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my back is sore but I can walk
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You. Are. Very. Adorable.
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Kit Kat
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Kit Kat
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If you'd like to RP, pm me! I would like to do a fantasy topic. please be literate and able to play any gender!
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Ninjao rp pm me please im very bored
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Oh I’m sorry what’s wrong?
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Thoughts on his quote?
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Empire of Edyss // Literate // Open June 9, 2022 04:01 PM

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Empire Of Edyss


"The Taian tyranny will fall"



1. Intro / Subplots / Pronunciation

2. Rules of the RP / Empire's Rules / About the Kingdoms

3. Playable roles / Info about the roles / Available roles

4. Character list / Character form

5. Extra





Nevarius Taian, the granddaughter of Markus Taian, rose to power 30 years ago. The Empire of Edyss has been tormented and ruled under the Taian name for 200 years. Ever since Markus Taian invaded the lands of Edyss, pain and war plagued the once-thriving people. Notable, worthy kingdoms have fallen at the Taian swords. Armies, cultures, kings, queens- all conquered within the span of a decade.

Kingdom of Thrande. An air of intimidation hung over their towering stone cities built deep within the chasms and gulches. Music rang throughout their canyons and carried off the cliffs into the sea. Now one can only hear the clank of metal feet as the Empire's soldiers march on tarnished land.

Kingdom of Frain. They say their fallen warriors still howl and cry in the snow storms, longing for the taste of Taian blood.

Kingdom of Uzuel. The empty sea carried stories and rumors along the sand dunes. Their melodies have gone silent.

Kingdom of Costhyme. The endless fields of eternally blooming flowers don't seem as bright as they used to.

Each kingdom had its own story, each kingdom grew In power and wealth. Each one fell to the Taian's brutal ways.

Except for two.

The Kingdom of Orin, and the Kingdom of Kagha.

Markus Taian, the "first" Taian, withdrew his idea of expansion. He had spared too many men in his great endeavors and decided to take a step back to regrow his army to its former glory. It's been nearly two centuries since.

The Kingdom of Orin grows uneasy at their silence and fears that the Empire will come after them next. It's only a matter of time. The Kingdom of Orin knows this, and they've begun to prepare for war. But they can't do it alone. To survive the Empire and possibly defeat them, the Kingdom of Orin must ally themselves with the Kingdom of Kagha. Except there's an issue. Well, more than just a single issue. Both kingdoms have nasty rumors spread about them, so they can't exactly be inclined to trust each other on a whim.

The Kingdom of Kagha was always in solitude at the edges of Edyss. They never allied themselves and never traded with the other kingdoms. Communications with them were cut long ago, for whatever reason for doing such is left unsaid. Those left outside the impregnable walls of Kagha spread rumors about their coldbloodedness and ill-tempered people. Who knows what's going on in their heads? They're not trustworthy.

The Kingdom of Orin was allied with the Kingdom of Thrande, yet they failed to follow through on their oath. When it came down to it, the Kingdom of Orin couldn't uphold their end of the deal and Thrande fell. Such cowardice. People look down on the Kingdom of Orin, only willing to look at the big picture through rose-tinted glasses and avoid any further truth. When the Kingdom of Thrande needed them the most, they turned their backs on them. They're not trustworthy.

Both kingdoms have a good reason not to ally with each other, but for the sake of survival, will they push those clinging rumors aside? Or will they sit there, pridefully, and wait for the Empire to consume them?


Sub plots

the Kingdom of Orin's history of betraying their previous ally causes the Kingdom of Kagha to want to "seal the deal" with something more permanent. An arranged marriage between the eldest of their offspring is rumored, yet strictly communed between the kings and queens.

. - .

A rebellion grows in the slums of the empire's greatest city. Workers, farmers, and even soldiers of the empire gather and plan to destroy the empire from right under their noses. Will they succeed? Or will an empire spy rat them out? Punishments are harsh under the Empress's rule, and even the suspicion of being in the rebellion can send you straight to their most brutal dungeon, to be interrogated by the cruelest of people and eventually hung as an example to those who don't follow her rule.

. - .

The Empress, Nevarius Taian, has never been able to spawn any child of her own, except for one. This single child, though, doesn't live up to her high expectations. To name her second in command and the next successor to all the lands she has conquered, she will host a tournament. Champions against champions, blood and grit, cruel trials and brutal endeavors, all for the power and glory that comes from it.

. - .

Since there is an air of suspension about the Empire attacking either kingdom, the Kingdom of Orin and the Kingdom of Kagha decide to host a (masquerade?)ball and hide under the guise of the Kagha people finally opening up to the world as they secretly try to form an alliance under the empire's nose. Everyone is invited, even those from the empire to loosen suspicions. There, the kings and queens of the two remaining kingdoms will meet up to discuss business, while their heirs, maids, servants, citizens, and enemies all gather to dance hand in hand.

. - .

Everyone has spies. Everyone. The rebels, the kingdoms, the Empire. These spies are serving their rulers whilst risking their lives. Whether or not they are trained in the arts doesn't matter. If they get caught, they're dead.



for those of you who are wondering...

Edyss = E-dis (like the dis in discard)

Nevarius = Nev as in never, ar - ee - uhs

Taian = Tie - ahn

Orin = Ore - in

Kagha = Kah - ghah

Thrande = Th - rande sounds like strand with a bit of a softer d

Frain = rain with F infront

Uzuel = You - zool

Costhyme = Cos as in Cost, th is just th, yme sounds like eye-m

Venturi = Vehnt-yur-ee

Thezmaer = Thehz-may-ur

Kerya = Ker-yah

Ketar = Keh-tar

Prira = Preer-ah

Kaqit = Kah-keet

Nante = Noh-nt

Vraca = Vrah-ka

Taevarie = Tay-vair-ee

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Empire of Edyss // Literate // Open June 9, 2022 06:28 PM

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1. This is a literate RP. Use proper grammar and meet the minimum requirements to participate; at least 3 paragraphs per post, 5-8 sentences each paragraph.

2. If you break a rule you'll be given a warning

3. Three warnings before you're booted

4. Don't stir up drama outside of the RP

5. If you have problems with LGBTQ+ &/or cursing I don't recommend joining this RP

6. If you have questions please private message them to me, I don't want to clog up the signup forums. A Q&A might be formed if there are significant questions that are left unanswered.

7. Don't discuss the RP in the signup forum. Same reason as rule 6. The signup forums are for reservations and character sheets, there will eventually be a discussion thread.

8. Reservations last 24 hours, if you can't make your character/semi-complete them within that time, don't ask for a reservation.

9. Kings and queens will be playable by those who ask me in my private messages. The Empress will not be playable.

10. No Mary/Gary sues, make your character realistic

11. 3 Characters max

12. If you reserve a character, assume that I reserved it for you since I won't respond. (Don't wanna clog) I will update the roles as soon as I see your reservations.

13. No pets (horses are an exception)

14. TBD


| Back to the RP |


Rules of the Empire

Taian's Law: Emperor/Empress's word is law

1. Any direct attack against the Empire and or the ruler results in death by the ruler's choice.

2. Successors are to be chosen by the Emperor/Empress

3. Talking about rebelling against the Empire, communing with the rebellion, or being suspected of mingling with anything to oppose authority is a one-way street to interrogation and hanging.

4. Traitors and spies are to be maimed in the public square and killed at the Emperor/Empress's wish

5. Respect the empire's soldiers and follow their orders. Soldiers are to be given orders by Commanders. If a soldier gives an order that a commander hasn't overseen, that soldier will face a punishment set by the commander.

