Covidic Coffee
08:48:54 Rona
Rose, there was a tutorial. You gotta listen to it :/
08:48:49 Tolk
thomas had never seen such a mess lmao
The Dragonborn
08:48:46 basilisk || fetus
[ amnesia ]
oooh what :D
Just A Dreamer
08:48:35 Chip
Rip those bones out and put them on the pile!
08:48:28 Hana
Is buy her but her affinity is only good
i dont know what to do im knew so i dont know how this works...
08:47:56 Drago
I'm lazy... I don't wanna keep her but I'm too lazy to sell her... what to do
Keep. But someone please help me find my friend @Bella
08:47:02 Mc.Swagger
Drago -
Keep or sell. Great bloodlines, 33R AC, 28 T.
08:46:58 Hana
What about it isn't working
what do you mean?
Just A Dreamer
08:46:33 Chip
Bone babe
08:46:23 Hana
08:46:20 Drago

I dunno. Sorry.
08:46:03 Drago
-WP Click-

Keep or destroy?
Hello Where can I find my friend @Bella?
08:45:46 Tolk
Depends on the deal :o I rarely do all three free breedings because otherwise there's no profit on it.
why wont the trading post work
Covidic Coffee
08:44:56 Rona
apple *
08:44:48 Mc.Swagger
Sjuk -
Sometimes, I've seen people give either 2 or 3 free breedings per jasmine. Depends on how much the stud fee is.


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"Anu" for those close with him

Greek Origins, “God of death” [ ah-n-ew-b-ih-s ]


Age: Seven years

Gender: Male / Stallion

Herd: Sleepy Hills Herd

Rank: Lieutenant

Desired rank: Acheived


stock (c) to Alla-equi on DA


This stallion has quite the height, standing above most stallions with his goliath figure, he comes to a grand total of 17.5 hh. His build is muscular, needing the strength to help defend the herd from predators and ward off bachelors. Despite his size, he is also quite quick, having grown accustomed to how large he is over the years, and while he couldn’t run flat out in a race and win, Anubis can land a few quick blows in a fight. This stallion’s coat is closer to a seal brown and is lighter around his muzzle and stomach. It turns into quite a pretty color in the light, giving off a sleek shiny appearance with hardly a large scar to disturb it. This stallion has almost no markings disturbing his coat color, other than an irregular blaze, seeming to be more of a star with a slight line through it.

Anubis has complex eyes, at a first glance you will notice that they’re brown, a dark brown. But upon closer inspection, you can truly start to see its layers, a dark brown rim goes around his pupil and outer eye, while the brown in between ranges for a variety of shades of brown. It’s quite stunning, as are the long black eyelashes that frame his orbs.

This stallion’s mane and tail are identical in color. Appearing to be black, and both feel the same as far as texture as well. Smooth to the touch and quite thick. The only thing that sets them apart is length. Anubis’s tail is long, flowing down past his hock and nearly reaching the ground. While his mane is on the shorter side, hardly reaching past his neck.



This giant stallion is actually quite gentle, especially around his little foals, with their small size he is especially careful around them. He softens his voice and slows his movements so he doesn’t trample them and is very affectionate with his young. He wants to be a part of their lives, and not some distant father figure that only pops up if there is trouble or to say hello to their mother. Once his duties are taken care of, he spends his free time with them, he will even play with them and does his best to help influence them correctly.

Anubis is more of an easy-going stallion, he was never uptight though is not afraid to reprimand his children and enforce the rules if necessary. This stallion is social, and opinionated though when it comes to sharing what he thinks he isn’t pushy and can be open to a different point of view. He is not too stubborn though if he sets his mind to something, there is hardly a horse that could sway his opinion. This stallion walks the line between social, and anti-social. At times he just wants to be alone or hold a small 1x1 conversation. While other times he is more friendly and open and will bounce around the herd to visit with various mares.

