05:01:43 Zyra_the_wolf
my friend is holding one of my wolves that was pregnant, and that wolf and my other pregnant one just gave birth
got a DS from one litter and a DH from the other
 Azure Empyrea
04:44:41 Edme
thank you fox!
130+ is hw
 Azure Empyrea
04:40:05 Edme
Hey chat, just came back from hiatus so brain is a little rusty. Can someone remind me of the heavyweight range again? i forget where it starts
 Mysterious Moon Clan
04:38:25 She/Her, Moon
Your wolves played: Pepper Fur growls dominantly at Swift Leaf.

Ahh yes, growl at the child that has more CP than you XD
 the Wayne pack
04:24:42 Waning
I can technically use the word "denomination" for a species, right? I know it's usually associated with organized religion, but the dictionary is telling me I can. The goal for me is to get the meaning of "species" without using it, well, I might have to use it.
 Ghost Of Christmas
04:22:44 Free

Mines over 150-
 Destinations End
04:03:16 Desti, Coy, Coydog
03:48:55 Cae, Blue
Do i get 3 den expansions? Yes or yes?
 The Winter Walker
03:44:36 Noctem Lupus
I feel like I want to scream, but I don't want anybody to hear me?
03:43:23 Zyra_the_wolf
33 day log in streak, whoop whoop
03:19:06 Nes/Tes/Mom
Bye bro
03:17:45 Jingles (She/Her)
Bye. Sleep well.
 Happy Pawlidays
03:17:04 Shade/Violent/River
I'm heading to bed, it's past 3am now >.>
 Happy Pawlidays
03:08:28 Shade/Violent/River
Ahh, understandable, can you pm me it? (I'm 99.99% sure it's not for me XD)
03:07:27 Jingles (She/Her)
I can't. It's a Christmas present that someone ordered, but I don't know who it's for, so I don't want to accidentally spoil the surprise. Otherwise I would.
 Happy Pawlidays
03:06:27 Shade/Violent/River
You spy 5 Sun Bears.
 Happy Pawlidays
03:05:01 Shade/Violent/River
Ooh, show it?
03:04:42 Jingles (She/Her)
**some art**
03:04:22 Jingles (She/Her)
My hands are cramping! I just did so e art and it made my hands cramp SO bad. I finished the art piece though, and it looks really good.


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Captive For Powers | Magic Kids | Open!!August 11, 2022 11:18 PM

Former Pack
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In a world, very similar to ours, a life-changing virus breaks out. Kids all around the world becoming very sick and changed by this "W Virus". Society roots against it...and against the kids as well.
In the year 3062, scientists spill a large portion of chemicals, cleaning this up with a very effective device. They are unaware of these chemicals collecting in the air, not fully cleaned up. As the air travels, a small breakout starts in children within the community. The symptoms no worse than those of an average cold. Coughing, sneezing, hot forehead, everything seems identical. Until one night when parents report of there children seeming to have powers. Unaware of the cause at the time, kids start practicing to use their powers for the good. Then, after a few years of study, the year is 3068 and children everywhere are being tossed around by their parents out of fear, anger, or happiness. The scientists come to one conclusion; the virus. Society does not understand how or what had caused the powers to even be shown in the children and not adults. The government decides to ban this use of "witchcraft" and have no more of this nonsense. The children cannot stop issuing their powers though and a problem occurs. Many people decide to capture the children for studies of science or lock them in a "fun" environment, acting more as a jail ot them. They ar won't allowed to see their parents most of the time and are soon made objects to capture their powers so they cannot escape. The objects are customized for the power and are holding the powers, usually being physically attached to the child. By the year 4003, children have decreased and grown up. Many had enough of tests and tried to run, being put in the "jail". Others have just died and some have actually grown to become a scientist. Now you are a child or even a young adult or teenager. Will you escape these terrible times? If so, where will you go and will you be caught again.

