Wolf Play : Ashes of Night x Roaw
03:57:34 Vah is a Genius
Great thing is, I just woke up from a nap. Lol

It was calling me
03:57:25 A happy spirit.
i admire your bravery. ET might accidentally lock your forums now 0^0
03:57:25 Chior, Jax
..I have a kitten that does that constantly
03:57:21 Don't call me BJ.
This is Merica,
We are proud and love our flag
03:56:56 Chior, Jax
"bah'ole o waher"
03:56:52 Vah is a Genius
03:56:32 A happy spirit.
Summoning BJake to defend america right now
03:56:23 Ironstrange Brainrot
To any other cat owners (Mainly to those whose pets are between the ages of 6-17), has your cat ever just... bursted into a random wheezing fit before?
03:56:17 Leo, Lion (He/him)
lol! XDXD
03:55:55 Vana
America is something..

(I live there) And seen grown men shirtless driving a truck with a couch burning in the truck bed with American Flag flying.
03:55:51 ET
Oh god if I hear another American say bottle of water in the 'British' accent I'll have a stroke
03:55:49 not here
It happens a lot where I live heh..
By which I mean they did this before a month and a half ago ^^"
True, true, can't complain. Good food is good food 😌
03:55:18 ET
Also Leo
The bikes
The bikes in Denmark
I've never seen so many unlocked bicycles. In the UK they'd just get stolen 😭
03:55:13 Amy
From now on no more wagers when i battle with you🥲
 Midnight Moon Pack
03:55:12 Dark Skies
Im unaware of what threat i could make with a bottle of water? Do share
03:55:11 A happy spirit.
should I make a forest palette or a bright pink one?
03:54:17 ET
Help, that's so random. A win is a win though! Yay for free stuff!

Yeesh, strap in for the cold temps then!

There are! :0 I always forget who they are but they're definitely about ahah.
Oh, god yeah, I think that's like 6am for me, or 11am, can't actually remember..
 Wild Roamers
03:54:03 cinna, wild
I love America though, lots of stuff that always catches my fancy, I just love how y'all love to imitate us saying 'bottle of water' and how you exaggerate it...
03:53:38 Leo, Lion (He/him)
Ok! I've set it up! :D
 Midnight Moon Pack
03:53:12 Dark Skies
Sometimes when theses bug fixes happen im like thank goodness thats fixed
But alot of times im like
Oop didn't notice


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Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 4, 2022 02:30 PM

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Don't post unless you're mentioned in the title but feel free to read along ^^
Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 4, 2022 02:35 PM

Ashes of Night
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Oooo do you think we'll have any stalkers on this rp? o.O
Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 4, 2022 03:18 PM

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No idea :0
Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 4, 2022 03:25 PM

Ashes of Night
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I hope they love my character more....

Omg I mean I hope they like your character!

Edited at July 4, 2022 03:25 PM by Ashes of Night
Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 4, 2022 03:55 PM

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Hah xD I've started on my character now, went with one I haven't used in awhile so I gotta update some stuff but feel free to post yours if you'd like! I'm not sure if I'll be finished with mine tonight or tomorrow but uh, I'll post him when I'm done xD
Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 4, 2022 04:03 PM

Ashes of Night
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I'll wait for yours
You know...so I can ensure my character is better. Wait, I mean making sure I met every requirement of your description.
Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 4, 2022 04:16 PM

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Riiight xD
Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 4, 2022 04:19 PM

Ashes of Night
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You're going to have the best rp character in this rp.
Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 5, 2022 12:01 AM

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Can't say that when we haven't even seen each other's characters xD
Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 5, 2022 11:24 AM

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~Niké York~

23 y/o



Niké stands at around 5’7 and has a rather scrawny build with just a small amount of muscles and fat on it. His skin is light in color, but not to the point where he looks sickly. For the most part, his skin is quite smooth and if he just took better care of it, it would be nearly perfect.

The man’s face is rather soft-looking. His head is diamond-shaped without an overly pronounced jawline. His brow-bone isn’t very prominent and his nose is on the smaller side and slightly upturned. The man’s lips are pretty medium in size with the lower lip being slightly fuller than the top one. Niké’s eyes are upturned and have a pale blue color with relatively long and dark eyelashes. Overall, his facial features are slightly softer and more feminine than you’d expect from a guy.

His hair is pretty fluffy and a bit overdue for a haircut, the hairstyle that’s most common to find him in could best be described as bed head. It’s messy, often hanging down in front of his eyes a little and just having an overall wild look to it. His original hair color is dark brown but his hair is dyed a light ashy grey color.