This stallion is a protective creature, he is glad that he can patrol and protect the herd, it is the most satisfying work for him. This also transfers over to his young, if they are ever threatened or feel threatened he will do all he can to protect them, even lay down his life. He would also do the same for their mother. Their life comes above his. He is also quite composed, keeping his emotions in check with very few outbursts. Anubis has a very little temper and prefers to settle disputes quickly and quietly to avoid scandals. He would rather try and talk out a situation than jump into an unnecessary fight. It takes a lot to push this stallion over the edge, but combine any stress with harm to his family and he will show his anger. To hurt them is to hurt him, you can expect a fight coming if you injure his young.

Crush: Boss Lady ;)

Mate: Open

Kin: Open to a sister or brother

Offspring: Open

Affiliations: WIP

Other: His two greatest fears are not being able to keep those he loves safe, and mice. A mouse once scampered across his hooves and freaked him out.


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╓═══════ ☼ ═══════╖


“Era” can be used by her rider if he desires

The sun goddesses in Japanese mythology

╙═══════ ❦ ═══════╜

Age: 456

Class: Arcane

Gender: Female

Kingdom or Rogue Army: Rouge Army

Rank: Dragon

Desired Rank: Content


This dragoness is positively terrifying, one look could almost scare a stranger away. She stands at an impressive 26 ft at the shoulder and weighs ruffly 5,780 pounds. At a first glance, she doesn't seem to have any scales, unless you count the sleek black ones on her legs. The rest of her seems rather "holey" as if all of her ribs were poking out and thick spider webs were laced over them. It feels almost leathery to the touch, and is actually thick, having so many layers. It becomes more translucent on her neck, allowing rib-like bones to be seen going all the way up to the base of her skull, and a faint violet glow(#8f00ff-electric violet) is seen between all of them. It grows brighter the more aggressive she is, or if she is "charging up" for a blast of fire. Era's eyes light up the same violet color, bright and almost firey looking. Out of her nostrils come this purplish fog, it is thin, and will only show after she uses her fire breath.

This dragon's teeth are long, with a slight hook to each of them, she has many rows of teeth that will be quite visible once she growls or opens her mouth. A few black, boney-looking teeth will rest outside of her mouth, even if it is closed. Her head shape is more slender, coming to a point similar to the beak of a pred of prey on the top. On the bottom is a spike jutting down. Her head has many spikes, she has two large main ones that point back towards where her rider would sit, the rest do the same. She has so many, that it appears to be a small frill made up of many different sizes of spikes. Her entire body, save for her stomach, is jet black, with almost an iridescent hue to it. Her stomach is a darker purple, and instead of small scales, she has rather large ones. These huge scales, span the width of her stomach and are lined single file going down her stomach, they are triangular shaped. Similar to this color, ##381b54, and look slightly iridescent.

Her tail is rather long, and along the top are fin-like spikes. The material is more leathery, and they are only along the top of her tail, they appear to be connected, though only by a small amount of her skin towards the bottom of the spike. As if it was a fish fin, but without the connective webbing in between each spike at the top. They are not used for defense, but instead to make her look as if she has more spikes. Era's wings have a large span, the wing itself is a translucent, thick, membrane-like material, colored a light purple. It is thin enough where you can see her larger wing bones, the tips of her wings have an ivory claw attached to them. her back has the same leathery, fin-like spikes that her tail does.

Her only colors are black, and different shades of purple. Her fire breath is more purple than blue. She has the second hottest fire among the dragons. She can also manipulate time or create time warps. Era could even create large voids or black holes.


To put it shortly, Era is an aggressive dragon. She is often in a cranky, snappy mood around anyone besides her rider, she tolerates most and will befriend very few, but that’s fine with her. If you even get close to her rider she might even start muttering threats and charging up for a blast. This dragoness is extremely territorial, no touchy her human unless you want to get melted. Arcane dragons do have the second hottest fire breath, so don't test her. Era controls herself for her rider's sake, but if she had it her way everyone without 20 ft would be blasted. She needs her space and you won’t find her chatting away or creating drama among the other dragons. Physical touch is a no-no, she allows it only if it comes from her rider, as long as it is not excessive and she is in a decent mood.