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Captive For Powers | Magic Kids | Open!!August 11, 2022 11:18 PM

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1. Follow Eve's and WP rules
2. This rp requires at least one paragraph (5 sentences) to get on with the story. More is completely encouraged though
3. No god-modding
4. Cussing is allowed just not every sentence
5. Romance is not the main point but being in captivity for this long may have some develop feelings and friendships
5. LGBTQ+ :)
6. Hate the character, not the player
7. 48 hour reservations, if more time is needed, please ask me but there must be a good reason
8. Pictures are allowed as long as they are correctly credited
9. No characters over 25
10. The limit for powers is three and no overpowered powers like bringing others back from the dead or being able to not eat for 1 month(example)
11. Three character limit to everyone, no exeptions
12. I expect at least 100 words for appearance and personality
13. A dog breed in other if you read these rules
14. Be kind and accepting of others
15. Don't be "that guy" and you know who I'm talking about
16. Of course, have fun!!

Edited at August 11, 2022 11:48 PM by River-Luna
Captive For Powers | Magic Kids | Open!!August 11, 2022 11:19 PM

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The Roles/Powers
The roles will be devided by he group.
4-12 are the Kid Group
4 is the youngest age to be tested on and 3 and under are kept in the "fun environment" or known as the "jail" by the children. These kids go through a small amount of testing and are kept in small cells with a bed, bathroom, surrounded by walls and a door with a toilet, sink, and tub, a dresser and game boards on a small shelf. Requests can be made but mustn't be big like a meal or extra games, etc. They have a small window on each side to see and talk to the others. The rooms are quite small and about the size of a jail cell. The kids have the better cells the others will say as it is certainly the truth. They are always fed three meals per day. Every day for six hours, they are let into a high security room with contact to the outside with grass and dirt. There are play sets and tables to play around in and have guards and very thick fence, metal poles, defense systems, and netting around the edges, making it almost impossible to escape. This "freedom zone" is around half a mile wide by half a mile across.
13-18 are the Teenage Group
This group receives a fair amount of testing and is almost testing for a half a day. There rooms are slightly smaller than the kid's and have a small bathroom with a toilet and sink, one small shower head at the corner of the room, obviously surrounded by a wall, a bed, and a dresser along the sides, no games. They do have windows on either side though. They are more strict about what the teens get as of the requests and are fed two large meals per day. As the Kids, the teens go out into the "freedom zone" every other day.
19-25 is the Young Adult Group
This group is by far the worst place to be, having very strict rules and a terribly small cell. They have a small bathroom around the size of the teens and a small bed with a small dresser. They are almost never given requested items and are given a good meal twice a day. They have the most testing done but are given two days off and then a day of testing. They do go in the "freedom zone" quite often and seem like parents to the children. This is the most group and no one has made it past 25 for some reason still unknown to everyone.
The powers are actually quite simple. One is given to a child at the age of 4 and then again at 12. These are the best and most practiced powers and if they are lucky, a third will come at 20. Eight years. These powers often have a mind of their own in the beginning and some cannot be tamed but some have no harm anyway. Some include, transformation into another being/animal, invisibility, a small amount of telekinesis and etc. Others can be extremely dangerous and are focused on the most like the ability to control fire or ice, some even being the ability to transport through shadows etc. These are usually the most studied and are the most known. Other powers may have a need met. If you think that the power is not very harmful, please say so in the form, an example will be in my form.

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Captive For Powers | Magic Kids | Open!!August 11, 2022 11:19 PM

Former Pack
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Child Group(unlimited):
Juniper "June" Davison|F|10|River-Luna
Vergil Odessa|M|5|King of Winter
Alexandria Delroy|F|8|Firefox
(M=0 F=0)
Teenage Group(unlimited):
Ava West|F|16|River-Luna
Adallina "Addie" Eris|F|18|Valorous
Ambrose Eris|M|18|Valorous
(M=2 F=2)
Young Adult Group(unlimited):
Deacon Beckett|M|20|Valorous
Oleander "Ollie" Elsher|M|19|Forerunner
Arthur Faust|M|23|King of Winter
Kenzington Elrod|F|25|Firefox
Elza Reynard|F|21|Killigen
(M=3 F=0)
Sign-Ups: You're Here!
Discussion Thread: Here!
RP Thread: Here! ^^

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Captive For Powers | Magic Kids | Open!!August 11, 2022 11:19 PM

Former Pack
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*Sign-Up Form*
Group They Are In:
Opinion on Escaping?:
Appearance(at least 100 words):
Personality(at least 100 words):

Edited at August 12, 2022 11:18 AM by River-Luna
Captive For Powers | Magic Kids | Open!!August 12, 2022 11:14 AM

