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04:22:41 Vah is banned
I think all driving tests are multiple choice. But other than that, not really. Depends on the test, teacher, etc.
04:22:22 ancient as hell
I'd say multiple choice is definitely a type we see often, but I wouldn't say it's the majority of tests lol
04:22:04 Leo, Lion (He/him)
Ready for next?
04:21:45 Boeing, or Boe
Nice Leo
Huh. I always was told it was mainly multiple choice.
 Silver via
04:21:30 Silv, Via
My home school group doesn't, but the test to get your driving permit is multiple choice where I am
04:21:12 Chior, Jax
yes we do.
04:20:51 Vah is banned
I don't remember the last time I had to take a test. Ha
04:20:32 ancient as hell
not mainly, no
A question for the Americans in the chat: Do you really mainly have multiple choice tests?
Same lol. It was dull in the morning but sunny after that.
Geez- That's honestly insane
04:19:17 Leo, Lion (He/him)
Nice! I've made one :D
04:18:47 Vah is banned
... that moment when I realize the last two things I've drawn... that I solidly enjoy looking at

Are both of winged dudes. >.>
I kinda wish I had a more interesting bloodline- My last name is literally one from the really old Irish clans that's super common. I have a teacher and a girl in my year with the same one even though we're not related (I think at least-)
04:18:21 geck, gecko

I drove 16 hours total for a track meet and was still in the same state - that's alaska for you :P
04:17:49 Chior, Jax
you think thats bad?
I can experience 8 different seasons in one day here
04:16:55 Chior, Jax

Irish, French, Scottish, Native American and a bunch of other things from the european area
Just saying- Can't imagine living in America. It's so bizarre to me that you can drive for hours and stay in the same state.
04:14:58 Boeing, or Boe
Ayy :D

Did you put it up? Because if so someone else accepted it, because I'm not in it
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04:14:51 Emmet , Spoopy Wolf
I'm primarily French & Dutch & Native American but ended up with red hair ... that like 5% of Irish really decided to show up in my genes


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Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 16, 2022 02:17 AM

Ashes of Night
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When Nike looked at him, he just shrugged. Alleya was free-spirited and he respected that. He wouldn't punish her for speaking her mind or just being herself. He wasn't that type of leader. In a way, he admired Alleya and she kind of reminded him of Flynn, only not as energetic, touchy, or intense. She was just a lot to handle at times. But there was just something that a guy could admire about her.

"Hey don't give me that look. It was Theo's fault for letting Jasper steal his pants," Alleya giggled and raised an eyebrow at Nike's reaction toward her statement about her picturing Theo in his underwear.

Theo gently kicked her with his foot, not even to hurt her, more of a playful jester if anything. He respected her too much to actually hurt her in any way. Plus he was trying to fix up Nike's hand so he didn't want to move or pause too much.

He went back to his stitching, almost done with it. It didn't look too pretty at the current moment. But it was almost done and would do it's job.

He saw the grey haired man turn toward the wound. He wouldn't have advised that but if Nike wanted to, then it was on him. When the man looked and whimpered, Theo automatically gripped his hand tighter. He was finishing up the last remaining stitch and didn't want the man to screw it up.

"Hey, I wouldn't advise that," His voice was softer than before but still very aggitated and short. Theo finished the last stitch quickly and cleaned off the man's hand. the stitches were clean and perfected once the hand was cleaned from the blood around it. It definitely looked better now. He took some gauze and wrapped up Nike's hand, moving fast so the man wouldn't notice too much.

"There all done." he said, rinsing his own hands with the bowl of water.

"Yay!" Alleya stood up and grabbed Nicke's hand before he had much to think up. She pulled him to his feet with strong pull that was stronger that what most people invisioned on a somebody her size. She began leading him out the door,"Come with me, I'll show you around and my favorite places to spy on people."

"Don't spy on me, it'll get you restroom duty," Theo called and moved to clean up the supplies all the way.

If Alleya wanted to drag Nike all around the gang territory and home place, she could. He was merely exhausted by the prescence of Alleya much less the interaction that Nicke had with her.

"Hey, help him pick out his sleeping spot and his stuff would you?" He called out as Alleya dragged Nicke out of the room to go exploring.

Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 16, 2022 04:06 AM

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When Theo was finally done, Niké let out a sigh of relief. “Thanks,” he mumbled just as he was about to lean back in the chair to breathe for a second before he left the leader alone but instead he was pulled on his feet by Alleya.

It caught him off guard that she was so strong seeing as she wasn't tall at all and didn't look too muscular. He looked over at Theo while the woman practically dragged him out of the room, silently begging him to tell the woman to leave him alone.