6. Do not resist Taian's Dynasty


about the kingdoms


Kingdom of Kagha


. , .

Prira, Kagha's heart, and home to the royal family is located on the shoreline, just south of their neighboring archipelago. Their lands consist of cliffsides, shores, a mountain called "Mount Venturi", and the wide-open plains with scattered forests spread about the rest of their lands. Kagha's lands are mostly flat prairie, yet there is plenty of diversity.

The southern twin of the Twin Rivers crosses through their lands, allowing the people in Kagha to transport goods to Prira easily. Kagha has a large wall cutting them off from the rest of the mainland, this wall has only one gate, making it near impregnable and a crowded area. This wall is called "Kagha's barrier" and has been up for centuries. Kagha's barrier has endured many battles and has never fallen, given it many nicknames among folks.

Farms are located near Kagha's Barrier. Farmers use the southern section of the Twin River to transport their rice, corn, etc. down to the capital. Hunting is usually done in Kagha's seemingly endless prairie. This prairie contains a wide variety of animals which helps Kagha with their diversity of pelts. There is a fishing port next to Kagha's heart where fishing and swimming competitions are often held. Kagha's only mountain, Mount Venturi, is a source of gold. Due to this, there is one of the largest mining systems carved into the mountain. This mountain is viewable from Prira.



. , .

Kagha is known for its ever-lasting Venturi lineage. The royal family has never failed to produce many heirs, thus leading them to always pick the eldest son as the next king. Over time this molded into a rule. Women are only to rule over the kingdom of Kagha if there aren't any available men from the direct Venturi family. While the men of Kagha are expected to rule, they are also expected to dive headfirst into battle. This has led to many Venturi men dying on the battlefield, dwindling the number of possible suitors for the throne.

Every Venturi man that died on the battlefield has their own portrait in the castle's halls, sitting alongside paintings of their previous rulers. This is a way that Kagha remembers the people that sacrificed their lives so that women and children wouldn't have to live in constant fear. To die in battle as a Kaghan man is to obtain an everlasting glory and title that will be sung about over generations. In Kagha, glory is a sought-after and prized possession.

Noble Kaghan women aren't expected to fight or learn to hold a sword. Instead, they are taught the ways of trading, politics, strategies, and the art of reading your opponent. For if and when they are wed to Kagha's King, she is to aid him in dealing with the kingdom's affairs. Women are highly respected in this sense, as they are the ones who help the kingdom thrive. Although it is unheard of for a Kaghan woman to learn how to fight, it isn't necessarily against any Kaghan law.

The Kingdom of Kagha likes to keep to itself and distances itself from communicating with other kingdoms. Despite this, they trade with many wandering travelers from different lands. Mount Venturi is an essential piece to Kagha's wealth, as it has produced plenty of gold and continues to produce it as the years go on. Because of their abundance of materials and easy access to their shores, they are a popular trading port.

Kagha distributes its wealth evenly to its military and to its people. This has led to thriving cities along with lower death and crime rates. Prira a hotspot for battles and raids due to their open trading ports. To even out the odds of possible invasions, Kagha orders that every man, once he reaches the age of 16, is to participate in military training until he is 20, then labor in the mines for an extra year. After that, they are free to pursue their interests. If Kagha were to be desperate enough, they would be able to call on these men and summon their hidden army. Many of the kingdoms don't know of this hidden army, nor of Kagha's choice to enforce military training on their men, but straying spies have spread rumors over the years.


. , .


The heart of Kagha. Prira is located on the shoreline and is an extremely busy port. This capital homes the royal family and hundreds of thousands of more people. There are always colorful ribbons strung on poles and across streets, hanging from building to building, giving color to Prira. Colorful shops are constantly set up on the cobble streets of this city, helping Prira gain a bustling atmosphere. Prira is closest to "Black Hill Prison", which is located on the edge of the archipelago, which is just north of the capital.


Kaqit is the city that guards the Kagha Barrier's gate. This city is always busy and full of merchants. You will never see a barren Kaqit, as there is constantly a line leading in and out of the gates. Kaqit is heavily armed with catapults on top of the wall and soldiers manning every possible weak spot. The military is thickest there to prevent any invasions. You'll find plenty of people trying to make a quick buck in Kaqit to pay for the tax of traveling through Kaqit, along with plenty of thieves. Since Kaqit is usually so crowded, thieves make a living off of pickpocketing nobles while they're distracted.

Kingdom of Orin


. , .

Orin is placed deep within the "Endless Forest". Their kingdom is mostly a combination of conifers and redwood trees that reach for the skies. The ground is littered with overgrown ferns, moss, dew, and everything you'd find on a forest floor. The rivers that the Endless Forest does have are well hidden. These rivers are used for low-profile traveling, fishing, and traps. There are a few forest-covered mountains in these lands, which add to the maze-like forest. Those native to the Kingdom of Orin know this forest like the back of their hand, which gives them an advantage when they're playing defense in an attack.

There are two cities in Orin, one nearer to the edge of the forest, and one that is right in the middle of the forest. This city, Nante, is usually a struggle for foreigners to find, so people native to the lands often make a good living on helping travelers and tourists find their way around. In these lands, the villages and cities are made with wooden redwood pillars and stone walls. Often times you might see a few huts pitched in the trees, but those are more common in villages rather than cities.

The most attractive landmark that pulls tourists into this forest is the hot springs. These springs are located right beside Nante and always have a constant steaming heat. Though, the springs aren't open to just anyone. They're considered a noble right and are often only open to higher-ups.



. , .

The Kingdom of Orin is very adamant about the idea of survival. While they do choose their successors by blood, they do it in a way that most kingdoms would lift a brow to. When the time comes, those that bear the Thezmaer name are to compete with their siblings in a fight for the crown. While the fight isn't to the death, death is certainly an option. With this course of action, the little sister of the family can rise to the throne if she's gritty enough. The people of Orin believe in this tradition, as it's the best way to assert that silent authority over the people. The competition is not only a test of determination, but a show put on for the people of their kingdom, a show that tests- that dares anyone to rise up against them.

Whether you were born with a womb or not, it doesn't matter to the people of Orin. What matters to them is efficiency. Orin's military consists of an even amount of both men and women, some would argue more women than men. The kingdom doesn't force knighthood on any of its citizens, in fact, the citizens strive to become soldiers. Soldiers in this kingdom are so highly revered that people strive to put their sons and daughters on the battlefield.

The people of Orin are used to the stealthy, quick, and agile style of fighting, so they usually use daggers or long-range weapons such as bows. They are trained to observe their opponent and then strike to make the kill as fast and as fluent as possible. Those of the military and royalty are gifted a special pair of boots, ones with small metal points sticking out the toe and heel which allows them to climb and perch in the trees. These boots also give them the upper hand in close combat scenarios.

While the Kingdom of Orin is adamant about training their warriors to be the finest, they are also keen on celebrations. Every year there's a celebration for the new wave of soldiers who made it to knighthood. These celebrations light up the dark woods with floating lanterns and fill the empty air with banter and songs. Usually, the celebrations are only available to the people of Orin, with the exception of invitations.

The Kingdom of Orin makes their living off of the blades and arrowheads they produce. Their weapons are of the finest quality, with the hilts and limbs of a bow made from their very own, sturdy redwood. The only redwoods on the entire mainland. Their steel and weapons are finely crafted by their most skilled smithies, which are arguably the best in the land.


