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Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 29, 2022 08:27 AM

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Theo didn’t look once at him when he spoke, keeping his concerned gaze on Alleya. Niké would be lying if he said that it didn't bother him slightly but it was nothing he would say. From what he had seen so far, Theo didn't feel the same way about Alleya as she did about him but he still cared for her, a lot. Now if that was just how much he cared for each gang member or if Alleya was special to the man, he couldn’t tell which but he would probably do so with time.

The grey-haired man listened as Theodore pressed Alleya for further details, she was acting differently now, she was no longer the cheerful and talkative girl he'd first gotten to know her as. But then again, it was nothing weird, she had gone through something traumatic.

"I want extra patrols and a buddy system. Nobody leaves base without an assigned buddy. I will announce buddies in the morning, they'll be designed to best fit."

Niké kept himself from sighing, just what he needed… A buddy system would make his life way harder. Just because he had been successful so far with this undercover mission, it didn't change the fact that he was still a new detective and he had a supervisor who he met with regularly to update about what he'd found out and if there was anything worth looking into more. With someone following him around that would be practically impossible.

When Theo told Alleya that he wanted to keep a close eye on her himself, she was quick to show that she wasn't a fan of that plan. Niké looked up at Alleya, her anger showed clearly on her face and even more when she started yelling at Theo before walking out the room, slamming the door shut as she did.

Due to the door slamming loudly, the buzzing in Niké’s ear went over to a sharp ringing for a few seconds. He squeezed his eyes shut and covered his ear with one hand as he winced. Once the ringing finally went back to just buzzing, he opened his eyes back up and shook his head slightly.

“Want me to go after her or should we leave her be?” Niké glanced over at Theo. In his opinion it would probably be best to let the woman calm down on her own, as long as she didn't leave on her own, she wouldn't be in immediate danger after all, the other gang wouldn't be back so soon. Theo knew her better though and since he was the leader then Niké would leave it up to him to decide. If anything to just calm his mind ever so slightly.

Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 29, 2022 11:36 AM

Ashes of Night
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One thing he knew about Alleya is that she could be overly dramatic and fiesty. This was just her being that. Still he winced at the door slam. However, Nike had a stranger reaction to it. The man was covering his ears. It had been loud but not that loud. He wondered briefly if the man had a hearing problem or had hearing aids or something. But, he didn't pry. All he did was narrow his eyes slightly at the reaction.

Once Nike was calm, he asked if he should go after her. Alleya wouldn't do anything stupid, or so he hoped. He rarely got the blunt end of her anger, normally it was aimed toward something or someone else. Common people were Jasper, of course, and Elliot. Elliot was basically Jasper's personality twin. He thought for a moment. He had seen Alleya react to her anger but he had never once seen her do something stupid.

"Best to let her cool down. Redheads are something else," His gaze slid to the picture of him and Flynn as he said that. Flynn had been a ginger herself until the sun bleached her hair more into a strawberry blonde shade. Besides the hair, Alleya and Flynn didn't look alike. Flynn had emerald eyes, Alleya blue. Alleya also had freckles and darker skin than Flynn. However, with the hair and the personality, it was almost as if Flynn was back with him. Of course, he knew he only thought this because her death still hurt him. He also knew it wasn't fair to Alleya that he was thinking of her as his dead lover and not herself. He sighed, turning his gaze away. He turned so his back was facing Nike, wincing again at the pain it brought. He closed his eyes but knew he wouldn't sleep. Sleep was something that didn't come to him.

His back was marked with tan lines and freckles from oversun exposure. His back was marked with more than that though. There were fresh bruises and burns from the earlier attack but also old scars too. Some appeared to be lashings with a belt, others looked like knife cuts that didn't heal too clean. The marks of the lashings followed the guideline of his spine while the knife scars seemed to follow their own path. But that was just beginning impressions of the knife cuts. If one looked deeper, the knife cuts spelled out letters. Theo didn't know what the word was or what his father decided it was. He just knew his back was the main suffarage of all of the attacks.

