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i have aprox 15 cards right now, and no clue who any are from, and i wonder how many people were just sending to be nice or if they are legit valentines
Storm Runner
08:42:09 Storm, Stormy
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08:41:50 Flame, Pup
Same T^T
Gemstone Wolves
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OK, I bet its a CP thing...
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now its going to be in my head all day lol
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To whoever just sent me a secret admirer, that was great!!! X'D
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I found out if you spam the roll button while on the computers turn it dont get that turn i just simple glitch's but I've only experienced it on my tablet 💀
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Lol oof
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I've rick rolled a mod, two actually
Miss Wolf and a former one
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Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 16, 2022 08:39 PM

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"Oh and who's this tough guy or should I say girl?"

Niké let out a low chuckle but it wasn't a warm one that you’d hear after telling someone a joke, it was ice cold and there wasn't even a hint of amusement in his eyes.

“That was so creative of you, did you come up with that on your own? You should be proud of that one, funniest shit I've ever heard,” the grey-haired man sneered, he’d grown up hearing comments like that, it didn't bother him, not enough to anger him at least.

He glanced quickly at Alleya, his eyes meeting hers for a second. It was a bit hard for him to read her gaze and understand what she meant, he didn't know her that well yet but it was either her asking him to stop, which he wasn't going to, he wasn't gonna watch this stranger blow her brains out, or she was asking him to help her, which was exactly what he was trying to do.

"I bet I could beat your ass with my eyes shut."

Niké scoffed, “Really? Come on then, try me. And please, keep your eyes open, you don't need to make an even bigger fool out of yourself than what you already are.”

Truth be told, the man was probably right, in brute strength there was no doubt that Niké would have his ass handed to him but he was smaller and much more agile, meaning that he would just have to use that to outsmart the other instead. And if the need for it came, he knew just about every dirty trick there was to know.

He noticed the other three strangers walking off, seemingly looking for something, could be anything, weapons, food, Theo? Anything. But he didn't care, as long as they kept their hands off the other people in the gang then he could keep focusing fully on getting Alleya out of immediate danger.

"Keep your mouth shut princess or else I'll pull it."

“You pull it and then what? She drops dead and you’ve got nothing to negotiate with, we’re all just staying still because you have a gun pushed to the side of her skull, if you shoot then there's no reason for us to be still.” Niké grinned slightly, raising one hand slowly and tapping the side of his head with his index finger, “Think,” he taunted.

While he didn't break eye contact for a second, his heart and mind was racing, he knew just how risky what he was doing was but since everyone else seemed to be completely useless at this moment, he had something. And where the hell was Theo? Sure it had to be him that they wanted something with so where was the man?

Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 16, 2022 08:59 PM

Ashes of Night
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She wasn't sure if Nike understood the message to distract him. She could only hope for the best. She had to get these ropes untied and warn Theo or do something to get them to stop. She also didn't want her life in danger. That was important too.

So she shut out Nike's mocking of the man and went to cutting, She cut a little faster now but still careful to not draw attention to it. The ropes were what was keeping his hold on her and preventing her from turning around. She cut faster. She was drawn back to conversation when she heard Nike discuss what would happen once she was dead.

How Nike was keeping a level head and taunting the man at the same time, surprised her. She would be freaking out at this point if she wasn't trying to stay focused on escaping.

"She'll be dead, that's all there is to it," The brute laughed again,"I find it satisfying when women die. Men were meant to rule humankind anyway. We're the protectors."

"Is that what you are doing now? trying to protect her?" He taunted, smirking,"Too bad you're doing a terrible job."

With that, the brute sucker punched her right in the stomach. She immediately dropped the knife and haunched over, grabbing her stomach. When she haunched, the man grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her back to standing. She let out a small noise of pain, tears in her eyes. But they didn't fall. And she didn't do much else.

She had dropped the knife but the rope was almost completely cut. She took a deep breath, mentally preparing herself for the pain she was about to feel. She was going to have to rip the rope all the way. After a moment, she yanked her hands away from each other as hard as she could. She bit her lip, feeling the rope cut her extremely tight and then...nothing. She was free.

Immediately she sprung into action. She twisted her hair out of his grasp and kicked him in the 'nads with the amount of force that only hulk could dream of. He immediately fell to his knees, grunting in extreme pain. She grabbed the knife and jumped onto his back, holding the knife to his neck.

"I suggest you tell me why the hell you and your friends are here before you meet the devil," Her voice was extremely low and threatening, her eyes full of anger and yes, adrenaline.

With her action, the gang unfroze. They split into three groups and found his friends. There was screaming and chanting and war crimes, giving away that the groups had found them and was fighting them.

Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 17, 2022 02:47 AM

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"She'll be dead, that's all there is to it. I find it satisfying when women die. Men were meant to rule humankind anyway. We're the protectors."

Niké almost gagged at that comment but he couldn't. He couldn't let the stranger see that his words affected him. It was people like him that made him almost wish that he was a woman, he didn't want to be associated with those types of men, at all.

"Is that what you are doing now? Trying to protect her? Too bad you're doing a terrible job."

Niké took a quick step forward as he watched the man sucker punch Alleya but he stopped just as quickly, biting the inside of his cheek. This man was pure evil, there was no denying it. The grey-haired man had hoped to get the man to turn on him, to let Alleya go to try and beat the shit out of him instead but instead he could just watch on, praying that he just wouldn't kill her.

It surprised him when he saw how the woman ripped the ropes and within a few seconds, the stranger was on his knees and had a knife to his throat.

"I suggest you tell me why the hell you and your friends are here before you meet the devil."

The grey-haired man let out a sigh of relief. Alleya was safe and suddenly all hell seemed to break loose in the basement as the rest of the gang members went after the man's friends.

Noticing the gun on the ground in front of the man, Niké quickly walked over and grabbed it before looking at the man, “Why should I be protecting her? I think she does a damn good job at that herself.” He smirked softly at the man before looking up at Alleya and gave her a light pat on the shoulder, one that meant both good job and I’m glad you're okay, at least it did to him, hopefully the woman picked up on that too.

Alleya was safe and the rest were now unfrozen again and fighting the other intruders so now he was going to figure out where the hell Theo had gone to. He was their damn leader, it was his job to protect them, not to hide away in the safety of his room.

Niké made his way through the chaos, careful to not get dragged into the groups that were fighting the strangers as he walked up to Theo's door.

“What the fuck type of leader are you!?” He growled as he swung the door open. Now that no one was in immediate danger, he was starting to lose his cool, getting more aggressive and riled up.

Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 17, 2022 03:15 AM

Ashes of Night
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Okay Alleya is kind of bad ass. I need to make her a regular character around here-)))

She felt Nike's hand on her back and grinned at him. At first it didn't seem like he liked her too much but now, it seemed like a different story. Maybe all she needed to do was do something impressive in his eyes for her to grow on him. Either way it worked.

"To warn you, we will not tolerate this desrespect much longer!" The man spat at the floor,"Join us or lose your gang members one by one."

Alleya wrinkled her nose with disgust at his comments but it was over. He was the one on the ground and not her. She just snorted and unlooped her belt from her pant loops, trying his hands behind his back and dragging the man to a pole and tying him against it. She wasn't sure what to do with the big brute. Theo would decide that.

"You're absolutely revolting. Nobody would even consider joining you," She spat on his shoes and jumped in to help the gang members with the other three. She had lost sight of Nike but that was okay. She figured he was helping the gang take on the rest of them.


"Please, God, make it stop!" Theo begged, everywhere in his body was burning hot.

Soon after he had cleaned up the supplies from the stitches, he had heard the sound of footsteps. He had stepped outside the room and had checked the back side area when two guys ambushed him from a different gang. He had not gone down with a fight but nonetheless, they had beaten him and then dragged him to his room. They tied him to the bed post and then that's when the torture began.

"What did I tell you about keeping your mouth shut!" One of the men lit the metal part of the blade on fire and then pressed it against the crook of Theo's neck. He bit back a scream of pain, his fists clenching. This had been happening every 5 minutes since who knows when. He had burn marks all over his skin at this point. He was naked, they had stripped him of all his clothing and had put a little towel over him for "modesty". Not that it mattered, by now his blood was covering him more than that towel.

"What the fuck type of leader are you?!"

The door swung open and there was the newbie gang leader. Oh god, the gang. He hoped somebody had warned them somehow and they weren't endanger. He did hear screams and cries when they door opened but they sounded like war cries.

"Go. Get. Help," He ordered, his order not rising above a whisper at this point. He was in so much pain, his vision was blurry and he was covered in sweat.

"Aww, somebody talked again," The man heated the blade up again and did it again, the pain in his ribs this time. He grunted, squeezing his eyes shut. His fists were clenched so hard his knuckles were white,"Get the man, Alex."

His torture turned to Nike and pulled out a knife. He looked thrilled to have something to do.

Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 17, 2022 04:14 AM

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((She definitely is! I love her xD ))

Niké froze for a second, staring at the gang leader. He hadn't been prepared for what was currently in front of him. The man's current state was not pretty and he looked as if he'd pass out from the pain any second now.