It was to no use though as he was already out the room when Theo called after them to tell Alleya to help him pick out a sleeping spot. He was tired already, it had been a long day and a lot had happened. The last thing he wanted right now was to be dragged around after this noisy and energetic chick but he didn't seem to have a say in what he wanted right now.

He never seemed to get used to these types of people who were all touchy and intense, he was more of a loner, always had been, if he had to choose what type of people he preferred, it was the more quiet and laid back people. Niké hadn't grown up in a large and loud family with lots of hugs and such, he wasn't used to a bunch of physical contact.

His childhood hadn't been bad and he didn't blame his mother or brother for the way that he’d turned out. In fact, he didn't even blame his dad for never being around, Dion, his brother, had been a better father-figure than what he could have asked for. His family had done everything they could to give him the best possible childhood, even if it wasn't like most others and even his mom had barely been around due to working so much.

If anything, he had let them down and even if they weren't here to see it now, he was trying to turn his life around and do what he knows would have made them proud. Although currently he seemed to be right back to where things had gone wrong originally, part of a gang and everything. Not that the people he’d been with when younger had been a gang, at least they hadn't called themselves that, they'd just seen each other as a group of friends who’d been up to no good.

Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 16, 2022 04:29 AM

Ashes of Night
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The thing with Alleya is that a person would never get rest around her.

Oh and when she decided something, that decision was for the other people around her too.

That meant that Nike was being driven into the unknown by her energy. Theo made a slight note to check in on them later. He just needed some time to himself. It had been awhile since he could have some peace and quiet, especially with Alleya taking up a special interest with him. Maybe it was Nike's turn to handle that special interest.


Alleya giggled and lead him to the limbo well. Now it was less limbo and more like dancing. The music went to softer more pleasant tunes but couples were dancing hip to hip, kissing each other, and loving up on eachother. It had originally been a party but most people were out doing their gang chores by now.

"Don't plan on getting much sleep here. During the days we like to dance and play music when we aren't doing gang chores," Alleya smiled stopping by the man who was playing the guitar. She playfully hit a wrong note which made him curse at her. She stuck her tongue out and moved on.

"We do most of our sleeping in this because it's the biggest space. It's nothing too libarant. You'll start out with a pillowcase full of bird fathers and a couple of raccoon pelts. As you earn your status in the pack, you can add things to your space. Every person gets about a 12 by 6 space all to themselves." She lead him over to her sleeping area. In hers she had three raccoon pelts, two pillowcases, a couple of books, and a charm bracelet that was her mother's.

"Oh and since Rachael died last week, you can sleep next to me!" She grinned happily but then added,"Of course there are several other sleeping holes. The people who don't like me sleep closer to Theo's room."

The girl wasn't sure why that was. The space closer to Theo's was quiet and peaceful but it didn't pass in her mind that the people who didn't like her probably didn't like noise. She just assumed she wasn't everyone's cup of tea.

"Come to think of it, I don't think there's much people who sleep on this side anymore... wonder what drove them away."

Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 16, 2022 01:02 PM

Posts: 998
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With a soft sigh he allowed Alleya to drag him after her, he had a feeling that if he protested then she'd only get worse so for now, until she let go of him, he'd tag along and let her show him around. Hopefully she’d tire herself out.

Niké looked around a bit at the couples, he'd never been particularly interested in relationships, still he did feel a bit jealous, but only very slightly. He’d had a few relationships in the past, nothing serious though, no actual love. At least there hadn't been any from his side. There's only one person that he's ever actually loved in that way, unfortunately he never felt the same way about him, not in the slightest. Their friendship had had a pretty ugly end because of it…

He shook that thought away, he didn't want to think about that now, well ever but especially not now. It would come back later when he was alone, he knew that but he'd rather think about it then.

Looking around slightly as he let Alleya lead him towards the sleeping area he tried to get a look at the faces of others there. A few he could recognize, having been shown the faces of a few confirmed members of the gang beforehand but he, just like anyone living or having lived this type of life, knew that people could just disappear just as quickly as they appear. So since he had been shown all those people while doing research before going undercover, a bunch of them could have already died or disappeared in other ways and a few new could have joined.

He looked around the sleeping area, even if he'd gotten used to the luxury of a proper bed, he didn't have any complaints about this, it was dry and free from winds. It beats sleeping behind a dumpster, that's for sure, and he’d done that more times than he could count when he was younger, he didn't have a problem falling asleep in different places, he struggled more with staying asleep. On bad nights he could wake up every 15 minutes to make sure that everything was as it should, on good nights he got maybe 3-4 hours of sleep before waking up. It had been long since he'd gotten a full night's sleep without waking.