Former Pack
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Ava West
Group They Are In:
Opinion on Escaping?:
"With very slim chances, I'm not sure if we will be able to. But if there is a will, there is a way...right? Escape would be amazing but how? That's the question. If we can escape somehow, that would be life changing and I, and everyone else, would be desperate to get out of this horrid facility."
Hetero + Asexual
Ava has a very athletic build but isn't very tall at a height of 5'3" and weighing only 143 pounds. She has dark freckles running along her nose and under her dark green eyes. Her skin is slightly tanned by her heritage and she has medium length brown hair. Her hair frizzes up and is usually messy. She usually keeps it down but can be seen with it in a tight ponytail at times. She doesn't quite like it up but sometimes it just feels right to her. She has a necklace with a shark tooth that she never takes off because it reminds her of her family before she was taken here. Alongwith the necklace, she is usually seen wearing a hoodie and some athletic shorts. Tennis shoes covering her feet, mismatched socks beneath the shoes. She has a scar on her left palm where it had been cut by a tool she'd been unsupervised with during her first test when she was four. Then, she has a few scars on her head and arms from trying to escape outside and during testing several.
Ava is very competitive and aggressive. She is quite the teen for she seems to always have energy and is very energetic. Ava loves playing games with the younger children for they seem quite kind and energetic like she is.
Ava is very kind to those she knows and protective of those she cares about. She doesn't like scientists or guards and would protect anyone around her from them if needed. She will fight back and isn't afraid to one bit. Scars always tell a story and sometimes, it's worth the scar.
She is kind to her friends but can come off as sarcastic at times. She knows this though and is careful about what she talks about. She wouldn't bring up a subject that one of her friends is uncomfortable with without their permission.

You could call her animal geek I suppose. Ava is knowledgeable about several types of animals, partly because of her power. She almost loves animals more than people and would admit to it any day. Ava knows lots of facts about animals and would be happy to share them with someone interested.
Now, her...bad side, you could say. Ava has slight anger issues and gets angry mostly by annoyance and losing a game unless playing with the kids for she doesn't want to hurt their feelings. This can usually be calmed within a minute or two though. She is also not the best at explaining her feelings. She hates others worrying about her and will often hide how she feels so others don't worry. She is more open to her friends because they understand her. Once you get to know her, she seems to be silly, weird, and energetic and the type of person who would protect you with her own life if she cared about you enough.
Her Powers
Protecting Others
Small Spaces
Being Forced To Do Something
Rude People
This is the power to transform into any animal at any given moment. Having this power, Ava doesn't have regular bar on her cell. She has a metal wall so she cannot get through. If she transforms into anything larger than the cell, the strong walls will hold her back, forcing her to transform back into herself. She can't turn into anything smaller than a cat and anything larger than a hippo. This power cannot cause very bad harm and is not usually controlled yet Ava uses its outside most and is usually kept an eye on.
This is the common power to control water wether it's keeping her thirst quencher or playing a prank on the guards. She usually doesn't use this power much for she is still learning about it. She sometimes helps her friends if they need water by passing it through the small cell bars that they call windows. This power is relatively harmless but under control with a bracelet, custom to her wrist so it will not come off. On top of this bracelet is a small bell that rings when she moves so she can be kept track of. This power is kept to a minimum and is used for nothing larger than a cup of water.
None at The Moment
Read The Rules ^.^

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Captive For Powers | Magic Kids | Open!!August 12, 2022 11:37 AM

Former Pack
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This is now Open!! <3

Edited at August 12, 2022 11:37 AM by River-Luna
Captive For Powers | Magic Kids | Open!!August 12, 2022 01:15 PM

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~Group They Are In~

teen-age group



~ Opinion on Escaping?~

Can't wait to be free and get into the real world




Anubis has the most steel-grey colored eyes in his family along with the longest black, light brown hair that stops about shoulder length. He has caramel-colored skin just a few shades darker, he has no problem with his skin color for he was raised to love himself. He stands at the height of 6 feet, with a lean muscular figure. Aquilo has a couple of scars along his back,face, legs, arms and abdomen from fighting and experiments . He is very proud of most of his scars and has no regrets or anger when others ask questions for he shows them freely. for his motto is ``embrace your one chance at life". Anubis is usually seen in neutral colored clothing,he enjoys dressing comfy which is usually hoodies and joggers, and a pair of black and white converse,


