Storm Runner
08:34:28 Storm, Stormy
bye Khaos
Gemstone Wolves
08:34:23 Snow Gem
lol Valentines. :D

Couldn't get the YT link to open, internet is slowish. Maybe later it will work?
Storm Runner
08:34:20 Storm, Stormy
pretty good! I'm going on an exploring spree! Level 6 forest only had like 10 enemies 0-0
08:34:07 Kaos || Khaos
Oh, right. I have to go. Bye chat! 🌪️
Storm Runner
08:33:28 Storm, Stormy
hmm i got a valentine from "Baymax" too
Poopy Pants
08:33:20 Poopy, Pants, Poop
08:33:19 Jinx, Powder, Bat
It just started! How’s your day so far?
Poopy Pants
08:33:11 Poopy, Pants, Poop
Storm :O
Storm Runner
08:32:59 Storm, Stormy
bye chat going exploring
08:32:54 Kaos || Khaos
Ok. I love you Baymax.
Storm Runner
08:32:28 Storm, Stormy
Hi Jinx! How's your day so far
Storm Runner
08:32:13 Storm, Stormy
just got to level 7 >:)
08:32:11 Jinx, Powder, Bat
👋 Hello chat.
Storm Runner
08:31:50 Storm, Stormy
damn bye Saint!
Poopy Pants
08:31:50 Poopy, Pants, Poop
today it is a awesomely awful day for me >:)
Storm Runner
08:31:34 Storm, Stormy
hi bro
Bye chat! Class is starting :(
[email protected]
08:31:24 Somber
im bored help
Storm Runner
08:31:24 Storm, Stormy
08:30:57 Emmy She-her


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Police K-9 Units | RP threadAugust 19, 2022 12:07 AM

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Whiskey laughed at Maverick and followed him over the three jumps, each getting higher than the next, she used her back legs to boost her off the ground as she outstretched her front paws to leap over the jump. As they approached the biggest and last jump, the two jumped over it in perfect synchronization and landed with a thud. They began playfully tussling, and Whiskey nibbled at his ear as she tower over him for a second. She then lay on her back and gently playfully swat her paws at him as he stand over top of her, and playfully bit at his cheeks and chest. "I must admit Maverick." She huffed as they both stood and shook off their pelts. "Youre very fast, and a nice jumper." She took a pause to catch her breath as they were both panting from the sheer speed and agility they blazed through those course obstacles with. "But im still better at the army crawl, and I bet you dont know how to swim huh." Whiskey and Maverick began walking back towards their handlers, and luckily there were water bowl stations. "Care for a drink with me?" Whiskey nodded at the bowl towards Maverick. She lapped up a few gulps with her tongue, letting the cool water run smoothly down her throat helping to cool her off. She stepped aside and let Maverick have access to the water bowl if he had wanted it. As they were walking Whiskey licked his cheek and happily trotted back to Bear's side. She gazed up at her partner, panting and wagging her tail happily. She placed a paw on her foot awaiting her next command. When would they meet the other canines? When would they meet the other officers? Take her to town? Spot some bad guys?
Police K-9 Units | RP threadAugust 20, 2022 12:16 PM

Thunder Struck
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Maverick|Male|5yrs|Belgian Malinois|M: Whiskey, Audrey
His lip curled back in disgust at the word swimming, "Is it that obvious?" He asked Whiskey as they walked side by side, soon stopping by water bowls, quickly adding, "I do know how to swim, I just hate doing it," before dropping his head to lap up the cool water when the other dog stepped to the side, quenching his thirst. Maverick then followed after Whiskey but, instead, towards Audrey, sitting right in front of her. Mav looked up at them expectedly, ears perked as he focused on them.
Vera|Female|9Yrs|Golden Labrador|Retired|M: Jasper
The senior dog slowly but surely made her way towards the kennels, swiftly sniffing out a new scent. "Atleast my nose hasn't stopped working," she mumbled to herself. Vera kept walking until she was met with a man, who she thought, carried himself with pride. He was nearing the inside of the kennels when the retired canine managed to reach him with a small woof.