"Oh and since Rachael died last week, you can sleep next to me!"

The grey-haired man gave the girl a slightly weird look at how she was grinning happily while telling him about the death of another gang member. He looked at the space next to hers, it wasn't a bad spot, except for the fact that he would be next to that blabbermouth. But then again he did probably have the worst hearing out of everyone here so if anyone could stand it, it would probably be him.

“Sure,” he finally said after some consideration, “I’ll sleep here, it's as good of a place as any,” he stated. Niké took his jacket off, dropping it on the space next to Alleya’s sleeping area. It was warmer now that he was inside and he didn't have anything valuable in his pockets so he'd be fine leaving it there, and also he didn't think anyone would look through it, but you never knew.

"Come to think of it, I don't think there's much people who sleep on this side anymore... wonder what drove them away."

He looked over at Alleya again, raising an eyebrow. How could she not know? Did she talk so much that she couldn't even hear her own thoughts?

“Well you do talk, a lot,” he said bluntly. In his mind, he'd just told her the reason why people didn't sleep near her but he did realize after he'd said it out loud that it could come across as mean, even if he hadn't intended it to. It wouldn't bother him too much if she got mad at him though.

Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 16, 2022 03:05 PM

Ashes of Night
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The gang was accustomed to death. They were often targetted because other gangs in the area were considered weaker and more sensative because they didn't participate in other gang related activites. The gangs in the area were known for being agressive and cruel. They liked killing things for fun, they liked doing crimes for fun. And since Theo wouldn't participate in their acts, they turned against his gang. However, every month they came and asked him again to join. His answer was always the same.

Alleya knew this because she observed the gang. She found every single gang member interesting and thrilling. It didn't take long to figure out what each gang member is about or the routine to things. Plus, this part was known for gossip so she latched onto it very quickly. Some gang members were pissed at Theo's resistence to the other gangs, others admired him for saying no, something about how this "Flynn" character would have wanted it this way. It was interesting conversation, that's for sure.

She was even more happy at Nike saying he would take Rachael's spot. She didn't know Rach very long but the two would often fight with eachother. Rach was reserved, quiet, and into women...and she was not. They had constant fights over their love interests, who was the hottest member, and Rach would often get tired of her talking. It was very difficult for them to get along because of the conflicting personalities.

"Great, come this way! I'll help you with the pelts!"

She had turned to move toward the supplies room when she heard his comment about her talking a lot. It didn't click to her that he was answering her comment about people wanting to move toward the other side of the basement. She just grinned and nudged him,"Why thank you, kind sir. My mouth is my most prized posession."

She began dragging him toward the part of the basement reserved for supplies. It was right next to Theo's room for the purpose of safety. There were some night shift people sleeping around the area. It was one of the quieter parts for sure. She lead him into the supplies room. There were several racoon pelts, canned goods, weapons, medical...basically anything that the gang would need. They seemed to be well stocked up and taken care of.

She grabbed an empty pillow case and led him to the bag of bird feathers,"Go ahead, stuff your pillow."

This was the one thing she would be happy to skip. Although the bird feathers were washed, they still stunk. Nike's hand would be smelling rotten for days.

"You know, when I joined, Jasper helped me with this. He couldn't stand me, saying I was going to talk the gang to death if I didn't shut up. Theo had to intervene before Jasper took a knife to my throat," She smiled at the memories,"Jasper's really prickly, haven't you noticed that?"

Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 16, 2022 05:14 PM

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"Why thank you, kind sir. My mouth is my most prized possession."

Niké rolled his eyes slightly, the woman clearly couldn't take a hint even if hit her straight in the head. He let her drag him over to the supplies, being careful to not bump into the people sleeping as he passed them, if he'd learnt one thing when younger, it was to never wake someone else up unless absolutely needed.

Well, he'd only done it once and that guy had been known to have issues but he got stabbed that time so after that he didn't dare accidentally waking anyone else up. You learn from your mistakes after all.

Once in the supply room, he looked around, his eyes lingering on the weapons for a bit, there were quite a few, a lot of people could get hurt because of them, it wasn't as if he could do anything about them right this second though so he'd just have to try his best to not worry about it for the time being.

Other than the weapons, there were plenty of other necessities that were needed for the gang members survival which was good, there was nothing worse than going hungry for days. The longest he'd gone hungry for was probably just three days but they had felt like an eternity and as someone who was naturally skinny, he'd looked like a skeleton in just those three days without food, that's before he got good at stealing though, since then he had never gone more than a single full day without eating at least once.

Niké looked down at the feathers that Alleya had led him to before he grabbed the pillow case and pulled the arm of his hoodie up before putting his hand in the bag and grabbing a handful of the feathers and putting it in the pillow case.