"Wait until 15 minutes has passed," He moved to take off his watch and tossed it blindly toward Nike. That's the one thing the Rebels kept on him, probably for some sick joke that he wouldn't understand. Gangs around here were very messed up. They found joy in harm whereas he frowned against it.

"And watch out for police. if the injured one did go to the hospital then they will frame us. We always get framed for the actions of the other gangs. I feel like my name is in every police system from here to Canada," He shrugged. The gang would need to relocate soon. He would send Jasper's hunting team to look for a new place in the morning. It was too risky to do anything tonight,"We're not their type of gang and they want us to be. "

Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 29, 2022 06:01 PM

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Niké watched as Theo's eyes went to the picture of him and the stranger supposedly named Flynn. He really wanted to know more about who she was or had been, it was obvious that she was important to Theo and the older members of the gang. He wasn't going to ask about her though, not yet at least since it could be a sensitive subject and he didn't really know where he had Theo, he needed time to get to know the leader better.

When the man turned his back towards him, Niké took it as a cue to leave and started to get up when he noticed how badly scarred the man's back was. There seemed to be letters carved into it but it was hard to tell since he would have to get closer to inspect the man's back more closely.

"Wait until 15 minutes has passed."

Niké looked up from the man's back, just in time to catch the watch that had been carelessly sent flying towards him. He placed the watch on the desk next to the gun, really he shouldn't be leaving the gun to Theo, or anyone. The right thing would be to get rid of it but it would be impossible now if Theo put in a buddy system.

"And watch out for police. If the injured one did go to the hospital then they will frame us. We always get framed for the actions of the other gangs. I feel like my name is in every police system from here to Canada."

Niké glanced down slightly, he almost felt guilty now for doing his job, almost. Surely there couldn't be full truth in what Theo was saying, no one wanted to believe that they were the bad guy, he could easily be blaming the other gangs for framing his gang even if that wasn't the case.

The grey-haired male ran his fingers through his own hair as he let out a low sigh. It bothered him when he didn't know what to do, it made him feel like a little kid once again. Dion would have known what to do, his brother always knew what the right thing to do was. Everything would just have been much easier if his brother was still around. Or if he actually got confirmation that he was dead, not some detective telling him that it was most likely that his brother was dead. Most likely meant they didn't know and he hated that. He wanted answers, not guesses, just like he didn't want to question whether he was doing the right thing or not.

“I’ll leave you be and I’ll keep an eye on Alleya for you,” he told the man, he saw the way Theo had looked at Alleya, he was concerned for her and he cared about her, it wasn't the same way that Alleya looked at him but it also didn't look too different. He knew Alleya was in love with the man but he couldn't tell what Theo felt towards her. Yet another thing to feel bothered about not knowing the answer to, not that their feelings for each other concerned him or his job and after Alleya's reaction earlier, he wasn't even thinking about asking Theo anything about it.

“Can I get you anything to ease the pain?” He asked as he moved towards the door. Exhaustion was finally starting to catch up to him, his eyelids felt heavy now and his movements felt slower. He needed sleep but he knew that it would be impossible so it didn't matter if he was up and being useful or if he was trying and failing at going to sleep.

Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 29, 2022 09:03 PM

Ashes of Night
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He heard the sound of footsteps toward the door and thought for a moment that Nike had taken him turning his back as a dismissal. He wasn't dismissing the man yet but also wasn't forcing him to stay. He had simply turned his back to get off some of the burns. He had purposely turned to his less injured side which in a way, he could see how it could be taken as dismisal. But then., he also heard footsteps stop. He felt Nike's gaze on him, it burned into his skin. He wasn't sure what Nike was looking at or the meaning of the look, he just could feel it. He was about to comment about it when the man finally spoke.

"I'll leave you be and I'll keep an eye on Alleya for you."

