07:45:12 Kat
How long does it take for forum discussions to delete from inactivity
Pastry Lord
07:44:04 Chef/Ded|All pronoun
Pastry Lord
07:43:22 Chef/Ded|All pronoun
Hello nught enjoy
Ye nught , I’ll get back to you tea about the wolf
07:43:14 Satan
My parents would never let me take him in the car and don't have anyone else.
Crimson Cloud Pack
07:42:21 He/Him
Could you grab her and take her to the vet to be checked out?

Sorry, I missed your reply. I stepped away >.<
Pastry Lord
07:41:45 Chef/Ded|All pronoun
I have to go soon
As I am falling asleep as we tect l
Stardust Hurricane
07:38:55 Leon (They/Them)
Is anyone up for a My Hero Academia pm rp? Please pm me if you are.
The Tea Drinkers
07:38:06 Daunt, Teacup
Just go with the knowledge that you are loved lmao
07:37:47 Satan
But im socially awkward...
-WP Click-

looking for a role play partner ^^
If you'd like to Rp, pm me, please!
Pastry Lord
07:35:13 Chef/Ded|All pronoun
Little Devil
Ahh oki
, maybe go ask?
Upper Mountains
07:34:03 Upper
I do. An outide cat without a collar or chip is a stray, and gets brought to my work. specially if it isn't fixed.
07:33:41 Satan
He was on the abandoned houses yard so I though he was left when they moved.
Interstellar Sun
07:32:44 Nyquil: It Sucks
Did you really just pick up a cat and assume it was a stray? Lmao
Pastry Lord
07:32:43 Chef/Ded|All pronoun
Little Devil
Isnt Kiki yours?

Tea Queen
Ehh I agree butterfly just kills my arms and my body
07:31:32 Satan
Found out Kiki might have owners? But might just be their outside cat. I'm not sure. He was at the house next to the abandoned house so I'm not sure
The Tea Drinkers
07:29:45 Daunt, Teacup
It was hard -.- I hate butterfly. And when I got back both my cat and my baby threw up XD
07:29:01 |Local Stalker|
Shitstain 101 is my new favorite familiar
Pastry Lord
07:28:44 Chef/Ded|All pronoun
tea Queen
Ooo fancy how was it and also how are ye?


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Whispers Cost | Discussion November 24, 2022 11:55 PM

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Revan; "I- Just leave- I don't- I don't need you- Or want you- Go away- I can't- Just go."
Aries; "Very enclosing... What was meant to be an inescapable labyrinth... Only large enough for the Minotaur to walk in... Without seeing over the walls... Trapped... Practically forced to kill... Wonder what isn't in the myth that they did to him... You think they ever- They ever like- They ever branded him..? Burnt their crest into- Into his- His flesh..?"
Gen'ya; "Sounds like a recipe for disaster if he's going alone. What's he going to do, barge in there without any permission?"
Gorōta; "Hm, we could split the fidget toys into different categories and then do a corner based off each category? That way they could choose which corner they want to go to for optimal stress relief and all."
Whispers Cost | Discussion November 25, 2022 12:06 AM

Lost Memories
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Horatio: "I'm not leaving you. Especially not like this. It's okay, just try to calm down, please."
Nico: "Ah... I don't think they probably did. Um, what do you think about... About, uh..."
Briar: "About Helen and Menelaus? They've got a happy ending, right?"
Micha: "Honestly, I never would have thought that when I first met him, but I don't doubt it. Tio's very protective, if you haven't noticed. Ooo, that's a good idea, Gorōta! What should this corner be, then?"
Whispers Cost | Discussion November 25, 2022 12:25 AM

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Revan; "Please- Just go- I can't- I need time alone- Please."
Aries; "Helen and Menelaus..? In, uh... In some versions, I guess... Helen's abducted by Paris of Troy... Menelaus destroys Troy and resolves to kill Helen... Her beauty stops him, and uh, he forgives her, they live happily... Kind of... Some versions, uh- Some versions Helen went willingly and loved Paris... Or some versions, uhm... Menelaus decides to punish her at Sparta instead of kill her... Because of her beauty... And then forgives her, I guess... Depends how you look at that one..."
Gen'ya; "He's at least bringing a witness, right?"
Gorōta; "Hm... What are the four categories you'd say the fidget toys you got are?"
My post is almost done, you should be able to expect it by, uhm... 12:35, probably.
Whispers Cost | Discussion November 25, 2022 12:44 AM

Lost Memories
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Horatio: "At least let us get back to the base first, then I'll give you some time, but I'm not going to leave you alone out here."
Nico: "Damn. Greek mythology is very cool, but not too happy."
Briar: "Yeahh, definitely not the happiest of things. It is cool though. Hey, Aries, want to go for a walk, maybe? We could get some fresh air, maybe?"
Micha: "Uh, other than Revan himself, I don't think so. Um, maybe satisfying, soft, clicky, and puzzle-type things? I'm not really sure."
The post looks great! I don't think I'll respond tonight, it's very late, but tomorrow, lmao
Whispers Cost | Discussion November 25, 2022 01:03 AM

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Revan; "I- I need- Go ahead back- I- I'll catch up- Have to grab something from- From the store- Why isn't this a dre-dream?"
Aries; "Cool..? Er- Uh... Sure... If- If you want, of course..."
Gen'ya; "Horatio brought Revan to go and confront Revan's mom? That... Doesn't seem smart."
Gorōta; "Those work, sure. We'll put clicky here, so the noise from them doesn't annoy others. Soft can go in the right corner on the opposite side of the room. Will that work?"
I get that, yeah, makes sense lol
Take all the time you need lmao
Whispers Cost | Discussion November 25, 2022 10:45 AM

Lost Memories
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Horatio: "I'll go with you then, you're not in any state to be out here alone."
Nico: "Okay, fresh air it is!"
Briar: "Sounds good, try to take some deep breaths, Aries, would that help?"
Micha: "To be fair, I don't think he meant to bring Revan. I'm pretty sure Revan just got the word about where Tio was going, and, well, you can guess how that went. That would work!"
Whispers Cost | Discussion November 25, 2022 01:07 PM

Posts: 7376
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Revan; "F-Fine."
Aries; "If you... If you think so..?"
Gen'ya; "Probably badly, I'm guessing? Which I don't get, Revan's mom sucks ass. Why's Revan so... Protective? Maybe he just doesn't want to inherit the company yet, haha."
Gorōta; "Alright, far right is clicky then. Let's get to setting up."
Whispers Cost | Discussion November 25, 2022 04:33 PM

Lost Memories
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Horatio: "Thank you, where do we need to go?"
Nico: "You know you can say if you don't want to!"
Briar: "Yeah, we'll listen, we won't be mad or anything."
Micha: "I don't know, family can be complicated. Sounds good!"
Whispers Cost | Discussion November 25, 2022 04:52 PM

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Revan; "I- Anywhere with foundation and concealer, I guess... Just- I don't care."
Aries; "Don't... Don't know... Fresh air's probably... Probably good..."
Gen'ya; "Fair, fair. Ugh, whatever. How do we want to set up this clicky corner?"
Gorōta; "Some seats, I guess. Somewhere to store the clicky toys."
Whispers Cost | Discussion November 25, 2022 05:07 PM

Lost Memories
Posts: 6316
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Horatio: "Okay, come on, there's a store nearby that I'm sure has some. Can you walk on your own?"
Nico: "Whatever you say, Aries!"
Briar: "Okay then, follow me, you two!"
Micha: "Yep, we got some carpet too, just in case. We don't have to use it, though."
Ugh, my posts just keep getting shorter and shorter :')

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