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Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 18, 2022 02:32 AM

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When Alleya returned with some water and rags to clean Theo’s blood off with, Niké let go of the man and just sat down on the floor in front of him. He was exhausted from everything that had happened today, he just wanted a cigarette and to go to sleep but he was out of cigarettes and it would be impossible for him to get any sleep now. Besides, if anyone deserved the sleep, it was Alleya, not him.

With everything that had gone down today, he'd gotten off pretty easy, especially if you compared him to Theo. Niké looked at the gang leader as Alleya cleaned him off, revealing just what a bad state that man was in. Worse than what he’d first thought actually.

“You should go to sleep once you're done,” he mumbled as he slowly pulled himself up onto his own feet and pulled a chair out to sit on instead. “I'm pretty sure Theo needs to sleep too anyways…” he started, sitting down on the chair and leaning back with a soft sigh, “I’ll keep an eye on him so you won't have to worry, I won't be able to fall asleep and if I do happen to do so, I’m an extremely light sleeper.” He told the woman.

Niké kept his gaze on Theo, too tired to bother moving it. The amount of damage the two men from before had managed to do to the leader’s body was almost amazing, he was practically covered in scars, bruises and burns. And for what reason? What had they hoped to achieve by nearly killing the man? Other than a potential war?

Even if Niké wasn't a people person, he didn't want others to get hurt and as a cop it was also his job to protect others. But how was he supposed to do that? He’d definitely forgotten a lot about what it meant to live a life like this, while you were free, you constantly had to look over your shoulder, you could never fully trust people and there were still rules to what you could and couldn't do, only when you broke those rules, you weren't sent to prison, instead you could, worst case scenario, be killed.

Maybe if more people realized that then there wouldn't be people joining gangs left and right. While it was nice to belong somewhere, to not have to follow the rules of society and not have to work at a desk for the rest of your life, there was so much more to it.

People could never say either that they didn't care about getting into fights with other gangs, risking their own lives and seeing people around them dying because you didn't know that. Not until they were actually put in a situation like that.

He looked up at Theo and Alleya, wondering how they had ended up here, what had led them to be here, part of a gang.

Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 18, 2022 02:57 AM

Ashes of Night
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Two people couldn't have been able to hurt Theo this bad. She had seen him fight two people at once and succeed. Whatever had caused this, whoever had caused this, would pay for their actions. That's for sure.

She worked silently, which was a new thing for her. Her mind was focused on him and she shut everything out, even Nicke. She couldn't imagine how much pain Theo was in. Especially since he just kept on looking at the two of them. She didn't know what went through his mind when he wasn't in pain, much less now. She started to hum a little as she continued to work. Her hums stopped toward Niche's statement though.

"I can't. I-I mean, I couldn't," She wouldn't fall asleep, not until she knew Theo was okay. Her gaze had turned back to lock on Nicke's, her green eyes filled with an intense array of worry and love. Her eyes told more than what she was saying. It was quite obvious she loved Theo in more than a gang member to gang leader type of way. She looked away and back at Theo, noticing for the first time that his eyes were shut.

"Stay awake," She shook him, holding her breath. She only let it out when he let out grunt. He wasn't unconscious. She cleaned up the blood the rest of the way and gazed at his body. He had taken a pretty good beating by the looks of it. She could see clearly where the gang had tortured him, there were marks of big angry skin all over his neck, his sides, and inner thighs. She went through the medical supplies he had and found some burn spray. That ought to do the trick.

She sprayed it all over the burn wounds and soon as she did, Theo's body tensed up and he screamed. She quickly covered his mouth with her hand, not wanting anybody else to see him like this,"Shhhh. Almost done." She promised and finished up. She removed her hand.

Theo's body shrank back to the mattress as he panted to catch his breath from the pain he must have felt. She didn't mean to hurt him.Not at all.


She heard him faintly whisper and frowned. There was that name again. She didn't know who Flynn was. Theo's hand moved and grabbed hers. She looked confused, shocked, and worried all at the same time.

"Love you." he whispered again, his eyes closing.

"You need rest, rest now. I'm afraid I'm not who you think I am," She frowned but her words were pointless anyway. The gang leader's grip on her hand had loosened and his eyes didn't open when she slipped her hand out. There was nothing. She checked his pulse briefly and sighed.

She didn't know who Flynn had been to Theo or the older gang members, but Flynn must have been someone special. She ran a hand through her hair, pressing her forehead against the wall. It seemed like she was melting into it, all the emotions and her gaurd of focus fading to a jesture completely full of worry.

Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 18, 2022 08:58 AM

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His body felt heavy from how tired he was, even if he wanted to move, he probably wouldn't be able to. It wasn't until he heard Theo scream out in pain that he moved, flinching and looking at him before looking towards the door, luckily it was closed so hopefully no one had heard.

"Flynnn..... Love you."

The words came out as nothing but a mere whisper from the man and Niké had to lean forward slightly to hear them. He could see the frown on Alleya’s face at those words.

Flynn must have been that girl in the picture with Theo. He’d have to find out more about who she was and what had happened, was she dead or had she just left? Started a new life perhaps?

Theo seemed to fall asleep almost the moment he'd laid down and Niké looked over at Alleya who had her forehead against the wall. She was clearly into the leader but it was one-sided, he was still hung up on this Flynn.

Niké sighed softly, he wasn't good at comforting people but he knew that he was supposed to say something to make Alleya feel better. He couldn't though, what was he supposed to say? That it gets better? It doesn't, Theo wasn't interested in her, there wouldn't happen anything between the two no matter how much she tried.

“Alleya..?” He glanced up at the female from where he sat, “You can hate me for saying this but there is no nice way to say it either,” he paused for a second, looking to the side while trying to choose the right words to say, “He’s never going to love you back, you can try to make him, you can bend over backwards and change who you are as a person but he’ll never love you. That's not because there's something wrong with you, you’re just not the one for him, you are for someone else though and well…”

Niké sighed as he sat up a bit straighter, it was hard, he didn't like being in this position but Alleya was a good person and someone had to say it. “They all say that you will find that special person someday, but in order for you to do that you have to let go of him. It's shit to be in love with someone and not have them love you back. I should know. I changed everything about myself to be the right one for him but in the end it was all for nothing, you can't force someone to love you and you're only going to be hurting yourself.”

He looked down a little, he didn't like talking about him, in fact he didn't like talking much about his past at all, it made him feel vulnerable and he hated that. The man ran his fingers through his own hair before shaking his head softly, “But uh… It's still up to you… I’m just saying what I wish someone had said to me I guess.”

Niké glanced over at her again, “You should go rest. We can talk more another time, or not…Uh… I’ll stay here and watch over him.” He scratched the back of his neck slightly, maybe it had been stupid to say that, maybe he should have just stayed quiet and let her figure it out herself?

Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 18, 2022 10:16 AM

Ashes of Night
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Alleya didn't care that Theo admitted to like another person than herself. She knew all along that he wasn't interested, she wasn't a fool in the slightest. It was just a lot though, to hear that it was relating to what the other members gossipped about. This Flynn character. And it hurt her, to be called a name that wasn't hers. Of course she kept a straight face when it first happened but between the amount of stress she had been under first joining the gang, the attack, Theo's was just a lot to handle right now.

She heard Nicke say her name and tell her that there was no way to say this. She turned to face him, arching an eyebrow. She couldn't imagine what he was going to tell her but it sounded like how somebody would start if they were going to scold her for something. She moved to start to take care of her wrists, knowing she might wanna do busy-work while he talked. Whatever it was, it probably wasn't going to be pleasant to hear.

"He’s never going to love you back, you can try to make him, you can bend over backwards and change who you are as a person but he’ll never love you."

She had just cleaned her wrists with peroxide and then moved to use the burn spray too since her wrists were a combination of rope burn and cuts were she had to force them apart. As soon as the burn spray touched them, sharp pain burned through her wrists, making her drop the pray and bit down on her lip to avoid expressing the pain she was in like Theo did. The burning sensation started to fade and she took a deep breath, her eyes were watering up. No wonder Theo had screamed, that had hurt like hell.

She began wrapping her wrists up. During that moment, she had blocked Nicke out to recover from that pain, whispering a few curses underneath her breath.

"I changed everything about myself to be the right one for him but in the end it was all for nothing, you can't force someone to love you and you're only going to be hurting yourself.”

She turned back to the conversation at hand, turning to Nicke and studying him. He must have the wrong impression of her. She wasn't going to force Theo to love her or change herself. She wasn't that desperate.

"Hun, I'm not gay or as desperate as you were." Her words were harsher than she expected. She immediately hating using them. The realization hit her like a smack across her face and added very quickly,"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I didn't mean it like that!"

She really didn't. She just felt like she had been scolded for a child. She hated being scolded for something she just couldn't turn off. She did like Theo, more than she could, but she would never act on that in the way that Nicke thought she would. She ignored the part about him telling her to rest. She was fine, and she wouldn't be able to sleep anyway.

