05:01:43 Zyra_the_wolf
my friend is holding one of my wolves that was pregnant, and that wolf and my other pregnant one just gave birth
got a DS from one litter and a DH from the other
 Azure Empyrea
04:44:41 Edme
thank you fox!
130+ is hw
 Azure Empyrea
04:40:05 Edme
Hey chat, just came back from hiatus so brain is a little rusty. Can someone remind me of the heavyweight range again? i forget where it starts
 Mysterious Moon Clan
04:38:25 She/Her, Moon
Your wolves played: Pepper Fur growls dominantly at Swift Leaf.

Ahh yes, growl at the child that has more CP than you XD
 the Wayne pack
04:24:42 Waning
I can technically use the word "denomination" for a species, right? I know it's usually associated with organized religion, but the dictionary is telling me I can. The goal for me is to get the meaning of "species" without using it, well, I might have to use it.
 Ghost Of Christmas
04:22:44 Free

Mines over 150-
 Destinations End
04:03:16 Desti, Coy, Coydog
03:48:55 Cae, Blue
Do i get 3 den expansions? Yes or yes?
 The Winter Walker
03:44:36 Noctem Lupus
I feel like I want to scream, but I don't want anybody to hear me?
03:43:23 Zyra_the_wolf
33 day log in streak, whoop whoop
03:19:06 Nes/Tes/Mom
Bye bro
03:17:45 Jingles (She/Her)
Bye. Sleep well.
 Happy Pawlidays
03:17:04 Shade/Violent/River
I'm heading to bed, it's past 3am now >.>
 Happy Pawlidays
03:08:28 Shade/Violent/River
Ahh, understandable, can you pm me it? (I'm 99.99% sure it's not for me XD)
03:07:27 Jingles (She/Her)
I can't. It's a Christmas present that someone ordered, but I don't know who it's for, so I don't want to accidentally spoil the surprise. Otherwise I would.
 Happy Pawlidays
03:06:27 Shade/Violent/River
You spy 5 Sun Bears.
 Happy Pawlidays
03:05:01 Shade/Violent/River
Ooh, show it?
03:04:42 Jingles (She/Her)
**some art**
03:04:22 Jingles (She/Her)
My hands are cramping! I just did so e art and it made my hands cramp SO bad. I finished the art piece though, and it looks really good.


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Police K-9 Units | RP threadJuly 26, 2022 03:44 PM

Thunder Struck
Posts: 1118
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New station, new friends, new companion.
This RP follows a group of new police handlers (and maybe some normal officers) as they all move to a new station from different places. They've never met before this, will drama start to brew? These handlers are just being introduced to their new loyal companions, will they get along or will it take a few days, or even weeks, to trust each other?
Police K-9 Units | RP threadJuly 26, 2022 03:46 PM

Thunder Struck
Posts: 1118
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- no OP characters, every character has flaws
- no gary sues, mary sues, weeping willows or anything like that
- every user is limited to two handlers and one dog (and if you'd like, a normal officer)
- Follow all of Eve's rules
- Hate the character, not the player
- As this is not a Lit, 100+ words per reply but I will accept 50+ if you have writer's block, just PM me to tell me. Put an animal fact in other in your form so I know you've read the rules
- DO NOT attack someone's character without permission, always ask beforehand! Though, please avoid attacking each other unless it is really necessary.
- NO wolfdogs! They are often overpowered
- As this is a semi-realistic rp, no dogs can have bright colours or powers (same as the handlers)
- please only use dog breeds that are bred for police work (tracking included) UNLESS you really want a dog that will just laze about the station, PM me for permission!
- Relationships and enemies are allowed and encouraged
- NPCS can be made. They will be added to a list so either everyone can use them or only one user can
Captain (1/1):
Jasper Millwood|Male|41Yrs|K-9: Tolkieryan|Biromantic|Played by Lokaste
Officers (0/3):
Handlers (6/6):
Audrey Senita|Genderfluid|24Yrs|K-9: Maverick|Bi|Played by Pastry Lord
Rachel "Bear" Harris|Female|27Yrs|K-9: Whiskey|DemiLesbian|Played by Teddy Bear
- reserved for Chicks with Kicks
Alberess "Alber" Kramza |Male|27Yrs|K-9: Theo|Bi/Asexual|Played by Teddy Bear
Aspen Indiana|Male|27Yrs|K-9: Kodiak|Bi/asexual|Played by Pastry Lord
Cassandra “Cassie” Troy|Female|25Yrs|K-9: Phantom Ace|Pansexual|Played by Teddy Bear
K-9s (7/7):
Maverick|Male|5Yrs|Belgian Malinois|Handler: Audrey Senita|Bi|Played by Thunder Struck
Tolkieryan|Male|7Yrs|Dutch Shepherd|Handler: Jasper Millwood|Panromantic|Played by Lokaste
Kodiak|Male|5Yrs|German Shepherd|Handler: Aspen Indiana|Hetero|Played by Firefox
Phantom Ace|Female|4Yrs|Handler:Cassandra Troy|Omni|Played by Pastry Lord
Theo|Male|3Yrs|German Shepherd|Handler: Alberess Kramza|Gay+Poly|Played by Free-Claw12
Whiskey|Female|3Yrs|Handler:Rachel Harris|Hetero|Played by Moonshed
- reserved for Chicks with Kicks
Criminals (if you really want to)(2/3):
Kaitlyn Hawke|Female|16Yrs|Hetero|Played by Firefox
Kaiser Dresden|Male|32Yrs|Hetero|Played by Fangsoffire
NPCS (3/unlimited)(npcs don't need a form, just PM me):
Sebatian Willwood - can only be played by Lokaste
Vera - Retired sniffer dog (9yrs, golden lab, female) - often seen walking around the station - only played by Thunder Struck (for now, just to get her personality out)
Sady - Stray (9yrs, German Shepherd, female) - seen wandering the streets - only played by Firefox


