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Ashes of Night x RoawAugust 1, 2022 12:56 PM

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The man zoned out, tuning out the sound of Theo’s voice as he let his thoughts run wild, considering every single thing that just might have been suspicious. What would Theo do if he did find out? The leader didn't seem like a cruel man but he had no way of knowing what he'd do if he found a cop in his gang.

"You three, with me, now."

He was pulled back out of his head when he heard the leader's voice closer to him and he looked around quickly to confirm that he didn’t mean any other three people apart from him, Alleya and Taurus.

He got to his feet, his worry growing even stronger now as he followed the leader towards his room. When he felt Alleya crash into his back he stumbled forward a step and glared back at her before realizing that it was someone who’d tried to trip her as he saw the other member doing their best to contain their own laughter and he instead glared at that person, muttering a quiet, “Grow up,” under his own breath.

Niké glanced up at Theo who was telling Alleya off for someone else tripping her and he had to hold back from scoffing, it wasn't her fault but he didn't say that, he didn't feel like defending her this time, he'd done enough of that yesterday and since she wasn't in danger, he didn't feel the need to.

Along with Taurus and Alleya, he followed their leader into the man's room, leaning his back against a wall and crossing his arms a bit defensively, prepared to lie in order to save his own ass.

Alleya and Taurus, he could understand why they were there, they had had a fight and Theo probably just wanted to make sure that it wouldn't happen again. But why he was there, he had no clue, he hadn't done anything, he hadn't fought with anyone, he'd gone along with the morning patrol to scavenge, he had behaved himself! The only reason he could think of was that the leader was suspicious of him and he couldn't understand how or why as he hadn't done anything that hr himself though could be suspicious.

Ashes of Night x RoawAugust 1, 2022 01:29 PM

Ashes of Night
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Theo wasn't in the mood to deal with any stunts. That's why he snapped at Alleya. Alleya had a way of escalating the situation and he didn't want that. He lead the group into his room and sat down in the wooden chair. He grunted a little but besides that, didn't show any sight of pain.

He was used to being beaten, it was rooted in his past. That's how he was standing, he learned how to manage it and move on. It had been a while since he had been in this type of pain before. It was definitely taking a toll on himself . But he was the leader to this gang. They needed him during times like these. He couldn't show weakness or any sign of how much the attack had effected him, physically or mentally.

"I'm so sorry Theo! I wasn't actually going to kill him! I just wanted out! I wasn't thinking straight!" Alleya panicked and Theo raised an eyebrow with surprise. He knew what happened last night but Mitchie had taken care of it.

"That's not why I called you three back here," He put a hand up to silence Alleya, knowing she would continue if he didn't.

"It's not?" Taurus questioned.

"I want you three to scout local areas for a new location. I can't risk sending any of the night guards, we need them here for protection," He said,"Taurus will be the leader of the group since he is most familiar with street life."

Taurus looked rather stunned but also proud. Theo knew the young man would be fuming with excitement. It was the first time Taurus had lead any type of patrol. He knew the young man often felt like he didn't belong in the gang. Hopefully this would be the opportunity to convince him that he did.

Alleya looked stunned and she kept on staring at Nike and Taurus. It was kind of amusing to see her stunned, that was another rare sight to see on her face.

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Ashes of Night x RoawAugust 1, 2022 05:55 PM

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He watched and listened as Alleya went off about how she was sorry in a panicked tone. The woman really had no chill, she was extremely intense no matter what mood she seemed to be in. It had to be exhausting to be her.

"I want you three to scout local areas for a new location. I can't risk sending any of the night guards, we need them here for protection. Taurus will be the leader of the group since he is most familiar with street life."

Niké’s whole body relaxed when Theo revealed why he’d called them with him. His earlier worry disappearing in an instant, he was still safe and the man had no clue about who he actually was.

He did raise an eyebrow at the last sentence though, he didn't really have any clue about Taurus’s past experience but he did find it amusing that Theo would say something like that when he didn't really have any information about Niké’s past. The grey-haired man had spent four whole years mostly on the streets before getting arrested a final time and deciding to change his life around. He stayed quiet though, it didn't matter to him and he definitely wasn't interested in leading any group, as long as he was able to keep his true identity hidden then he was happy.

Those four years had been quite different from how things were now though, he couldn't say that he regretted them, even if a lot of bad things had happened during those years. However during that time he'd been free, free to do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. He and his gang of friends had gotten up to so much shit and he missed that, every day had been exciting, he'd never known what they were getting up to, they had all just taken life as it had come.

