Demon Mistress
05:14:14 Kira
sales is the safer bet
05:10:10 SS | LSS | KQ
When speaking of gathering new alliance members, is it a Sales thing or can it be put in the Main chat? (For future reference)
Demon Mistress
05:06:08 Kira
@SS I might be able to help, pm me
05:03:54 SS | LSS | KQ
Stressing over this palette. 🥲 I cannot figure out how to remove the remaining green parts.

Dappled- Ello.

Stars- I cannot. It is 5:03am ;-;

KT- oof
I'm bored there are no rp's
Demon Mistress
05:03:17 Kira
Tired and bored
05:02:13 KT
Demon Mistress -
Pretty good, how 'bout you?
Demon Mistress
05:00:58 Kira
How is everyone?
05:00:36 KT
Heyhey, and same. (':
Listen to soothing music. Or your favorite song
Dappled light
Yeah I think I'll message the seller and see. I wouldn't want to take advantage of that.
04:59:31 SS | LSS | KQ
Ello chat. I am tired, but cannot fall asleep. 😞
04:58:36 KT
Wow, lucky you lol, they've been selling for thousands. Wonder if that was an accident.
Dappled light
huh interesting! I just got one for 5 mush which I definitely wasn't expecting. I wonder what I should do with her haha
04:56:04 KT
Dappled light -
Because a lot of packs focus on dominance, and SV wolves give them a pretty big advantage. And yes, that's good.
Dappled light
Why are surpassing valor wolves so desired? If I breed one, is that good?
04:50:53 Eli
Oh okay
04:49:09 KT
Labyrinth -
There's virtually no difference between them, it just comes down to personal preference.
04:46:07 Eli
(Sorry sent twice)


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Forging of the herds || Deer RP October 20, 2020 12:48 PM

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Fox|Herd doe|West herd|Mentions: Lilianna, Twilight
As Fox climbed out of the water, moving around the ice sheets on the surface of the lake, she winced and shook herself like a dog, causing a short and light drizzle that seeped through the dirt.
"I got lost, then had a run-in with a bear. I found these Morel mushrooms too, but I doubt you still want them after they've been in the water."
Fox set the mushrooms on the ground next to her sister and the fawn.
Forging of the herds || Deer RP October 20, 2020 01:20 PM

Former Pack
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Redwood/lone doe/no herd/mentions:none
Redwood went on her way until she saw the west herd and froze" Do I say hi?? or should I stay hidden"She gambled on her thoughts before somewhat laying in view of the herd hoping too be noticed.
Looking out at the field she felt a weird want, I just want a family of my own. She turned her head towards the flowers and simply fell asleep inhaling the sweet aroma of the flowers.
Forging of the herds || Deer RP October 20, 2020 02:11 PM

Budding Blossom
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Faith Herd doe Eastern Mentions:none
After waking up and realizing that she fell asleep she got the sudden feeling like she was being watched by something. she lifted her head up to make sure no one was there but she was wrong, no one was watching her. "I know that theirs someone there i just feel it. i can't smell or hear them but i now there's someone out there. Well better go back to the herd. i haven't herd anything from Beau so I guess he got back to the rest of the herd alright."She whispered to herself. so she headed off towards the herd to try to find some friends and hoping that maybe there wouldn't be anyone there that was mean."I hope i can become friends with a lone doe or stag." She whispered to herself on the way to the herd

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Forging of the herds || Deer RP October 20, 2020 02:52 PM

Budding Blossom
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Faith herd doe eastern Mention:none
When she got to the herd she saw Dawn coming back from the lake from Beau's side and heading torward the middle. Curious she moved closer to were she saw Dawn emerging before she went to the herd. when she went there she went to find a good spot to watch curious because well she can't control her curiousty very well at all. she decided to lay down under a tree and pretend to be alseep so she could hear what was happening. when she got to a good spot she realized that there was a stranger there and that Beau was haeding straight for them. a bit scared of what he would do she held her breath hoping nothing worse then scaring the stranger off.she shoke her head at the thought of the possiablty's. Then she realized what he was doing. knowing that the possiablty's weren't going to happen, she waited until Beau left then she sighed a pleased sigh. After a hour or two she got up and went to look for some foodand to get a drink. as she inched toward the lake with the fresh sent of the stranger still lingering in the air she went towards to lake to get a drink. "this is really refreshing." she thought. when she felt a gust of cold wind she looked up to see that a storm was a brewing."The moment i feel rain or hear thunder i will turn back around and head back to the herd so better not go to far." she said to herself. When she got to the place she found before she started to start to eat someof the grass. she felt strange on the way there as if someone was following her and even now she felt that someone was watching her again. this time there was a scent. a deer scent. but not of one she new. "Maybe the starnger followed me here thinking i would lead them to some food. They did look pretty thin at the lake." she said to herself.