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Police K-9 Units | RP threadAugust 21, 2022 12:21 AM

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"Whats wrong with swimming?" Whiskey barked at Maverick from her handler's side. "I mean its not my favourite, but its nice sometimes. You dont like cooling down? Having fun getting your paws wet? We're not cats you know." Whiskey rolled her eyes teasingly. "Although maybe im starting to think you are one of them stinking furballs!" Whiskey snorted at him but her tail remained wagging and her eyes remained bright and playful as her ears swiveled and flickered.
Police K-9 Units | RP threadAugust 21, 2022 02:39 PM

Thunder Struck
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Maverick|Male|5yrs|Belgian Malinois|M: Whiskey
Maverick stared at Whiskey, growling playfully at her tease, "If I was a cat, I definitely wouldn't be stood here," he replied, gesturing with his nose to the spot he was standing in, "What's not wrong with swimming? There's like sharks and fish that are aggressive and-and, you can drown! You don't know what lurks underneath," he tried to backup his dislike of swimming by basically describing open, deep water. "I get it if you wanna cool off, but that is what a hose is for, Whiskey!" His tail swished slowly, ears pinning back against his head in a fake angry way.

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Police K-9 Units | RP threadAugust 29, 2022 06:57 PM

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"Nah youre just a big ol pussycat!" Whiskey teased swiping a paw at him. "Theres no such things as sharks in a pool silly. Youre fineee." Whiskey sat beside him after she laughed at his sillyness. "Youre kind of a city dog arent you?" Whiskey looked down at the inside of her flank as she sat, seeing a scar that she obtained on one of her military excursions. "Besides." She paused and licked his cheek. "I wouldnt let you drown." She returned his playful anger and said "I dont think your handler would either, but youre just too chicken I guess.... ya big ole city dog."
Police K-9 Units | RP threadSeptember 4, 2022 04:24 PM

Pastry Lord
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Audrey Senita|24 Genderfluid (she/they) | Handler| Mentions : Rachel (Bear),Maverick,Whiskey
Audrey watched sipping her coffee as she watched the two dogs play. She was glad that Whiskey and Maverick got on as they definitely and hopefully would spend nearly every day by each other's sides in work or in play. She marveled at Maverick's jump and pondered how she got challenge Maverick with his jumping which seemed to be quite a skill, at least to Audrey at least. She smiled at the dogs barking and communicating and racing around the course like a lunatics. She was glad to see the playful side of Maverick.

She cracked her back and took a long sip of her coffee. She never went anywhere early in the morning without a morning coffee and 5 on the go. So far she had drank at least two she thought and given Bear one . So she only had one left, which was her least favorite coffee blend but it was all she had left, she really should start buying the jumbo packs of coffee blends . The one they were sipping was a Carmel galaxy coffee which was a new one she had seen and made . Audrey had made it from their normal Starbucks blend and then melted the new Carmel galaxy and popper that in and stirred it . It took a while to make that why she only had brought two of those with her today. She sighed and the looked around her . Audrey wondered when they would get the welcoming speech if they got a welcoming speech , she wondered who would do it and what they would like and how they would behave. Intriguing that it hadn't happened yet as most if not all of the new people had arrived on time and collected their new found canine partners and hopefully friends.

Audrey started daydreaming and pondering about many things,floating from one subject to the other. Mainly about coffee and different blends and what they are best drunk with . Then ot drifted on to biscuits and then she started thinking if we are adopting a new German Shepherd as a pet what kind of foggy biscuits should I get and so on and on and on. For some reason she was in that statue of mind where her mind drifted like a happy full bumblebee . She smiled and laughed , probably weirding many people out including Bear.
Police K-9 Units | RP threadSeptember 16, 2022 03:13 PM

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The first day of introductions and meet and greets was coming to a close. Night had begun to fall and everyone had started to go home, closing up the station for teh night. Tomorrow the k-9s and their handlers would go on call at their new station, offcially working through the day. Whiskey curled up on her bed a few inches away from her owner. She stretched and scratched with the relief of the vest, and the excitement and stress of the day. She lay her head on her paws, let out a sigh, and closed her eyes, dreaming of the oncoming days. The day she had flashed through her memories as she drifted off. The happiest moments she recalled made her ears and tail flick. Meeting Audrey, Bear, and Maverick. Running through the course with Mav. All of the new smells, unfamiliar dogs, but familiar grounds. It was going to be great.
Police K-9 Units | RP threadSeptember 19, 2022 01:50 AM

Teddy Bear
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Bear | F | Handler | M: Whiskey, Whoever's still at the station, Audrey, Alberess, Theo
The sun had just begun to set as their day came to a close, the other handlers were collecting their dogs, other belongings and saying their goodbyes. Grabbing Whiskey's lead she made her way over to Audrey, as she got a little closer the golden sunrays hit their eyes perfectly, they seemed to be glowing blue causing Bear to smile a little.