. , .


A massive city placed in the heart of the Endless Forest. Nante is home to the royal family and is often referred to as the heart of Orin. Right on the outskirts of the city lies the hot springs that are so famously sought after. The people of Nante make a good living off of tourism because of this. Nante has a natural barrier of redwood trees acting as massive walls. Redwood roots roll and entwine over each other, curling into the outskirts of the city. Some people even make makeshift shops and homes out of these arching roots. To create this wall the people of Orin filled gaps between the redwoods and planted more, leading to this magnificent barrier over many generations. Many people find it to be intriguing to carve their initials on the wall closest to the gate as if marking their memories spent in Nante. In the northern part of the city lies the training grounds. This is a fairly big area that faces the wall. Here, they train their soldiers in all the ways of their people and use the wall as a good learning basis for climbing.


This city is slightly smaller than Nante but is still fairly big. Vraca is the trading post that imports and exports goods, so it usually has more foreigners. Vraca is perched on top of a high point in the forest and is known to have archer towers hidden in the trees in case of an invasion. Vraca is known for its lively taverns and inns.


Notable mentions

Kingdom Thrande's lands are a mountainous region. They're known for mining jewels and throwing festivals. Their capital is built inside of a mountain, giving the walls of the castle awe-worthy intricate work, as there are streaks of ore that riddle the place. Though they still mine, there hasn't been a festival in decades. Their most notable landmarks are the "Goldcliffs". The cliffs face the eastern shore and are of white coloration. When the sun rises, the golden hue reflects off of the white, making the ground a yellow-ish tint.

Kingdom Frain is a northern kingdom, its lands are covered in snow almost year-round, only revealing lush green conifers and wilderness in the warmer seasons. They are known for trading pine wood. Their most notable landmark is the "Cat Tooth", a frozen waterfall even more north of them that thaws in the summer. When the water freezes, it looks like a feline's fangs.

Kingdom Uzuel is most known for its spices and towering cities of clay. The kingdom has two sister cities in the dunes that are wildly famous for the parties thrown. Their most notable landmark is the "Devil's Grin" a massive chasm that hugs both of the sister cities in a wide C shape. The two cities are called Kerya (western city) and Ketar (eastern city).

Kingdom Costhyme is the closest kingdom to Kagha. It's planted between the Twin Rivers, making it the easiest kingdom to get to. Costhyme's a trading route that taxes those trying to import/export goods from the other kingdoms. This kingdom is most known for its eternally blooming flower fields that never seem to wilt, even in the coldest seasons. Due to this, they earned the title of "The kingdom of color". They are abundant in dyes and colorful feathers/fabrics.

The Empire of Edyss built a city that they titled "Taevarie". It's the biggest city on the mainland and holds the biggest castle that any kingdom has ever seen. This place took decades of immense labor to build and is highly defendable.

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Empire of Edyss // Literate // Open June 10, 2022 09:17 AM

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Playable Roles

Heir to the Empire of Edyss

Son or Daughter of the empress Nevarius Taian. They hold the great Taian name and live within the empire.

King & Queen of Orin

If only one is made or neither is made, they can be filled up by being NPCs, or one can be killed off.

Heirs of Orin

Sons & daughters of the king and queen. They aren't expected to live up to any reputation and are quite free-willed.

King & Queen of Kagha

If only one is made or neither is made, they can be filled up by being NPCs, or one can be killed off.

Heirs of Kagha

Sons & daughters of the king and queen. The sons are expected to be battle-hardy while the daughters are expected to attend multiple counsels a day and have a good reputation.

Rebellion Member

The Rebellion leader/Commanders are not playable. This role is more of a +1 role. For instance, you can be a commonfolk and a rebellion member. You could be an empire soldier and a rebellion member, etc. The rebellion holds very few meetings and when they are held, they're discreet. Their goal is to do everything in their power to weaken the empire.

Maids & Servants

They are to serve their higher-ups no matter what order is given. This can go from attending banquets and setting tea, to bathing and dressing, cooking and cleaning, etc. Their daily routine is already filled with plenty of tasks, but if any higher-up deems another order, they must fulfill it. They are not permissioned to look nobles in the eye or speak unless spoken to.


These are most commonly found among maids/servants. They can be rooted from the Empire, the Rebellion, or the kingdoms. They were hired by their higher-ups to extract valuable information from possible threats. This information isn't easy to come by and some spies aren't even trained.


The soldier role plays into commanders, knights, and squires. Instead of having 4 separate roles, I'm just deciding to squish them all together, but please specify what kind of soldier your character is. The hierarchy in the army goes as; Commander, Knight, Soldier, and Squire. There is only one commander. Only knights can become commanders if their rulers deem them worthy of it. Commanders order the people within the army on behalf of the royal family.

Knights are the soldiers that have been granted titles by the royal family. These titles are usually obtained through feats they have endured for their kingdom, thus proving their ultimate loyalty.

Soldiers are the step up from squires. Once they reach a certain level of skill, they must swear themselves to their kingdom to become a full-fledged soldier. Squires are the newbies of the bunch. they help soldiers with their errands and tend to the horses that the knights are to ride with. Some squires are even tasked with training the hunting dogs or war horses. Squires are to be glued to their Soldier/Knight as to shadow their movements and skills.


This includes thieves, bandits, traders, smiths, etc. Your character can be from any of the kingdoms or from a distant land. Their job is entirely up to you.




Empire of Edyss


Heir [1/1]

Amel | 23 | M | Page #6 | Overthink101

Soldiers [2/2]

Acilia/Decius Lucius | 23 | F | Page #2 | Cereal [ Knight ]

Thalia Ito | 21 | F | Page #5 | Ciao [ Mercenary ]

Servants [2/2]

Celeste Farrar | 32 | F | Page #1 | queen

§ Neveyne Ire | 22 | F | Page #1 | Kämpa

Commonfolk [0/∞]

Name | Age | Gender | Page # | Pack Name


Kingdom of Kagha


King [1/1]

Nikolas A. | 55 | Page #5 | Shadows in the Mist

Queen [1/1]

Kinga A. | 52 | Page #5 | Polly

Princes [2/2]

Zacharius | 26 | Page #1 | Kämpa

Kristopher | 24 | Page #2 | Ciao

Princess [1/1]

Salen V.F. | 23 | Page #3 | Overthink101

Soldiers [3/3]

Kagha Talmeren | 23 | M | Page #4 | Ebanon [ Commander ]

Mircea Vasilica Rosenburg | 23 | M | Page #3 | Spellbound [ Knight ]

Ashara H. Zanni | 23 | F | Page #3 | Xuân [ Knight ] §

Servants [2/2]

Basil | 19 | M | Page #4 | Cereal

Sundance Adora-Belle | 19 | F | Page #4 | Vintage

Commonfolk [1/∞]

Kinley Sinsmore | 22 | M | Page #5 | Fusty-Dudget

Valentina Aurelius | 26 | F | Page #6 | Cereal


Kingdom of Orin


King [1/1]

Randolph C. | 53 | Page #4 | SirFroggington

Queen [1/1]

Moriah L. | 49 | Page #5 | NPC

Prince [1/1]

Hyacinth M. | 19 | Page #6 | Spellbound

Princesses [2/2]

Mirian O. | 23 | Page #2 | Shaows in the Mist

Sori R. | 21 | Page #3 | Polly

Soldiers [3/3]

Agris Aivars Bairugih | 20 | M | Page #3 | Overthink101 [ Knight ]

Edrys Kolsvalk | 22 | F | Page #3 | Covidic [ Knight ]

Kazimir Payne | 16 | M | Page #4 | Didelphis [ Squire ]

Servant [1/1]

Arisse Karyille | 18 | F | Page #4 | Ebanon ℵ

Commonfolk [1/∞]

Ryksa Desiree | 29 | F | Page #6 | Nezdu [ Foreign Highborn ]



ℵ = Rebellion Member

§ = Spy

if you want your character to have one of these +1 roles, say it in the role part.

