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She's cute, but I'd retire her
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should I retire her? shes kinda pretty but low rarity but shes a hero and a gen 3
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someone needs to stop me from listening to Epic the musical
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Sad news, your wolf Ugola has passed away. A moment of silence was held by all.

awe damn thats sad
12:23:52 Leaf
Makeela Riju play bows to Hydrocephalus pup.
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never mind I have 26 days to wait :(
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low-key may change my pack back to percy Jackson themed
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Charles Beckendorf and Percy race to the creek.

I'm crying 😭
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Batman breathes deeply, a strong scent of pine flooding their nose.

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sounds relaxing
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58 paws?? I love you guys.
Hello, Vulpixles
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flinchface walks into a bees nest and runs away from the swarm.

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Lmao so damn hard once again
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Once again, my wolves live
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Is it all over? The humans have been wiped out by a major disaster, and only a group of the most unexpected animals have to team up together to survive this nightmare.
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Pm me if you want to rp
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Can we get her to 50 paws >^<
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that's my goal for today
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Ugh it's a dud but it's pretty
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Police K-9 Units | RP threadJuly 30, 2022 10:33 PM

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Bear | F | Handler | M: Audrey, Whiskey, Maverick, Cassie, Phantom Ace

"I was calling Whiskey," she laughed when Audrey and Maverick stopped by her side.
Turning around a little she saw her brother Alber, he was in fact practically drooling, "you know, you're not wrong," she agreed.
Spotting Audrey's coffee she realized she'd left her own in the ute, the pretty decent cupholder right in front of the center console. 'damn' she thought.
"How has your morning been so far? I see yours likes squeaky toys, it appears so far mine likes obstacle courses," Bear motioned towards Maverick, the rope toy in her hand loosely flicking with the movement as well.
She heard another woman call out, "Phantom Ace!" Turning around she saw another dog making a dash for it.
"At least mine wasn't the only one," she chuckled a little returning her attention to Audrey and Whiskey.

Alber | M | Handler | M: Theo, Kodiak, Aspen

A slight surge of adrenaline hit Alber as a mostly brown german shepherd crashed into Theo's side. His first instinct was to move away, grabbing at Theo's collar he tugged him out of the way, perhaps a little roughly but hopefully not too much so.
"Whoopsy, it's okay." He said, aiming to comfort Theo, though it probably was moreso for him rather than Theo.
Now standing Theo was tucked between his legs, the lead forgotten while Albers hands were both tucked around Theo's collar holding him steady.
"I'm Aspen," the words caught his attention making him look up.
A tall man was making his way over and introducing himself, he noticed a necklace of some sort being fiddled with between his fingers.
"It's okay," he answered noticing his eyes were as green as his own, releasing one hand from the collar he held it out to shake, "I'm Alberess, you can just call me Alber. Only if you want to though." He gave a slightly awkward smile, his other hand still holding tightly to Theo's collar. Taking a guess he wasn't super fussed on other dogs, surely if he can't get to them nothing bad can happen.

Cassie | F | Handler | M: Vera, Phantom

"Sugar," Cassie said as the black lead slid directly through her fingers, just as quickly as Phantom had bolted she was on her own feet chasing her, though the k-9 was much quicker and covered ground faster than Cassie could. "Phantom Ace!" She called after her, the lead flapping along behind, 'hopefully, she won't trip over it.'
Finally catching up to her she snatched up the lead off the ground before she could run off again. "Okay, Phantom Ace, lets not do that again please." She said giving her a little pat with one hand, the lead still held tightly in it. The other she used to give the lab a little pat too, 'Whats your name Missy?"

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Police K-9 Units | RP threadJuly 30, 2022 10:34 PM

Inferno Abyss
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Kaiser Dresden | M | 32 | Criminal | M: Kaitlyn(Dir)
Kaiser sat quietly, deep in his thoughts. Once he worked out which houses had the best or shiniest valuables, he would work on a plan. He had seen one on the corner, a nice mansion down the street from the shop, but he knew nothing about it. No, first things first. Exit routes, alleyways, backways, rooftops. Always have a way out before deciding something. He would have to memorize the alleyways around his apartment house there, and the pattern on the rooftop. From the way they were positioned, he doubted they had any fire escapes.

His thoughts were interrupted when the girl slid into the booth across from him. A black hoodie and a small satchel stood out the most. Perhaps just a girl that doesn't want to be noticed? Her question caught him off guard though. "Hey, I'm Kaitlyn and I was curious to know if you had heard anything about the new K-9 unit." She said, introducing herself. She looked slightly nervous but put up a pretty good front of confidence. She was pretty tall for her age group, which he classed teenager right off the bat.

He gave her a slight nod, finding a way around the question before answering it, "Well Kaitlyn, I'm sure you would know more than I could hear so far. Being new in town has it's disadvantages." He said before continuing, "Name's Kaiser but everyone calls me Kai. As for the new K-9 unit, everything I've picked up so far is that new officers are being assigned to the stations with new dogs." Maybe a week or so for the perfect plans to go smoothly. He thought, a small smile crossing his face for a moment.