Passing them back the mug they'd given her earlier, "t'was a very nice blend, what was it?" she chuckled a little probably sounding like an idiot.

After their short conversation about various coffee blends, she suggested they try a strawberry latte, that was her favorite, though it was an iced latte so it was cold rather than the hot beverages it seemed Audrey preferred.

Out at the car park, the others had already left apart from the couple that lingered. On the back tray of her black ute was an empty dog crate, it'd been there forever, it actually was sold with the car when she purchased it, and her old dog used to ride in it too. Inside was a fluffy matt so they didn't have to sit on the bare metal, on either side were open window-like spaces for them to stick their heads out in the wind if they wished.

Opening the cage door she tapped the floor motioning for Whiskey to jump into it. She prepared to catch her if she missed, the first handful of times Rex misjudged the distance and would crash into the edge of the tray, luckily for her quick reflexes she'd caught him each time and helped him up until he got the hang of it.

Once Whiskey was in she unclipped the lead from her collar and closed the door shut. With her left hand, she clipped the lead to the outside wire of the cage and stuck her right in through the little window to give her a pat, "home time?" She asked with a smile, "and dinner too."


Arriving home, Alberess was already there with his dog. Not only that she noticed the wheel tracks his old Ford was beginning to make on her well-kept lawn. With an annoyed sigh she turned off the ute and hopped out with her bag. Locking the cab she unclipped Whiskey's lead. Opening the door she held it for her to jump out, not worrying about putting the lead back on her.
"Welcome home Whiskey," she smiled and closed the door.

She whistled to call Whiskey along as she headed up the steps to the front door and opened it allowing her to walk in first before shutting it behind them. She closed the wooden behind them too as she noticed Alber had put the aircon on too.

"Yo, I've ordered us pizza," Alber said over the blaring tv that featured some sort of action movie, he must've gotten home a little while ago, Theo was already curled up on the lounge beside him, already he'd changed into some form of a black outfit, his rings and piercings had been put back on too and his hair already a mess as per usual. His left hand rested on the dog's head and in his right a can of some sort of alcoholic drink.

"Cool." She responded bluntly and dropped her keys on the bench, "Can you turn that shit down? The whole street doesn't need to bloody hear it, "oh, and tomorrow remind me, I'll move the Dodge so you can park on the driveway instead of wrecking my grass. You're on the left, I'll stay on the right."

At the beginning of the hallway was a little set of hooks, a handful of various keys sat on it, at the right-hand side the edge two hooks were empty, on one she placed her ute keys on the other she hung up Albers keys, as he'd just tossed them on the bench.


In the fridge she searched for some meat and realized she'd forgotten to get it out, either that or Alber had taken the one she'd set aside to defrost for Whiskey's dinner. She pulled one out of the freezer and sat it in the sink. Running the water till it went hot she then put in the plug continuing to fill it just enough to submerge the frozen piece of steak.

"You want raw or cooked?" she asked Whiskey who'd found her way back to Bears feet seemingly excited for her dinner. Beside the fridge was a little pink rubber floor mat with a big, full water bowl and beside it was an empty silver one, they both had Whiskey written on them. She'd had it ordered special as soon as she'd gotten the paperwork stating she'd be Whiskey's handler.

In the pantry cupboard was a bag of dog bikkies, an expensive kind, it was some sort of beef and lamb flavor, it was only a small bag though just in case she decided she didn't like it. Sitting the bowl on the bench she measured out five cups of the bikkies and put the bag back in the cupboard. Checking the meat it'd mostly defrosted, it was fairly quick as it was a decently thin piece of meat.

Pulling out a red chopping board she unwrapped the meat and grabbed her good knife too, the one she swore she'd stab Alber with if he wrecked the perfect blade she'd worked hard on getting over the years of perfecting her sharpening skills. She cut the steak into small bite size pieces and placed them on top of the bikkies in Whiskeys bowl.