He could see Theo’s lips moving but with his words being nothing but a whisper and the screaming from the rest of the gang members paired with his tinnitus, he couldn't hear what the man said. It would probably not have mattered even if he had heard him, he wouldn't leave him alone to die at the hands of these two.

When one of the men turned towards him, Niké raised the gun that he'd grabbed from the disgusting man that he'd left Alleya to take care of. He made sure the safety was off as steadily held the gun pointed at the man.

“Come on then! I’m not going to stand around and talk like your friend out there did, I will blow your head to pieces. Get the hell out before I make sure you drop dead,” his voice was cold, giving the impression that he was calmer than what he actually was.

Niké’s heart was beating rapidly, his chest heaving as he did his best to keep his breathing as steady as possible. His gaze was dark, staring at the man supposedly named Alex. Keeping the gun trained on him as he held his finger on the trigger. He knew that if he hesitated and the man charged at him, it could mean death but he also knew that he didn't want to kill someone, not unless absolutely necessary. That wasn't why he was here and why he’d wanted to become a cop. He wanted to help others turn their life around and get back on the right path in life, that was why he was here and why he was a cop.
Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 17, 2022 09:32 AM

Ashes of Night
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Theo's unsteady gaze meant Nike's. He was definitely fighting unconsciousness and the pain he was in. Everywhere in his body hurt, every part of his skin burned where the knife had burned him. He was barely paying attention to anything around him, except Nike's eyes. They were kind of pretty.

He noticed something else in his vision. It looked like a gun. Was it a gun? My god, where did the man get a gun?

He could hear what they were saying but it was kind of a blur, sounding loud and distant in his ears. He didn't like how he couldn't hear. His ears had always been his tool to help him through anything. But then his ears got him in this situation to start with.

The sound of the gang in the background settled down or at least he couldn't hear them. He kept on staring at Nike. Why does the man have a gun.

"Uh Paul, girl-boy has a gun," Alex had frozen, turning to look at his partner.

A flash of red appeared behind Nike and put her hand on the man's shoulder. He couldn't tell what she said but her gaze was of absolute horror.


The gang had finished taking care of the friends. They were now all tied up waiting for Theo. Alleya had decided to see if she could find him. She was very worried that he hadn't made an appearance yet. Theo was the first to know when something was off. Always.

She walked toward the gang leader's room and when she saw there was something that she had to wrap her head around. Nike was there, at the entrance of the room, holding a gun. When she got closer, she could see two more gang leaders and a man tied up looking like someone had just painted him in red paint. It took a moment to comprehend who that man was.

"Oh my god! Theo!" She gasped, her hand going to to Nike's shoulder to lean against the newbie to get a better look.

"Well two can play that game," One of the members said. He lit the blade of a knife, even with Nike holding a gun and then...he jabbed the dull end of it toward Theo's groin area. She looked away with an audible gasp and wince. That's what they had been doing to him, that's why he didn't come out to warn them. Theo made a groan but he didn't do much else.

"I said no talking," He lit it again and moved to place it on Theo's neck. Alleya looked up in horror and pulled the knife that she had used to cut her ropes. She didn't think anything but saving Theo. She threw the knife over Nicke's shoulder and then there was a massive scream. She had been aiming toward his hand, trying to stop him from torturing Theo but instead, her knife went through his chest, dangerously close to his heart.

"Garrett!" The other man that Nicke had at gunpoint screamed. His leg twitched like he was about to run to the man but thought better of it with the gun in perfect range. His eyes turned back to him and then pleaded,"Let me go save him! Let us go, we won't be here again! Promise!"

She looked at Nicke, now the choice was in his hands. She wouldn't know what to do in his situation, who to trust, but they didn't have long. She needed to get in there to save Theo and Garrett didn't have much time either. Garrett needed a hospital and the other man needed to get the fuck away from her gang leader.

Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 17, 2022 01:58 PM

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Niké didn’t turn his gaze when he heard Alleya. He didn't react when he felt her hand on his shoulder. He just kept the gun pointed at the man in front of him. Looking away for even a second could mean getting a knife stabbed into his stomach so he wasn't going to lower his guard, he wasn't going to give him an opportunity.

"Well two can play that game."

The grey-haired man clenched his teeth as he watched the man near Theo jabbed him with the dull, but burning hot, part of the knife. When he started heating the knife again, Niké moved the gun slightly, aiming the gun at the other man now and was just about to open his mouth and warn him about doing it again when something came flying, resulting in a pain filled scream.