He was a little surprised that Nike wanted to watch over her. Alleya wasn't a favorite among most members. She was too talkative, too imaginative, too cheery....but of course that was first impressions. Alleya was just as omplicated as Fern. There was always more to the story than a first impression. Very few people tried to look beyond that. Perhaps there was something gang worthy about Nike after all besides being a skilled fighter. It would definitely be an interesting theory to test. All in time though.

"Can I get you anything to erase the pain?"

He couldn't help but snort toward the question. Anything for the pain. He couldn't believe Nike had asked that. He could handle the pain. He had before, many times. He knew his snort was uncalled for. Nike was just trying to be nice.

"No, I'm fine. I'm not even in pain," very clearly a lie but there was worse things in the world than being beaten and then burned. There would always be a greater pain,"Besides, I used the last of the Tylenol to help Rachael a few weeks ago," He shrugged with a sigh. Death happened in this gang but it was still difficult to move on. Rachael had so much potential to be a good night gaurd but of course that opportunity had been stolen from her by infection. It was always infection.

Anything Nike would comment on was drawned out by a yell and a loud crash.

"Alleya stand down!" came an order from one of the night gaurds. Mitchie by the sound of it.

Theo inhaled greatly and pinched the bridge of his nose. Maybe Alleya was a little stupid after all. Whatever was going on out there, it didn't sound good.

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Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 30, 2022 12:50 PM

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Niké frowned a bit when he heard Theo snort as his question but his face went back to being expressionless just as quickly. The man was just trying to seem tough after all.

"No, I'm fine. I'm not even in pain."

This time it was Niké’s turn to snort, the leader was a terrible liar. Niké didn't need to do more than to glance at him to see that he was in pain. After all, who wouldn't be in pain after being both beaten and burned all over, he knew he would be, but then again his pain tolerance was not that great, that much had already been established.

"Besides, I used the last of the Tylenol to help Rachael a few weeks ago."

There was that name again, Rachael. Rachael and Flynn, he needed to see what he could find out about those two, preferably as soon as possible. Any new information he could find out that helped him see the gang for what it really was, would be helpful. It sounded horrible, he knew that but he had a job to do and if he could convince himself that he was doing the right thing, it would be a hell of a lot easier.

Niké glanced back at Theo and opened his mouth to say something but was stopped from doing so when a yell, followed by a loud crash could be heard. The grey-haired man winced once more, putting a hand over his left ear as he let out a soft groan before muttering under his breath, “This fucking ear…”

After shaking his head slightly he pushed the door open to go see what Alleya was doing. Even if she'd gone through something traumatic, there was no reason for her to be lashing out and doing something stupid. It wouldn't solve anything.

In all honesty, Niké didn't really think she was fit for this life, not from what he'd seen and heard so far but it wasn't up to him, it was up to Theo and he had to see something that he didn't. From what she told him though, she didn't come from a criminal background and while she'd been with someone who she didn't love, she hadn't had it terrible. She wasn't good at processing things either it seemed. He understood that she was shaken by what happened but she was overreacting, a lot, at least in his opinion.

Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 30, 2022 01:43 PM

Ashes of Night
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Theo had made a move to go investigate the situation but didn't get far. As far as he had gotten was standing up and when he did stand up, he hissed in pain and gripped his side. He ended up sitting back down and watching Nike figure out what was going on. He couldn't help but grumble a bit of curses and something about how he was a useless fool.


Alleya had been wanting to go outside, to clear her head. She couldn't stand the current situation. She hated being pinned and controled by someone. She hated feeling useless and that's what Theo made her feel. But when she tried to step out, Taurus stepped in her way and blocked her path.

"Let me out," Her voice was low with warning, a threat. He wouldn't move though. He didn't move. The twin just stood there.

"Let me out!" she yelled and launched herself at him. She jumped on his back, throwing angry punches blindly. She could feel when she made contact but she could hear Taurus struggle and try to fight her off. He wasn't a fighter though and he was already injured from the test with Nike. So she was stronger and a better fighter than him. And at this moment, she had the upper hand.