Rinsing the board and knife she left it in the sink, the knife, however, went beside the sink and the wrapper into the bin.
"Dinner time Miss Whiskey." She smiled and placed the bowl down on the pink mat beside the fridge for Whiskey to eat.

Alber | M | Handler | M: Theo, Whoever's still at the station, Bear
After the speeches everyone and their dogs were dismissed, time to head home. Dinner time, comfort time, the place to be, even if it wasn't actually his, it did belong to his sister after all, probably much to their fathers' disgust.

Leaving their plastic chairs he recollected Theo's lead from under the chair leg. Turning around he began walking out to the carpark, the others were saying their byes, he nodded with a polite smile to those who'd spoken to him.

Once out he led Theo to his car, "you get to ride shotgun," he said to him as he unlocked the car and opened the front passenger door letting him jump in and closing it again after.

Walking back around the front he hopped into the drivers' side and started the car before putting his seatbelt on. Giving Theo a quick pat he rolled the window down just enough to stick his head out and off they went.

Bear's place was on the opposite side of the city, one of the better estates though, not sure where she got the money to purchase it but she'd said she brought it years ago. It was a nice little neighborhood, though everyone stuck to themselves, their blocks were large enough that they weren't on top of each other and seldom did the neighbors help each other. It was very much every man for themselves, though it still had a beautiful view of the beach from the back veranda and the city lights at night from the front.

It was a slightly odd setup for a house, technically there are four different floors though, the first two are the height of a normal story whereas the next two are only three and two steps higher. Outside, there are two different verandas, one off the kitchen, smaller though, it doesn't quite go the length of the whole side, the other is on the same level as the lounge room. It wraps around the back, the righthand side, and the front too.

Inside, gorgeous hardwood floors throughout the whole house, except for the bottom room which connects to the garage, the one he's not allowed in as it's Bear's office, it was tiled white, as were the bathrooms too.

Arriving home, the traffic wasn't too bad, it was just starting to die off from the 5pm rush as it was now almost six. Parking on the grass beside the concreted driveway he let Theo out and locked the pale blue car.

Still, with his lead on they walked up the steps together and into the front door, a small hallway led out to the loungeroom however if you turned to the left it was the set of three steps and up into the kitchen and dining room.

Tossing his keys on the bench he unclipped the lead and put it up there too. In the kitchen he grabbed a can of some sort of alcoholic drink, he'd brought a few different types and just put them all in random. Taking a seat on the lounge he picked up the remote with one hand, the other his unopened beer. Noticing Theo looking at him he tapped the lounge beside him to let him up on Bear's pristine leather lounge.

"Perhaps just be careful not to scratch it," he chuckled a little, if he did, Bear'd surely tear him to shreds. She'd made it clear it was her house, her space, she was the boss, and fair enough I suppose.

He trailed off thinking about when they were little, how much it must have sucked for her, it took him years to realize but their father loved him and certainly hated her. They were always made to compete, if he won he'd be congratulated, if she won, she'dve been scolded.

"It's done now," he said out of the blue and turned on the tv, whatever channel had been left on the previous time they'd watched it was now playing an add about some pizza shop that's just opened.

"What about pizza for dinner?" He said aloud and gave Theo a scruffily pat on the head before pulling his phone out of his pocket and ordering delivery online.

Afterward he'd flicked through almost all the channels until he found one playing a decent-looking movie, tossing the remote on the wooden coffee table in front of him he cracked open his drink and took the first sip.
Hearing the front doors followed by Bears voice he called out, "yo, I've ordered us pizza for dinner." His eyes barely leaving the screen showing an intense battle scene.

"Cool" was all she responded with, that was until she laid the boot in, first the TV then about his parking. Better to not argue he thought. Without answering he refocused on the movie as she gathered dinner together for her dog, perhaps he should too? Maybe a little later.

