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Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 8, 2022 01:01 AM

Ashes of Night
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He heard Jasper leave and sigh. He couldn't wait to get this over with. He had other things to do than worry about some poor man wanting to make a life of himself. Gangs weren't for that. Gangs were for protection, the homeless, and the sense of family. He wasn't sure if this newcomer met any of those qualities. But yet, he knew at once point he didn't either. So in a way, it was best to judge. However, judging was why this meeting existed in the first place. Of course, the newcomer wouldn't know this. Jasper and Lilith both claim that the man couldn't hear a train if it was threatening to run him over.

He heard more footsteps approach him and he felt a gaze on his backside. He didn't acknowledge it directly, just let the newcomer stare. He was used to people staring. He wasn't exactly pretty in the face for a mid-twenty year old.

The newcomer approached on his blind side. If it wasn't for his sharp hearing, he would have never even known the man was there. But of course that was impossible to not notice. The man was the type of man that would stand out in a crowd. His feet were heavy with no sound of grace. It made him slightly suspicious but slighty would be used to claim that he hadn't been suspicious to the start.

"Ah yes, Nike," Theo's head turned to get a look at the man. Grey hair, most likely not natural. The man looked about his age if he was being honest,"What's the origin on the name?"

Name basis were always good, a good place to start anyway. A person's origin on their name could give a lot about their background. For example, he didn't know how he ended up with the name Theoadore since he was put for adoption. A name origin could reveal family background rather quickly.

(Sorry I can't do the accent on the e))

Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 8, 2022 09:00 AM

Posts: 674
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((No worries ^^))

"What's the origin on the name?"

Niké looked at the other man in silence for a few seconds, a bit taken aback by the question. It wasn't a weird question per se but he just hadn't expected it.

Niké pushed a few strands of hair out of one of his eyes before opening his mouth to answer, “It's Greek. My mom used to love Greek mythology and shit… She wasn't Greek herself though. She’d always say that my dad was but I doubt it, I mean look at me,” he said, shaking his head slightly.

“Anyway… My older brother had a Greek name and when she was pregnant with me, she made up her mind that she wanted to name me Niké, even before she knew my gender. Niké was the winged goddess of victory, or something like that,” he shrugged “Guess she was hoping for a daughter but she got me and still named me Niké,” he explained.

He didn't mind talking about his family too much, did he miss both his mom and Dion? Yes, he definitely did, a lot. But that didn't mean that he wasn't going to talk about them at all. His mom was dead, probably his brother too and he never knew who his dad was. There was nothing he could do about it now so why cry about it?

Taking a bit of a closer look at Theo’s face now that he was up close with him, he noticed what a nice color the man’s eyes had, beautiful even, they were a nice contrast to the rest of the man's face that was more rough-looking.

“And yeah, I can probably guess what you're thinking, it wouldn't be the first time I hear it, I’m a short, feminine looking guy with a feminine name, I know, I know,” he said with a sigh, “I could still kick yours and many others ass though, and I don't say that as a threat or to be cocky, I’m saying that as a fact,” he told the man in front if him. He’d gotten comments about that a lot and he was tired of it so this time he wanted to say something before the other even got a chance to hint at it. “I know how I look but I hope you’ll judge me based on what I can do, not on how I look,” he said shortly as he looked at Theo.

Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 8, 2022 11:41 AM

Ashes of Night
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Flynn went back crawling to her family once she found out that she was pregnant. Her family adopted him but as soon as she passed, he left them just like he had left his father. He snuck out in the middle of the night and that was the end to the adoption. He didn't know what happened after, he just knew they had lost their daughter and they didn't need some poor homeless boy with daddy issues in their household. So really he didn't know his name origin because of adoption, he just used that as an alias. He didn't like talking about his mother or his true name origin.

So judging by how quickly Nike answered the question, he had a loving family. Once upon a time. He might still have one, the man didn't look too scruffed up to be on the streets full time. He turned toward his liquor, taking another long and good sip. Name orgin revealed so much about a man and their feelings toward things. He could tell that Nike spoke of his mother highly and his father subtly. At least he had some history or lack of history with his father, that meant something. He did speak of every member sorrowfully which meant that they probably weren't alive. Another score.