"God, Nike, I swear I didn't mean it like that," She met his gaze, her eyes a bit too intense to discover a single emotion. She hadn't meant what she said, she really didn't.

"I know he doesn't like me like that. I'm not clueless. Before I lived here, I stayed with some man who loved me but I didn't love him. Everyday it was just plain torture for me and I was only doing it to have shelter, money....and I lied to Theo about it. I said I was kicked out by my parents but truth is, I ran from him. I couldn't force myself to have an intimate relationship with him any longer," She sighed, looking away. That was the first time she admitted to someone else the truth. She was ashamed to use a guy for shelter and money. It felt wrong."

Her gaze rested on sleeping or unconscious Theo. She couldn't tell which,"I would never force somebody to love me. If that was you in Theo's place, I would care for you exactly how I did him. There is nothing different that I'd do if the events were you and not him. I care for people, that's my thing."

Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 18, 2022 04:07 PM

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"Hun, I'm not gay or as desperate as you were."

Niké stared blankly at the woman, not showing a single emotion. Those words had hurt but he was not going to show that. When she started apologizing he just continued staring, not only was he hurt but also shocked, he had not expected her to say something like that. It was his own fault though, he'd known the woman for a few hours and he'd let her get too close, he'd told her something personal only without knowing what type of person she really was. There was a reason he kept people at a distance.

He listened as she kept on talking but he didn't care about the words coming from her mouth, for the moment being, he couldn't care less. He didn't feel bad for her, not now at least. There was so much he could say, wanted to say, but he wouldn't, he wasn't going to try and intentionally hurt her just because she pointed out how pathetic he'd been, he was well aware of it himself how stupid he'd been to change for someone else but the way she'd said it hurt.

“Well I misread the situation then and I’m sorry for that,” he said as he stood up. “I only meant well,” he added, his voice a bit lower as he looked down at Theo. The man looked much more peaceful now that he was asleep.

“Everything seems under control here so I’m going to go get cigarettes, it shouldn't take long,” he said looking over at Alleya and giving her a brief smile, he wasn't going to make it obvious that she'd hurt him, nothing good came from people knowing your weaknesses.

The grey-haired man turned and started to leave the room. Yes, he had offered for Alleya to go and rest but she didn't seem like she was going to and even if she wanted, she could wait, she could stay up a bit longer. He just needed a few minutes alone to think about what had just happened.

In reality there wasn't much to think about, it was his own fault. He had let her too close too quickly. He had opened up to her. He had assumed something about her. He, he, he. It was his fault. He knew it was best to not let others close and look what happened when he broke that.

Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 18, 2022 07:40 PM

Ashes of Night
Posts: 589
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She didn't mean to hurt him, she had just been offended that he would assume such horrible things about her. Mostly because she knew what it felt like, being on the recieving end. She wouldn't forced Theo to love her, she couldn't. He clearly loved the Flynn character she heard so much but also so little about. It did sting more than she would like to admit, that Theo had said "love you" to someone elsle. Well mistaked her for somebody else and then said he loved her.

She kept her eyes locked on Theo, not wanting to look at Nike. She couldn't, she didn't want him to know how much everything stung. Theo would never love her, that she could deal with. Him openly admitting to liking someone else and then Nike assuming she was going to force him to....that was a lot to deal with. She heard what he said and his apology for assuming something different. She gave a faint nod. She knew she could be a little...headstrong and naive. She could also see why he would assume something like that. Especially since first impressions would say something different than the truth.

"Everything seems under control here so I'm going to go get cigarettes, it shouldn't take long..."

Yikes, her words must have hurt him. Earlier, he was almost insisting for her to sleep even though she didn't feel like it. She was all nerved up, the adrenaline still pulsing through her and the emotions she felt had her mind racing. She wouldn't be able to sleep, she always struggled with falling asleep anyway.

"Wait, Nike." She reached out and grabbed his wrist to stop him from walking out the door. She waited until she had his attention before pulling out a pack of cigarrettes from the side of her waistband. She always kept a pack with her. Not because she smoked, but because they were a good tool to have on the streets. She placed them in his hand. She could always get more.

"A peace offering," She told him, letting go of his wrist once the pack was in her hand. She hadn't meant to hurt him as she was sure he didn't mean to hurt her. He was new, she didn't know him and he didn't know her. They needed to get along if they were going to be sleepmates. She didn't want another relationship like the one she had with Rachael.

"I truly am sorry."

She meant this. She wanted him to know that. She couldn't take back the words she had said, but she could offer him something small that would mean something huge on the streets. Cigarettes were almost like gold.