Edited at July 30, 2022 04:57 AM by Thunder Struck
Police K-9 Units | RP threadJuly 26, 2022 03:49 PM

Thunder Struck
Posts: 1118
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Handlers are slowly filtering into their new station, some only knowing one or two people or even none. They are soon being introduced to their K-9s, most already haven't seen their new companions except from the various photos.
Police K-9 Units | RP threadJuly 26, 2022 04:33 PM

Posts: 146
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Whiskey lies in her kennel, anticipation crawling through her fur. Her head lays inbetween her paws and her ears remain perked althought the rest of her body is relaxed. Her eyes flicker about, watching as people and dogs pass by. She can sense something is happenng today. She has never been in an outside kennel this long without doing some training activity, yet she is not training right now. It confuses her, but this is how she knows something different is going on. The anticipation is slowly building more as Whiskey lays there patiently, listening to the other K-9s around her barking. She watches the puppy trainees prance about on the course while their people teach them the basics. 'Where is my trainer?' Whiskey thought as she let out a bored huff. Little did she know, someone new would be here to meet her and take her away to a new station where she would meet new friends.

Edited at July 26, 2022 04:36 PM by Moonshed
Police K-9 Units | RP threadJuly 26, 2022 04:52 PM

Pastry Lord
Posts: 2578
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Phantom Ace (Phantom) | 4 years| Female | German Shep.x Bloodhound mix| Mentions: Whiskey
Phantom looked around energetically awaiting to have her lead clipped onto her. She was in her kennel , she was going to have her first proper handler and she was estatic. She couldn't wait. Breathe You are getting out of control and overexcited.Phantom's tail was wagging and all you could hear was the thunk thunk against the metal bars as her tail hit the bars. Phantom looked okay to her right snd she saw Whiskey .Phantom chased her tail the. Waited by the door , snoot inbetween the gaps , eager to get going and to excited to calm down.

Edited at July 27, 2022 01:24 AM by Pastry Lord
Police K-9 Units | RP threadJuly 26, 2022 09:16 PM

Posts: 850
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Theo || K9 || Male || 3 || Mentions: Open
+The almost black frame of the male could hardly be seen as he was curled into the dark corner of his cage, food and water dish still full. Eyes closed his breathing was level though his ears where everything but relaxed flickering towards the slightest bit of sound. Jaws clamped shut by a metal and leather muscle tied to the back of his head. His tail unmoving beside him, as he moves his head to look at the door of the cage though his eyes remains shut+
+Last thing he remembers is being brought to this cage by the people he grew up with blue instead of army green surrounding him. A sudden shake goes though his body as he tightens his curl opening only one eye as he looks towards the clear liquid that remains untouched near his food bowl. Lifting his head he gives it a small shake the mussel shaking with it, before he turns his rasied head towards the caged door. New partner was all he heard from the passing humans in blue suits, the smell of gun powder filling his snout. Sneezing softly he lowers his head once again on his front legs closing his eye once again. Ears pinning as he hears other cage doors open and close, voices getting louder and other dogs barking+

