Jack Of Stars
05:06:27 . . . . .
our wolves wander through the jungle.

You spy 6 Sun Bears.

05:05:28 Fei/Demon/Vixen
I might just look at the OCs and make a poll
Burning Stars
04:53:48 ChocyMilkObsessed
Exactly lol
04:52:04 Fei/Demon/Vixen
Burning Stars
Indeed why not watch them. Watch what gets your interest or what you like
Burning Stars
04:50:09 ChocyMilkObsessed
Hmm I'm sure which ever one will be good

The Umbrella Academy, and an Aussie show Blue Water High cuz why not lol
04:49:09 Fei/Demon/Vixen
also earlier my nanny (grandmother) was going through youtube on my phone after I left to let grandad out then let him in later lol
04:43:35 Fei/Demon/Vixen
Burning Stars
I am thinking the theme of either dark, sad or bittersweet but not completely sure.

Ooh which shows have you been watching?
Wraith Fox
It's that time of night. I'm sleepy but feel like I could stay up longer and then I start listening to Mr. Nightmare soothingly tell me a horror story.
Burning Stars
04:40:16 ChocyMilkObsessed
What are you thinking of for the banner?

And honestly not much since I'm done my sports for the year. Been binge watching a few shows
04:36:08 Moth
Speaking of Aussie stars I actually wanted to become a voice actor, but things just didn't go that way. Not that it's too late to start, but it's just too hard.
04:35:50 Fei/Demon/Vixen
Burning Stars
I am thinking about getting a different banner. I am just unsure of who I should choose lol

What have you been up to? ^^
BlueSnow Pack
04:35:46 Bluewind Pack
Okie I going to bed for real night
Burning Stars
04:33:47 ChocyMilkObsessed
That's good. And sounds nice ^^
BlueSnow Pack
04:33:45 Bluewind Pack
I think I just found another online bestie
04:32:21 Moth
Probably because late-gen melas are so common now that he's not worth anything.

Also yeah the hemsworths are a great example.
04:32:00 Fei/Demon/Vixen
Burning Stars
I am still alive. Life hasn't killed me despite it's attempts.

Had fun with my grandparents today. They came to visit :)
Wraith Fox
Wow, there's a mela in the Sanctuary.
BlueSnow Pack
04:29:47 Bluewind Pack
Moth that is very much true like have you seen Chris Hemsworth like damn if he was my age I would never let out of my sights
Burning Stars
04:29:34 ChocyMilkObsessed
I'm pretty good, thanks. You?
04:28:23 Moth
I beg to differ. You can't find much hotter than an Aussie.


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Forging of the herds || Deer RP November 16, 2020 02:26 PM

Budding Blossom
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Faith herd doe easten herd mentions none age 2
when she got up she left were she was and started towrad the lake to get a drink. when she got there she pawed at the ice until it creacked and she could get a drink. after that she went back to looking for more places. she had never been to the other side of the area that was were the herd was so she headed over in that direction to see what was over there.
Blossem age 2 lone doe mentions none
she crossed the line into the western herds territory not knowing that well what lay ahead of her. she kept walking and walking hoping for a better place to stay. after a couple hours she realized that there was nothing there for her so she turned around and trotted carefuly back toward that cave she found were she saw a doe she had never met before leave.
Forging of the herds || Deer RP January 7, 2021 01:42 PM

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Fox || herd doe || West Herd || Mentions: none

Forging of the herds || Deer RP July 16, 2021 11:49 PM

•Casual dreams•
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Quezzte didn't really know what was going on but he stepped into the woods and looked around.

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