Cassie | F | Handler | M: Phantom Ace, Whoever's still at the station

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Police K-9 Units | RP threadSeptember 20, 2022 02:08 PM

Pastry Lord
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Audrey Senita|24 Genderfluid (she/they) | Handler| Mentions : Rachel (Bear),Maverick,Whiskey
"Byeee, Love you Bear" She called to her new found partner Bear, also known as Rachel to most. They weren't married yet. Probably won't but she never knew what life was going to throw at hem anymore. She whistled for Maverick and then went to the motorbike she had come in and then realized it wouldn't work. Audrey sighed "I'm going to need to find a small car or something " they said to Maverick. Audrey stood there with Maverick nearby them and ended up having to call her Dad.
After the 5th call that went to voicemail , he finally picked up . Audrey calmed themselves as she could hear in her Dad's automatic call voice that he was tired. She replied to his "Hello (Cant remember his name XD) This is Diego Senita calling , who is this calling? She smiled , half with sadness and half with relief at her dad's voice . They replied softly but clearly "Hi Dad, It's me Audrey.. Um I brought the motorbike and just realized that I was going to take my new partner, Maverick home..." she trailed off but added "I was just wondering if you could pick us up and I'll pick up my motorbike later if not that's fine" Audrey walked in a circle as they were on call. Whenever they were on call with someone , Audrey could never keep still. It was a long time until he answered groggily "Yeah thats fine, coming " and with that the call ended . Audrey sighed , no more of the jolly "Yeah coming Auds, but only if you make my favorite coffee blend!" Audrey put the phone on her pocket and looked down at Maverick and ruffled his fur and then straightened it " Good Boy" she said proudly .
She stretched and yawned as the minutes ticked by, and more and more handlers were leaving worth their new canine partners .
Audrey tensed her jaw as it counted to 10 minutes standing by around . They apologized to Maverick and suddenly a rusty dusty electric Chevrolet pickup truck came speeding around the corner gently humming like it was just having a stroll. It was orginally blue but it now had specks of rusty and dirt splashes everywhere . Audrey sighed as it squealed to a stop, one to make a dog's and a human's ear hurt. Before Audrey managed to get to the door the back doors were open and her dad, still in his office attire said "Hop in Auds and Mav!" He called as he swung into the driver's seat . Audrey smiled snd helped Maverick in . It was a silent ride home with the occasional polite talk about the day.

Finally they all reached the house . They hopped out after Audrey's dad had parked the truck in a very wonky way with the back tires nearly by a tree. Audrey rushed in and said "Welcome home Maverick!" The living room was the first right and as there were no walls surrounding i, it showed Maverick's platform bed with a blanket and crate with a blanket which was of shades of grey and purple and dark blue but not too light in the color schemes. She looked at the dark grey sofa which had tinted white cushions, now with the tassels gone thanks to Aidrey's previous partner. On the left hand side of his crate was his water bowl, a beige non slip one also thanks to the previous canine. Then a few steps away was his toy box, it contained many colors and many types of toys but all ones that he couldn't tear or couldn't tears for a while. Audrey called "You can explore boy" to Maverick. They had put a gate on the bottom of the stairs which was in the centre of the open downstairs and Only a few stirdes away From the plain black door. To the right was the kitchen With black granite countertops and a dark tiled floor. None of the downstairs of their house was carpented. The sink and bins plus many cupboard were on the little island they had. And So on , not very Intriguing to a dog though.

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Police K-9 Units | RP threadSeptember 21, 2022 03:15 PM

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Whiskey had hearded and smelled the food in the kitchen and found her way back to Bear's feet. She looked at her with wide happy eyes and her mouth began to water. Her tail wagged and she got antsy paws as she had been STARVING from today. The female dived into the food dropping bits and pieces as she quickly devoured what was in her shiney new bowl. She was sually more polite, and she did know the "wait" command but today was full of craziness and she just wnated to eat! The delicious steak was such a rare treat for her. 'What a wonderful place!' Whiskey thought as she slowed down and politely finshed the rest of her food. The water was settled full and neatly in the bowl until Whiskey began to lap it up. The cool water droplets flicked off her tongue as she swallowed with warmth and happiness. She shook her fur in relief and followed Bear to give her appreciation and thanks with some licks and cuddles. She then wondered over to Theo and his owner.. "Ive seen you around, and I recognize your smell.. who are you? Im Whiskey. Whose this?" she stated as she shoved her muzzle into his owners leg and hand. She then sat in front of the couch for a minute just looking around and taking everything in. She then stepped up onto the couch and laid down beside Theo, allowing her body to press into his. She raised her head to watch her owner as she moved around the house, and then she closed her eyes for a while to rest.

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