She had him pinned against the wall, her knife drawn to his throat.

"Alleya, stand down," came an order from Mitchie. She could also hear the sound of a gun click and the barrel of the gun against her shoulder blades. She didn't glance at Mitchie, she just stared a hostile stare into Taurus's soul. She felt his body tremble against hers, his eyes wide.

"Alleya," Mitchie warned again,"Drop the knife."

She didn't move, she sort of froze in that moment, her gaze locked in on Taurus.

At this point, all of the gang was staring at them, waiting for what happened next. In their eyes, she was sure some of them were thinking she was foolish. Others were probably anticipating the next step. Mitchie had the gun located exactly where she would be paralyzed if the gaurd pulled the trigger. And she had the knife exactly where Taurus would die if the wrong move was made.

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Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 30, 2022 02:31 PM

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Niké looked out from Theo’s room through the open door and let out another groan, louder this time and out of annoyance. “Oh yeah, kill someone in your own gang, because that will work out well for you,” the man muttered, his voice a mixture of sarcasm and exhaustion, he wasn't even thinking about the fact that Theo was behind him, he was just speaking his mind out loud. It had been a long day and he just wanted to sleep, or at least attempt it.

Leaving the room he walked closer to where Alleya was. Once again the rest of the gang stood still and watched in silence. He could see why Alleya wasn't exactly popular amongst the other gang members and at this point, he had the feeling that he probably wouldn't be people’s favorite either if he kept stepping up like he’d done earlier and was about to do now once more.

The woman from before, one of the older members who Niké still didn't remember the name of, had her gun pressed against Alleya's back who had a knife against Taurus’s throat. All Niké could do was sigh as he watched them.

Once he'd walked through the small crowd of people just quietly staring and he was close enough, he stopped. The man's blue gaze landed on Alleya who was frozen in place due to the gun pushed against her spine.

“Hey Alleya?” He tilted his head ever so slightly as he looked at the female, his voice was calm as he spoke, even if he was thoroughly annoyed and fed up with the woman at the moment. She was just acting out, most likely not thinking straight and a bunch of yelling and threatening her with a gun probably wasn't the right way to deal with her. She didn't seem like the type that wanted to hurt others, she just wasn't thinking straight at the moment.

“Think you could listen to me for a second?” Niké asked as he slowly moved a bit closer, searching for eye contact with the woman who seemed to have her gaze locked on Taurus. He glanced at the woman with the gun, hoping that she wouldn't tell him off and that she could stay quiet while he tried talking to Alleya.

“What's the plan here? Are you really gonna kill the poor guy? What would that solve?” He paused for a second and looked at the knife, one wrong move and that guy could be doomed. “You know this isn't the right way to go about things, right? We’re a gang, that means we gotta be able to trust and rely on each other. If you kill one of us, you're breaking that trust, is that what you want?” Niké did his best to keep his voice calm but there was a hint of uncertainty, he knew that if he said the wrong thing he could agitate the redhead further and cause her to do something she'd regret.

Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 30, 2022 03:18 PM

Ashes of Night
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She wanted out but she didn't want to kill anybody. The threat was nothing more than that, a threat. She just wanted him to let her outside, let her go and be by herself. But that came from her anger and her reaction to events from earlier. She wasn't in the right state of mind to think properly. Now with the gun against her back, she just didn't know what to do.

"Think you can listen to me for a second?"

Oh great now Nike was on the case. That meant for sure that Theo knew roughly what was happening. She didn't want to upset the gang leader or have him see what was going on. She sighed but didn't release her grip on Taurus or lower the knife. She also didn't look at Nike, however, her gaze did soften and become less harsh toward Taurus.

"If you kill one of us , you're breaking that trust, is that what you want?"

No. She didn't want to kill Taurus. That wasn't the goal here. The goal was to be free, to go out and clear her mind. She didn't want to be here in front of everybody. She wanted time alone. But of course, that wasn't what was happening. Instead she was drawing attention to herself.