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Forging of the herds || Deer RP October 20, 2020 04:00 PM

Budding Blossom
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Faith Herd Doe eastern Mention:none
Seeing that the storm was coming and it was getting cold she decided to head back to the herd. Before she got all the way to the herd she went to get a quick drink. when she got to the lake for a drink she found a new scent. Deer. it wasn't of the stranger from ealier or from any herd she new. it was different but familer for some reason. she decided to tell Beau about it later and got a drink. when she got back she told Beau about and waited for his respoce. when she was waiting she decided to search for a spot under a tree that was near the herd to go to sleep sinseing that it was close to 7:00.

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Forging of the herds || Deer RP October 20, 2020 04:45 PM

Former Pack
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Ezra|Bachelor|None|Mentions:Western herd

Ezra watched for a moment longer before leaping off the incline. He was careful not to slip as he landed, though his leap wasn’t as meticulous as he thought it was for after just a few seconds a handful of snow met his face, momentarily blinding him with its chilled touch. He was quick to shake it off, unable to keep the residue from melting into the fur on his snout. The stag then treaded just a bit closer as if to get a better view, failing to remind himself that the two were most likely apart of a herd. Nonetheless, no matter how enticing the opportunity before him lay, he struggled to rebuke it, knowing that it’d be more rewarding to wait rather than risk a dispute with their leader. Ezra chuffed softly,rearing his head around and averting his gaze. He was glad when it happened to land on a nut, a nut snuggled in the snow and residing against the thick base of a lonesome tree. It was nothing to be overly excited about but atleast it was edible. He made his way over,his head lowering as the breeze pushed against his scruff simultaneously as his jaw opened, crunching the delectable snack and savoring its taste. He wasn’t anywhere near satisfied but he’s learned to not complain for it was better than nothing.

Ezra weaved through the trees which seemed to encompass all his surroundings and his nose twitched as the scent of the herd ensnared his nostrils. He would stay close to supervise his options but nothing was guaranteed. The fact that the herd is miniscule would only lower his success rate. Some wouldn’t be willing to go and the one that might would be guarded by the lead stag which Ezra had no interest in dealing with. He knew of two herds, this one and the other to the east, and ofcourse there could possibly be some lone Does but they’re tough to come by, most clinging to the brambles and wishing to remain hidden from danger. His constant steps began to falter though as he met eyes with a frozen pond, the steely ice sending him a reflection as he stood. He did nothing but sweep his tongue against the frozen liquid to gather some moisture before leaving it behind. Although he was secretly tempted to try and tread across, he had to remind himself what had happened the last time he had tried something so unsightly.

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Forging of the herds || Deer RP October 20, 2020 04:57 PM

Budding Blossom
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Faith Herd Doe Eastern herd Mention:Ezra
She caught a whif of something. she was also thirsty so she went over to the lake to get a drink. "There it is again. it's deffintly a deer that isn't from this area. i don't smell Breau's brother on them so they must be alone." she said to herself. Hearing Faith Ezra moved closer but not to close as to not attract the leader and not to spook her.She decided to head to her spot to get something to eat and maybe find some nuts that she could bring to the herd. so she headed towards her favorite spot. LIttle did she now that Ezra was curious and hungrey so he followed out of hunger.she headed off to eat and she wwas hungreyer then she was before

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Forging of the herds || Deer RP October 20, 2020 05:45 PM

Red Moon
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Reven | Lead Stag | Western | Western Herd, Lilliana, Twilight, Fox

Reven had been grazing off to the side of the herd, stomping his hood on the grass and trying to find small patches of food underneath. He had been keeping his eye on the does though, frequently lifting his head up and surveying the area for any dangers.

The first thing that had caught his attention was the scent of Lilliana, his mate. And with her was a newer scent, still young with inklings of milk and youth. It must have been her fawn. Interest now thoroughly piqued, he approached the pair at a casual gait. His dark eyes examined the offspring. His own flesh and blood. His gaze wasn't as warm and welcoming as it could of been, considering he was the father, but there was a glint of something within it. Protection. He was going to protect this fawn with his life.

Before he could reach the two, he saw what looked like Fox fall into the pond and resurface with a mouth full of mushrooms. He had to do a double take, blinking as he finally approached the does and was close enough to converse with them.

Like Lilliana, he didn't even know where to start. When the lead doe asked Fox what had happened and about the mushrooms, the stag butted in, stepping beside Lilliana and the fawn.