With her ranking second among all the other rouge dragons, she won’t let you forget it. Step out of line or disobey the Commander and she will give you a server punishment or a show of dominance over you. Era is not afraid of a fight, she will hold her own and won’t back down until the death, whether it be hers or yours. It seems extreme, but she needs a way to get her built-up aggression out some way. Sometimes she may get into a mood where she will specifically close herself off from everyone besides her rider and won’t tolerate being disturbed. Era is more of an anti-social dragon than anything. She likes her downtime, especially her naps, don’t get in the way of her naps.

Amaterasu has a way with words, her manipulative speech may leadership may be mistaken for strong leadership. If you are unconvinced of a plan she will convince you others wise, after all, her job is to enforce the commander. Her words are carefully chosen in these scenarios, making it seem as if the Commanders plan in the best options, the only option. Reassuring any who doubt that their leader is strong and their plan will succeed.

With her rider, Amaterasu seems to be a totally different dragon. Mir gets to see a whole new side of her. Era turns out to be a humorous dragon, their conversation is often her teasing him or replying with a sarcastic remark. But she is also more open, she will take up any complaints she has with him, whether it’s that one pesky rider again, or if some dragon went out of line. Arcane dragons are also quite wise, if Mir comes to her for anything, she will be more than happy to share any wisdom she may have. Era is also quite clever, she is a fast learner and catches onto things quickly. She could also be described as cunning.

This dragoness does enjoy some independence including, quick flights by herself, or just being sent ahead to scout out the area. Era is fearless, she goes into any battle and will work her hardest. Defending her rider as necessary and working her ass off to help complete the Rouge Army's goals and plans. She always comes out of a battle with a clear conscience, any harm done to the enemy is not something to weep over. Era's trust is harder to earn, just because you are also in the Rouge army, doesn't mean you will earn it faster.

Bonded Rider: Mircea Cryolar


-Her naps
-Her rider
-Flying and Heights
-Nighttime flys as well *^*
-Being away from large crowds
-Asserting her power over those under her
-Punishing those who disobey the commander


-The cold
-The King and Queen, she is in the rouge army after all
-Irritating riders who disrespect Mir
-Dragons who step out of line
-Random people in her personal space


-She brings brute size and force to any battle
-Flying, her wings appear thin and weak, though she has very strong flight, and is capable of good speed because if it
-Ability to follow orders, she will listen to commands from those above her


-Agility, its harder with her larger size
-Social skills, she currently lacks them and has only 1-2 friends
-Her aggressiveness and lack of trust in others, working as a team may be difficult
Crush: Hmm.
Mate or Significant: None.
Kin: None
Affiliations: WIP
Other: ;)

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Ciaos character dump August 17, 2021 12:41 PM

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╓═══════ symbol ═══════╖



Origin and meaning

╙═══════ symbol ═══════╜


Age: 4 years
Gender: Male
Rank: Claws of Mala
Wanted Rank: Content
Part of the Rebellion?: Yes
Reputation amongst Pack: TBD
stock (c) to landkeks-stock on DA


--- is a large male, standing around 33.5 inches at the shoulder and weighing in at 155 pounds. His height, compared to most, is just on the edge of average and slightly taller. This wolf has a strong, muscular frame, allowing him to take on potentially larger enemy wolves or prey with more ease than a smaller-sized wolf might. His build is more for brute force, over agility, which comes with its strengths and weaknesses. His fur is fluffy, and soft to the touch, it is also quite thick, and is great for winter.

