[email protected]
09:44:20 Somber
ew lol
[email protected]
09:44:09 Somber
Your wolves wander through a pine forest.

There is an old rabbit carcass here. You roll in it.

You spy 5 Rabbits.
[email protected]
09:43:50 Somber
o-o as i was exploring i found and old rabbit carcass so i- ... rolled in it?!?!?
09:43:45 Kaz
Good morning
[email protected]
09:43:12 Somber
la glace croquante
09:42:39 glace- mum :)
good morning!!
09:42:36 Jinx, Powder, Bat
I can? If you still need help.
Dragons land
I'm not good at locating thing try asking Eternity maybe
[email protected]
09:41:50 Somber
oo image doing that but in the basement covered in water Dragon.
[email protected]
09:41:06 Somber
any other time he just glares at me, like wtf is your problem
09:41:01 genderless demon
hey, is someone able to help me located a line art on DA so i can credit it properly
09:40:48 Fei/Demon/Vixen
Fenrir seems annoyed at my pack every time
09:40:39 Rook
ooh I got the new defect
Dragons land
Don't you just love it when you miss a step going down stairs and you end up sliding the rest of them on you butt 🫠
[email protected]
09:39:37 Somber
oh i had him do that once
09:38:35 Koo, Jk, Sad, S
"Kappa bows down deep to Fenrir. Fenrir smiles then heads off down the trail."

Omg finally XD
09:38:12 Fei/Demon/Vixen
Your wolves hear a commotion and peer through the bushes. They see a Camper's kid playing in the mud. They also see a Coyote silently stalking towards the child. Do you chase the Coyote off?

Kid will be fine either way so I will move on
09:37:34 Soul, Falling Ash
Kazter :D
[email protected]
09:35:36 Somber
wow i have 1 frost giant and 5 squirrels in one fight, fun.
09:35:05 An Attic.


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Police K-9 Units | RP threadJuly 30, 2022 12:34 AM

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Kaitlyn Hawke | Female | 16Yrs | Criminal | Hetero | Mentions: Kaiser (Dir)

“This plan sucks-” Kat sighed, scribbling out her “plan” with the pen she had used to outline it with. I can't think clearly right now.. It was true, Kaitlyn had way too much on her mind right now to even think about breaking into another house. After all, she had just tried that last night and look where it had gotten her, back at her fathers house where she would have to stay for a few months until the cops forgot about her attempted break in.

“Fathers house sucks.” Kat sighed again thinking about how her life for the past few months would be while living with a drunk and sometimes abusive father. Most of the time Kate stayed with her mother but she picked and chose where she liked to go and alternated between the two. That was the beauty of having two parents who couldn't care less about what you did.

Taking one last bite of the Sandwich all the plate had left was crumbs which Kat carefully scooped into her mouth. Then she took a good look around the room. In the corner she noticed two older men yakking away talking about who knows what. From where she was sitting Kaitlyn could only hear bits and pieces of their conversations which ended up changing every so often.

“Daughters coming into town.” One said and the two broke into conversation about kids and grandkids. Kat didn't pay much attention to them until she heard a few words.

“K-9 unit.” And “young blood.” The rest of the conversation faded away as Kaitlyn dove into her thoughts

A new K-9 unit? Since when.. Why? Well this is certainly going to make running from the police more challenging. But that's alright, how hard can it be running from a couple of dogs? Kat knew the answer but somehow if she told herself it was fine then it made it fine. At Least for now.

Her gaze left the old men and drifted onto a younger man, maybe in his mid twenties, who was sitting behind them. She watched as he drank his coffee and assumed he probably was trying to listen to the old men as well. His gaze soon left them and drifted onto her which startled Kate so she turned away for a moment but her curiosity got the better of her and she decided to go and talk to him.

What will I say though? 'Hey i’m Kaitlyn and I saw you staring at me so I came to meet you’ No, that sounds utterly stupid. Anxiety filled her stomach as she stood up from the table and slowly walked towards the man, trying her best to hide her fear of speaking to him. By this time Kat realized the old men had paid their bill and left. So much for maybe getting some information about the K-9 unit out of them.

Making it to the table Kat sat down across from the man. “Hey, I'm Kaitlyn and I was curious to know if you had heard anything about the new K-9 unit.” That sounded so stupid but we will just go with it- for now.

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Police K-9 Units | RP threadJuly 30, 2022 04:00 AM

Thunder Struck
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Vera|Female|9Yrs|Golden Labrador|Retired|M: Whiskey, Bear
The senior dog was slowly strolling around the property, passing the kennel a few times, catching glances at the new handlers getting their K9s. Vera soon settled down by the field that held different courses and jumps. She was a free roam dog but she never left the premises even though she could, she loved the station and her, well, old job. She wasn't useless, she was sometimes used to help train handlers the sniffing part of their job like how and when to use the commands, most importantly, to trust your dog's instincts.