As the man fell to the ground, he returned to aiming the gun at the first man who had gone from a cold-hearted brute who had been ready to stab him to death given the opportunity to someone who now had fear in their eyes, begging to save his friend. It was interesting how people could change in an instance like that, especially people like him. They enjoyed making others suffer but when something happened to them or their friends they got fearful.

Niké took a step forward while staying quiet, he wasn't going to agree instantly but he also hadn't had any intention of killing them if it could be avoided so this was probably the best outcome out of all bad ones. He’d never killed someone before and he wanted to keep it that way. He had hurt people badly, yes, but never killed someone.

“Pick him up and get out of here,” Nike finally said, moving his finger from the trigger and lowering the gun. “Alleya help Theo, I’ll follow these two out,” he said shortly, his eyes not leaving the two intruders for a second, he was going to make sure that they left and didn't try anything funny on their way out. He didn't trust that they wouldn't be back, it was nothing but an empty promise to be able to save his friend, in reality it was only a matter of time. They'd need a plan for when that happened, or else things would most likely end up worse, much worse.

Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 17, 2022 02:16 PM

Ashes of Night
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She hadn't meant to aim in such a life-threatening spot. The man had just moved just right. In a way, she was kind of glad it did hit him. It caused the man to become less of a threat to them. Now he appeared helpless, begging Nicke for forgiveness.

This gang followed a no kills except when necessary rule so she hoped Niche didn't kill the trembling man. Hers had been accidental and definitely deemed necessary. The other man who had the knife wouldn't be necessary. He already looked at if he was going to pee his pants. He must care about the other guy, the guy that had been torturing Theo.

She stood still as Nicke stepped closer, looking rather threatening and as if he changed his mind. She let of a sigh of relief when Nicke said they could go. The man raced to his friend, feeling for a pulse and then grabbed him.

"Get him out of here...Alleya help Theo..."

She didn't even hear the rest. She ran to Theo's side, practically throwing herself at him in a giant hug. He was still conscious and was staring at them with wide frightful eyes. It was the first time she had seen any emotion on the man's face. She took the knife that the brute had been using to burn Theo and cut the rope that had him tied back, freeing him.

The other guy grabbed his friend and began to drag him out. The man didn't say anything but give a groan. He was only staying alive and conscious because the knife was still inside the wound and not pulled out. She knew that if it was pulled out, the guy wouldn't have any time at all to stay alive.

"Let's get you cleaned up," She whispered in a caring compassionate voice, moving to stand up and going to help him up. He groaned again, obviously fighting against going unconscious. He didn't look good at all. She almost had him up and walking but she couldn't support his weight. She ended up stumbling and hitting her head on the wall trying. He fell back down on the floor with another grunt.

"Nicke! I need your help!" She called. She looked at Theo and ripped a part of her shirt to press on a place that was still bleeding. Of course there were lots of spots still bleeding. She could barely recognize him underneath everything that was happening.

"Keep fighting it Theo, you're doing great. Stay with me now," She didn't want him to be knocked unconscious. Not before she could see exactly where he was hurt or if he was seriously hurt.

"Nicke!" She shouted for him again. Forget about the other gang members, they were no threat now. Theo was her main concern. They couldn't lose him.

Edited at July 17, 2022 02:18 PM by Ashes of Night
Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 17, 2022 04:48 PM

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He could see the woman throwing herself over Theo out of the corner of his eyes as he followed the two men out of the room and towards the door leading outside. Once out of the room, Niké could see the other intruders that were now tied up and being guarded by the other hand members.

He could hear Alleya calling out for him but he kept walking, he'd be with her in a second. Theo was strong, it wasn't life threatening, it would just take some time for him to recover, as long as they hadn't done anything else to him

He stopped once he heard her voice again, not even he could miss her yelling. He looked around quickly before locking eyes with another gang member, one that he hadn't yet introduced himself to and knew who they were but that wasn't important now, “Hey, can you make sure that they leave?” He asked, gesturing towards the two men.

Without waiting for an answer, he headed back into Theo's room. He saw Theo still on the ground and Alleya pressing a piece of cloth against one of the many wounds on the man's body. He put the safety back on the gun before putting it on the leader’s desk.

Theo wasn't much taller than himself but he definitely had to weigh more, and Alleya wanted him to help her? Had she seen him? He was built like a twig compared to Theo. With a sigh, he knelt down in front of the wounded man, grabbing one of the man's arms and putting it around his neck before putting his arm around the man's waist and started standing up, struggling slightly to do so with the added weight.

“A little help wouldn't hurt,” he mumbled, kinda directed at both of them, Theo was still conscious and while weak he could still try to help out a little and try to support his own weight. Alleya seemed shaken by everything that had happened and understandably so, Niké was too, it just hadn't really gotten to him yet, he wasn't letting it.