He had turned his gaze away from the gray-haired man and back toward the bartender. She had approached him again and was flirting casual with him once again. He didn't show any true feelings about the encounter, just sent her away with a 5 dollar bill that he had stolen from her tips earlier that day. Really, he was returning it for a little favor in alone time and to stop all the touching. He really wasn't interested in relationships.

"Woah easy there tiger," He noticed that Nike had been going on about looking feminine and kicking some ass. He couldn't help but arch and eyebrow and turn in his chair so he could see him properly. He should have told Jasper to make sure he sat on the opposite side. Of course he had just assumed that the man knew that he was blind in one eye. Almost everybody knew that.

"I doubt you can kick my ass and I don't want you kicking any ass today," His words were a tad bit slurred from the liquor but he didn't mind. The liquor took the nerves these meetings caused him. He hated meeting new guys,"If you really want to prove yourself then please, steal all the tips from that bartender that couldn't keep her hands to herself. Come meet me in Alley 7 when you're done."

He got up and walked toward the bathroom to slip out of the bar without paying. It was a normal occurance for him and the bar still hadn't caught on to the fact it wasn't a good idea to put a window in the men's bathroom. He left Jasper overseeing Nike to make sure the deed was done.

Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 9, 2022 03:03 AM

Posts: 674
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Niké watched the man turn towards him. He had knowingly sat down on the man's blind side, the only reason being that it was the side that he could hear the best on. The grey-haired man shot a quick glance at the bartender who’d been flirting with Theodore, he couldn't blame her, the man had that “bad boy” look that most girls fell for. What he didn't understand was how Theo didn't show any signs of interest, there was nothing wrong with the bartender’s looks after all. Maybe he just didn't like women? Niké didn't think too hard about it, it's not as if it mattered to him, Theo was a criminal and not really his type anyway so why waste time speculating?

Turning his pale gaze back towards Theodore, he listened in silence, the liquor the man was sipping on seemed to start having an effect on him, making his words slightly slurred. He wanted him to steal the bartender’s tips? That’s it?

“Alright,” Niké said, shrugging a little as he watched Theo get up and leave. Stealing some tips from a bartender was nothing hard, it was nothing he hadn't done before but he didn't like it this time. He’d made a promise to himself to keep his hands as clean as possible during this undercover mission. He was a cop now after all, it was wrong but it felt even more wrong this time.

With a sigh, Niké looked around the bar, this time studying the people in it a bit, none of them looked as if they were interested in much else that was going on around them, most just sipping on their drinks and chatting with each other. Jasper had found a couple of guys to chat with but Niké knew that he was still keeping an eye on him. There was only the one bartender currently working so this was going to be extremely easy. All he needed to do was to make sure that she was distracted and he’d be able to pretty much grab the tip jar and walk right out.

Looking over at the bartender, he smiled softly at her, a fake smile but realistic enough for her to not notice. “Hey could I get a drink sweetheart?” He asked, getting her attention. He could see her eyes searching a little for Theo, the man had left without paying after all.

They started chatting a bit, Niké flirting a bit with the woman to get her mind off Theo and the other people in the bar. He could tell that she wasn't super into him but she, just like most people liked receiving compliments. After a little while, he was present with a drink and he thanked the bartender before taking a small sip. Niké wasn't much of a drinker, he had been more when he was younger, before he ended up with tinnitus, the buzzing only getting worse when he got drunk.

He worked on finishing the drink while continuing to talk with the bartender, pausing when she had to go and help other people.

After a while, Niké got up and put his hand in his pocket to grab some money, he was at least going to pay for his own drink even if he were stealing the tips. “Well I really should go now but here you g-” as he pulled his hand out of his pocket to place the money on the counter, he did so quickly, having his hand connect with the glass he’d been drinking out of and sending it flying behind the bar counter, shattering into a million pieces. To others, it looked accidental but it definitely wasn't.