Anubis has a very complex personality or in other words, as others call it he has a bipolar disorder. He tends to stay to himself unless he is doing one of his activities. Anubis is very motivated and can speak multiple languages like they are his native tongue. Aquilo is a very quick learner and he is intelligent which makes up for his lack of being social. The male is anything but shy, but he enjoys keeping to himself but he will speak up if he thinks it's necessary. Anubis is stubborn and hard to get to the meaning he doesn't like being told what to do unless it's for the safety of the people he cares about. Anubis can seem like a dangerous person but once you truly understand him he's nothing but a giant teddy bear wanting to protect the things he cares about. Anubis tries his best to understand everyone but sometimes it gets jumbled into his head so he tends to stay quiet in most situations.







Sour things

Being captive

Being told what to do

Seeing people close to his hurt


Weapon summoner

He's able to summon any weapon of his liking out of thin air as long as he knows the basics of said weapon. Weapons can be from both old and new generations. He uses this power less for he does lose energy easily.


Goes into an uncontrolled frenzy when he gets truly mad or upset. His teeth will turn into fangs and his ears sharpen into elf-like ears. His eyes either turn a black or a blood red. He also grows about another 2-3 foot but no one is able to get close enough to tell. He does have a shock collar because of this power.








Cane Corso

Captive For Powers | Magic Kids | Open!!August 12, 2022 01:27 PM

Former Pack
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Anubis is accepted!
Captive For Powers | Magic Kids | Open!!August 12, 2022 04:37 PM

Former Pack
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~Deacon Beckett~






Young Adult





Opinion on Escaping:

Deacon is a calculated opportunist, so naturally should escape be even plausible, he'll be among the first to begin devising a safe way out. There is little he aspires to have more than to escape, but he would never dare to make a move unless he broke down the risk factor and determined escape is possible.


Deacon is easily passed off as an individual fairing on the barely above average spectrum appearance wise. He physically fronts a diamond shaped face that possesses a higher and more defined set of cheekbones. It’s a face that is completely clean shaven, and he keeps it this way at all times. His eyes are the only thing that could be regarded as ‘standing out’ compared to the rest of his features. These eyes are a vibrant periwinkle with softer brown flecks circling the iris. Framed by a thinner but dark set of lashes, his eye type is best described as slightly hooded. While his eyes do typically convey the majority of his emotions, the crow lines at the corner of his eyes indicate he probably smiles more than he should. Above are eyebrows that are, well, averagely thick with a faint arch to the ends of them. The straight structure and slope of Deacon’s nose is also no exception to his apparent mediocrity. In addition, the lips that form the multitude of smiles and smirks are that of a soft shade of rose and possess a slight resting downturn to them. Now, Deacon's hair is something he prefers to put pride into. With the root and primary color being his natural deep oak color, it flows into a dusty blonde to give it -at least what he considers- an attractive ombre contrast. It’s a bit shorter along the sides while the top is long enough for him to slick back into his preferred style. When it’s not fashioned to be in style, the top typically has more of an untamed and ruffled look to it.

Standing at a respectable 6”2, Deacon’s somewhat above average height also tends to reflect his above average ego influx. That alone is evident with his confident and perfect posture, while possessing a small pep in each of his steps. His primary build is a bit more triangular; starting with broader shoulders and dwindling down to his more narrow set hips. Deacon is someone that doesn’t have an insanely muscular build, but he does maintain and keep a presence of toned muscle on his arms, legs, and core. If he didn’t have that -average- muscle to him he would honestly be on the verge of having a more Jack Skellington type build to him. It’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but he would look fairly thin and lanky. His body isn’t littered with many marks other than a few less than honorable stories to go along with a few of his more defined scars. The most prominent of those scars being from the multitude of varying tests and experiments done to him. Overall, Deacon’s skin tone is that of a duller ivory; meaning it isn’t blindingly white, nor is it a sickly look. . . just average. There are light undertones to his overall color, which can be regarded as a bit complimentary, but that’s about as flattering as his complexion stands.