These male's eyes are similar to the orangeish highlights on his pelt. They almost stand out against the rest of his face and are more of an orange color. ---- fur is shorter and denser compared to most and has an interesting coloration. This male's main color appears to be black, which is the majority of his face, upper chest, back, shoulders, and leads into his tail. Though he does have white patches on either side of his muzzle, and on his upper chest. Though under his muzzle is a patch of grey. His underbelly appears to be a darker off-white or cream color, and there are some light greys mixed into it as well.

His back is mostly black, though some grey and reddish fur mix into it. The pattern on his tail is quite interesting, it is almost as if a black line runs down the middle of it, and then the tip is black. The fur itself has the same texture as the rest of his pelt. The coloring is also similar, except it may have more of a reddish tinge to it.



Strengths to Power:

Weaknesses to Power:

Crush: Open

Mate: None, Open

Kin: None

Offspring: None



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╓═══════ ═══════╖


Ila for her friends.

Originates from the Urdu language. Just, honest, equal, upright.

╙═══════ ◦○◦ ═══════╜


Age: 3 years
Gender: Female
Rank: Stalk Team
Wanted Rank: Content
Part of the Rebellion?: Leaning towards the rebellion.
Reputation amongst Pack: She appears differently to many wolves. While she doesn't hold a high rank, some may find her intimidating or scary because of her power. Others may view her as a close friend, one that they could talk to. Those who dislike Ila may even see her as an overachiever, with her frequent assists to hunts or other things outside of her Stalk team duties. While some just see her as more of a silent, determined wolf.
stock (c) to Wincey on DA


This female is on the smaller-medium scale, weighing about 85 pounds, standing 2.6 ft at the shoulder, and is 4ft long. Her build is more for agility, speed, and stealth than for brute strength and force. She is lean, though her fluffy fur gives her a larger appearance. Her fur itself is quite thick, feeling soft to the touch, and is multi-colored, consisting of creams, blacks, reds, whites, and a little grey. While her coat pattern is not as diverse, the color scheme on her pelt may be.

The pattern on her ears is quite interesting, with the inner ear being more of a white color, and then starts to blend with the dark red outer ear, giving an almost orange ring around the outside of her inner ear. The top of her head and neck are also quite red in appearance, and mix more with greys as it fades back into a cream color. The top of her muzzle is also red, though the sides and front below of her nose are white. Ila's fluffy checks are a cream color and fade into a reddish-grey color on the sides of her neck.

This female's eyes are bright orange, though do have some little amber-like flecks towards her circular pupil. The fur along her front legs is more cream-colored, though almost gives off a reddish hue. Her underbelly is just a simple cream, while her back has more black mixed into it. Lastly, her tail is quite long, reaching just a few inches off the ground. while the tip is black, it then fades to red, and then the base of it is cream.


Ila is a more down-to-earth wolf, she is honest and is more open about her thoughts. While she can be opinionated, and open about it, she does know when enough is enough, and will not over speak or share information that is not meant to be shared. She is considerate about what she says and will not be giving away any secrets anytime soon. She is intelligent in this way, carefully choosing her words and not rushing into situations without a proper argument or evidence. Ila will not be made a fool of. Her speech is blunter, she is not the type to sugarcoat her words, or beat around the bush. She may only soften it for those who may have a larger reaction, the last thing she wants to hear or see is someone overreacting or panicking when it's nothing to worry over.

Her patience may be a bit shorter with those that she finds annoying, or with those trying to seek attention. She may be social, but it's to an extent. Her friends are often those that she speaks with, and while she may hop in on a group conversation, it is not likely. Aadila enjoys alone time, and it does normally consist of naps or a brisk walk. She hates when this time is interrupted by anyone less than a friend. This female may also be sarcastic, her comments are meant to be too harmful, but it may seem that way towards a sensitive wolf. She is normally more serious, and won't speak this way a whole lot.