“I am so sorry, shit.. I didn't mean to do that..!” He started apologizing to the bartender who’s mood he’d seemed to ruin as she looked down tiredly at the glass pieces. Niké looked around the bar quickly, a few people had looked up but they were losing interest quickly and going back to what they'd previously been doing.

“It's fine, I’ll take care of this but maybe you should go home now,” the bartender told him, even if she tried her best to appear friendly, her voice was much more hostile now.

“Yep, definitely, you're right, I'll go now. Once again I'm so sorry,” he said as he got up, placing the money for the drink on the counter as he watched her get down behind the bar to clean up the shattered glass. Niké glanced around the bar quickly once more, people had all gone back to their own drinks and conversations, well, except for Jasper, but he doubted that Jasper of all people would try to stop him. Niké quickly took a few steps towards the tip jar, glancing to make sure the bartender was still busy cleaning, before he reached into the tip jar, quickly grabbing all of the money in it and putting it in a pocket on the inside of his jacket before leaving the bar.

Once out in the rain again, he zipped up his jacket and pulled the hood up as he started walking towards Alley 7. He pulled out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, opening it and frowning a bit when there was only one left. With a sigh, he put it between his lips and crumbled up the empty pack in his hand before letting it drop to the ground. The grey-haired man then pulled out a lighter, cupping his hand over it to shield it from the wind and rain as he lit the cigarette.

As much as he hated to admit it, he'd enjoyed that. Breaking the law always gave him a kick like nothing else could, there was just something so exciting with running the risk of getting caught. Now it made him feel bad though, he'd made a promise to protect other people from things like this, yet here he was, stealing tips from a woman who’s just trying to make ends meet, most likely just having flirted with Theo in order to get some extra tips, instead she ended up with non.

Niké sighed as he smoked a couple of drags on his way to the meeting place. As long as he didn't have to do much worse things, then it should be fine. He shot a quick glance over his shoulder before he turned into the alley, taking in a last drag of his cigarette, flicking it onto the ground as he breathed out the smoke before looking around a bit for Theodore.

((This got a bit longer than I intended it to... Oops hah))

Edited at July 9, 2022 03:51 AM by Roaw
Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 11, 2022 11:14 PM

Ashes of Night
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Stealing the tips was a very basic thing. Normally Theo didn't condone to stealing of any kind, especially toward bartenders that were already struggling to pay rent. He knew sometimes the tips were the only thing that kept them from living off the streets. Flynn's sister used to be a bartender at this very bar. She would always give him free drinks. He hadn't seen her since Flynn passed.

He just decided to challenge the morals of this man as part of the test. There were three parts: morals, fighting, and unity. Unity was easiest one to pass. Basically the feminine dude already passed that part by befriending members of the gang before even meeting him. Normally members weren't aware that was a test. The moral one was the easiest to tell it was just a test.

The gang leader slipped out of the bathroom window and started to prepare for the next and final part. It was the fight. Basically he needed to make sure that the newcomer was prepared to fight on his side and to make sure he didn't have divided loyalties with other gangs. It was quite common for different gangs to try to plant a spy in others. Mostly this would show during these tests. Normally traitors would recognize the test in the gang and know that they have been caught. They'll normally flee without hesitation.

Of course, he had to test for traitors but to be honest, the gray-haired man didn't look fitting for other gangs. Of course, he wasn't one to judge. Once upon a time they could have said the same thing about himself.

"Alleya, is it ready?" He arrived to Alley 7, a little out of breath. It was quite a trip to run to at full speed. The red-haired chick jumped out of her hiding spot and nodded. They were ready.

Alleya was the newest member of the gang, Nike wouldn't know her. He made sure to pick members that Nike wouldn't know. Like Alleya, Johnson, Taurus, and Tia. That would be enough for the test.

