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Good night!
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My mind is finally giving in to sleep- bye everyone, and thank you. Poof!
Please join my rp if interested 1x1.
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Ok, thank you.
Demon Mistress
05:14:14 Kira
sales is the safer bet
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When speaking of gathering new alliance members, is it a Sales thing or can it be put in the Main chat? (For future reference)
Demon Mistress
05:06:08 Kira
@SS I might be able to help, pm me
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Stressing over this palette. 🥲 I cannot figure out how to remove the remaining green parts.

Dappled- Ello.

Stars- I cannot. It is 5:03am ;-;

KT- oof
I'm bored there are no rp's
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Tired and bored
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Demon Mistress -
Pretty good, how 'bout you?
Demon Mistress
05:00:58 Kira
How is everyone?
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Heyhey, and same. (':
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Yeah I think I'll message the seller and see. I wouldn't want to take advantage of that.
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Ello chat. I am tired, but cannot fall asleep. 😞
04:58:36 KT
Wow, lucky you lol, they've been selling for thousands. Wonder if that was an accident.
Dappled light
huh interesting! I just got one for 5 mush which I definitely wasn't expecting. I wonder what I should do with her haha
04:56:04 KT
Dappled light -
Because a lot of packs focus on dominance, and SV wolves give them a pretty big advantage. And yes, that's good.


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Forging of the herds || Deer RP October 21, 2020 11:00 AM

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Fox || Herd Doe || West Herd || Mentions: Twilight, lilianna, Reven
Fox moved piles of snow aside and took a seat on the dirt, remembering the bear, whos eyes actually sparkled, not showed a thirst for blood; and teeth only about five centermeters, still young and curious.
"It was near the border," Fox recollected, her ears wiggling up and down. "Where the maple trees are. There's some edible mushrooms still there, I think. And sometime we can go back, I think. To eat some more. I think." Fox wiggled her tail and turned toward the fawn. "Is this your new fawn? Ommeggawd she's so cute!" She pushed over another mushroom with her wet nose eccentrically and waited for the fawn to try them. Fox tried to sit still, but she was too excited. In fact, she was always excited. She skipped around in circles and waited for her sister's reply, making hoofprints in the snow joyfully.

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Forging of the herds || Deer RP October 21, 2020 02:11 PM

Budding Blossom
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Faith Herd Doe Eastern Mention:Beau, eastern herd
When she heard Beau calling she went running back to the herd."I know a good spot.its just a little way from her and easy to get to. i found it when i was looking for something. its on the ground to so all the pregnant does will be able to get there along with fawns(if there are any) and sick or older deer. best yet its on our side and i found some nuts we can have when were there waiting out the storm. its big enough to hold two big herds of deer." She said hoping that others wouldn't think of her as a show off
Forging of the herds || Deer RP October 21, 2020 06:02 PM

Red Moon
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Reven | Lead Stag | Western | Mentions: Fox, Lilliana, Twilight, Keya
Keya | Doe | Lone | Mentions: ^^

The stag blinked, eyeing the morel mushrooms suspiciously, as he wasn't truly sure if he trusted her judgement or not. The stag shook his head a little, brushing it off as she moved on to the next topic: the bear.

Her story was quite outlandish, and he wasn't sure if she was trying to be funny or if she was just trying to come across as courageous or brave or something. If there was one thing that ticked Reven off, it was when others were openly dishonest, especially in an attempt to seem cooler or to enhance their images. About to scold the doe and call her out, he paused as his gaze rested on the fawn. Did he really want to come across as huge jerk right in front of her?

Deciding against it, he shut his mouth. Luckily, Lilliana had pitched in, asking where the bear was. Ah, a finally someone was making sense around here. Reven nodded, agreeing with the doe's question. When Fox claimed it was near the border, Reven was satisfied. The bear was still a decent distance off. It was likely that if it came any closer, the herd would have a good head start and would make an easy escape.

When Fox mentioned the mushrooms, he shook his head. "It isn't necessary. For now, we will forage here and see what we can find. Besides, I don't think any mushrooms are worth a bear attack." The stag scoffed, sending a puff of his breath into the crisp air as he stomped a hoof.