He listened to the woman talk about Jasper as he continued stuffing the pillow case, the rotten smell reaching his nose now that he was moving all the feathers around.

"Jasper's really prickly, haven't you noticed that?"

“No, I haven't,” he answered shortly, mostly just focused on filling the pillow case. “We’re nothing alike though so it could just be you that he has a problem with,” Niké stated, shrugging a little before continuing to fill the pillow case. It was only the truth, not everyone was the same and not everyone liked everyone, it was idiotic to try and force others to like each other. Some people just didn't work together, forcing it would do no one any good.

Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 16, 2022 05:14 PM

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((Oops double post heh, just ignore this...))

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Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 16, 2022 05:35 PM

Ashes of Night
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Alleya gagged a little as the smell of the feathers reached her. She hated the smell of them but they did make a good comfy pillow to sleep on. She definitely wasn't going to help with the feathers part. She barely stood the smell of them for her own pillow. She didn't mind the raccoon pelts though. They had been washed good and she learned a little perfume goes a long way into fixing it.

"Oh bullshit, Jasper loves me," She responded to Nike saying he didn't like her. Of course Jasper liked her, she hadn't done anything to him. Her response had been a little more aggressive than intentional but it was true. Jasper also made out with her before so it further her point. He was just prickly. Then again, Jasper was known for being a ladies' man,"How could he not?"

Once Nike was done stuffing the pillow case, she tied it for him and put it back into his arms,"there you go. I'll grab you some pelts and you'll be all fixed up." Newer members started off with only three pelts. As they earned their status among the gang, they got more. She had three, Jasper had 7, and Rachael had had five.

She grabbed the racoon skins, grabbing the three off the topthe top, knowing they were fresher and probably thicker. With winter approaching, the pelts would be getting thicker. They had some weight to them that caused her to take a moment and readjust. She still didn't ask Nike to take any, she was just trying to show off her strength a little.

She began walking out, be extra cafeful of where she stepped. She was pretty skilled at ignoring the night people. They were so angry all of the time anyway. She knew not to disturb them.

"As you work your way through the gang, you'll have opportunities to get more. I hope you weren't recently kicked out of a really comfortable mattress though. My back was broken for days," She whispered. She carried them all the way to his spot, not talking much after that. Mostly because she was out of breath. She dropped them down with a major "flop" sound and huffed a little.

"Mind you, I still have back problems," She joked, stretching out her back and stepping back to let Nike get his own things situated. She leaned against the wall with her arms crossed, looking around. Thats when she noticed it. The three members from other gangs coming into their space to beg Theo to join them...again. That would be the second time this month.

She let out an audible gasp and everyone who was working, dancing, or just hanging out had turned to stare. It was clear that they didn't belong. She turned to run off to warn Theo but that's when one of the members took out a rope and basically lassoed her wrists together and tugged her into them.

"No need to get your precious gang leader involved princess," The gang member pulled her into him and sneered in her ear. Theo's gang members just stared wide eyed in silence. They knew that they didn't belong here for the second time, especially not without an escort.

"If anyone moves, she'll have to say hello to the devil in hell for you!" The one that grabbed her pulled out a gun and held it to her head. For once in her life, Alleya was completely silent.

Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 16, 2022 07:05 PM

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He glanced at Alleya as she gagged, sure it wasn't a pleasant smell but gagging was a bit much, then again, he wasn't one to say anything, he had been whimpering about getting stitches just a few moments earlier.

“Oh bullshit, Jasper loves me. How could he not?”

“You want a list?” He asked bluntly and if not for the fact that the corners of his lips pulled up ever so slightly, hinting at a smile, you wouldn't have known that he was joking. It wasn't something he did frequently and his humor was usually kinda mean so it wasn't for everyone, nor did everyone pick up on when he was joking and not.

“Thanks,” he mumbled after Alleya tied his pillow for him before handing it back. He then watched her grab the raccoon pelts, he could tell they were heavy even if she tried to not let it show. He didn't offer to help her, she'd chosen to grab them by herself, he hadn't asked her to but if she wanted to then he wasn't going to stop her. Instead he followed after her quietly while holding onto a corner of the pillow.

The grey-haired man listened to the woman talking about her back, for once she was talking less though, now that she had to do a bit of heavy work. His original impression of her had been a bit wrong, he had to admit that, she wasn't actually half-bad, she was still too annoying and talkative for his liking but as long as she kept her hands of him, he could tolerate it.