"Do you know where I could find someone to give me a tour of this place? I would love to see what this little town has to offer." Kaiser said, smoothly entering that detail. If she was a local, perhaps he could grab some insight in a different person's eyes. If anyone had the advantage in a town or city, it would be the locals 100%.
Police K-9 Units | RP threadJuly 31, 2022 01:57 AM

Former Pack
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Theo || K9 || Male || 3 || Mentions: Alber, aspen, kodiak
+His tail flickers happily as the harness clicks over his frame before his ear lower at the humans words of being clam and gentle. Shaking his head he happily sits by the others side waiting for further instruction of what he wants him to do.
+Letting out a loud yelp as the other dog crashed into him and his handler pulling him back he released yet another growl, tail tucked the muzzle on his face shaking as he does. Tucked in between his owners legs be glares at the other dog, teeth showing his ears still flat against his head. If he didn't have a mussel on he would of bite the other dog not on purpose but by accident after all growing up in a military don't help with social interaction. Dropping his head he slightly bows to the dogs human avoiding eye contact leaning against his handlers legs for support.
+Slolwy he sits down his tail still tucked as he raises his head looking over the other human and dog, a German shepherd much like himself though instead of manly black fur it's fur was manly brown. The human on the other hand looked friendly enough, tall and kind good. Lowering his head back down quickly to avoid eye contact he lets out a whimper+
Police K-9 Units | RP threadJuly 31, 2022 02:24 AM

Thunder Struck
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Vera|Female|9Yrs|Golden Labrador|Retired|M: Phantom, Cassie
The Golden Labrador sent a small smile towards Phantom Ace as her handler approached, though Vera still didn't know the woman's name, Phantom seemed to like her.
She was soon beginning to daydream before getting snapped out of it by a pat on the head, which she graciously accepted, leaning her head into the person's hand. All she picked up on was 'Name,' and so, the retired sniffer dog sat up straight to get the handler to see her collar. It was a slightly torn and ragged leather collar with a golden circle name tag clipped onto it with her name on one side. The other had the station's number. The tag was scratched up from the years of wearing it.
Vera had been at this station a few years prior before all the old officers had been transferred, the dog was left here on her own before this new group came along.
Police K-9 Units | RP threadJuly 31, 2022 08:50 PM

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Whiskey came obediently and quickly when she was called. She sat by her handlers side and eagerly, yet calmly allowed her to put her vest and lead on. She lowered her heas as if apologsing to her handler. "Sorry guys, didnt mean to make a commtion" Whiskey kinda chuckled along with everyone else. "I just needed to run, and hit the course. The course is my favorote thing." Whiskey licked her partners hand, and sat quietly other than her panting. She looked over at Maverick and gave him a friendly lick. "whats your name?" Whiskey was taking in and observing the people and smells around her as she continued a conversation with Maverick. "How lomg have you been training? Where ya come from?"
Police K-9 Units | RP threadAugust 1, 2022 04:18 AM

Thunder Struck
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Maverick|Male|5yrs|Belgian Malinois|M: Audrey, Whiskey
Maverick soon came trotting back to Audrey's side, the bone toy never touching the ground from his little adventure but it fell with a soft thud and a gentle squeak once it hit the ground. "Maverick," he introduced himself to Whiskey, sending a small sniff her way, "I've been training since a pup I think," he paused, rethinking a few years back before reinforcing his statement with a nod. "I'm from Germany, but i've been here ever since I was allowed to be imported, what about you?" He asked, tail starting to wag again as he glanced up at Audrey, trying to keep focus on them just in case.
Police K-9 Units | RP threadAugust 2, 2022 03:35 AM

Pastry Lord
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Audrey Senita| Genderfluid(she/they)|24 years| Handler| Mentions : Maverick and Rachel(Bear)
Audrey watched as Maverick chased a bird of some kind, she watched with amusement as the bird did what birds did and flew away. She hoped Maverick would come back , and he did eventually still gripping his squeaky bone. She laughed "Yes he likes Squeaky toys and I like coffee" Seeing Bear's eyes drop to her coffee cup, she added "Magic!" She pulled out a third coffee cup and placed it into Rachel's hands. She has forgotten that she has made three coffees today. One was drunk earlier this morning , then she made two coffees on automatic pilot ans without even thinking about it. She smiled at Bear ans looked at Whiskey and Maverick seeming to be communicating in a special dog way, she wished she could understand dog then she could be a better partner. She sneezed as she caught many dog hairs as she stroked Whiskey. She looked to where Bear was looking ans replied "That is the exact opposite of the dog we are possibly me and ...my dad are going to get as a pet . Her dad was aging and getting more anxious from stress as he was working too hard, they had discussed it and they might be getting a German Shepherd but they didn't know yet as it would be mean Audrey looking after two Shepards.
Phantom Ace (Phantom) | Female (she/her)| 4yrs| Ger.ShepxBloodhound|Mentions: Cassie and Vera
Phantom looked at the older dog, Vera was the most expierneced dog in this K-9 unit and she only knew that from a day or two in this unit . Vera had a graying muzzle which Phantom's mother dog said was a sign and symbol wisdom and you should never belittle or annoy or disrespect anyone with a graying muzzle. Grey , white silver were the colors of wisdom to Phantom, the colors a graying muzzle could be. She replied to Vera slowly " so....Maybe someday you can show me around but I think I should get back to Cassie then" Her tail drooped slightly as she made the decision to go back to Cassie even though she loved Cassie, knowledge and wisedom seemed to pour out of this old but experienced dog . She quietly said "Bye thanks for tolerating me." She turned to hound towards Cassie but realized she had the lead . Phantom nuzzled against Cassie and sat by her looking up with her puppy eyes as if to say "Sorry" . Phantom should of learnt from her previous handler although he was all strict and all firm when she was working and didn't really care what she did as long as she took the blame when she wasn't working
Aspen Indiana|Male (he/him)|Handler| Mentions: Alber, Theo and Kodiak
Aspen smiled and took his hand to shake it. "Sorry are you and your partner okay, getting barreled head on by a dog can be frightening ." He winked at Kodiam trying to make it not obvious. His plan had worked and he had been forced by himself thanks to Kodiak to talk to the cute guy without freaking out. He ruffled Kodiak's fur as a surge of emotions came and he nearly freaked our. When he ruffled a dog's fur , it was like someone had just put a stop on all the emotions that caused him to freak out. Aspen hoped he was okay because if he wasn't it would be his fault. Noticing his heads on the dog's collar, he added "Would you like me to get Kodiak, my partner to back off? He didn't want this to end in tears as it would be all his fault