"Oh I can't believe I'm about to 'fight' the great and powerful Theo," Alleya snickered as he joined her in her hiding place. The two were shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip. He could feel the young woman's body trimmer with excitement. He rolled his eyes. Just another day in paradise.

"Shhhh, be quiet. Stealing tips won't take long," He whispered, elbowing her sharply in her side.

He crouched down lower and peered through the remains of his hiding spot, looking for Nike. He was expected to be here in just a few minutes. Whenever, he spotted the man, he was taking one last drag to his cigarette. He couldn't help but wrinkle his nose at the stench. He hated the smell of smoke but it did pair well with liquor time to time. He waited a few more minutes before giving a loud scream. That scream would have been a cry for help for Nike but a scream to announce the test had started for his gang.

Alleya sprung into action, taking her dagger and pointing it at his throat. She grabbed him by his hair, a little more rough than he expected her to. He ended up giving a real sharp cry at how tight the grip was as she dragged him into sight with the dagger placed firmly on his neck.

"Surrender to us and he won't get hurt!" She demanded in a very aggressive tone. It was pretty aggressive for someone who was a 5'4 petite woman. Tia and Taurus jumped out of their hiding places and surrounded Nike, their weapons drawn. Johnson remained hidden, waiting in the shadows for Nike's reaction.

Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 12, 2022 11:32 AM

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A loud scream rang through the alley, so loud that not even he could mistake it for anything else. He stood perfectly still as he waited for the source of the sound to appear, ready for whatever was about to come.

When he saw Theo being dragged into view by a shorter woman he raised an eyebrow before quickly looking around himself at the two others before returning his gaze to the woman and listening to her speak.

Niké looked around once more before shaking his head softly, he knew his odds weren't great, Theo had a knife to his throat and he himself had two people surrounding him with their weapons drawn at him, and for all he knew there could be more people hiding in the shadows. Although they seemed to think they had an advantage over him by having Theo, they didn't.

Niké locked eyes with the woman, his gaze darkening ever so slightly, “You want me to believe that? I'm sure you don't even believe it yourself darling,” he taunted while grinning, he wanted to piss her off and make her angry, people became predictable when they were angry, “Why would you hurt him to get me huh? I’m trash on the side of the road compared to him. Not the brightest, are you now?”

“But fine, I guess I'll humor you this one time,” he said as he raised his hands a little while rolling his eyes. The grey-haired male watched out of the corner of his eye as one of the two people surrounding him walked closer but he remained still, glancing at Theo and the two others before he felt a hand roughly grab one of his arms.

Niké quickly turned towards them, raising his free arm and smashing his elbow onto their nose. It was a bit dirty to hit someone on their nose, it was such a sensitive place after all, impossible to not tear up if someone hit you there. He felt the grip on his arm lighten, probably having caught the other by surprise, he pulled his arm free quickly as he grabbed the wrist of the attacker's hand where they had their weapon, he'd prefer to not get stabbed after all, it wasn't exactly pleasant.

The man grinned with excitement as he threw a punch towards the side of the other's face, sure, he was rather small but he knew how to put his full weight into his punches so no matter how pain tolerant someone was, it still hurt them, at least a bit. He wasn't stupid though, he wasn't trying to bring his opponent down, he knew he didn't stand a chance once the rest came at him too but he had a plan and that was to disarm this person quickly while trying not to get killed.

Niké turned his body so that he had his back half turned toward the person as he loosened his grip on their wrist only to try and grab the knife. He didn't look too closely, too busy trying to not get hit, and he just tried to grab it, hoping to get ahold of some part of the handle but instead he felt the blade digging into his hand as he closed his palm around it. Clenching his teeth, he quickly used his elbow once more to hit his opponent in the head, this time getting them to let go of the knife which he himself quickly dropped and kicked in Theo’s direction.

At that moment he stopped struggling as much, resisting but not attempting to hit the other just as much anymore, now it was up to Theo to get loose. The excitement on the man's face was still visible though. Niké wasn't a fan of violence but that didn't mean that he wouldn't resort to it, he most definitely would, and he liked fighting, well, not fighting itself but the thrill that he got from it, it was addicting. But he knew when to quit, he was outnumbered and they had weapons, if he kept going he could get killed. He still could but if he survived now and managed to help Theo get free by getting him the knife, then the gang leader would have no reason to not trust him.

Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 12, 2022 12:14 PM

Ashes of Night
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And so the "fight" began. He couldn't believe that there was no hesitation, no inner thought, or even questioning coming from this man over how a woman could have easily gotten ahold of him without any scratches on her or him. That was normally a thing that would be brought up.

But perhaps, it was adrenaline kicking in or really the man just felt that much of loyalty to this gang so soon. He watched with amazement, twisting his body slight to indicate that Alleya could loosen her grip a little. He wanted to observe this man's fighting skills. He was pretty sure his own gang could fight one man. They were skilled fighters even if they were roughly new.

Damn this man could fight, he thought to himself.

He saw how quick he was with his moments but how precise. He could also see raw emotion which was a flaw that could be fixed. Normally, you didn't want gang members seeing emotion. It was a sign of weakness and it also gave away some of your next moves.

His gang was getting hammered but they had true spirits and commitment in this test. They kept on getting up and fighting against Nike. They had spirit. They were going to be sore and bruised in the morning though. He watched the man kick a knife toward him and grinned.

He did it, he defended himself but also went back to free him. That's what he was looking for the most. He let it carry on for a good few minutes and then nodded to Johnson. Johnson leaped out of his hiding spot, directly on the man's shoulders. He wrestled him and pinned him easily.

Johnson was known for outrageous strength and using his whole weight in fights. Between the moment that Johnson tackled him, Alleya let go of him and they stood side by side, grinning with amusement. Tia and Taurus stopped.

One of them were bleeding from their nose and the other one holding their jaw. "Look, it's over. You proved yourself," came Johnson's gruff voice.

Johnson waited for the man to realize before getting up and letting him see for himself. to prove a point, Alleya hugged Theo's shoulders. He frowned a little but didn't protest her actions.

"Well done, Nike," He said with Taurus let out a few grumbled curses. He had gotten the most of Nike's hits after all.

Edited at July 12, 2022 12:32 PM by Ashes of Night
Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 13, 2022 02:30 AM

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As he was tackled down to the ground, he started spitting curses while kicking and thrashing around but there was no way he'd get the man that had tackled him off. As long as he was on his feet, he was able to put up a good fight but the minute he was pinned down, he knew his chances of winning or even getting away were slim. The man had come out of nowhere and due to his shitty hearing, he hadn't realized that he was coming at him until he was on the ground.

"Look, it's over. You proved yourself,"

The words slowly sunk in as Niké stopped fighting against him. It had been a test? Of course it had been, he was stupid to not have realized that sooner, he'd gotten so caught up in the moment, he hadn't stopped to realize that. After all, how could they just have caught Theodore that easily and why hadn't he been struggling more against the small woman, he should have known that things didn't add up.

When he was finally let go by the man, Niké quickly got up on his feet and took a few quick steps backwards to distance himself slightly, still prepared, just in case. He was panting a little as he looked at Theo and the short chick, who had lost her grip on his hair and was instead hugging him around his shoulders, something the man did not seem to appreciate, however he didn't say anything about it.

"Well done, Niké.”

The grey-haired man gave a soft smirk at the comment before replying, “I told you I could fight,” his tone was rather flat as he spoke, not at all cocky and like he was trying to brag, just a simple I told you so. When he heard someone grumbling, he looked over at the man who’d he'd fought the most with, he then glanced over at the woman who wasn't in much better shape, maybe he'd been a bit too rough, after all, it had just been a test, not that he'd known at the time but still.

As his breathing was returning to normal and the adrenaline was starting to fade away, his body started to ache, the worst was his hand though. Niké looked down at his left hand, frowning as he saw that his palm was coated in crimson red, yet another stupid thing he'd done today, grab a knife blade.