"You have until the count of three to let go," came Mitchie's voice. Her hand trembled slightly on the knife.


Another tremble.


Her gaze tore away to look at Nike. Her grip loosened on Taurus as well.

"Don't make me say it," Mitchie threatened, the safety turning off on the gun.

The knife dropped and she let go of Taurus. The knife hit the ground with a shape cling.

"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" Her voice was full of emotions and a single tear ran down her face. The gun barrell left her back and Mitchie stepped in front of her to take the knife.

Taurus ran away, screaming for his sister. There was a wet spot around the inside of his pants and crotch region. She wrinkled her nose at the thought of the man losing control of his bladder with how close she had been to pin him.

Besides that, all she did was stand there. Her arms were up in a surrender and she was trembling. The single tear dripped down to the ground, right next to where Mitchie had grabbed the knife.

"Alright people, we're done here. Go back to your sleeping places now," Mitchie ordered, turning her back and maintaining her gaurding march around the area. Alleya didn't move.

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Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 30, 2022 05:04 PM

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When the other woman started counting down, threatening to pull the trigger, Niké took a step forward and clenched his jaw a little but he stopped himself, watching intently for what was about to happen.

When Alleya turned her gaze towards him he locked eyes with her, asking her with his gaze to just drop the knife. When he heard the knife hit the ground, he let out a sigh of relief.

"Alright people, we're done here. Go back to your sleeping places now."

He watched as the other gang members started going back to their own sleeping places, some talking to each other about what had just gone down. The grey-haired man let out another sigh as he walked over to Alleya.

“Look, I get that you want to be alone and I’ll leave you be soon so can you just talk to me for a second?” He asked, currently putting on a front and acting as if he cared even if he was mostly just annoyed at the woman for the time being and wanted nothing but to try going to sleep.

“I understand that there must be a lot going on in your head but pulling something like that won't help. I know you're gonna say no but I think you should try to sleep and you can go out tomorrow instead,” he paused for a second and sighed softly, “It's too much of a risk to go out when it's dark, it's not that you can't handle yourself, you’ve shown that but you saw what that other gang did to Theo.”

“All I’m saying is to calm down and think, okay? I’m gonna try to sleep now but if you want to talk then just wake me,” he finally said before turning around and starting to walk towards his sleeping spot. Even a smelly pillow and three raccoon pelts seemed comfortable right now but he knew that even if he felt exhausted, he wouldn't get much sleep, he would be waking up at every little sound around him.

Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 30, 2022 05:31 PM

Ashes of Night
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The gun wouldn't have killed her, it would have just made her useless to the gang. She hd a little college education on medicine and knew the important places to hit to end a life. the barrell had been on a spot for paralyzation.. She would have been okay...for the most part.

But yet she let go. She didn't want to be put through the pain of being useless or the gunshot as a whole. She wasn't popular among the gang but yet everyone knew her name. This event would be talked about for a very long time. They wouldn't forget about this, even if they didn't react to the situation. Everyone was settling back down and getting ready to go back to sleep. She still stood there but her arms finally fell to her side.

She barely heard what Nike said to her. Her mind was in a million different places at once. She heard him walk away and she finally sighed. She didn't want to sleep. She wanted to run, she wasn't sure where just somewhere. But of course, that wasn't an option. Sighing again, she dragged her feet over to her sleeping spot and sat down with her back turned to Nike.

She wasn't very happy with him but she also wasn't very mad at him either. She just....She just didn't want to talk to him or about what she had been thinking. That's just it, she wasn't thinking. Now she would have an even worse reputation in the gang. She was never going to live this one down.

She grabbed her pillow and hugged it against her body. It didn't smell rotten anymore. It just smelt like whatever cheap shampoo she used last and earth. More like dust.

"Goodnight," she muttered to Nike, her voice sounded raw and emotionless. She was just saying it to be polite,"Sweet dreams."

She probably wouldn't sleep. Not with everything on her mind.

(You can skip to morning if you want.)))

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