This she-wolf is hardworking, always putting forth her best effort and more. She is dependable, and you can count on her to do her part, whether it's aiding the Stalk team in a last-minute kill, or being ready to assist the pack in another way. Ila is determined and is not one to give up easily, it frustrates her when she sees another wolf do that since there are many other ways they could have handled those situations.

While Aadila can be apathetic about 40% of the time, appearing blank or emotionless. This female will show emotions like concern, or elation, but keeps her 'private life' closed off. She doesn't need to appear weak or look as if she is seeking attention. Ila is not some sap story, that keeps to herself and dramatically wallows in self-pity. Her background may have been considered "traumatic" to an outsider, but to her, it wasn't. Yes her parents were killed, but they were never there for her, she had already lost them a few years prior, death was only a further separation. She hates to be pitied, and will definitely act snappy or more aggressive if she is. When this she-wolf makes threats, she means them, they are to install fear into whom she is addressing. She should be taken seriously.

This wolf is loyal, loyal to herself, to her friends, and to those who she believes are in the right. As of now, she is leaning towards the rebellion, she believes the current alpha is way too power-hungry and would rather stick with the Lesser Alpha. Though the current alpha is the true heir at the moment, so she takes that into consideration as well. This female is also quite protective, her circle of friends is smaller, to lose one of them would be horrid and she would never forgive herself.

Aadila is an observant wolf, if she sees something that seems off, she takes it into consideration. Especially if it comes to the alphas or other higher-ups. The female holds herself to a higher standard, if she were to miss something, she may take it a bit more personal. Though she won't let it show. Ila often holds her head and carries herself in a more regal manner, even if she doesn't have a high ranking.

Air. It's as simple as it sounds. Ila has control over wind gusts, she can gather the air around her and have control over its force, whether it's rough and strong, or just a light breeze. She can also make, to some extent, small twisters, though they never last for longer than a few seconds and are really draining to make. Since she can control the air/wind around her, she also has the frightening ability to suck the air out of one's lungs. If she is ever in a battle of some sort or is aiding the Strike team in a kill, she can summon the winds from their enemy's lungs, stunning them so they must gasp to regain their breath. If she truly wanted to, she could kill them, but the effects it would have on her body would be horrible. As of recently, she has become stronger, now being 3 years she has had a decent deal of time to get her power under better control.
Strengths to Power:
She could save lives, if you had gotten water in your lungs she could force it out by filling them with air. Ila is also an asset in any fights, hunting large prey, or protecting others from predators since she can suck the air from their lungs long enough to stun them. Giving the strike team an advantage over their enemies. She could also use her power for pettier things, like manipulating the air above her while it's raining so she won't get wet.
Weaknesses to Power:
The stronger the wind gust, the more energy it takes to produce it. This also means that when it comes to her tiny twisters, creating anything longer than a few seconds could kill her from the strain. Something similar would happen if she tried to keep the air out of one's lungs. The effects that they would be having would almost mirror back on her, though not as severe. She is often short of breath after using her powers, it's harder to breathe when using them. If used too long she may black out from lack of oxygen. She is also younger, so she is still somewhat mastering full control over it.
Crush: Open
Mate: Maybe, open.
Kin: None, Open
Offspring: None
Other: Done, I believe. Let me know if something is missing^^

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⊱ ━━━━.⋅ ✾ ⋅.━━━━ ⊰

Elvira -“Vira”

[ el-VEE-ra ] Russian origin, meaning “true to all”

⊱ ━━━━.⋅ ✾ ⋅.━━━━ ⊰

Gender: Female
Species: Dog
Breed: Siberian Husky
Rank: Mistress


all stock (c) to bellatora-stock on da

This Husky leans towards the shorter side, while still standing at an average height, 20 inches. She also weighs in around 45 pounds, making her a bit in the heavier side, though still quite average. Her build in on the leaner side, but Vira is still strong, with her powerful legs and lots of determination she can accomplish a lot.