Vera then looked at a dog racing towards the obstacles. The labrador just stayed and watched, ears flicking as she heard their handler shout. "This is entertaining," the retired dog thought to herself as she gazed at them. She was only half waiting for them to notice her sitting near by.

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Police K-9 Units | RP threadJuly 30, 2022 04:15 AM

Teddy Bear
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Cassandra “Cassie” Troy | F | Handler | M: Phantom, Whiskey, Vera
(Hopefully, I get this right lol, it s a little short too sorry, I'm not quite sure where to go yet)

Still kneeling she noticed Phantom tuck in a little closer. With a glad smile, she leaned over a little more and gave her a hug, the black and yellow lead still in one hand, the other wrapped around the fluffy body. Her golden-brown ponytail slid over her shoulder and seemed to join in the embrace too.
After a moment she sat back up a little and brushed her ponytail back out of the way, hearing a commotion that caused her to look up.
One of the new officer's dogs had already hit the course, 'are we allowed to do that?' she thought to herself, her free arm still draped over Phantom's back, her fingers fiddling with her fur. Curious she watched a little longer and noticed another dog, a labrador sitting nearby, 'I wonder who she belongs to?'
Police K-9 Units | RP threadJuly 30, 2022 04:29 AM

Pastry Lord
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Phantom Ace (Phantom) | Female| 4yrs| Ger.ShepxBloodhound|Mentions: Cassie and Vera
Phantom licked her lips and fidgeted . She leaned further on her front legs with her ears pricked, her head slightly tilted and tail still slowly wagging, she had spotted Vera , the retired Labrador. She wanted to go say hello but she knew she could only be commanded to. Phantom didn't want to mess this up ,but she just wanted to say hello. She tensed her back muscles ,ruffed and bolted towards Vera , bounding in glee snd the feel of freedom. They weren't working really, she didn't have her harness on which meant they were working. She bounded towards Vera, not caring . Phantom did a greeting bow and barked excitedly "Hi Vera! Vera do you know what we are doing today? Vera what are going to do today?" She awaited a few minutes before hounding around Vera . Until she calmed down and muttered "Sorry, don't know what came over me" She shook even though she wasn't wet snd the stress she felt then was gone as quickly as I came. She sat down and sniffed the ground, she rolled over exposing her belly so Vera knew she would be no threat. Phantom felt uncomfortable doing that but her mother dog had taught her to do things like that as it was good for other dogs and her social life despite it being uncomfortable and submissive.

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Police K-9 Units | RP threadJuly 30, 2022 04:56 AM

Thunder Struck
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Vera|Female|9Yrs|Golden Labrador|Retired|M: Cassie, Phantom
She was quietly gazing at the runaway dog before getting bombarded by a ball of fur and excitement which caused a small growl of overwhelming shock slip out of the Labrador's mouth. Though, once she recognised Phantom, she stopped only to glance towards the mix's handler.

Giving a lighthearted chuckle towards the younger dog at her questions, she replied softly, "All I know is you have to stay with your handler," she hinted at the running away part, "And maybe show them around," she finished, seeing Phantom roll onto her back. "No need to do that around me," she gestured to the position the K9 was in, "I'm not a biting type."

Police K-9 Units | RP threadJuly 30, 2022 05:35 AM

Pastry Lord
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Audrey Senita| Genderfluid(she/they)|24 years| Handler| Mentions : Maverick and Rachel
Audrey ran toward Bear with Maverick by her side.
She came to a stop right by Bear's feet laughing. After a few minutes of uncontrollable laughter . She turned to Maverick and said "Good Boy Mav, Here catch" Audrey aimed for Maverick but not so it would hurt him, she had thrown a small bone treat for being an amazing dog. . She turned to Bear "Alber is drooling over his dog , never seen him be emotional, Anyway how are you doing?" She said with a slight cheeky smile. She smiled at Maverick and winked ,she loved the little dog with his huge heart and slightly hidden personality. She yawned and pulled out her now luke warm coffee , number two. She sipped it snd looked at Bear like a friendly interviewer, smiling almost grinning. Alber was short for Alberess or something , he was Rachel or as she was known, Bear 'a twin. He wore black usually when in the dead of summer. She had only knew Bear for around a few weeks or so, she had met her twin on most of the times they met up. Audrey didn't mind Alber, she didn't hate him
at least .