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Police K-9 Units | RP threadAugust 2, 2022 06:18 AM

Thunder Struck
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Vera|Female|9Yrs|Golden Labrador|Retired|M: Phantom, Cassie
The old dog seemed to scan the younger's body language for any signs of stress or uneasiness which Vera only sensed sadness, probably from the thought of Phantom leaving the Golden Labrador.
The senior canine had only met one or two new K9s as she was mostly observing them from inside the station, including the German Shepherd mix. With a small smile, Vera dipped her head, "Yes, someday when you have free time," she replied to the first part of the crossbreed's statement, about to mention Cassie's appearance behind them but Phantom had already turned and spotted her handler. "I don't need to tolerate you, I like you. You have spirit and good intentions. That's good enough for me, no harm done," Vera finished. It was true, Phantom was her favourite so far.

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Police K-9 Units | RP threadAugust 2, 2022 10:04 PM

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Whiskey's tail wagged as Audrey stroked her fur. She licked the handlers hand in return. She turned to Maverick and gave him a sly look. "So Mr. Maverick. whatdoya say we show our handlers what we can do." She bowed to the ground with her paws infront of her in a play stance, looking at him and wagging her tail slightly. She picked up her lead in her mouth and nuzzled Bear with her snout, letting out a small woof. Whiskey glanced over again at Maverick, this time with a certain kinda of sparkle in her eye. "How much you wanna bet I can beat you in some of these courses?" The female playfully snapped her jaws at him and pushed into him as she was wagging her tail. She held her head up high with her ears perked, and her tail followed suit. "I like your vest and collor by the way" she called to him as she walked in front of him. "It looks nice on you." Whiskey circled around to the other side of her partner and heeled. She placed her front right paw on top of Bears foot and held eye contact with her new owner. When she looked up at her, her eyes brightened, and her ears lay against her head as her facial expressions softened. Her tongue lolled put of her mouth for a second as her tail thumped against the back of Bear's shoe. She waited for the gentle pat from her person.
Police K-9 Units | RP threadAugust 3, 2022 12:28 AM

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Kodiak | Male| 5Yrs | German Shepherd | Mentions: Aspen, Theo, Alber.

The excitement left Kodiak’s eyes as he sat there, feeling sad. Maybe he got carried away. He didn't mean to bump into that dog, it just sort of happened. He glared at the mostly black dog, a Shepherd like himself but a disgrace to the breed. He ruins our reputation- Kodiak glanced at the dog once more and let out a snarl showing his teeth. The dog was obviously younger than him and it seemed he was also less mature, probably only around three, which wasn't young but it didn't exactly put this particular pup in a good relationship with Kodiak.

He seems like a coward- a complete and utter coward. Kodiak stared at the whimpering dog who had been snarling and growling at him a moment earlier. Resentment built up in him threatening to release itself. Kodiak wasn't sure why he was feeling this way but he just was and he couldn't explain it. Something about this dog threw him off which made him upset.

His eyes retreated to his handler, Aspen, where he gave him a sad mournful look. He used me.. it was true, Kodiak had his weakness, playing, used against him for whatever reason to attract attention apparently. I looked like an embarrassment out there, chasing the ball and bumping into this mangy runt his muzzle pointed to the other dog and Kodiak let out a low growl of warning.

Kodiak soon stood up and trotted back to his partner, laying at his feet, eyes still on Theo. Kodiak’s eyes were glued to the dog, if he tried anything, Kodiak would know. Ears perked and attention focused on one thing Kodiak lifted his head high, giving himself a regal appearance. For a moment he let his eyes wander onto theo’s handler. Kodiak decided he didn't like either of the two and would try and make a point to let Aspen know that.

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