This female’s eyes are something special. She has Heterochromia iridum, also commonly know as bi-eyed. Where one of her eyes, the left, is dark brown, and then if you were to draw a ring around her pupil, it becomes lighter in color before darkening again. Her right eye is a piercing light blue, with darker blue flecks around the pupil, and rim of the eye. It also happens to have a brown spot in it, the same shade as her left eye and it is in the top left corner of her right eye.

Elvira’s nose has a liver colored streak running through the center, and then on either side of it, her nose is black. Her fur is thick and feels soft to the touch. She is a black and white husky. Her white is mainly on her lower belly, lower legs, chest and face. With her black going across her back, sides, neck and head. The markings on her face also also black and white, with a white patch above each eye and then a fainter stripe running between them and down to her nose. The fur surrounding the eye is black and that is mostly under her eye and hardly reaches her muzzle. Vira’s inner ears are white.

Her tail is quite interesting, the long fluffy thing is just as soft as her fur, and takes on a few different colors. The main one is black, which is mostly on the top and base of her tail. The white is then on the very tip and the underside of her tail. Through the whole thing, the black, white and ocasional grey make it look like little highlights were put onto her tail. Her tail has a sharp curve to it, and while she can straighten it, it is mostly curled over to touch her back.

525-AF3-DA-81-C0-416-C-8699-0-F58-F5204178.jpgArmor & Weapons: [What does their Armor look like, what weapons do they have. Make it make some sense. If you can't explain how they use it, don't use it.]


Thoughts on Canine Society: [On how things are right now, and a possible Uprising]

Loyal or Disloyal: Loyal





Other: I was originally going to use her for a sled dog RP, but it sadly died. I’m glad I get to use her^^ If a different breed is desired I shall change it!

At a glance, this female seems cold and antagonistic. With her steely gaze, a stare that would seem to burn right through you. And her posture, it’s almost intimidating the way she carries herself with such grace and confidence, head held high in a way that suggests she’s above you. Which she is. Her face often is sitting in an RBF or resting bitch face. With her eyes narrowed and facial expression seeming constantly irritated. All of this may add up to some form of intimidation when you first meet this female. That and she tends to talk sharply when in the presence of strangers, she means to be like this in order to show her dominance or that she is unafraid of anything you might throw at her. She will not let any doubt or fear slip into her words, she will not appear weak or frightened in front of those she does not know. Just because she is pampered and cared for does not mean that she is soft.

Elvira is a totally different dog within her team, she is social and quite friendly once you earn her trust, which most everyone on her team has earned. Speaking of trust, that is a value that she believes goes both ways, you need to trust her and she needs to trust you in order to become closer friends, if it only goes one way it doesn't work. She is a trustworthy dog, if you bring important information to her and wish to keep it anonymous, she will. If you share secretes, of any size, she will keep them, she is not the type to gossip or drag your name through the mud. Elvira judges your character on the present and not your past, she is a forgiving creature and willing to give second chances. Though it will be harder to convince her to give you a third. This female is selfless when it comes to her team, and will do anything to get them through this trying time. She would lay down her life for their safety and does her very best to look after all of them.

A word to describe Elvira is protective. Especially of her family, as stated, she will lay her life down to defend them, but can also get a little on the aggressive side. Hurt her family and you better run for the hills because that’s something she won’t forget. You will be punished. She can’t stand to see her friends in pain, with any serious injuries she tends to become flustered. Vira does her best to soothe them, and herself but the first sign of blood or a major injury, she becomes a frantic and a little sick. This is when she has her Swing dog take over and she will support from a distance.

When is comes to safety or an important topic, Vira is a no nonsense type of gal. She hates to beat around the bush and rather be told the story straight away, than hear about minor/side details. She does the same when addressing the team, and will give any news straight to them. This lead dog hates keeping things from her team, they deserve to be fully updated on their situations and shouldn’t be kept in the dark. Elvira is dependable she’s not late to address something and if she has to get something done, it’s done on time and in an orderly fashion.