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Police K-9 Units | RP threadJuly 30, 2022 06:02 AM

Pastry Lord
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Phantom Ace (Phantom) | Female (she/her)| 4yrs| Ger.ShepxBloodhound|Mentions: Cassie and Vera
Phantom got up from the submissive pose and said "Oh even if you aren't working?, one question though, where is everywhere..I've only been in my kennel and I know one of the training fields is over there" she pintes with her muzzle where two humans stood with Maverick near by and Whiskey having fun on the obstacle course. She sniffed the air and caught the scent of treats and her mouth watered. She stopped herself this time from bolting off . The only benefit of running towards Vera was burning off her energy and gathering knowledge about the area. She had to have knowledge about the area so that she would know where everything is and where to show and where to not show ans where to search for illegal items and illegal people. Some day , She would have gathered information around the whole country . Maybe no but dreaming doesn't hurt anyone but herself.
Aspen Indiana|Male(him/his)| 27 yrs| Handler| Mentions: Alberess and Kodiak
Aspen had zoned out for what he thought was a second but he knew it was a few minutes . He had been staring at a man around his age, comforting an agitated dog, he was cute looking even in his k-9 uniform. Ruffled Jett black hair covered his pale skinned face with those striking green eyes. It made Aspen forget his troubles and forgot he had responsibilities and it also made his heart melt and his face to go all weird. He shivered as a breeze nipped at his back playfully . Black makeup around his eyes highlighted his striking sparking eyes. Aspen slowly turned towards Kodiak , reluctantly taking his eyes off the man and making a note to say hey. No not hey that sounds flirty say something casual like hello ...nope didn't sound natural...hmmm how about Hi, I'm Aspen and This is my partner, Kodiak...Nope! Nope! Sounds like that creepy child series about the about Hi,just staring at your beautiful- No , no, no Aspen come on..just say hi when you pass . Aspen has a battle of thoughts flood his head but eventually he settled down his eyes at Kodiak "Kodiak, your a good boy , I love you and I'm sorry to do this " he said with a hint if mischief as he pulles out a tough squeaky ball and rolls it in the direction of Alber. "Oops." He said trying not to chuckle.

Edited at July 30, 2022 06:15 AM by Pastry Lord
Police K-9 Units | RP threadJuly 30, 2022 10:05 AM

Thunder Struck
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Maverick|Male|5yrs|Belgian Malinois|M: Audrey, Whiskey, Bear
Maverick easily caught the treat, eating it very quickly before looking at Whiskey who was standing by an obstacle a few feet away. Though, his gaze snapped to a crow hopping along the field. With a final glance towards Audrey and Bear, he leapt towards the crow, his strides lengthening with every step to catch the corvid before it flew off. But, of course, the bird saw him and did what Mav didn't want it to do, fly away. The Belgian Malinois still chased it until it reached the end of the field to which he slowed down, sniffing the ground,
Vera|Female|9Yrs|Golden Labrador|Retired|M: Cassie, Phantom
She smiled, "Even when I'm not working," she started, beginning to answer the German Shepherd mix's question, "I would show you around but y'know," she pointed with her nose towards Cassie, "You can't leave your handler alone unless you're allowed," Vera reminded the younger dog.

Edited at July 30, 2022 10:05 AM by Thunder Struck
Police K-9 Units | RP threadJuly 30, 2022 11:24 AM

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Kodiak | Male| 5Yrs | German Shepherd | Mentions: Aspen, everyone

He knows my name! He knows my name! Kodiak’s tail thumped against the kennel doors as his new handler stood up. “Heel” Kodiak was familiar with this word and excitedly obeyed. The two walked towards Kodiak’s newly broken out of the kennel where Aspen grabbed his harness and leash.

Soon Kodiak noticed a change of behavior in his new friend. He gazed at Aspen confusion in his eyes. Then excitement as he noticed Aspen held a squeaky toy. Okay! Throw it! Come on! Let me get it! Please, please! Then it happened, Aspen threw the ball towards another canine and his handler. Kodiak lunged towards bounding after the squeaky toy as it bounced. This is fun! This is so much fun! Just before it landed Kodiak lept and grabbed the toy from midair.

As he landed Kodiak realized he had gotten too close to the K-9 and his handler. He soon realized he accidentally barreled into the other dog. Oops! Well it's okay! “Hi! I'm Kodiak! My handler is over there! Who are you? Are you excited?!” Kodiak asked the new dog. He soon sat down and gave the squeaky toy one last squeak before dropping it and gazing towards his handler who was still standing where he had thrown the toy from.

Gazing up at the new K-9’s handler Kodiak panted a happy expression written all over his face.

Police K-9 Units | RP threadJuly 30, 2022 04:08 PM

Pastry Lord
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Aspen Indiana|Male(him/his)| 27 yrs| Handler| Mentions: Alberess & Theo ans Kodiak
Aspen fidgeted with his curly hair and slowly walked over as he didn't want to be sweating and smelling horrible . He fiddle around with the black gothic looking necklace that had two silver charms, a Satan star and a skull . He had got it from his brother for free as he didn't want it .

As soon as he came over, he said "Sorry about that, my partner, Kodiak chased the tennis ball a bit too far,I'm Aspen by the way." I got my dog to chase a tennis ball here so I would have to come over and get him and also say hello. Kodiak was by the man's partner , the dog was stiff , not in an angry way it seemed but almost in à frightened way. "Kodiak, Back off a tiny bit " .All Aspen needed was a fear provoked dog bite and two careers would be over , make that four. Two humans wouldn't have partners , one dog would be too injured to work and no doubt the dog that bit Kodiak would be euthanized. Aspen shuddered, his plans always got messed up .

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