When it comes to scarring, you can find more than a few scars scattered across his body. The most noticeable ones though would probably be the notch in his left ear and a scar on his left cheek, right by his cheekbone and another one, slightly smaller, going down across the corner of his lips.

As for body modifications he’s got a few. Both his ears are gauged and he has two helix piercings in his right ear. He also has a septum piercing but depending on who he’s around, he takes it out. Niké’s arms are covered in blackwork tattoos. Starting with his hands, on the top of his right hand he has an Algiz rune tattooed and on his left hand he has an Yr rune tattooed. His right arm is covered in a sleeve with a forest motive. On his left arm, the motive is the exact same except the forest and the wildlife in it is on fire and dead.

Niké's clothing style is not the easiest to describe, it’s a bit inspired by dark wear and techwear but it’s still not entirely that. Mostly he just wears whatever he finds to look good and that is comfortable. He does have a pair of round glasses with a thin black-colored frame that he’s supposed to wear but rarely does unless he gets a headache or knows that he’s supposed to read for an extended period of time.

To describe him in one word, then distant is probably the best one. Not only because he can often seem lost in his thoughts but also because he tends to keep his distance from people, not physically, he can talk to people, strangers or not, rather easily but he tends to keep everyone at a distance, never letting them get close to him and never opening up to others.

Niké isn’t the nicest out there but he also isn’t rude. He just won’t go out of his way to make others feel good but he also doesn’t want to purposely hurt people who are not deserving of it, it’s just not in his nature. For the most part he just keeps his opinions and feelings to himself but sometimes he gets tired of others and does end up giving them a piece of his mind. He can come across as cold and careless to some but that’s just him being him. Often when he isn’t being “cold” then he’s putting on an act which he tends to do whenever he sees fit.

The man is often quite cautious around new people, even if he doesn’t let it show and often manages to act natural. He reads other people to know how he’s supposed to act around them and he’s a natural liar, often lying without even thinking about it as it is a bit of a defense mechanism.

If you were to anger him, he’s not one to start yelling, in fact, he barely shows it but once you anger him you have an enemy for life and he won’t hesitate to make your life a living hell, often without you even realizing that it’s him doing anything. So in that way, he’s rather fake, he can stand right next to you and pretend to be your friend while at the same time ruining your life. But that’s only if you do something really bad, if it’s something minor then he may cause you some minor inconveniences before letting it go, or he may even realize that it’s not that big of a deal and forget about it.

The forest
The cold

Sweating/Feeling sweaty
Being ordered around too much
Nosy people
Being threatened

Skilled fighter ~ Despite his size, he can take down guys twice his size. Strength is not everything in a fight.

Good liar ~ He’s got a great poker face and can lie very well, often fooling others with his words.

Stealthy ~ He’s small and agile, making it easy for him to sneak around quietly without being seen.

Too independent ~ Sometimes it’s not so bad to accept help from others and that’s something Niké struggles with.

Self-preservation ~ He has little to no self-preservation and can sometimes go in way over his head without realizing it until it’s too late.

Hearing ~ Because of an old injury from when he was much younger, he has pretty bad tinnitus in his left ear, making it so that if someone comes up behind him on his left side, he won’t hear them until they are just a few feet away from him.

Mother ~ Britney York (Status ~Dead)
Father ~ Unknown (Status ~ Unknown)
Brother(s) ~ Dion York (Status ~ Unknown)
Sister(s) ~ None
Other family ~ Lost contact with.

(More details in RP but a quick summary)

During Niké’s whole childhood it was just him, his brother and their mom. His mom worked most of the time so for the most part, his older brother Dion took care of him and raised him. The two were inseparable until Dion disappeared when Niké was around 14 years old.

After Dion’s disappearance, his mom started working even more to not have to think about it and Niké was left to fend for himself mostly. He fell into the wrong crowd and ended up doing some not so legal stuff.

When he was 18 years old, he was faced with the option of turning his life around or going to prison. Being presented with the option made him reconsider and as it had always been a dream of his when younger, he chose to go back and finish school before joining the police academy. Due to the fact that he had an already tainted criminal record they deemed him perfect for undercover work and he trained hard for it to become reality.

When thinking of a detective, Niké is probably as far from what you’re imagining as possible, he’s not tall, buff and overly masculine, he’s a young and frail looking guy, however he’s incredibly smart and he knows how to defend himself without the need for brute strength.

Niké - Playlist

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