Contrary to his more ordinary appearance, Deacon’s personality is quite exceptional. Not suffocatingly strong, but one that leaves its mark in the space he’s in. It’s his more reasonable and charismatic nature that generally makes him a person that’s easy to be around. Pridefully he could consider himself fairly balanced in terms of temperament, ego, and ideals. Of course the scales tip further on one end of the spectrum every now and then, but being perfect is too exhausting of a goal to maintain in his eyes. Instead, he wears his entire self out loud.

If Deacon doesn’t just straight out say what’s on his mind or states his opinion, then all you have to do is ask. This makes him a considerably open person most of the time, but that doesn’t make him an honest person. While he won’t always be insensitively blunt with others, if someone is of particular annoyance to him he has no problem being politely snarky. It’s actually the well mannered ring to his back handed comments that make it more insulting, but it can also be difficult to get upset at him for it because they come across so deceivingly civil.

Deacon also has the ability to be such a graceful liar that it can make heads spin. He prefers honesty, but where lies are needed, lies there will be. It almost makes him two faced, but believe it or not it is usually never fueled by malicious intentions. If anything, he lies so fabulously out of what he may consider to be protection. Some people can’t handle the truth, some people shouldn’t know the whole truth. . . and those are his primary ideals behind lying.

When it comes to people in general, Deacon is very accepting and always respectful up front. There are not many judgmental bones in his body unless you’re really pushing on making a bad impression with him. This nature makes it rather easy for Deacon to insert himself into most crowds as well since he usually finds a way to relate to everyone. In some ways more than others. Plus, it’s not just his lies that are as fluid as water, his manner of speech is usually highly articulated without him having to put too much effort into it. His casual manner of speech is filled with less attractive words than his formal speech, but it still possesses an evident charm to it.

Deacon doesn’t actually consider himself a natural born leader, however, he does actually hold several qualities that contradict his views on himself. Deacon’s faith is placed more into individuals and their potential, which makes him naturally more in tune with seeing the better side of everyone. Small insertions of inspiration and build ups is what he may offer from time to time with people he sees struggling, but he has a little trouble diving deep into hearty conversations. Encouraging is something he can be, although he has a small habit of expressing disappointment when he sees individuals not applying themselves and fulfilling the potential he believes they possess.

Instead of being a rather boisterous person, Deacon holds a more calm demeanor to him. When things like ambition and passion are sparked within him though he can be quite animated. Paired with being a more optimistic person overall, Deacon is still very realistic with his views. That’s the side of him responsible for preferring calculated decisions and risks, but even he knows circumstances that can change on a dime may rely more on impulsive actions. In this way Deacon is fairly adaptive to many situations, and that adaptability leaves him to be less bull headed when it comes to his decision making. Being overly stubborn isn’t much in his nature unless it’s for something he very firmly believes in. As any person, sure, he makes mistakes, and he’ll admit it too. However, when he really applies his beliefs into something, there’s not much of a chance that he’ll back down from his stance.

Heavy conflict is something Deacon believes is fully avoidable if things are handled correctly, so he is definitely someone that tries to keep tension to a minimum wherever he may be. Easily he could be regarded as a diplomatic individual. Communication is a skill he encourages others to embrace, though there isn’t a lot that’s considered to be forceful about Deacon’s character. In fact, he's more of someone that makes suggestions, and leaves an individual to choose whether or not to follow that suggestion. Choice is an entity he firmly believes in, and no matter any situation, he believes there’s always a choice to be made. He can’t say he always makes the right one in the moment but he can say he does his best. With that being said, he doesn’t fault others or shame them for making poor choices unless it deliberately is intended to do more harm than good.

There is a bit more pride than humility to Deacon as one may pick up on. Then again he thinks too humble of individuals are more inclined to be unnecessarily apologetic, incapable of standing up for themselves and others, as well as being a pushover. While he doesn’t judge those who are more humble than he, it’s just not a trait he would allow himself to practice heavily. It makes him appear a bit cocky, which isn’t a wrong observation, but he isn’t drunk on pride or arrogance in any way.

Along with Deacon’s snarky nature he tends to express a witty and sarcastic essence to him. Well placed remarks or puns are something he tends to relay when he deems them fit. Sarcasm is both how he tends to be playful with others, but he can also channel that sarcasm into expressing irritation. While Deacon probably isn’t always the brainiest in the room, he is fairly intelligent, which is seen through some of his sharper and witty remarks as well as his brief but thoughtful responses. It would actually take a lot to push Deacon to the point of being angry enough to evolve from snarky comments since he’s so slow to anger. However, his genuinely angry side isn’t a very pretty side. It changes his entire persona into something worth fearing when he unleashes it. All the more reason he has been feverishly worked with as a youth to suppress and channel that anger healthily when he feels he’s on the verge of a war path.