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Empire of Edyss // Literate // Open June 10, 2022 10:01 AM

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Character List



Character sheet

* you may add on to this, just use this as the base










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Empire of Edyss // Literate // Open June 10, 2022 01:04 PM

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Do the kingdoms have their own traditional dance styles?

Yes. For simplicity, I'll just address Orin & Kagha.

Orinians dance a lot more free-flowingly and upbeat, connecting and disconnecting with their partner while using a lot of their body motions in their movements.

Kaghans dance tightly wound to each other, as if their torsos are attached and barely detach from each other, unless engaging in a spin, etc. Most of their motion comes from their legs, which they have to intricately place to keep up with their partner.

Examples, these are the best we could find :')


~1:40 + This dance



The Kingdoms traditional colors & symbols.

Colors | Symbols


red & gold | Symbol: Two axes crossing each other


ice blue & white | Symbol: A growling wolf


anything colorful, really | Symbol: Blooming flower


purple & gold | Symbol: A serpent swerving around a vertical sword


Emerald green & Sapphire blue | Symbol: A mountain's peak


Rich chestnut & forest green | Symbol: A jagged dagger




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Empire of Edyss // Literate // Open June 10, 2022 03:18 PM

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Zacharius Venturi


26 :: Masculine :: Pansexual

..The proud Prince of Kagha




(c) me :3

Zacharius Venturi is definitely a sight to behold. The eldest son of the Venturi line bears a rugged charm that he uses to his advantage. One of the best features that he grooms daily is his inky black hair which falls in soft curls around his oval face. His hair falls down to just past his nose and is considered of medium length. His hair isn't curly nor straight and instead gathers in clumps that bounce off of each other like the waves that crash against the Prira shores. His hair is parted slightly to the right of what would be his middle part, leaving the right head of hair to be more voluminous than the left. If Zacharius has the sudden urge to do something, you'll find him with his hair pulled back into a messy bun that sits near the top of his head. Most of the time, though, he lets the onyx locks curl and explore the nape of his neck and cover most of the right side of his forehead. Even if Zacharius were to slick his hair back one hundred times, there would always be a loose lock that breaks free. Over time, Zak has given up on trying to tame his unruly hair.

His golden skin is the obvious result of being outside too often for too long. Zak's sunkissed complexion can darken and lighten somewhat if he spends most of his time indoors or outdoors. He doesn't ever get drastically paler from his normal hue, but it's still noticeable when he hasn't left the castle in weeks. Zak makes sure to keep himself clean-shaven. If he can't tame his hair, he'll at least tame his beard- or, whatever is left of it. To his dismay, Zacharius's facial hair seems to grow at the speed of light, especially right after he decides to shave. Every morning Zak wakes up to a shadowed chin and begrudgingly accepts defeat until night rolls around and that sudden spurt of determination irks him to shave it off again.

Zak has a well-structured oval-shaped face with a pair of high-set cheekbones that frame the architectural creases that have formed over time. His nose is somewhat hooked yet not considered to be hawk shaped and takes a more roman form. It's not a necessarily big nose, but it couldn't be considered small either. Below this confused nose sits thin, dark-hued lips in the shape of a faint cupid's bow. They may not seem thin when he isn't using it, but the moment Zak puts on a smug grin, they seem to disappear. Now comes Zak's most disliked feature; his ears. He manages to hide the detached ears with straying locks of hair decently well, but they always seem to find their way out of the hairy abyss. These ears are on a bigger scale and have slightly pointed tips, adding to the elongated look that makes them look abnormal. The tips of his ears always get cold, no matter the temperate, leading them to have a bolder fleshy tint than the rest of his ear. One of the main reasons Zak dislikes his ears is because they make him look innocent and degrade his pride by doing so.

The arguably most striking feature of Zak is his seemingly golden eyes. They bear the shape of an almond and are considered cat-like. Their color looks like they take after Mount Venturi's endless gold, and the more you look at them, the more intense they become. In all reality, they're a pale amber with flecks of rich brown that leads to the illusion of his eyes being darker than they actually are. If you were to look at his eyes closely, you would see that pale amber hue and the specific odd bits of brown mixed in. His eyes are framed by long, onyx-colored straight lashes. Above those are dark, thick arched brows that are the gateway to his expressions.

Zacharius carries himself as if the fate of his great kingdom is one thread away from falling apart if he makes even the slightest mistake. He always has his back straight, chin up, shoulders rolled behind his chest, a long stride, and a steady gait. The way he carries himself makes it look like you could run straight into him in a full-on sprint and he wouldn't even bat an eye. His prideful stance and intimidating air are immediately forgotten when he's relaxed, though. Usually, Zak has a sixth sense that tells him when eyes are straying, but nobody's perfect, and sometimes he couldn't give less of a crap- especially after a long day. When he's relaxed, Zak has a tendency to slouch and drag his feet, though he quickly corrects this if he deems it important. While he walks like a king, Zak sits like a bored toddler. He could be discussing battle plans while crossing one leg over the other and resting his chin on his hand- or leaning so far back in a chair that he forgets gravity exists and has to carry the embarrassment with him for the rest of the day. Zak is tall, standing at 6’3, yet he isn't considered willowy or thin. He is broad-shouldered, and toned, yet filled out proportionately. Weighing in at around 215lbs, Zak has a good amount of muscle to pack a hefty punch. If he was any shorter he'd be borderline stalky, but Zacharius was fortunately graced with height. Zacharius doesn't bear any permanent marks or scars on his face, but he does own many marks, scars, bruises, and callouses on his body. His arms and torso are never seen as completely smooth and clear of any marks. Zacharius can't even recall a time when his hands were soft. He has calloused fingers and a deathly grip that comes with them due to 'playing' with heavy weapons.


Zacharius is quite the fashionista when it comes to dressing up for special occasions, so you'll never find him sporting only one look. He always wears too many rings on his fingers for his own good yet refuses to pierce his ears so as to not draw attention to them. He isn't a fan of necklaces and bracelets, so he has an absurd lack of them in his wardrobe.

His most common and recognizable outfits are when he's relaxing in the castle, preparing to go out on the battlefield, and quite frankly not dressed for training. For his more relaxed outfit, he likes to sport a high-collared black blouse that always has a few buttons undone due to his lack of effort. When out on the training grounds, Zacharius is always, always, sporting the lack of a shirt and baggy, used and abused, baggy beige pants that probably have his body odor burned into them through the span of years.

When he's preparing for battle, he puts on his steel armor that covers him from head to toe. His helm covers nearly his entire face, only revealing small slits that are the windows to his eyes. The top of the helm has been shaped into the face of a bear flashing its teeth, with intricate fur details eventually fading into the rest of the helmet. The armor has lost its shine and appears duller, which adds a gloomy tone to it. To wear his kingdom's colors into battle, he has a red fabric draping over his right shoulder and weaving in and out of his chest pieces. Intricate golden lacing clings to the rich fabric as if it was only made a day ago. A couple of gold chains cling to his chest plate and droop a few inches down, just enough to add depth but not enough to get in his way when fighting. The most noticeable and eyecatching part of his armor is the intricate detailing on the steel and its pointed, rigid edges and structure of it. On both of his gauntlets, near the middle of his forearms, lies a big, bold ruby lined with gold.