"Yes. I want to hear what happened as well. Why are you jumping into the pond when there is snow on the ground? I know it's supposed to be spring but it feels more like winter right now. And the mushrooms? Are you sure those aren't poisonous?"

Concerned the doe was going to freeze to death, he stepped forward, hoping his body heat might warm her up a little.

Taking a deep breath to collect himself, he glanced to the fawn. Oh right. He forgot to introduce himself. "Hello." He knew his first impression had probably come across rough, since he had just scolded one of the herd members. But he was only trying to protect them, and if he had to be a bad guy to do it, he would.

Keya | Doe | Lone Doe | Mentions: Anyone near pond

After a while of searching for meager bites of food under the snow, she had begun to feel thirsty. The small layer of snow was enough to moisten her tongue, but it wasn't quite as refreshing as she hoped. Plus, she had even stripped bark off some trees to munch on, so now her mouth was rather dry.

As she began to venture through the forest in search of water, the faint echo of a roar and splashing water caught her attention. Her heart beat spiked as her body began to pump adrenaline through her veins, her ears swiveled upon her head, trying to catch clues about her surroundings. She could not smell any danger, so the roar must be at a safe enough distance, hopefully.

After a couple moments of staying completely still, she decided everything was alright. Relaxing her tense muscles, she began to walk towards the direction of the splash that she heard. It had to of been water, and a nice cool drink was too tempting to resist.

When she made it around a bend, what she found had made her stop in her tracks. A herd. Down a little ways was a couple does, maybe a fawn, and a stag, all beside the pond. Keya chuffed, seeing her breath fan in front of her face due to the temperature. Did she want to risk being seen for a drink? There was probably no way she could get close enough without being seen.

Most does would probably leap at the chance to join a herd with other does and a stag for protection reasons. Safety in numbers and all. But Keya was different. She lived by her own rules, and she liked it that way. The lone doe could do whatever she wanted when she wanted. Nothing was in her way.

Deciding she could probably drink and dash, Keya took slow and careful steps towards the pond.

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Forging of the herds || Deer RP October 20, 2020 06:22 PM

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Fox / herd doe / west herd / mentions: lilianna, reven, twilight

As both lead doe and stag watched her with waiting eyes, she replied: "Yes, I know they are edible! They're morel mushrooms, see." She flipped the mushrooms sideways to reveal the wrinkly characteristics of the morel mushroom. "And I didn't mean to! It was an accident!" She said and told them about the bear, exaggerating the details.
"and the fangs! Oh the fangs, they were three inches long with four big cavities, dotted with yellow and brown and blood!" As she spoke she tossed her head in emphasis. "And then when it tried to attack, I rammed it full-on on the head magestically, and it fell back and died, and I kicked the carcass away and then... uh.... I fell into the lake." She said sheepishly and ate one of the mushrooms, pushing the biggest one forward for the new fawn.

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Forging of the herds || Deer RP October 21, 2020 03:34 AM

Peaceful Vengeance
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Beau || Lead Stag || Eastern || Mentions: Eastern Herd

Once the leas stag was satisfied that the stranger had gone far enough as to no longer be considered a potential threat, he turned and left. Beau had yet to eat today, and he could feel the pangs of hunger in his stomach, but the stag knew he had more to face before he could relax and graze. In the sky he could see the clouds building, they had been doing so all morning but he had been trying to convince himself the storm would blow over. Clearly it wasn’t. As the lead stag returned to the herd he decided that they needed to move. Most of their territory was out in the open meaning that they would face the brute of the storm if they failed to find shelter, there were however plenty of rock out cropping, he could find one easily for himself and the does to hide beneath to shelter from the brute of the storm.

“Everyone,” he called, his voice still warm and friendly, not as commanding as he would like. “We’re going to have to move before the storm hits, we don’t want to be caught in the open. Have any of you seen a rock outcropping we could all hide behind?” Beau thought he knew of one, should none of the does know of one, but there were more of them than him, so maybe they had seen a better spot.

Lilliana || Lead Doe || Western || Mentions: Twilight, Fox and Reven

Concern for her sister and the need to keep an eye on her fawn kept the lead doe rooted to her spot, her attention divided between her sisters story and watching Twilight. Perhaps, she was a little nervous never letting her fawn far out of sight, but she was a nervous first time mother, who had yet to gain the confidence to let down her guard.

When her sister concluded her story, Lilliana smiled softly, she knew the story wasn’t true, an over exaggeration of the truth, but she’d not bother pointing it out to her sister. “Where did you see the bear?” she asked mildly concerned, she hoped it wasn’t too close to the herd, with the incoming storm a bear attack would cost the herd dearly. The trees would shelter the herd from the worst of the blizzard, but a bear on top of that? No thanks.

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