. He wanted to explore, and he already knew the Eastern side. Time to explore the western.

Dawn || Herd Doe || Eastern Herd || Mentions: Open

Dawn had sighed, ultimately bored and depressed. She looked up to the sky, not noticing the forming storm, she looked down before walked over to the trees. She rubbed her body against the thin tree, scratching her sides, and causing the tree to shift and drop-down clumps of snow. And, of course, its Dawn, and her luck is grand, a clump of snow plummeted on her head and she huffed. "Well, thank you mother nature. I suppose I will die of the cold."

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Forging of the herds || Deer RP October 19, 2020 08:06 PM

Former Pack
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Timber || Bachelor Stag || None || Mentions: None, open

Timber yawned, shaking out his fur. He shok his head, looking around. The stag lowered his amber gaze to the ground as he walked, occasionally sniffing the air as he walked.

`` Oh, great. A storm. ``

He huffed, and he started trotting through the Western side. He was on the lookout for stags, not to fight, but to warn away. He didnt like it at this time of year to have younger stags bothering him. Timber stopped for a moment, letting his head drift down so he could eat some grass.


Aura || Herd Doe || Eastern || Mentions: None, open

Aura flicked her tail as she grazed, occasionally looking up so she could eye the surrondings around her. She was within the herd, but still. She was on high alert, as always. She often wishes to have her mother at her side, but she passed once she turned 2. She learned everything she knows at the moment.

Aura lifted her head once more, her eyes flashing that familiar emotion. Curiosity. She hovered her gaze over the woodland edge, looking for anthing, from predators to a lone stag. She stretched her neck out a bit, and she walked around, loosening up her joints.

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Forging of the herds || Deer RP October 19, 2020 08:29 PM

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Fox || Herd doe || Herd doe || Mentions: Reven
"Okay, okay, I'll get up! I was just tired. And my legs hurt." Fox grumbled, poking out her tongue and forcing herself onto her hooves. Reven's stern expression didn't change as Fox got up with a couple of shakes. Fox stared up at the tall stag, waited for him to say something, but when nothing happened, she decided it was time to leave. She spun her head away and trotted off without saying a word.
After a few minutes of traveling towards her small herd, she heard a low grumble.
What was that? She thought nervouly, turning her head to look around her and take in her surroundings. wait a second... Realizing it was only her stomache, she relaxed her body, only to tense up again as it grumbled once more. She didn't want food, but she needed it. Scraping away bits of the thick snow, she found a small patch of grass and nibbled on it until it was reduced to a stub. Now she was satisfied, but her stomach wasn't. She kept digging in the snow, but only dirt was revealed. Well... now would be a nice time to get home. Except for... where was she?

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Forging of the herds || Deer RP October 19, 2020 09:07 PM

Former Pack
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Ezra trotted towards the thin foliage, knowing it was nothing to eat, but a reassuring place to reside for a few. His hooves easily imprinted the snow though he wasn’t worried, if any danger were to lurk he’d already be aware. His gentle gaze lowered briefly at the twigs and leaves he was yet to lay on, his ears struggling to flick through the wind. ‘This should do’ the stag solemnly thought before bestowing his rump to the leaves. It was a nice place, his head could easily rest against the base of the thick wood behind and the other one, which resembled a leafless bush rather than a looming tree,cowered beside him with evidence of the annoying winter hanging on its puny branches. Ezra huffed gently and could still see the plume of air leaving his nostrils. The fact that it was visible spoiled the thoughts of the heavy snow becoming nothing but residue on the plush grounds of grass.

He began to think of the females, guessing most would be with a fawn about now. He pitied that such a small creature would have to bear with the remainder of winter before it can bound freely through the flowers. Although he would be very fond of a doe about now, he has no intention of scouting out for one, not yet at least. He’d rather make sure he’s taken care of first before he decides to add to his lonesome group. There's nothing more shameful than not being able to provide for something you offered to take care of. Ezra allowed his hind legs to stretch, and his head to lay on the open ground where no protruding twigs lay. He couldn’t sleep, not with the constant reminder of hunger twisting in his stomach, but he could rest his limbs which have been moving almost nonstop with just a few pauses to itch his elbow.

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Forging of the herds || Deer RP October 20, 2020 04:45 AM

Peaceful Vengeance
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Beau || Lead Stag || Eastern || Mentions: Faith, Open

Stood on his perch, the stag watched his herd go about their day to day actions. Everything was covered in a heavy blanket of white, making everything depressingly dull and depressing. Despite himself, Beau felt himself longing for spring and the vibrant colours of flowers as they pushed up through the grass. But, when he came back to reality it was the same sheet of white and grey.

“Do you need help?”

His ear twitched and Beau looked down to the doe that had asked him. Turns out that in his day-dreaming the stag’s hooves had started to slip thanks to the build-up of frost and ice. It was Faith who had asked him if he was okay, and he smiled in response.

“I’m fine thanks, just keeping an eye out for danger”

As soon as he responded he watched as Faith wandered off, leaving the safety of the herd, to strike out on her own. Beau frowned, but let her be for now, trusting that the doe would return shortly from whatever venture she had decide to go on. With a less than graceful jump, Beau descended the rocks and made his way through the open meadow to the lake to take a drink.