Where to start? Zacharius is a multitude of... things. For one, he's pretty well known for being laidback. Many maids and servants spread their coated stories of how they got away scot-free at the hands of Zacharius. When someone makes a mistake and accidentally disrespects him, he doesn't lash out or act overly prideful, instead, he has an air of patience that lingers and waits for the person to stutter an apology or explain themselves. While Zak may have the heart to give someone a chance, if he gets an inkling that they're doing this deliberately, he will waste no time putting them back in their place: this can range from mind-fucking words to a solid backhand across the face depending on the level of obscurity and offense taken. Someone who goes out of their way to slander his kingdom and lineage is someone who doesn't deserve his leniency.

If Zacharius isn't out hunting or training, then he's down in the capital drinking, partying, and messing with the locals. It's not uncommon to find him strolling down the cobbled streets of Prira and shoving foreign food down his throat as his guards panic. He's a sucker for festivals and gatherings and attends nearly all of them. Thanks to constantly keeping an eye out for any possible party that he can get into, Zacharius has become a talented dancer. He's nothing to awe over, but he's able to carry a beat and partner with fluency. With all that said, it's not surprising that Zacharius doesn't willingly spend his free time in the castle. Who can blame him, though? He grew up walking down those bloody halls every day since he was conceived. If one manages to spot Zacharius in the castle, they are to tread carefully, as he is likely dealing with political matters (one of the most dreary and annoying feats he must conquer) or returning from a long day.

Zacharius can be very single-minded and determined when it comes to something he's passionate about- and boy is he passionate about fighting. He is the embodiment of Kaghan fighting. He always aims to strike first and when he does, he makes sure that his opponent takes the hit. On the battlefield, Zacharius is described as a Khagan Bear, going through his enemy with a heavy, foul sweep of his weapon and moving right on to the next one, not even batting an eye at the man he just killed, or the family that mourns from it. For him, the enemy isn't human. Thinking, knowing, and believing this makes it easier to blindside others' lives and keep his mind set on victory. Living by that mindset has never failed him.

Zacharius earned his morale-boosting skills from being a naturally loud kid. He would always talk over other people until he was reprimanded as a pre-teen, but he still finds the urge to interrupt the other person to get his point across, even though he's capable of controlling it by now. As a kid, he'd grow dreary and bored of small talk, but now, as a bored adult with nothing to do outside of everything to do, he quite likes it. While he isn't one to approach someone first, Zak has learned to enjoy conversations. Zacharius has become a master at turning small talk into banter, and banter into deeper conversations that allow him to derive any information he wants; like a puppeteer plucking each string so delicately and fluently that the naked eye would think the puppet is moving on its own.

Even if he may preach differently, Zak is the guiltiest of the bunch when it comes to judging a book by its cover. He doesn't underestimate people but... he does tend to weave stories upon first glance at a stranger. He can't help it. He's the nosiest creature on the planet and he will stare until you notice- then tear his eyes off of you, look back, catch your gaze, then keep staring. Luckily he's gotten away with this more times than he can count due to his charm whenever someone exposes him. It's like an art, the way Zak can turn an argument into a flirt or the other way around. His voice and looks definitely give him the upper hand when conversing and socializing, but it all just wouldn't work together as well as it does if conversations weren't wrapped in his facial expressions. His face is seemingly never monotone or still. He's always doing something with his face. Whether it's genuine or not is nearly undetectable.

To put it shortly, Zacharius is a menace to his siblings. He will reply to them with the sassiest jack-assiest remarks and toy with them if he finds something embarrassing about them. He's that big brother that nobody asked for but got anyway. Despite wanting to constantly wreak havoc on his siblings, Zacharius is openly overbearing and protective. Of course, he has a mind to tell himself that they are more than capable of taking care of themselves. He just can't help that dwelling mama bear feeling whenever he sees something off about them. Now don't mistake him for being all soft-hearted and sappy- he's just looking out for the family of Venturi. He's not soft- okay? Definitely not a closeted softy- pff! Heh, no way. He's as hard as a rock, as aggressive as a bear, and as intimidating as Khaga's Barrier.

Zacharius, while seemingly afraid of nothing, will avoid confrontation like the plague. That lady over there trying to push past a bustling crowd and reach Zak, the same lady who thought she'd be the future queen of Kagha- yea let's go into that cozy-looking alleyway for no apparent reason. Despite this whole ordeal of avoiding certain scenarios, Zacharius quite likes awkward situations. Sometimes he'll simply join in on a random conversation just to make the others engaging in it stare at each other and back at him with furrowed brows and confused eyes. It gives him the same thrill as sneaking snacks into his corridors after dark.

One thing that's hidden fairly well is Zak's disgust toward gossip. He hates when people so casually drag a name through the mud and act as if they're better than that. Zacharius is fiercely loyal to his kingdom and would die for its namesake in a heartbeat- so when he hears rumors about his family, his kingdom, his people, it makes his blood boil. In a way, he's quite the hypocrite. Zak knows he isn't the brightest in the family- hell, he got one of his most brutal scars by acting like an idiot not so long ago. Zacharius knows where being bold can get you, and he's willing to take the risk. Zacharius is quite the chivalrous man when it comes to sparring. He won't play dirty and will usually take it easy on someone when he sees them struggling. He also outright refuses to spar with those who aren't fit enough. He has an ongoing fear that he'll break their bones if he's too rough. Zak never wants to be the cause of hurt to someone who is just trying to better themselves- especially if they're his people.


Zak has a deep, raspy voice that makes him seem years older than he actually is. His voice feels aged and yet smooth, living up to his intimidating air and yet providing the feeling of security to those who listen. His voice is full of expression, giving his vocals a couple of octave boosts when he's excited, laughing, yelling, or teasing.


Zak's smell is surprisingly sweet. He bears a vanilla-like aroma that reveals hints of coconut and sometimes cinnamon. This definitely takes his intimidation down a level, since sweet and savory fragrances don't scream murderous and brutal. Zak is nose blind to his aroma, so he's quite oblivious as to how 'pretty' he smells.


Zak has the fanciest, prettiest handwriting that you'll ever come across- or so he likes to say. His boasting isn't far from the truth, though. Zak was born a natural in the ways of writing and learned how to make the prettiest curves of his letters at a young age. Now, with years of practice, his handwriting seems effortlessly beautiful.



Zak has owned this 15.3hh mare for a decade, taking her to every battle he's ever been in. Even though she's on the smaller side and makes Zak look a lot bigger than he really is, she has pulled through so many endeavors. This cremello mare has become a become in a bloody field of fallen men, looking as ghostly as the lingering cries. Now, did Zak name this stunning mare a pretty demeaning name given her appearance? Maybe. But hey, he gets to call her Boo for short and that's just the cutest name that Zak has ever heard.

(c) Alla-equi @ DA for stock image


you KNOW I gotta put this here, I can't help myself. I'll find some eventually...