He smelled it before he saw it, but the smell of an unknown doe passed his nostrils as he turned to face the source. On the other side of the pond was a lone doe who was approaching carefully. His stance relaxed, since it had instinctively tensed. Reven snorted, "Hello."

The voice made her freeze, stopping in her tracks as she raised her head a little as she surveyed the herd of deer. They seemed friendly enough, but she wasn't really going to take any chances. Besides, who needed them? She could take care of herself. Keya would be in and out in a jiffy, as she planned. Nothing was going to get in her way.

With a polite, but rather aloof tone, she responded coolly, "Hello there. I am just getting a quick drink then I will be on my way. Don't let me bother you." As if they were nothing but pesky flies, she lashed her tail, stepping forward confidently as her gaze rested on the pond.

Forging of the herds || Deer RP October 21, 2020 06:58 PM

Covidic Coffee
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Riot || Bachelor || Lone || Mentions: None

Riot was walking through the deep snow, the blizzard had arrived, and he was being pelted with snow. He swore he felt a few balls of ice smack his red pelt, known as hail, but it wasn't too bad. They were bout the size of small mushrooms. The stag sighed, increasing his speed for a quick trot, looking for any source of shelter.

In the distance, he could see a few pine trees, and a smile grew upon his snowy face. He went from a trot into a run, barreling towards the group of pines. "Thank the gods!" Riot smiled and stood under the shield and protection of the pines. He stood standing, twitching his ears and tail. Others would be seeking shelter from this blizzard, and sadly he didn't have the room for another.

Venom || Bachelor || Lone || Mentions: None

Venom was lying under a willow, protected from the cold snow, and painful hail. It had already come across the entire area, and everywhere snow was blanketing the spring grass and mud. "Great, now we need another week for all this shit to be melted.." The piebald stag sighed, lowering his head in the dead grass.

The sun was up, it was about 1 in the afternoon, but the cloud made it seem like 7 or 8 at night, so he might as well take advantage of it. He closed his eyes and exhaled out slowly.

Forging of the herds || Deer RP October 21, 2020 07:38 PM

Former Pack
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Ezra resumed his steady gait after his quick stop to shake yet another pile of snow from his back and hackles, a soft sigh leaving him for a brief moment as it seemed he could not escape the irritable snow covered branches. His chin lifted and his gaze glared at the low measly trunks and then his antlers which he failed to keep from bumping into them. “This is a blessing and a curse..” The stag mumbled under his breath, and his ears perked subtly at the sound of his own voice which had not been released for a while now for there was nothing to speak about and no one to speak to. Nonetheless, he was surprised to notice how..horrible it sounded, nothing like how he remembered it. He subconsciously decided that he wouldn’t be speaking for the remainder of the day, knowing the fact that his own voice kind of peeved him was laughable. Ezra swiped his tongue across his dry muzzle, almost wishing he could return to the frozen pond and crack it open for it to reveal the tasty water hidden beneath, but ofcourse he had passed it long ago, it was too late to go back.. His direction slightly changed to a subtle curve as he met eyes with yet another incline and though it was smaller it would still allow him to gaze at the deer below.. if they were still there ofcourse.

The stag made his way over and was glad to find that the view was even better than before and their coiling scents all the more alluring. He allowed his gaze to drag across the pond they seemed to be circled around, an unpleasant look crossing his face when he eventually came across a large stag which flicked his competitiveness half way on. Ezra knew that the two most likely had a leader but he didn’t want himself to be right, yet the image of the red painted male before him showcased that he was indeed correct. ‘How..Fun..’ He sarcastically thought as his expression showed nothing less than gentle mirth at the thought of such mighty competition he’d later be up against. He wasn’t mocking the male, but rather acknowledging his visible strength and his own excitement to put his antlers to test on such a stag. Ezra stood still, watching as they continued to converse with one another while he remained there with the same interest as before, though it suddenly piqued once yet another doe came trotting from the residential trees and joined the trio.