Not being able to support the man for too long, Niké made sure to get the gang leader over to his bed and sat him down. It also was first now that Niké noticed how the man was nude, completely nude. The grey-haired man couldn't help but to look, only briefly though before he searched for something to cover the man's crotch area up with. A soft blush painted his cheeks pink while he silently hoped that neither Theo or Alleya had noticed. He grabbed the towel that had been previously used to cover the man up and quickly put it in the man's lap to cover everything up.

The fact that he'd looked and was now blushing, was embarrassing, he felt ashamed by himself and he knew that if Alleya had seen or found out somehow, then she'd not let him forget, she would probably tease him a bunch about it.

Once he'd regained his composure slightly he looked over at Alleya, “Are you good at any of this medical shit? Because I'm not,” he said, thinking that if she wasn't either, then she knew someone in the gang who was. He only knew enough to see that it wasn't absolutely life threatening, as long as nothing got infected but since they had been burning the knife, there shouldn't have gotten that much bacteria in the wounds so it should hopefully just be to keep everything clean while it healed.

Niké crouched down in front of Theo and looked up at him, putting a hand on his shoulder and giving the man a light shake to make sure that he didn't fall asleep or pass out. “Hey? You can rest soon, someone just has to look at your wounds first, okay?” He hoped that the man was still conscious enough to hear and understand what he said.

Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 17, 2022 05:18 PM

Ashes of Night
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She couldn't completely assess him and her mind went to the worst thoughts she could think of. She wasn't sure what was underneath the blood or how bad Theo was hurt. She wasn't skilled in medical stuff either, that was Theo's speciality.

She heard footsteps return and looked at Nike. They had to get him up somehow. Of course Nike wasn't the strongest member of the gang but it was the first person she had thought of to help her. The showers were more preferable so she could wash the blood off him but she knew that wasn't reasonable. They couldn't carry Theo to the nearest shower or stream or anything. So her main goal was to move him to a place a bit more comfortable.

Niche returned and started to try to lift Theo, clearly understanding that it was what she wanted. She had frozen for a little, her mind wondering over how this had happened. Theo wasn't helpless but now he appeared that way. She could feel his gaze on her but he didn't speak or anything. His eyes looked hazy, like he was in a trance or something.

"A little help wouldn't hurt."

She jumped at Nicke's voice, snapping out of her thoughts and rushing to help him. Theo weighed a ton but between the two of them, they were able to struggle together and get Theo on the bed. The man let out another noise that sounded like a cry to her but she couldn't be too sure. She had never heard Theo cry. But he was there, he was on the bed. She pulled back, huffing to catch her breath, casting a sidelong look at Nicke to find he was staring at the leader.

She followed his gaze and exclaimed,"Oh!" She wasn't embarrassed by seeing him like that. The gang was mostly consisting of guys, she had seen plenty of them in the nude. She reached for the towel right when Nicke did but pulled back to let him do it.

"I don't know much. I just know what infected wounds look like and deep wounds. I know that Peroxide saves lives," She shrugged, looking at Nike. The two were helpless but she hesitated on getting somebody else, she had a feeling that this moment was one that Theo wanted to remain quiet. She would get somebody if she found serious wounds.

She headed to the bathroom and grabbed a bucket that was with the medical supplies. She filled it up with water, theo had a rusty small sink in his own personal bathroom. Just a sink. The toilet was just a hole in the ground like everyone else. She filled it up with some water and grabbed some rags.

She returned and sat down on the corner of the bed. She had returned to hear what Nike said to the leader and to see him shake him. The leaders gaze became a bit more focused but not by much. It hurt her to see him like this.

"I'm going to try to help you feel better, just hang tight," She told him, reaching for his hand briefly. Whenever she touched it, she felt Theo squeeze her own. It was so light but she felt it. He was coming back to focus. Right now, that hand squeeze met the world to him.

She dipped the rag in the water and looked. She wasn't sure where to start so she just started to clean his chest off. There were so many burn marks but also bruises appearing on his skin. She looked at it and frowned. Did they try to beat Theo to death?

"You'll be okay," She promised, turning to glance at Nike. She didn't know what else to say. Everything was a bit much for her. Her own wrists were stained in her own blood and rope burn from fighting the rope but that meant nothing to her right now, seeing Theo the way he is.

"What did they do to you...." The more she cleaned, the more bruises and gashes she found upon his skin. Some were regular knife cuts, some were burns, and some were clearly made by hand-to-hand combat.

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