Måneskin ~ I wanna be your slave

Superfruit ~ Guy.exe

Saint Rock ~ Dirty Mirrors



Eldest of the Venturi family (I can raise his age if you want your character to be older)

*cries in cramped hands* I finally finished him ;o;

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Can I reserve a Prince of Orin?
(I am so psyched for this you have no idea!)
(Plus, if no one reserves the king and queen I have premade NPC fill ins from my DND campaign that can be used, just if you need it ^-^)
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Lysander Markus Octavius Taian

"No, mother. I don't want to be an emperor. I am an inventor!"

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Sexuality: No Preference

Role: Heir

Kingdom: Edyss

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Lysander is not an ordinary man in any sense of the word, much less regarding his appearance. The young heir stands at around five feet, eleven inches in height, although his horrible posture usually leads other people to believe that he is shorter than his actual height, much to the distress and annoyance of his mother. Lysander probably has multiple back problems, along with a thousand different curvatures down his spine, and on a bad day, the pain can be agonizing. However, they don’t really alter his appearance in any significant way, unless he is wearing revealing clothing. Otherwise, Lysander’s physique is quite lean and slender, he certainly isn’t skin and bones, but he is not exactly brawny either. The little exercise he is forced to do does help him keep somewhat fit though. Lysander has quite long and lanky limbs, and his movements are often clumsy and fast, while his hands are full of small calluses and cuts from too much tinkering.

His natural skin is an olive color with warm undertones, however his limited exposure to sunlight, since he usually stays locked in his chambers, has made his skin lose its pigment and have cooler and more grey undertones. Lysander has a diamond face shape, with long and narrow features and a defined, angular jawline. His cheekbones, although quite wide, tend to be a bit sunken in when viewed from the right lighting. He is clean-shaven, not by choice, since he has difficulty growing any facial hair, and even if he could grow a beard, he would just shave it off. While outside in the daylight, which is admittedly not very often, Lysander can easily develop freckles that cover his nose and parts of his cheeks. Speaking of, his nose, while not extremely large, isn’t exactly small either. It is straight, with a pointy tip, however, the only oddity is the slight bump around the nasal bone. He has fairly wide lips with pearly white teeth, that make a big and warm smile. Lysander is often seen donning an insincere smile, usually by stretching his lips as broadly as he can. Fortunately, or unfortunately, many people don’t notice that it is feigned, at first.

Lysander’s hair is perhaps the most striking thing about him. His original hair color was a deep chestnut brown. However, genetics, his numerous “inventions” and attempts at experiments, maybe even a touch of stress and anxiety, his lack of pigment and melanin, and various other things have made multiple strands of his once rich chocolate hair lose their color and become pure, snow white. And rather than white within brown, it’s more brown within white, since the majority of his hair is silvery, with a stray lock of brown here and there. His milky hair along with his darker skin tone does make for a mesmerizing contrast. Lysander likes to keep his hair fairly short, it never reaches below his nape, and he usually has a side fringe. His hair tends to be quite wild and unruly, but Lysander doesn’t really bother to brush it, so it just ends up being a mess of white and brown locks. It’s also fairly spiky and tends to clump together if not washed regularly. He has thick, dark brown eyebrows that are slightly arched towards the ends. They match perfectly with his eyes. Lysander has dark honey brown eyes encased in almond-like shapes. Creases and lines form around his eyes whenever he is genuinely smiling, and it is a telltale sign of whether his smile is sincere or not.

Lysander is not one to really pay attention to his attire or style of dress, if it were up to him, he would just stay in his lounging garments all day or wear a simple shirt and trousers. Alas, he is, after all, the heir to an Empire, and he can’t be seen in a disorderly fashion in public. The heir’s usual clothing consists of rather simple but silky tunics with high and wide cravats, vests with intricate designs and buttons, and long leather coats, typically in a black or dark blue color. Most of his wardrobe is made up of more monotone and darker colors, Lysander is regularly seen wearing attire of white, grey, black or blue in color. As for footwear, he keeps it simple and normally wears some leather boots or shoes. Lysander can often be seen wearing a pair of oval-shaped spectacles, his own invention, that he wears while reading or tinkering with especially small and detailed trinkets and inventions. Supposedly, according to him, they help with his eyesight.


Lysander is a person made up of contradictions, conflicting attributes, and paradoxes. As most other people are. However, most people can describe Lysander in one simple word. Eccentric. Indeed, this young man is not an orthodox person, He is not someone to follow irrelevant rules or go by the book. Lysander marches to the beat of his own drum. He doesn’t tend to be very morally or ethically correct either. He can tell right from wrong, and he tries his best not to overstep boundaries. However, in general, he really doesn’t spare much thought for the feelings or opinions of others. Some would call him rude, he prefers the word honest. Lysander doesn’t try to be brash or insulting intentionally. He is just very careless with his words and just states the first thing that makes logical sense to him, without thinking of the consequences. In any case, his bluntness is also a positive attribute in some aspects, since he doesn’t commonly sugarcoat things and is always truthful. Mostly owing to the fact that he is a terrible liar.

Lysander is not an outgoing person. Quite the opposite, actually. He can usually be found locked away in his chambers, bent over a table and tinkering with another invention of his, or doing an experiment that hopefully won’t have the castle up in flames. Again. The point being that Lysander is quite introverted and withdrawn. While you definitely won’t find him approaching other people just to make insignificant, polite conversation, his position as an heir has forced him to develop at least a semblance of social skills. Although Lysander can appear aloof and reserved, especially when he is uninterested, he can actually hold a decent conversation and keep up with witty banter. His privileged background, and long hours of studying and reading scientific literature, have resulted in him having quite a large and extensive vocabulary. He frequently makes clever remarks or insightful observations, and he can be pretty persuasive and compelling at times. However, he can only keep up with this charade for so long, and after long parties, meetings or dinners, Lysander is left feeling exhausted and drained. The charming fake front he puts up in front of others bears no resemblance to his actual feelings. Lysander often feels insecure and unsure of himself, but he would never admit that to anyone.

Lysander tends to be quite perceptive of his surroundings, but he is also quite analytical and rational. He has shown himself to be quite savvy, especially when it comes to tinkering, creating, and repairing small trinkets and inventions. He also has some knowledge of weapons, and despite the fact he can’t use them to defend himself, he can repair them. Lysander is an inquisitive soul, his only wish is to discover and create, and he never feels satisfaction unless he is innovating new inventions, and devising of new plans and ideas. He is creative, often thinking outside the box and always trying his best to be original and imaginative. He isn’t afraid to be experimental and he often craves change. He wants to be a pioneer. However, Lysander can often become obsessive and zealous when overtaken by his wish and zest, and he lacks the crucial anchor that would keep him grounded in reality. Nevertheless, Lysander remains quite a scholarly and knowledgeable person.

All those inventions easily get to his head, and Lysander tends to be quite egotistical and self-involved. He is prideful and sometimes even arrogant, not because of his royal status, title, or blood, but rather because he often thinks of himself as more intelligent than others. His stubborn nature doesn’t help either, and he rarely follows the advice given to him by other people. Lysander can be quite uncooperative unless he has something to gain or he has some personal interest otherwise he is unbending and unwilling. He isn’t exactly the wisest person either, although he is somewhat clever, he lacks the wisdom that can only be obtained by experience and age. Lysander can stay focused for long periods of time, and he always strives for perfection, in spite of that, he hates structure and schedules, he feels that they only restrict his creativity. Otherwise, he has no qualms about pointing out and mocking the mistakes and blunders of other people, in a matter-of-fact manner as well. Lysander is a difficult man to understand, and an even more difficult man to get along with. But, if you are somehow able to reach his eternally dissatisfied heart, then you would have a permanently dedicated friend and ally.