Edited at July 26, 2022 09:17 PM by Free-Claw12
Police K-9 Units | RP threadJuly 26, 2022 09:32 PM

Former Pack
Posts: 0
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Cassandra “Cassie” Troy | 25 years| Female | Handler | Mentions: Phantom Ace

Standing outside of the station, keys in hand, Cassandra paused to take in the sight of her new place of work. She’d gotten ready in record time that morning, several hours prior. Unable to concentrate on anything else, she’d sat on her couch, reading and rereading the profile for her new canine. She’d nearly missed the alarm set on her phone, telling her when to leave for the station. Cassandra had tripped over her feet gathering her things and rushing out the door. Only to double back in order to grab her car keys.

Now the nerves that came with meeting new people and familiarizing herself with a new workplace were beginning to make themselves known. She took a deep breath, in through the nose, out through the mouth. The soft chime of her keys jangling together brought her into the present moment. She put them away in her purse and approached the front doors. Cassandra hesitated for a moment before pushing her way in. The kennels, she had to find the kennels. Her new partner waited there, Phantom Ace.

Police K-9 Units | RP threadJuly 26, 2022 09:54 PM

Inferno Abyss
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Kaiser Dresden | Male | 32 | Criminal | M: Open
Sunlight filtered into the room and the man groaned slightly, shifting. His alarm went off a couple moments later. Sighing, he pulled himself out of bed, hitting the off button on his way to the bathroom. After a steamy shower, he got dressed, putting on his favorite biker jacket. New town, same clothes. His last con had gone pretty well, if he must say so himself. Granted, after the K-9's had lost his scent, he skipped town. Still managed to make a pretty penny though so he wasn't complaining.

Kaiser grabbed his watch off the small desk next to the bed before putting it on as he headed out the door. He stopped a couple steps out before backing up to lock it. Never could be certain. Paranoia had kept him out of jail this long, he wasn't going to stop now. Walking outside the small apartment houses, he took a moment to scan his surroundings before heading down to the small coffee shop and mini diner on the corner. He had scouted it out the night before and it overlooked the plaza so if anything did happen, the crowds would swallow him up before the cops could catch him. Although, new town meant new cops. Maybe he wouldn't have to hop any fences to get away if needed.

There were few people out this early but as they say, early bird gets the worm. A woman was hurrying towards him, definitely in a hurry to get somewhere. He bumped into her gently, quickly apologizing before watching her go. Once she was out of sight, he looked at the wallet he had snagged. Nothing that yielded his attention. He dropped the wallet where he was before walking towards the coffee shop again. The woman would most likely come back if she found it was missing. He didn't need to stir up too much trouble already. Especially since he was still sorting out a target.

Getting to the small coffee shop, he got himself a black coffee, mainly to keep himself awake before looking out over the plaza. Definitely a nice place, maybe he would stay a bit longer. He sipped his coffee, watching as the morning went by and listening in to the morning chatter and gossip in the diner.
Police K-9 Units | RP threadJuly 26, 2022 10:09 PM

Posts: 5108
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Rachel Harris (Bear) | F | Handler | M: Whiskey, Open

After her usual morning run, the sun had well and truly risen now, Bear could feel its warmth on her skin as she arrived home to get ready for her first day at the new station.
First, she had a shower, she'd hung her uniform on the top towel rack so it was ready to go for today, the same navy uniform she wore at the last station, still, it felt like a new job even though it was the same one, just at a new location.
In the kitchen she poured herself a coffee in her favorite purple travel mug, it wasn't her favorite coffee (A strawberry latte), nonetheless, this one was still pretty good, considering it was just the instant one. Tightening the lid and grabbing her bag she made her way out the door, no breakfast, again as per usual.
In her pocket, her phone automatically connected once the car was turned on, Two High by Moon Taxi was the first song to start playing for her commute to work.
She parked her black ute in the car park behind the station and pulled up the email containing a set of instructions for their first arrival. Following them she made her way around to the k-9 kennels, her assigned k-9, a Belgian malinois named Whiskey should be waiting for her in the sixth kennel. Halfway there she realized she'd left the little toy she'd brought with her, it belonged to her last dog, a pet though, not a working dog, he passed from old age almost six months ago now.
Each kennel had a decent amount of space, though not enough she'd feel comfortable being in for extended periods of time, hopefully, she would be allowed to take Whiskey home to live with her outside of work hours, or that they have larger, more comfortable indoor kennels at least.
Reading each number on the wire doors of each kennel she quickly came across number six at the opposite end of which she started. Inside, a dog lay with her resting between her paws, she appeared alert yet relaxed which is good, she looked just like her photos too. The keys clipped to her belt jingled slightly as she crouched and softly called, "Whiskey?"
Police K-9 Units | RP threadJuly 27, 2022 01:41 AM