Forging of the herds || Deer RP October 21, 2020 09:32 PM

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Fox | Herd doe | Western | Mentions: Reven, Twilight, Lilianna
When Reven told her the mushrooms weren't worth it, Fox's ears drooped and she frowned a childish, stubborn frown.
"Well, maybe not for you, but I think not. Morel mushrooms are. The. Greatest." Fox offered the hesitant fawn yet another mushrooms with her hoof and stubbornly ate one of the mushrooms herself, slightly shivering in the cold, and shaking a little as she sat to warm herself. "Well, food's food, y'all are at least going to eat the ones I already found, right? And the grass here is so... frosty." Although Fox was not picky, she still liked eating foods she liked when she had the chance. As the long grey clouds moved about above, she frustratedly dug at the snow. Nothing but biggish balls of dirt scattered about, some smaller and some tiny. Bored, she crumbled the biggest ones with the tip of her hoof and rolled them about.
She didn't notice it, but another doe was approaching the group. Mindlessly, she took four little dirt balls and then rolled them into each other. When the stranger spoke up, Fox nearly lept out of her fur and accidentally flattened all the spheres of dirt into flat little mounds.
As the new doe explained she was just getting water, Fox knitted her eyebrows and looked grudgingly up at her. Inside, a dumb part of her whispered a couple of words. You should be angry! She made you smoosh your dirt! But the other part of her knew it was just dirt and she had barely met this new doe. All her heart said was Mushroomsmushroomsmushrooms. She stayed quiet, thinking all these strange things in her head and tuning out from the conversation.
Realizing it was quiet and they were probably expecting her to say something long, like she used to, but instead was just sitting there stupidly, she looked up and stuttered out a few random scrambled words, even herself unsure what she was talking about.

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Forging of the herds || Deer RP October 22, 2020 04:38 AM

Peaceful Vengeance
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Beau || Lead Stag || Eastern || Mentions: Eastern Herd and Faith

As Faith told the lead stag about the rock cropping she has spotted, he nodded slowly. From what the doe was saying that particular rock cropping was significantly better than the one he had been eyeing up. He decided that they would shelter there through the worse of the on-coming storm.

The storm had already started, snow and hail starting to fall ever faster, it wouldn’t be long until the entire lands were swept into a tornado or snow and hail. The snow and hail hit the stag pinging off his antlers and buffering his back, it wasn’t painful yet, but the stag could imagine that for any fawns it would be.

“Do you think you could lead the way, Faith?” Beau asked her softly

Lilliana || Lead Doe || Western || Mentions: Fox, Reven, Keya and Twilight

“No mushrooms are worth a bear attack”

The lead doe’s ears pinned back slightly as she listened to her mate’s dismissal of Fox’s suggestion about getting more mushrooms. Lilliana knew her sister enjoyed certain foods a lot, morel mushrooms being one of those things and the doe might actually consider it worth a bear attack if she could get her mouth around some more of those morsels. Not that the doe disagreed with the lead stag’s words, he was right, but she was sure her sister would have something to say in response.

While Lilliana was thinking about the bear and watching her fawn, the scent of a deer beyond the herd caught her attention causing her attention to snap back. Across the pond she spotted a lone doe, carefully approaching for a drink, and so did Reven as the doe saw his movements still as he tensed. The lead doe had a similar reaction, placing herself protectively in front of her younger sibling and her fawn, blocking the doe from fully seeing Twilight. Ears back in worry again, she didn’t say a word to the stranger not wanting to cause a fuss if the doe was just drinking, but not wanting her fawn to be at any potential risk.