Mircea - Former boyfriend. Lysander and Mircea dated for two years after meeting. They initially hit it off quite well, but after some disagreements, tensions grew and in the end they broke it off. Now, they're bitter ex-boyfriends.

Open, PM me!

Other: I think this is finished, though I might add some other stuff later on. Sorry if there are any mistakes or if something doesn't make sense.

Also, Lysander was extensively taught leadership skills and prepared for his eventual ascent to Emperor, but when his mother saw that he sucked, she just kind of gave up on him.

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:O may i reserve a servant for the empire? will edit form here


"The only thing that can stop you is yourself."


Celeste Farrar












Celeste is not the most healthy looking woman you could encounter. With almost ghostly pale-white skin, she appears as though she is dead. Her eyes are sunken in, highly defined jawline and cheekbones, her nose is small and narrow, and her eyebrows are thin and angular. Her build is made up of scrawny limbs that support her, her arms being lanky and her legs being that of thin stilts that support her height of five foot eight. She has slim shoulders, curving down into her arms, and practically all of her joints are defined one way or another. Her fingers are almost like a skeleton's, and her fingernails are long and rounded towards the ends. However, she has a delicate touch. She has a flat chest, nothing much for the other end, and could genuinely care less about it.

Celeste has a more square, slightly ovular face shape. Because of how defined everything appears, it appears to be a bit more boxish rather than soft and round. Her eyes are shaped like almonds, the color of them being a striking brown, as though her eyes are filled with honey. Her eyebrows sit just above that, and are thin yet dark, appearing a bit more full than they actually are. Her nose is small and narrow, the slightest bump in the middle, leading down to her pink lips. Her upper lip is smaller than the bottom, and behind them are crooked teeth that are normally hidden.

Celeste has dark black hair that is obviously taken care of. It reaches to just about her waist, and is thick and silky, soft to the touch. It is almost always in some sort of braid, or even a low bun of sorts. She doesn't do much else, but it frames her face in a way that makes her appear slightly more intimidating than she is. Her hair is parted down the center, baby hairs caressing the sides of her head and her forehead whenever it is pulled back into whatever hairstyle she may choose for the day.


Considering that she is not a royal, she still pushes herself to look the greatest that she can. She wears softer fabrics, sometimes silk, and prefers the more minimal work considering all she does is serve others, therefore there has never been something that she needed something more fancy for. However, Celeste wears a multitude of rings and necklaces, mainly ones that she has acquired as possible gifts from those that she serves or even from friends and family.

Her clothings style mainly consists of dresses, but not the kind that you would wear to a ball. Rather minimal ones - ones that only have one layer, and have no special embroidery or designs engrained on them. As stated before, she likes the minimal look, so she wears lighter colors to prevent herself from looking too pale (though she still does).


Celeste is a woman who is obedient and submissive. While her job is to serve others, you will never see her arguing or asking questions regarding her tasks. She has always been this way, ever since she became a maid, and even before then. While she does know how to stand up for herself, she understands that others will always hold a certain power over her no matter what she does. She figures that there is no point in trying to escape the inevitable. Celeste will forever be serving someone, or have to pay someone for her debts, so why try to outrun it? While she does know that she could, if she really wanted to, she could simply blow up at anyone as she pleases. However, Celeste is more laidback. She doesn't mind the constant remarks towards her for her job. She's the sort of woman to be calm in the middle of a war.

Speaking of which, Celeste is used to chaos. Coming from a place that was never truly settled, a broken home, and plenty of drama, the least of her concerns is trying to save herself from something that cannot be prevented. So when someone is arguing with her, yelling at her, belittling her, she simply takes it. She does not say anything else. She does not show her true emotion in the moment. For that, some may consider her bland, and even if the way she speaks in that monotone voice of hers might be off-putting.

Celeste is a trustworthy woman. She's always been able to keep a secret, and be honest with you when needed. Her most positive attribute may be this - perhaps different depending on how you know her - but Celeste does not and has never revealed something she shouldn't. This makes her someone who is approachable when you wish to talk to her, and even then, Celeste is open to things like that if you are a complete stranger. She does not judge, nor does she ever say something she shouldn't unless asked to do so. This side of her is something that many see, but if you were to dig deeper, you may find that Celeste is almost like a mother. To everyone. As long as you haven't done anything wrong to harm her or someone close to her, she acts like she is indeed a mother. She's caring. Kind. Soft. Sweet. Understanding. And all of those things create an energy that most would like to be around (or so she hopes).

Now Celeste is easily one of the hardest workers out there. While some of her work isn't the most draining or hardest out there, it is still something she takes pride in. When she is passionate about something or has a project, she likes to put her heart and soul into whatever it is she is doing.
-hates confrontation, easily manipulated, gullible/naive


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Neveyn Ire

"No matter how much a snake sheds its skin, it's still a snake."


22 .. Feminine .. Demisexual .. §

Servant for the Empire of Edyss



Neveyn is not an eye-catching woman at first glance. Nor even at second or third. To be honest, she looks rather bland. Perhaps if she was properly taken care of, she'd be considered a pretty sight. Only do her features start to work their way into "beauty" when people stare at a given time and within a close enough radius. What initially captures the few straying eyes is her wild, fiery orange-red hair that has a mind of its own. Even when she cruelly pulls it back into a tight bun, as per routine for a maid of her standard, baby hairs and flyaways tickle the corners of her face, constantly reminding her of how much of a nuisance they are. Her hair falls into the section of 2b curls and is often loosely gathered into a limp ponytail, which doesn't have much of a 'tail'. If she were to let her hair down, it wouldn't fall past her shoulders. Her hair isn't thick and appears thinner due to its lighter opacity.

Everything about Neveyn screams pale. It doesn't help that she doesn't get much sunlight in her day-to-day routine. Her skin is a fair tone with cool undertones, making the freckles scattered on her arms and chest more prominent even though they are reasonably more transparent than most. Neveyn has an innocently pure look to her, this is all thanks to her round facial structure and soft cheekbones. It's hard to look menacing when one has a pair of big, doe eyes framed by thick curly red lashes. Especially when those eyes are striking cobalt and cornflower blue. Above these large eyes are thin, straight brows that are hard to shape emotions with.

Nev has a rosy trail that crosses over her cheeks and across the bridge of her nose. The same fleshy pink hue is accompanied by scattered bits of freckles. The freckles branch up her nose and fade out at the beginning of her forehead. Her little button nose is slightly crooked due to a past injury, though this crookedness is only noticeable upon closer inspection. A pale pink scar stretches horizontally across the bridge of her nose, a possible link to the same injury that caused the crookedness of her nose.

Sitting just below her small nose are full, pale salmon-hued lips that purse at the slightest comment. The few times that Nev does smile, these lips will spread, creating a beautiful curve paired with dimples that form and accompany the edges of her mouth. Her medial cleft is defined but doesn't protrude any further than one would normally; instead, it accentuates her upper lip and gives it the illusion of being bigger and curvier than her bottom lip.

Neveyn stands on the shorter side of the average woman, standing at the small stature of 5’3. She has a lanky body with a smaller chest and shoulders, making it harder to bear much muscle. She's not considered curvy, but she does have wider hips and a noticeable gap between her legs due to this width. Her body isn't toned in the slightest, but it is quite lithe. Due to not being able to fulfill most of her nutrition, Neveyne is exceptionally tiny. At a distance, one could mistake her for a child- she has learned to use that as an advantage, disregarding how demeaning it is.