He shrugged his shoulders a bit as he got down to figure out what the best way to put the raccoon pelts would be after Alleya had dropped them onto the floor. “I’m not sensitive when it comes to stuff like that, I’ve had to just sleep on the pavement several times, your body gets used to it,” he mumbled, more focused on the pelts and how to arrange them best, than the things happening around him.

When he heard her gasp he furrowed his eyebrows, confused by her reaction, “Now that's an overreaction, I’ve slept on the ground not killed a pupp- What are you looking at?” As he turned his head, he noticed that it was something else that had caught her attention and he was quick to get on his feet but he wasn't quick enough to do anything about the stranger who grabbed Alleya. Whoever the stranger and his two friends were, they weren't here to be friendly.

"If anyone moves, she'll have to say hello to the devil in hell for you!"

Niké’s gaze darkened as he stared at the man holding Alleya. The man looked to be twice the size of the tiny woman and he was clearly stronger, but he was a coward and he'd shown that by grabbing Alleya. Some would say he’d grabbed her because others would want to protect her since she was smaller and “defenseless” but that just showed that he lacked any knowledge about the people here. Niké had been here for less than an hour and it was already clear that Alleya was far from their favorite.

It took Niké one glance around the place to see that everyone else was just staring like a bunch of wide eyed idiots which meant that he either had to hope for Theo to appear from his room or deal with them, which was probably what they wanted. Or Niké could do what he knew to work 90% of the time and get them to let go of Alleya and grab someone else, preferably him so no one else had to get hurt.

What some would call a tactical move, Niké called being a coward and it was something he could use against the stranger, to play on his insecurities, make him angry and predictable. The only struggle was usually finding out the other's insecurities.

“What a man you are, huh?” He said, staring up at the stranger with his pale blue gaze. “You really went and grabbed the smallest and weakest one out of us all? Says a lot about how much you believe in yourself, that's good though, one should know their own limitations. I would say to pick on someone your own size but that would be rude, I mean for all I know maybe she is the only size you can handle?” The man taunted.

It was a risk what he was doing, yes, but his hope was to piss the man off so much that he'd let Alleya go and go after him instead, that would also give the rest of the gang members time to think out something instead of just standing around and staring.

Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 16, 2022 07:36 PM

Ashes of Night
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The gang were just staring unsure of their next move. They were used to Theo's orders but Theo wasn't here. Alleya also wasn't very high up in the gang but they all knew who she was. They still stood there which made Alleya feel hurt that they didn't defend her.

Nike must not have heard them enter. His back had been turned yes but surely he could have heard their loud footsteps. But of course he didn't, not until she was captured. She struggled a little in his grip and the rope holding her hands from punching him. Normally she wasn't as easy to be captured. There was hurt in her eyes mixed in fear and panic. Of course, each time she moved, the gun pressed against her skin more and his grip tightened.

"You really went and grabbed the smallest and weakest one out of us all?"

She heard this and she felt more hurt. The new guy must not like her. Did he really think she was helpless? She had struggled her whole life trying to prove she was equal to everybody else and his words hurt. They hurt worst than the rest of the gang just standing around.

"Oh and who's this tough guy or should I say girl?" She felt herself being dragged to look toward Nike's direction more. She didn't like jokes about her size so when she could see him, she purposely looked away. She didn't want him to see how much his words hurt her. When she was looking away, she noticed something shiny sticking out of the brute's pocket. It looked like a handle to something.

She turned her gaze to Nike, her gaze begging him to distract the man that was three times the size of her. She could get out, if that handle was really a knife or something to cut the ropes off her wrists. She began twisting toward it carefully. She didn't reach, not yet. She wanted to make sure it seemed like she was just fighting against him.

"I bet I could beat your ass with my eyes shut." The man seemed to be angry.

The three friends went off, scoping out the place. She wasn't sure what they wanted. She would have less of a chance of getting caught now. She waited before struggling again. Now her head was directly under the silver shiny thing. She reached her hands up and grabbed it. She bit back a sharp noise of pain as the ropes cut into her skin.

But she got it. She pulled away quickly and looked down. It was a knife. Success. She slipped it throughthe rope on her right wrist, cutting quickly and at her side, half hidden by the brute's own body and hers.

"I doubt you could win a fight against a fly," She grumbled to herself and the man turned the safety off his gun. She heard it click and she squeezed her eyes for a moment, taking deep breaths. Her hand had paused cutting the rope. The dull blade of the knife was digging into her skin uncomfortably.

The brute gave an awful laugh,"Keep your mouth shut princess or else I'll pull it." She took a quick gulp and opened her eyes. That was close. She glanced down at her hands and shakily began cutting again.

Come on, Theo, realize something is wrong.

Theo heard everything. How did the gang leader not know something was going on yet?

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