Alcina || Lone Doe || Mentions: Open

Hunger made the doe get up from sheltering her fawn; she knew that the small creature would be fine as long as it remained hidden in the brambles. Snow had already started to gather on the doe’s coat leaving her back speckled with pure white patches, almost as if she was a fawn herself.

Signing, the doe wandered a little away from her fawn and began to graze. Pushing snow with her snout she struggled to try and find any scrap of food she could, she was already thin, having lost a lot of her weight carrying and birthing her fawn, if she didn’t find a good meal soon she may not be able to produce milk anymore. However, it seemed that she was in favour with something as it didn’t take her too long to find a patch of moss which had survived the bitter cold. The doe ate it quickly, it tasted bitter and unpleasant, but it was enough food to keep her going for at least another day.

Lilliana || Lead Doe || Western || Mentions Twilight

Lilliana laughed watching her daughter skip around where they stood and bombard the young mother with her questions and thoughts. It made her happy to know that her daughter was happy and healthy, she was certain that the fawn was strong enough to keep up with the herd now and no longer needed to be kept hidden.

She watched as the fawn rolled in some near-dead flowers that had survived this far, squishing them with her body and killing them. “You smell lovely my dear,” she told her fawn picking a chunk of the flower petals from behind her ear. “I’m sure the herd will adore you”. As Twilight ran to chase something, the doe followed at her own leisurely pace, making sure to not let her daughter out of her sight. “Yes, you’ll be meeting your father along with the rest of the herd, he’s the leader with the big antlers on his head, and you can’t miss him”

When Twilight returned from her antics asking for milk, the mother smiled nodding and letting the fawn drink as much as she needed. As her daughter did so, Lilliana licked her back, smoothing out her fur and ensuring the fawn was clean from any dirt of flower remains. Once the fawn had finished drinking the doe nudged her playfully and pretended to take off at a sprint, kicking up some snow as she did so.

“Come on last one to the herd is a rotten egg”

Slowing down, Lilliana made sure to go at a steady trot that the fawn could easily outpace, but she did so dramatically making it seem as if this was the fastest she could physically run.

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Forging of the herds || Deer RP October 20, 2020 06:04 AM

Former Pack
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Twilight squeaked with excitement and started dashing on to try and beat her mother. She wondered if her father would be proud of her if she reached the herd before her mother. She wanted to impress him, especially since he is the leader! She pushed on a little harder to run a little further than her mother. She started to think about the other herd members. Were there any fawns? She hoped there would be. Or at least some younger deer, maybe 1 year old? All of these thoughts made her power on, along with her excitement, of course. She started to feel a little bit tired. "Are we nearly there?" The fawn asked
Forging of the herds || Deer RP October 20, 2020 06:42 AM

Peaceful Vengeance
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Lilliana || Lead Doe || Western Herd || Mentions: Twilight, western herd (Ind)

Laughing lightly, the doe kept up the same steady trot, making sure to stay just behind her daughter, occasionally speeding up and flanking the fawn if she started to veer the wrong way. Each time, she corrected her daughter’s directions, she would slow back down to walk behind her, dramatically saying she’s running out of breath or Twilight was just too fast for her little legs.

Soon, she could start to make out the forms of the other deer in her herd between the trees. Once again speeding up she walked alongside her daughter. “Yes, we’re nearly there” she said softly lowering her head to be nearly the same height as Twilights. “Look there; can you see them between the trees?”

Nudging her daughter softly she pointed her in the direction of the herd, and slowed down letting the fawn run ahead to do as she wishes now that they were nearly upon the herd. Truth be told, it was a relief to be among the herd again, knowing that there were other eyes on her fawn put the doe at ease.

Forging of the herds || Deer RP October 20, 2020 07:25 AM

Covidic Coffee
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Riot || Bachelor || Lone || Mentions: Eastern Herd

Riot could feel the wind became colder, and it blew more harshly. "God damn.." he upped his speed to a slow run, bounding through the snow like an angel. He had no plans of entering the storm with an empty stomach, if he did..the consequences could become severe. It took him a little bit, but he finally managed to arrive at his desired destination. He saw a herd around the lake, and he cursed to himself quietly.

Maybe if they won't notice me..Riot walked over, acting like he didn't see anybody, and lowered his head, drinking the cool water. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see a massive stag, Lead stag probably. Shit..he cursed to himself. He avoided eye contact with anyone, just drank and drank.

Venom || Bachelor || Lone || Mentions: Open

Venom was on his way to the western side of the forest when he could feel the wind getting harsher by the second. He looked behind him, to see the Storm forming faster, and every shade of grey was darker than the last. His gait from a walk immediately shifted into a trot. In the distance, he could see a large tree with supportive arms and a nice layer of packed snow.

Venom reached the tree just a few minutes later and walked under the branches. He lied down around the base and sighed. He hated the transition from winter to spring, why? Because the weather would always disappoint you.

Dawn || Herd Doe || Eastern Herd || Mentions: Riot, Beau

Dawn looked up from where she was, to see a bachelor stag. Her eyes widened, and she had no idea as to what to do. "Beau? Uh-we have a guest with us today.." she turned over to her lead stag, then back at the bachelor that had approached their pond. She watched as the male pick up his head, he seemed puzzled, then continued to drink.

Dawn stood up and walked over to Beau, somewhat hiding behind him. "Beau. There seems to be a bachelor here, on the other side of the lake, look," she pointed with her small nose to the other side where the bachelor stood drinking.

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