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Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 19, 2022 03:33 AM

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He heard her asking him to wait but he wasn't going to, he wanted some time alone and she didn't need his help anymore, Theo’s wounds had been cared for and he was asleep.

When he felt a hand wrap around his wrist he stopped but didn't turn his head. “What?” The man asked. He could hear her calling something a peace offering as he felt something be placed in his hand.

Niké pulled his hand back when Alleya let go and he looked down at the pack in his hand, it wasn't the brand he'd usually smoke. It was the thought that counted though.

"I truly am sorry."

He glanced at her slightly before replying, “I shouldn't have assumed anything in the first place, it's on me.” He looked down at the pack again, “Thanks. I'll be back in a few minutes,you should try sleeping once I get back,” he told her, earlier he’d wanted her to go sleep because she needed to rest, in his opinion, now it was more so that he'd be left alone by her for a bit.

Niké left the room with the pack in his hand and headed towards his sleeping spot to get his jacket. Leaving the room he could see how some gang members were tending to each other's wounds, some had gone to sleep and some were watching over the men that had attacked them earlier. As he passed them, he did get a few worried looks and he heard something about Theo. It was understandable that they were worried since the leader hadn't made an appearance but at the same time, as long as he wasn't announced dead, they didn't need to worry.

He grabbed his jacket off the ground and put it on before heading towards the exit. As he made his way outside, he opened the pack and put a cigarette between his lips before putting the rest of the pack in his pocket and pulling out a lighter. Niké stopped by the door and lit the cigarette quickly before he pushed the door open and walked outside.

It was still raining, quite heavily now even but it wasn't anything that he'd let bother him. As he smoked a few puffs he looked around to find somewhere to sit. He couldn't though so instead he just crouched down and leaned his back against the wall while smoking his cigarette.

Maybe it was stupid of him to feel this hurt over something that Alleya had just said but at the same time, there were nicer ways to tell him off. He sighed, watching the smoke dancing in the air in front of him. Smoking was a habit that he’d picked up from him. He’d tried to quit several times, but he couldn't though, it had a calming effect on him.

Love was a strange thing, he'd done so much just to please one single person, giving up relationships with other people for that one person. A person that had never liked him but that he had liked oh so much. The world was cruel in that way. Why couldn't it just be that you fell in love with just one person and it was that person you were supposed to be with, who would love you back. It was impossible, he knew that, but it would be nice if the world worked like that.

Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 19, 2022 04:00 AM

Ashes of Night
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Alleya was known for saying the first thing out of her mouth without thinking. That's simply because she didn't have a filter. Sometimes, somethings just popped out that she didn't mean. This was one of those instenses. Nike didn't protest her efforts to play nice and apologize. She wasn't sure if he had forgiven her or not. It was probably going to take more than a pack of cheap cigarattes to get him to forgive her.

She heard what he said when he left, simply suggesting sleep to her once again. The sun would be about setting by now. If Nike wanted to smoke one or two, he better do so before dark. Nobody was allowed outside at night without Theo's permission. It was in order to keep the gang safe. Normally other gangs wouldn't just waltz into their sanctuary. She had been here long enough to observe normal gang behavior and not nomal gang behavior.

She sat in the chair next to Theo, frowning a bit and recalling the warning Nike had given her. Was she really forcing Theo to enjoy her presence? She didn't think so. She gave the leader space but would get curious like any other. Sighing, she rested her hands on her chin. Maybe it was something to think about afterall. If she was coming on too strong, she didn't mean to. She was just trying to take some of the weight and stress that Theo had off his shoulders by being super involved in the gang. She couldn't help to be drawn by his nature, she wasn't sure what it was.

"Father..." came a whimper from the bed and her thoughts faded. She perked up and went over to him, placing a hand on his forehead to check for fever. His forehead felt normal. It was probably just a reaction to the pain. First she was called Flynn and now father. This was not looking good.

"Shhh, sleep," She whispered, running her hand through his hair until he settled down again. Once he was settled, she moved to sit back down. When she sat down, she heard a knock and before she could protest, one of the older gang members walked in. Mitchie. She was quite familiar with Mitchie. She had latched on to almost every single woman in the place. When Mitchie saw Theo, she gasped, her hands going to her mouth.

"Who did this to him? Was it the new guy?" Mitchie kept on looking back and forth from her to Theo and then back at her.

"No, we were attacked by the Rebels," She knew Mitchie liked to sneak off to meet other women during the day. Mitchie had not been hear when the gang attack. She studied the muscular night gaurd and smirked a little,"You might wanna cover that hicky with something." But her teasing wasn't light as before. Her voice still sounded troubled.