Elvira can be an affectionate dog towards those she loves, including family, close friends, and her mate.


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Just Tolvar.

Scandinavian origin, "the ruler of Thor"


Age: 6 Months

Gender: Male

Species: Dog

Breed: 50% Irish Wolfhound 50% Native American Indian Dog

Rank: Heir


At this age a male Irish wolfhound would be nearing 100 pounds, a Native American Indian dog would be slightly smaller. Tolvar will end up weighing 145 pounds, but is currently around 100, due to him not being done growing. His end height will be 33 inches at the shoulder, slightly taller than his mother, but two inches short of reaching the average Irish wolfhound height, this will frustrate him a bit when he is older. Tolvar does not want to be considered “small”. He is currently a couple of inches below the max height he will reach, though I do not know the exact measurements that would be appropriate for this breed. His build is a bit leaner and more similar to his father's.

With his fur color, Tolvar looks more like his mother, but with his fur texture, he looks similar to his father. His fire is fluffy, though it looks to be on the thinner side, you can see more of the individual strands than just a massive pelt of fur. The hair itself is long and is slightly wavy-looking. For the coloration he almost has the “German Shepherd black saddle” on his back, he does have some shepherd in his blood from his mother’s side. The rest of his hind legs are more of an orange-ish color, though turn to more of cream once it reaches his paws. His front legs have the same coloration. Tovar's underbelly is more of a tan color.

Around his shoulders are more grey/black patches, the fur in her next is similar though gives off a slightly orange-ish hue to it. The fur on his chest is more of a tan color. Tolvar’s face is more of a tan color, and his inner ears are the same color, though his muzzle is more grey. The back of his ears, the top of his forehead, and the top of his neck are mostly black, though do have grey mixed into them as well

This male's tail is very similar to his pelt in coloration, though it does carry more grey in it. The very tip is black, and then it fades to nearly a tan, with grey spots scattered throughout it. Tolvar’s eyes are nothing special, they don’t stand out to much and are just a simple dark brown.l

Armor & Weapons: I believe they may be too young for this? Please correct me if I am wrong^^


Tolvar is very mature for his age, many others may be carefree and still enjoying pup-hood before going into their duties. Not him. He’s grown up quite fast in the household, he has goals that he wants to accomplish, and in order to do that, he needs to, well, grow up. He wants a high ranking on his sibling's hierarchy, and so he wants to be able to properly present himself. Being 6 months he should be assessed soon and he doesn’t want to ruin it. Now don’t get me wrong, he is still young and can still be energetic at times, even playful, but it’s stifled the majority of the time.

This dog never had many friends growing up, choosing to keep himself closed off from anyone besides his siblings. He was never really a social butterfly anyway, tending to be more sarcastic, and not always patient with those his age. Tolvar found them more annoying than anything and was often found scowling at them off to the side. His siblings, of course, were different. He was more open and less judgemental of them and considered most as a friend. Though of course, he still kept his weaknesses bottled up in front of them, he didn’t want to be the coddled little brother. In a way, he was also stoic and will grow to be more like that as he gets older.

Tolvar is starting to take after his parents, with certain personality traits from them both. Being just as critical and observant as his mother, though he isn't as quick to point out one's flaws as she may be. Then being as quick to react at something like his father, though being young his actions may still have some arrogance to them.

Thoughts on Canine Society: He doesn’t have a problem with the dogs, regardless of what his father has been teaching him about them. But would be against an uprising only if it were to happen in the near future, he will be more open to one later in his lifetime.
Loyal or Disloyal: Loyal, he doesn’t have a reason to not be at the moment.
Crush: Ew
Mate: None
Offspring: None.
Kin: Father, the King, Garrison; Alive
Mother, the Queen, Nizhoni; Alive
Brother, eldest Heir; Alive
Affiliations: WIP
Other: :)

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