There was nothing wrong with the way Theo ran his gang, but it was different, much more organized and more like a family in a way that he'd never expected. It wasn't what he'd imagined and while it was far from what he was used to in the past, it was still very similar in some ways.

The man’s pale gaze met Alleya’s for a few seconds as she stared back and forth between him and Taurus with a stunned expression. He stayed quiet for only a few seconds, hating when people stared at him, it always made him uncomfortable for some reason.

“Quit staring at me, I haven't said or done anything,” he muttered, his body language once again becoming more tense and defensive. It was probably the lack of sleep that made him more on edge today, normally he would probably have kept quiet and looked away but today he felt more cautious and nervous than what he otherwise would about nearly everything.

Ashes of Night x RoawAugust 1, 2022 06:16 PM

Ashes of Night
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Alleya couldn't help but be utterly and completely shocked. She was almost for certain Theo was going to yell at her for breaking the no violence rule. But that's not what he wanted. Instead he wanted her to go exploring with Taurus and Nike. She wasn't sure why they were chosen. Well Taurus to lead but her and Nike were inexperienced nobodies in the gang. It made more sense for Jasper and the older members to go exploring. But instead they were.

"I know this may be a dangerous situation but i wouldn't be sending the three of you if i wasn't certain your skills would be most valuable here. Use each other's strengths for this mission. I want you all back in one piece in three days time," Theo's voice was tense with importance. Relocation was serious, especially because they had such a good place here.

"Quit staring at me, I haven't said or done anything."

In her shock, she hadn't realized she had been staring at Nike for a decent amount of time. She quickly looked away, muttering her apologies She didn't mean to freak the new guy out It was just a lot for her to take in.

"Taurus and Alleya, you may go and get ready. Nike will join you shortly," Theo ordered, ignoring whatever had just happened between Nike and Alleya. That would be for them to sort out.

Taurus and Alleya hesitantly headed out Alleya's hand purposely brushed against Nike's on the way out Theo could see it clearly. He wondered if Nike thought he was in trouble or something That wasn't the case though All he wanted to do was talk with the newbie before they left.

He leaned forward with his elbows resting on his knees His expression was serious, it was always serious.

"What did I do last night?" He asked at last,"Before I woke up."

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Ashes of Night x RoawAugust 1, 2022 07:02 PM

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"Taurus and Alleya, you may go and get ready. Niké will join you shortly."

Once again, worry filled the man. He was starting to doubt if he would be able to do this mission, it was already causing him a lot of stress but being gone for three days would probably give him enough time to calm himself and sort all his thoughts out properly, he hoped so at least.

When he felt Alleya’s hand brush against his, Niké quickly pulled his hand back. The touchy woman probably thought the same as him, that he was in trouble.

Once again, the man crossed his arms defensively, as he met the leader's gaze. The other male wore a serious expression, not showing any hint of any other emotion.

"What did I do last night? Before I woke up."

The question was not what he'd expected and he was surprised that he wasn't asking Alleya, she'd been the one who'd refused to leave his side, Niké had practically had to force her out of the room. He didn't mind the question though, in fact he was relieved.

“You’d start whimpering and trash around a bit, nothing out of the ordinary really, given what had happened to you, you did take quite the beating after all,” he told the man, he was smart enough to know that it wasn't what the man was asking about though. He wanted to know if he'd said anything and since there was no reason for Niké to lie, he wouldn't.

“You also said someone's name,” Niké glanced over at the picture on the leader's desk, “Flynn. You said you loved her.” He turned his gaze back to the leader, “She must have been important to you.”

The grey-haired man paused for a second, thinking back to last night, so much had happened in such a short time that it was almost hard to remember.

“Oh right, your father. You went on about him too, yelling for him to stop torturing you…” Niké went quiet as his gaze drifted a bit, he didn't say anything about the fact that the man had started crying or that he had had to comfort him in order for him to calm down.

If he'd noticed one thing then that was that the leader wanted to appear strong in front of his gang, someone having heard about not just one but two things that he doubted many people knew about and that seemed to have had quite the effect on who Theo had become, at least that's what Niké guessed, was probably hard enough for the man without hearing those details.

Ashes of Night x RoawAugust 1, 2022 07:26 PM

Ashes of Night
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Theo had to know exactly what he said to see how deep the damage was. He wanted to know what he said, what he did, everything. He had no memories, well very little. He just remembered the pain, somebody staring at him, and one of the members of the Rebels getting hurt. He didn't remember anything else. He just hoped that he didn't make a fool of himself.