"Is he going to be okay?" Practical Mitchie. The woman always wanted everyone to turn out okay. This wasn't Cinderella and Alleya didn't believe in happy endings.

"Probably sore and in pain. I don't know. I'm not a nurse," Alleya sighed, looking at Theo once more,"Please keep this on the hush hush for now. Until he's at least conscious again."

"I'll try to keep the gang calm. Damn, you're lucky that I'm one of the few respected members that can stand you," She blew Alleya a playful kiss and unpinned her hair from it's bun form to hide the hicky. Once she was gone, Theo began whimpering again.

Again, she comforted him the same way as before, finding it was working even temporarily. He didn't say any names this time which made her feel a bit better. As she was comforting him, she could hear Mitchie shouting to get the gang's attention.

Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 19, 2022 11:11 AM

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Once he'd smoked the whole cigarette, he let it drop to the ground, watching the glow slowly disappear. Niké looked up, the sky had started going dark and the rain seemed to have calmed down a bit by now. It wasn't pouring down in his face anymore at least.

Niké turned around and walked back inside. As he made his way back towards where the rest of the gang were, he took his jacket off again. Walking back over to his sleeping spot he did hear shouting, like someone trying to gain others attention but he didn't look over at whoever it was, instead he just walked back to his sleeping spot to drop his jacket there.

He then finally looked over at the source of the shouting, it was a woman, someone he recognized even, he'd seen her picture while studying the gang before going undercover. He couldn't quite remember her name, something with M but what the full name was he had no idea.

The woman had gotten the rest of the gang members attention but Niké didn't stay to listen, instead he headed towards Theo's room, slipping in through the door and closing it behind himself before looking at Alleya who was now sat next to the gang leader.

“You should go sleep now, or at least try, if you want you can have my raccoon pelts tonight, if it'll help you to sleep better,” he told her, his voice was still rather cold and he looked more at Theo than her but he had calmed himself down slightly. After all, Alleya had apologized a ton and she did know that what she said had been hurtful, besides, he had a feeling that he would be spending a lot of time around her whether he liked it or not.

“And don't tell me that you won't be able to, just laying down and keeping your eyes closed is better than sitting here all night, I’m the one who's least hurt so I don't need the sleep as much,” he said, glancing at her a little.

Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 19, 2022 12:04 PM

Ashes of Night
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When Nike had returned, Mitchie had gotten the crowd under control. She peered up when he came in. She had decided to stay sitting on the bed, well bed frame and racoon pelts so she was ready to comfort him when needed. She kept her hands in her lap. Whenever he had walked in, she was running her thumb around the gauze around her wrists. She was frowning ever so slightly.

She jumped a little at his voice and turned to look at him. She could smell the faintest hint of cigarrette smoke. It made her feel a little better that Nicke had accepted the cigarrettes as a peace offering. She half expected him to throw them away or give them to another gang member.

When he first spoke, he sounded less like him and more like Theo. She arched an eyebrow, not expecting the feminine looking man to sound like that. She resisted the urge to tell him he wasn't Theo and to stop trying to be the gang leader. She knew that wouldn't solve the situation. Just lead to more problems. Instead she was about to protest sleeping, she wanted to stay here, close to Theo. But when she tried to, he spoke again.

"And don't tell me that you won't be able to, just laying down and keeping your eyes closed is better than sitting here all night."

Okay, maybe Nicke did have a stubborn streak to him. She could probably argue back and win the argument but she didn't want to fight with Nicke again. In the back of her mind, she knew he was trying to keep her from stretching herself thin. She wasn't sure what to say but as soon as he was finished saying that, Theo went into another state of whimpering but this time he started trying to toss and turn. He ended up kicking her in the exact spot that she had been punched earlier. She hissed, one hand going to the spot and the other going to comfort Theo. She got up to avoid any more hits. He settled down shortly.

"Theo is going to be okay! He just decided to visit Flynn's family earlier this afternoon!" Mitchie's shouts could be heard after Theo was calm again.

She sent a silent prayer of thank you as the gang seemed to believe it, or at least not react to it. It actually wasn't too uncommon for Theo to leave for an evening. The Flynn character must be the reason why he did.

"He's been doing that a little after you left, only without the kicks. I think he's having nightmares or reacting to the pain he's in. I'm not sure," Her voice was a little breathy and shaky from the pain that was brought back into her side. She was sure she was going to have an nasty bruise in the morning, if not already.

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