Experimenting with his ability/getting into mischief (who wouldn’t do a smidge of trickery from time to time for simple fun?)

Being around people

Colder temperatures

People watching

Sleeping; if he could sleep all day he would


The facility; he loathes the entirety of the place

Loud and/or obnoxious sounds and people

Bright lights

People lacking a sense of humor

Anyone who dares touch his hair


~Illusion Projection~

When Deacon first began to exhibit signs of being able to conjure things that weren’t really there, it was noted that his ability was highly unstable and possible to have a wide array of potential. As he was watched and worked with over the course of several years, two things were made evident; his ability can be heavily influenced by strong emotions, and they prey on deceiving others' senses.


When Deacon conjures an illusion to mess with the sense of sight, he is using a very strong use of focus to channel the illusion into being believable and completely realistic. While first learning his ability he was able to start with simple things; duplicating items, weaving an illusion of invisibility over still items, and conjuring items in spaces it didn’t actually exist in. Over time, his ability in terms of capability has grown immensely. Now Deacon is capable of creating the illusion of people, making himself or others look different, concealing himself or others in apparent invisibility, changing a persons entire view of where they are, and he even has nailed creating places and things of complete fantasy. He is bound by his own imagination when it comes to deceiving with sight, as well as focus. While his illusions are so vivid and perfect that they are perceived as reality, if his focus is broken, so is the illusion. It’s the most strenuous part of his ability, and the more complex and large scale the illusion, the more difficult it becomes for him to keep the antic up, but also to keep it looking realistic. Headaches of varying severity are the most common side effect, although depending on his usage and focus, side effects may vary.


The illusion of touch is something that can be a little tricky, since the most authentic illusions of touch he can cast are ones he has felt himself, though he can experiment a bit with this. With that being said, the easier illusions are things like wrist grabbing, warmth, cold, and even giving something like a rock the illusion of feeling as soft as fur. Deacon is also very capable of making others feel pain with something like paper cuts, stab wounds (don’t ask how he learned to make that feeling authentic), and other types of physical pain. While this isn’t necessarily touching, Deacon can also give the illusion of internal sensations such as throbbing migraines, or the sense that your heart is beating so rapidly it hurts. The greatest limitation of this is that if his target(s) become greatly aware that what they are feeling isn’t real, whatever he’s making them feel becomes tolerable to the point the target(s) can overcome that sensation. Something may still be felt, depending on the illusion, but it will not be as realistic or hindering.


This is pretty self explanatory; he can conjure the illusion of smell. This is strictly limited by things he has smelt before though. He can pair this illusion with another though; like the smell of gasoline before he gives the illusion that something is on fire.


Also self explanatory, and also limited to things he has tasted before.


This is similar to taste and smell. The sounds he produces can be voices to match the illusion of people, music, screaming, water, etc.

Deacon’s ability is *mostly* controlled. Like it was first noted however, a very strong sense of emotion can influence this ability. If something like anger were to trigger him, he may -possibly involuntarily- lash out at someone and give the illusion of some aspect of pain. Because his ability surrounds itself on a basis of deceit and is regarded as harmful, the choker-like collar on him keeps his abilities tightly in check at all times. With the collar, his illusions are a little less than mild, and even those illusions require a heavy amount of focus and energy due to the collar restriction.

~Lie Detection~

This is the second of Deacon’s abilities, and the last. When in conversation with someone directly, he can detect whether they are lying about whatever it may be they are talking about. This doesn’t mean he knows exactly what one may be lying about, but he knows when someone is lying. This ability works through an almost vibrating sensation in the back of his mind, and that sensation is what cues him in on the lie. It’s a very mild and generally harmless ability, unless a person would prefer to not be outed for lying, but that’s as bad as this ability fairs.








(Apologies for the length of the sheet, but I couldn’t help myself. I’m also keeping Deacon at 2 powers just because his first one has such a wide array of variation and severity to it, but hopefully I explained it well enough too. Let me know if changes need ot be made though!) Irish Wolfhound

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