Pastry Lord
Posts: 2578
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Audrey Senita|24 Genderfluid (she/they) | Handler| Mentions : Rachel (Bear)(indirectly), Maverick
Audrey groaned as she stretched and heard her alarm going off. Audrey looked in panic as they saw she would be late , she had a few texts from Rachel also known as Bear. They didn't know why Rachel liked being called Bear but Audrey didn't complain. Audrey looked at her ironed K-9 Uniform and put it on. Audrey made sure her father was okay and kissed him on the head , grabbed a coffee,chug it and said "Bye Dad, Call if you need anything" And yes I know what you are thinking. Why is a working 24 year old living with their Dad? Two reasons really, her father's declining health ans loneliness. Audrey made sure her motorbike was ready and charged and then got on ans bolted to the new station. Theh got there faster than they expected. Audrey looked around snd took in the sights of the new station, number two of the stations they had worked in. Audrey looked at the name of her soon to be partner , Maverick. Audrey had forgotten it in less than five seconds,sometimes having ADHD could effect her concentration span, Maverick,Maverick,Maverick Audrey repeated in an attempt to remember their partners name. To be fair it was a new name. She got to the kennels She saw Rachel and smiled "Hey Bear" they called snd then began searching for Maverick.
Aspen Indiana| 27| Male(he/him)| Handler| Mentions: Kodiak
Aspen has woken at 5:39 as his alarm pinged off and he rapidly got it to shut up. He then went out of his bedroom, and looked at his apartment. He had encouraged strongly to move once had gone to university . Once he had finished , he had brought a small appartement. He liked it though , it was on the first floor just above the ground floor. He had a medium sized bedroom with a desk a bed, and a wardrobe . He then went to the kitchen looked at the many things he had brought last night . He laughed at the stuff snd put it away. Last station, he had been able to bring his partner home with him , the dog had been the best friend ever , the first real one really . The dog had enjoyed the toys and was sent to live with Aspen when he was old snd retired . Sadly she had died last year, Aspen didn't want to be considered weird in saying he thought death brought the dog peace and heaven was going to be luxurious to her . He remembered as he had a finally look at the clock before exiting his appartement, 6:30 am. Aspen brought treats and toys but kept them in a sealed bag so the dogs couldn't smell it that much.

Here he was as all the other handlers spilled in. Some chatting to each other and others just walking solo, he was walking solo. Aspen yawned and brought out of the photo of Kodiak and began walking up and down the kennels to find Kodiak, his new partner and hopefully his new best friend. He looked st the dogs smiling at each of them , no matter how friendly or unfriendly they looked and wished them a good day. He kept up the feeling of being a happy hippy. He was just dressed in his K-9 uniform but he still had his rainbow sunglasses on and his small peace symbol necklace he wore occasionally when he was feeling nervous
Phantom Ace(Phantom)| Female|4yrs|Ger Shep.xBloodhound|Mentions: Rachel Bear,Whiskey +Open
Phantom has awoken at 5 am when most dogs were sort enough to not make any noise, it was calming and she didn't have that feeling to unpredictability she had when she was overexcited. She heard the snores of some dogs and the snuffles from some. Phantom had only been in 1 job but for only a year then it was overexcitable nature that got her moved. Phantom remembered the jeers of her supposed peers as she got lead out into a van to move to another station. Phantom remembered the shame and embarrassment she had felt. She just hoped her handler would be better at understanding her and what makes her tick well.

Phantom ruffed quietly at the human that stood by Whiskey and Her Kennels. When the human closed out Whiskey's name , her tail dropped snd then she looked away . She pressed her face against the wire doors. If Whiskey's kennel number was 6 then she had to be 5.She looked frantically, searching left snd right with her eyes and occasionally ruffing quietly to tell the other to shut up.She went feeling herself today, she felt like she was when she overwhelmed and overexcited.

Edited at July 27, 2022 02:18 AM by Pastry Lord

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