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From time to time we may have job openings.

Digital Artists Needed

We have a position open for a digital artist. If you are a creative individual with art skills who would like to work on a growing and dynamic game this may be a great opportunity for you! Our requirements are listed below. If you feel you are qualified and have interest, please send an email to: [email protected] with the subject: Digital Artist, and a link to your portfolio and rates.

  • We commission artists on a project by project basis, and pay on a project by project basis, so this is not a full time or part time employment position. Just as needed. Although, we will try to keep you busy.
  • You must be an age 18+ United States Citizen.
  • You must be willing to sign a Work For Hire agreement and turn over Copyright of produced works.
  • This position will mainly be responsible for drawing Gear / Decor, so your style should match the existing art on the game. Gear are items the wolves will wear. Decor are items/animals in the image. Examples We may request that you draw a sample to see how our styles match.
  • All art produced should be original work. No tracing or heavy referencing.
  • We send 1099-MISC to contractors that we pay more than 600 USD in one year (We are required to report your income to the IRS), so you need to be willing to provide personal information to us.
  • We prefer to hire someone for the long term, so only apply if you will be available for a while.
  • Art should be completed in a timely manner. Although we understand that life happens.

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