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Forging of the herds || Deer RP October 22, 2020 02:11 PM

Budding Blossom
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Faith Herd Doe Eastern herd mentions:eastern herd Beau
As she heard him say that she was surprised thinking that she had said it to quite for anyone to hear."Yes i can. Once we get there i will hesd back out and bring in food that i found before." She started to lead everyone towards the cave. The hail is coming down harder. i hope it won't make us move slower and that no one gets hurt on the way there. She started heading off towards her spot hoping that everyone was following. Her instencts told her to just follow her gut and help others on the way there if they got hurt from the hail. "I hope the fawns will be all right." she said to herself.
Forging of the herds || Deer RP October 22, 2020 03:46 PM

Red Moon
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Reven | Lead Stag | Western | Mentions: Lilliana, Keya, Twilight, Fox
Keya | Doe | Lone | Mentions: ^^

The stag let out an exasperated sigh. It seemed like he would never get his point across with Fox, so he decided to stop trying. As long as he kept her safe and alive, he didn't really care what he favorite food was.

Besides, his entire focus was now set on the new doe, who had simply seemed nonchalant about his existence and the herd. It threw him for a bit of a loop. Reven's role in life was to protect others. He was meant to lead a herd and continue his bloodline. And throughout his lifetime, no does had much of a problem with that. They would willingly accept his help, and some of them actually wanted to be in his presence or herd. But this doe was different. And it frustrated him as he stomped a hoof.

He was growing increasingly aware of a shift in the atmosphere. With all of his senses, he could tell a storm was coming. He had little time to move his herd to safety, and he didn't plan on leaving this doe to fend for herself, either.

"I'm Reven, the lead of this herd." He introduced himself. "There is a great storm coming fast, and I recommend you take shelter. You are welcome to join us. I know the area quite well so I know where we might be able to find safety." Reven peered at the doe.

Keya had taken a long drink from the pond, shivering in how cold it was. If it was a nice summers day, maybe it would of been nice. But it was still cold out, and the water had only chilled her further. Her ears twitched at the sound of the stag's voice when he mentioned the storm. She hadn't been oblivious to it. The doe was well aware that this would have to be a quick trip so she could make it somewhere safe.

Keya could see the masculine glint in his eye, the familiar look that most males had when they were trying to show-off or provide for others. That masculine pride. Disinterested, she shook her pelt and then shook her head "Wonderful to meet you, truly." A hint of sarcasm was evident in her tone. "But I can find my own shelter, thank you very much. And if this storm is as fast as you claim it to be, I should really be on my way then. Goodbye."

After promptly excusing herself, she spun around, taking off at a graceful loping pace, leaping and bounding like all deer do. A smug smirk rested on her face, confident she had lost the stag and he wouldn't dare abandon his herd in pursuit. Keya didn't really have a destination in mind, but she was sure she could find something along the way. But the snow was already beginning to fall heavier and the wind was picking up.

The doe remembered a section of the forest where there were mini valleys, with steep inclines and a hilly terrain. She was sure that there would be some cover there. With her mind made up, the doe continued to lope through the forest, nimbly dodging trees and leaping over fallen logs, leaving her hoofprints in the snow behind her.

Reven was left standing there, with the only option to watch the doe as she left. Deciding that his herd came first, he turned to them. "Come on. Let's go to the ridge where there is the rocky ledge. We can find shelter there." If the fawn hadn't been with them, he would have led them at a quick pace. However, he decided to keep at a quick trot instead.

Forging of the herds || Deer RP October 22, 2020 04:58 PM

Covidic Coffee
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Riot || Bachelor || Lone || Mentions: Open

Riot looked up, the hail was penetrating his snow barrier above him, chunks of snow falling everywhere. "Fuck this," he started back out into the storm, swishing his head back and forth. No predators in sight, and no bachelors either. Hey, it's ok, you're alive. The stag began his way towards the west, towards the east the blizzard was most likely to be the worst.

He kept a steady pace, it was a fast walk, but he was storing energy in case anything horrific was about to happen. The cool wind blew harsher, and the hail smacked his coat. Bruises would definitely be left if this hail gotten any size bigger. Riot was now a white stag, why? Because his red pelt had been covered by a snow blanket. The wind was rushing after him, towards his back end.

As long as the storm didn't shift west, he would be fine. Riot swore he saw a red blob or two but wasn't sure of it. The snow and hail did not help the situation. If it was a red color, it could possibly be a few Red Deer. Hopefully not a red wolf, or anything of the sort.

(Venom is asleep)

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