The young man wiped the blood off on his pants to get a better look at the wound, biting the inside of his cheek as he did. He looked at the wound a little before squeezing it together a little with two of his fingers, wincing in pain. He couldn't tell how deep it was but by the looks of it, he'd need stitches, he wasn't about to sit in the E.R for that though, he'd have to figure something out.

Niké glanced up at Theo before pulling out the tips that he'd stolen and holding them out for him to grab, “She wasn't all bad that bartender, studying to become a nurse and everything,” he told him, shrugging his shoulders a bit, still not happy about having stolen the tips, “Hopefully she doesn't depend too much on getting tips.” Yes, he wanted to make the man feel at least a bit guilty, it was one thing to steal from people that didn't need their money, but a young bartender just trying to make a living? He didn't like it.

“Is there anything else you need me to do? Otherwise I'm gonna go now and get this taken care of,” he said, raising his left hand a little. It wasn't that it was bleeding an awful lot, he wasn't worried about blood loss but he had no idea how deep it was and he wanted to avoid an infection but if there was something else that Theo needed, he'd just have to take care of it later.

Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 13, 2022 02:59 AM

Ashes of Night
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He wasn't going to lie, Nike could fight. He definitely knew how to defend himself. He knew Taurus and Tia were going to be alright, after all it was just a few hits. They would definitely be practicing their fighting skills later. The two liked to wrestle a lot. They were twins, family, in other words.

Alleya finally let go of him and he stepped away from her, feeling relieved to not have her tight squeeze. She was a little too touchy, probably because she was abandoned by her own family about six months ago. That tended to make people more clingy. That's why he didn't protest her movements. He kind of understood what it felt like to not have the best relationship with your family.

He paused, noticing that Nike's hand was bleeding. The man must have cut it trying to get the knife within Theo's reach,"Tia, Taurus go back home and take care of those wounds." He ordered. He would have had Nike join them but his looked more serious.

"Johnson go with Alleya and return these to the bartender," He handed them the tips to them. His gang didn't steal to earn money, especially not from bartenders. After all, they needed the money. He wasn't a monster and neither was his gang,"Jasper should be there still." Jasper wasn't the most reliable at bars though. The man sure did love women and tequilla.

Once they were gone, he stepped closer to Nike and took the man's injured hand by his fingers, looking at it.

"I'll have to dock you a point for cutting yourself," He wouldn't really. Nike had definitely proved himself today. It looked like his hand needed stitches though. Theo took out a hankerchief and pressed it firmly into the wound.

"I can stitch it up for you," He knew how to make stitches and how to stitch. He knew basically everything he needed to, every single street smart there was. Flynn made sure he knew how to stitch and take care of every wound possible to man,"If you want, that is."

Ashes of Night x RoawJuly 13, 2022 11:03 AM

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Niké watched as Theo sent the other gang members away, listening and learning their names. It pleased him that he sent two of them to return the money, he did still feel bad for stealing it in the first place though.

He tensed up a bit when Theo grabbed his hand but he didn't try to pull it away. He stayed quiet, watching as the man looked at his hand.

"I'll have to dock you a point for cutting yourself."

Niké scoffed a little but didn't reply. He knew it had been stupid but then again, it's not like he had time to stop in the middle of a fight and look carefully where he could grab the knife safely.

When he felt the man press a handkerchief against the wound he quickly pulled back while clenching his teeth together and sucked in some air. “Ah fuck!” He exclaimed, glaring up at the man a little. Niké had never been very pain tolerant, he could take it in the middle of a fight while high on adrenaline but afterwards, he'd get much more sensitive and sometimes even a bit whiny, depending on the situation and how badly hurt he’d been.

When Theo offered to stitch it up for him he stayed quiet for a second before sighing and muttering, “Alright…”

Letting Theo do it was better than his two other options after all, being either ignoring it and just putting a bandage over it or going to the E.R and sitting there for hours, plus having to pay a ton for it. He was going to be in bad pain either way so going with Theo would simply be best.

((Kinda on the shorter side, sorry about that heh))

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