There was two parts to him, the gang leader and the one he didn't like. He didn't want anybody discovering how much the side he hated was hurting. How much that side went through to be in this position that he was in now. There were just some things one man had to keep to himself. He didn't want the gang viewing him differently based on his past. That was what he was asking Nike about.

When he heard Flynn's name, he was caught off guard and inhaled sharply. He stood up, his hands clasping and being brought back behind his neck. He shut his eyes for a moment, recollecting himself. Nobody had used that name in front of him for years. And it still hurt, to hear it now. It was like the memories were pushing back the survive hearing her name. As much as he wanted to forget, he couldn't. He had never loved somebody so much.

When he opened his eyes, he saw Nike looking at the photo on his desk. The man had figured that one out. It was Flynn on his back, her energy always brought the best out of him and made him smile. He missed her, a lot.

"Oh right, your father."

He almost missed the part about his father. But he didn't. Another inhale, his expression changing just enough to see a mix of anger and pain. It had been strong enough to betray in his facial features until he looked away and it was gone. He shoved those feelings down again, shutting them out of reality.

"...Yelling at him to stop torturing you."

Well great, in other words Nike had him figured out. Well had all of his secrets figured out anyway. Just lovely. If Nike hadn't figured it out by now, he would soon enough.

Theo moved and sat down on the bed, unable to deal with the pain standing caused him any longer. His hands dropped to his lap and he sighed, studying the dusty floor for the longest time. He didn't know what to do. Those were his deepest darkest secrets. Nike was smart enough to connect the dots and figure it out. He probably had it figured out already.

"That's great, just peachy," He grumbled, mostly to himself,"Now you know that I'm just a piss poor excuse for a leader."

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Ashes of Night x RoawAugust 1, 2022 08:27 PM

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Niké watched in silence at how the man reacted, now understanding why he had asked him and not Alleya. He watched the strong leader crumble into a broken man within seconds. He felt bad for the man, if it was as he suspected, Flynn had been someone he loved dearly and who was now gone, most likely dead and his dad had been an abuser.

This was wrong.

He couldn't convince himself otherwise anymore, what he was doing was wrong. They were all just people with rocky pasts trying to survive together and here he was in the middle of everything, trying to find a reason to have them all arrested.

"Now you know that I'm just a piss poor excuse for a leader."

Niké looked at the man who was now sitting on his bed and looking down at the floor. With a sigh, the grey-haired man moved and sat down on one of the chairs, dragging out the time a little to figure out what to say. He didn't want to end up in a similar situation with Theo as he had with Alleya the night before.

“We all have stuff from the past that haunts us, you can't just erase your past but you can learn to live with it,” Niké started, his blue gaze pointed at the wall as he carefully chose his words, “What you have to remember is that your past doesn't define you, it shapes you but it doesn't define you.”

The man fell silent for a few moments, the words coming from his mouth didn’t feel like his own, it sounded much more like something that Dion would say. His brother had always been better at comforting people, he'd always know the exact right things to say.

“You choose the type of person that you want to be, your past doesn't determine that for you. So no, you're not just a piss poor excuse for a leader, not unless you don't let yourself become that,” he finally said, keeping his eyes on the wall as he waited for the leader’s reply.

Ashes of Night x RoawAugust 1, 2022 08:55 PM

Ashes of Night
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Theo hadn't told nobody what had happened to got him here. The newer members didn't even know about Flynn. He was trying to move on and lead the gang the way she would want to be. But he wasn't her and he couldn't even tell the members of the gang the truth or anything about Flynn. It had been too difficult. Too emotional.

It took two names to break him to pieces. One being his father, the other being Flynn. They were important people to his past in very different ways. His father he wanted to forget but then his father was the one that brought him to Flynn. Sure if his father didn't exist, he would have probably wouldn't be hurting as much as he did now. But then he wouldn't know what love truly felt like and he wouldn't be here with the gang. It was complicated, his feelings on the past.

He had noticed Nike had gone silent and when he looked back up, Nike wasn't standing there anymore. The man must have left, to expose him for putting on a shield of lies.

But then he heard him speak again. He turned his head toward the direction of the voice, realizing that Nike had sat on his blind side. Of course his fucking blind side. He wouldn't even be blind if it wasn't for his father. He forced those feelings away and instead focused on listening to Nike. He was surprised to find compassion in the gray haired man's voice and not the desire to expose him.

"You choose the type of person that you want to be, your past. doesn't determine that for you."