Nev wasn't trained in the ways of being a spy, but she has learned how to walk and act like a shadow. She doesn't hold pride or pep in her steps and slouches most of the time due to carrying heavy equipment. Despite this, she has a fierce look in her eye that bathes in the idea of freedom, dreaming of the day she'll finally be rid of the Empire that took her beloved kingdom. Nev isn't necessarily scrawny, but she definitely isn't fit. She holds an unsteady weight of 110lbs.


Nev can't remember the last time she wore something lavish or grand. If she could, she would adorn her fabrics with emerald greens and sapphire blues. If Nev had the choice, she'd wear the jeweled colors that the Kingdom of Thrande was so famous for. Alas, her current attire is nothing to awe over. She wears a simple black dress that cuts off just above her ankles. The dress has a black collar that uncomfortable hugs her neck, causing her to pull at it self-consciously. Draped over this black dress is a simple white apron that's neatly ironed every morning. For shoewear, she uses simple black shoes that barely reach past her heel.

Prior to being a maid for the Empire, Neveyne would wear comfortable bodices with baggy green and blue fabrics beneath them. She would always be found in laced riding boots that had a chestnut coloration and always had that clean, leathery shine to them due to Neveyn's consistency in keeping them neat. It was a simple look, but it was a look nonetheless.


Neveyn is a determined creature. If she sets her mind on something, she'll go through and hell and back to get it done. You'll never find her lazing around when there's something she could be doing. With the mild case of imposter syndrome, Neveyn is always striving for more. She's never satisfied with just one achievement and feels the need to claw for more. Nev is constantly second-guessing herself and undermining her value. There isn't a thought that goes by that isn't flipped around and reconsidered. She tends to overthink every detail, which can lead to odd socializing. Although at times, this overthinking tendency can be helpful, it helps her derive people that are out to get her and allows her to step back from a possible threatening situation.

Neveyn is a logical being, she knows better than to dream bigger than her reality, yet she also knows that if she doesn't set goals then she'll never grow. She's an intelligent woman and can analyze the fidget of someone's finger to the quick flash of regret in a person's eyes. She's wary and on the edge of being paranoid. She likes to excuse this habit of looking over her shoulder every five minutes for just watching out for herself, but in reality, it's deep-rooted anxiety that's been building over the years. The fact that she has become a maid for the empire has only worsened this feeling.

It's rare to find her doing something stupid unless an external substance has messed with her. She takes her personal priority first and rarely looks out for another person. She already has so much to care for, so having a companion will only slow her down in her eyes. She considers the possibility of getting something done and the consequences of the task, along with every obstacle in her way- and yes, people are obstacles- and she'll overcome any obstacle in her way. She tells herself that the end goal is all that matters in the long run. She has to repeat this to keep her sanity and morale whenever she does something questionable. Neveyn wasn't always this tightly strung, but after so much of her life being tossed and played with by people she thought she could trust, she has built up so many walls that she can't even recognize her own mind.

Neveyn likes to put on a brave face, even though she's physically shaking in fear. She wants to tell herself- no, convince herself that she is brave, but deep down she knows that she's the biggest coward out there. Working her mind has kept it off of those cowardly thoughts and from time to time, Neveyn actually manages to trick herself into being courageous and bold. It's drastically noticeable when Nev finds herself feeling confident, as she becomes outwardly extroverted. She knows her place in the empire, but outside of it, she grows bold enough to approach strangers despite their role in society. Starting conversations with people sparks a sense of hidden confidence that Nev craves for daily. Talking seems to always raise Nev's morale, but after it's all said and done, she reverts back to overthinking and second-guessing. She gets lost in a loophole of "you can only look out for yourself" and "everyone is out to get you". This leads to her not speaking for days or weeks on end until she manages to break through that thin shell of doubt.

Despite looking so, Nev is far from fragile. She has endured much more than she'd like to admit and doesn't falter at abusive tendencies. A venomous comment or shadowed eye won't bring her down to tears, instead, she'll brush herself off and continue with her day, planning every detail of how she'll kill that person. Ah, yes. Neveyn carries massive grudges. She has a list and she's checking it twice. She remembers every face that has been cruel to her and promises herself that one day, she'll repay them the same kindness they gave to her.

It's hard to tell if you got on this woman's bad side, as she never expresses much emotion. Her blood could be boiling and yet she would have a blank face and neutral voice. It's hard to push her buttons to the point where she'll break character and reveal eyes that lust for violence. Nev is very blunt and will express her truest opinion of a person if they ask her- unless her life is on the line. She gets to the point of conversations and topics, straight-up and blatantly expressing her side. Nev is a coldblooded creature if she's caught in even the slightest bad mood. If she feels groggy when you talk to her, you'll be met with ice-cold comments that go right for your vital points and twist your most insecure thoughts.

Nev doesn't like being alone yet doesn't always want to talk. She likes that kind of silent friendship, one where both sides know the other just by the flick of an eye. She had a friend like that once, and will never take anything like that for granted ever again. She tends to live in the moment despite being such a busy bee and appreciates any scenario that brings a tug at her lips. Nev has a knack for taking things a little too seriously. Jokes are often met with a confused furrow of her brows as she tries to dissect the words. Unless she knows the person well, she's constantly wondering if what they said was a joke or meant to be something else. This habit of confusion leaves an air of aloofness about her.

If you manage to befriend Nev, you'll find a friend that doesn't say the words you want to hear, but the words you need to hear. If someone takes the time to crawl into Nev's cold heart, then she'll repay their hard work with an equal amount of effort. She's the type to hang close by no matter where you are and quietly look out for you. She'll always take the blame or bait for you, giving you a fond look of benevolence. Despite looking like you could pick her up and toss her, she can take a lot more than she looks like she can and uses herself as a shield for those who have befriended her.

If it comes down to it, Nev will fight dirty. She's not the one to break out in violence, but if someone comes for her throat, she'll go out kicking, clawing, and screaming. She doesn't go easy on you either. Given she isn't strong enough to defend herself from a stronger pursuer, she'll get a handful of sand to throw in their eyes, or dig her hand into a pile of embers just to shove that handful of burning heat into the face of her attacker. Pain is temporary, but whatever this person wants to do to her is permanent. That line is the only line that goes through her when she's fighting for her life, which makes her a brutal competitor.


She has a feminine voice that comes across as deep due to its monotone tune. When she does express emotion through her voice, it becomes light and squeaky like a young woman still trying to find her voice.


She has a lingering smell of mineral and burning steel that clings to her no matter where she goes. At times she bears a faint hint of pine, but that only comes around when she isn't bombarded with bathing chores that coat her aroma with their own. Her scent is exactly what one would think of when they take in a deep breath of Thrande's cool atmosphere.


Nev has pretty sloppy handwriting that looks more like scribbles than words. She has steady hands but can't seem to care enough to put the effort into enunciating her letters, leading whatever she writes to look like a foreign language.


Lily Among Clouds ~ Look At The Earth

Smash into Pieces ~ All Eyes on You

Tales from the Borderlands



Neveyn is begrudgingly spying for Orin. Her relationship with the kingdom is complicated, given that they're the same kingdom who betrayed her own kingdom, the Kingdom of Thrande. She became a spy to fund an arrangement that would bail her brother out of Thrande's mines, where he is a prisoner forced to pluck and drain Thrande of its ores. To do this, she must provide Orin's king & queen with useful and sufficient information.

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