He felt as if the opposite was true. His past was everything, all the traumatic events had shaped him into this. Somebody with secrets. Somebody that had known pain and suffering. Somebody who loses everyone he loves. But he didn't say that. He didn't say anything. He just remained quiet. His gaze turned to floor again, kicking a rock back and forth underneath his shoe.

"She was everything to me, you know?" He sighed, talking about Flynn. He couldn't say her name though. The only time he had said it was apparently last night,"We were extra careful but it still happened. When she found out the news, she was excited but I was upset and angry. I-I think I caused her to carry too much stress. She stopped eating and her body couldn't..."

He fell silent, unable to explain any further. The memory burned into his mind. He would never forget the day when he walked into her bedroom and found her and the child both dead.

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Ashes of Night x RoawAugust 2, 2022 05:02 AM

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Niké’s gaze fell to the floor, watching the rock that Theo was kicking back and forth. He felt bad for the man, having had to suffer so much in his still relatively short life, he wasn't much older than himself after all. The more he heard the man say, the more the guilt inside him grew, it was to the point where he wanted to confess right on the spot but he couldn't do that.

"We were extra careful but it still happened. When she found out the news, she was excited but I was upset and angry. I-I think I caused her to carry too much stress. She stopped eating and her body couldn't..."

It didn't take more than just a few seconds for him to figure out what Theo was talking about. No wonder the man didn't seem too affected by the beating, it had to be nothing compared to that…

“I’m sorry you had to go through that…” the man's words were quiet, not much louder than a whisper, he didn't want to risk saying the wrong thing but he also had no clue on how to comfort the leader, “It's not your fault though… It's no one's fault, sometimes the world is just cruel and unfair.”

Niké bit his lower lip a little, he knew that those words likely weren't of any comfort, Theo blamed himself for the death of not only his lover but also their child, it didn't matter what he said because in the end it was all just words and words never brought anyone back to life so how would they help anyone feel better?

Both he and Dion never knew their fathers, they had both taken off before their births. Theo had been young, it was no wonder that he'd reacted with anger when he'd found out but he wasn't to blame for Flynn’s death and by the sound of it, he hadn't left her despite being upset and angry.

“As long as you didn't leave her then you're a better person than most,” he mumbled. Growing up Niké had always wished that he'd had his dad around, or at least a dad, someone who'd helped his mom with bringing in money, who'd been their to help raise him instead of Dion, who had only been two years older, having to raise him practically on his own, someone who would have just been there for all of them.

Ashes of Night x RoawAugust 2, 2022 07:38 AM

Ashes of Night
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He remembered all the fights they had about his potential son. He couldn't help but think about them. He was a terrible partner to Flynn during that time. He wasn't there for her mentally. He didn't make sure she was taking care of herself, he didn't ask her about the baby, and he shut her out of his life. He was so scared to be a father, so scared he would become his father, that he just become someone worse to Flynn. One Night, they had a fight so bad that she left him. She went back to her parents. That's the thing about Flynn, she left her family willingly to make a legacy for herself. She had a loving family but they smothered her too much. When he chased after her, a few days later, she had forgiven him and her family accepted him as one of their own. They had just gotten word that he had been approved for adoption by them, he had raced upstairs to tell her, and that's when he found her.

He hadn't been there for her like he should have. It had been his fault. Nobody needed to go through something so life changing like pregnancy alone. But she did and now this was his punishment.

"As long as you didn't leave her then you're a better person than most."

But he did something worse than leave her. He shut her out of his life mentally. It was a different type of absence, a crueler one. He couldn't say it aloud though so he just stayed, rocking the rock against his shoe.

"Hey, Nike, are you about ready to go?" Alleya's head peaked inside the doorway. When she saw Theo, her eyes widened and she wordlessly crept inside and sat down next to him. A few seconds later he felt her arms go around him in a tight side hug. Normally he would reject physical contact from her or ignore it. But today, he leaned into it and buried his head into her shoulders.

"I know you're sad, I don't know why, but I'm here for you." She whispered, just holding him carefully to not touch any bruise or burn on his body.

Alleya had always cared so much about him. He never really understood why. She reminded him so much of Flynn that it hurt sometimes. Closing his eyes, he could envision Flynn holding him instead of her. But that wouldn't be fair to Alleya. Alleya wasn't Flynn. After a few seconds he pulled back and all the emotions drained from his face. He was putting back up the guard, shutting them both out.

"You two better set off," He told them both, turning back into the reserved leader he had always been,"Don't want to leave Taurus waiting."

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