10:42:06 Mid, Jay (he/him)
im good stray, how about you?
10:41:49 Blood/Ríonach
Good morning chat from my time. How is everyone doing lately?
Edith Rose
10:41:06 Edith, Rose, Friday
Yeah same here, none of my ladies I'd say are particularly bad producers but I have notices certain studs who make them throw more duds than average (usually pretty basic studs as I tend to try and breed strictly to G1s)
Stray Secrets
10:37:58 Stray.
hey Midnight. how're you
10:37:27 Mid, Jay (he/him)
Stxrmmix <3
10:37:15 Wolf Hoarder, Storm
I fell asleep with a stream open by accident ;-;
Edith Rose
10:37:07 Edith, Rose, Friday
Hi Mid :)
10:36:33 Mid, Jay (he/him)
hi rose hey stray
10:36:31 V, Vox, Cor
My females all honestly produce pretty well, it tends to vary on who I breed them with though
Edith Rose
10:35:50 Edith, Rose, Friday
Doesn't it really depend more on the lines and stats of both parents? I know I have some females that simply produce better than others and I have certain studs I continue to go back to cause I think they produce particularly well *^*
Stray Secrets
10:35:37 Stray.
I keep forgetting to breed my girls, then I end up scrambling to find studs and having too many pop at a time. ;-;
The West Wind Wolves
10:35:33 West, Wessy, Nyx
Bro I love my aunt :D I'm making a huge garden project and she has instantly made it her mission to find me all the furniture and decor I need XD
Continental Wolves
dipping for a few minutes but i'll be right back
Stray Secrets
10:34:57 Stray.
no problem
Stray Secrets
10:34:26 Stray.
prey and predators spawn randomly, but stealth will help for tracking prey.
Continental Wolves
I used one of Otso's girls & 2 different stud all 4 litters popped put some boost & defect pups
Forgotten Dreams
10:33:56 Chip/Dreamer
Yesss! Some of my girls pair amazingly but others...never want to like anyone
what is most important for explorer wolf after battle and resolve? if you want to let them find prey?
10:32:52 V, Vox, Cor
Some females also just do bad with certain studs, it's odd.

I can breed one female to a certain stud, but my others will do shit with them.


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Ashes of Night x RoawNovember 6, 2022 09:05 PM

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With an aching body and heavy steps, Niké pushed on the last of the way. He knew he was close, he had been walking for hours and had finally reached the forest, once out of it he'd finally be back.

The sun had began setting some time ago, and with it, the temperature had dropped, causing him to shiver a bit and quietly cursing under his breath, “Rich people and their dumb fucking clothes…”

He was no longer wearing a hoodie and the pants he’d stolen the last time he’d jumped into stinking water with Taurus, no he was now wearing dress pants and a black button-up that he’d messily tucked into the pants. The only good thing about those clothes was that they didn't smell like shit but other than that, the grey haired man hated them. The clothes felt uncomfortable to him, they provided little to no warmth and they were just overall impractical.

Not long after he’d found his way out of the sewers, he’d met two men, drunk rich guys who’d, like every other arrogant rich man, thought they could just have their way by throwing some money in other people’s faces. To put it simply, the pervs had tried to “buy” him and while it's something Niké would have otherwise ignored, they just hadn't given up and when the two had gone so far as to attack him, Niké had lost it.

Most likely the two still laid passed out in the alley that he’d left them in after stealing one of them’s clothes, and their money. People like them were yet another reason to hate the rich and privileged. Only good thing was that they rarely knew how to fight so even when Niké had been outnumbered, it hadn't been a problem, they'd gotten in a few good hits which was the reason he was in some pain now but it was nothing bad, he’d end up with a few bruises but nothing worse, nothing compared to the state he'd left the pervs in.

At last, after hours, the young man was almost there. Only the hill left now then just a little more and he’d be back at the hideout and hopefully, Alleya would be there too, preferably unharmed.

As Niké climbed the hill he kept fussing quietly about the clothes and how they were limiting his mobility but really the clothes were the least of his concern, he was worried about Alleya and also, all that time walking alone had given him an opportunity to really think about how to proceed with his job, it was time for him to take it seriously. He needed to find out more about Theo and for that he needed to be alone with him, no one to interrupt and distract and then he needed to ask the right questions without seeming suspicious. So far he only had one part figured out and that was the getting the leader alone, he would ask the leader to look at his wound on his throat and also to see if the stitches in his hands were ready to take out.

Niké reached the top of the hill and let out a sigh, he had the house in sight. Before deciding to continue walking, he glanced around only to have his gaze land on a familiar figure, Alleya. Without a second thought, the grey haired man took off running towards her when he reached, he grabbed her by both shoulders and started looking her up and down, examining her for any fresh wounds or bruises, “Fucking hell Alleya! Are you okay? They didn't hurt you or anything? Don't do shit like that!” While his tone was harsh, anyone could hear the worry in his voice. He knew she could handle herself but that didn't change the fact that he'd worried about her, she’d taken a risk to help him and now he would have to pay her back while at the same time, find a reason as to why she was a bad person who deserved to be put in prison. Why had no one told him this would be the hard part of the job?

Ashes of Night x RoawNovember 6, 2022 09:41 PM

Ashes of Night
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Alleya moved to rest with her back against the tree, closing her eyes to take a few moments. She was exhausted, having little to no sleep for the past few days. She was ready to be back and curl under her raccoon pelt and forget about everything they had been through.

Between the days travels her fighting with Taurus, and then dealing with the cops; she was ready for this adventure to be over. Then of course she couldn't forget about her ex...she never wanted to see him again. At least she knew that he was okay and probably not going to look for her again. Not after his encounter with Nike.

She was lost in her reflections over the past days that she didn't even hear footsteps or the muttered fussing of Nike. Her senses were weakened with exhaustion and her eyes were closed. She figured that for this moment, she was fine so her hands also slipped out of her pocket to race through her hair before returning to her sides. She figured nobody else would be this far to mess with her.

The sound of running caused her to jolt into awareness. She barely had time to prepare herself before something grabbed her shoulders from behind.She gave an audible gasp and turned around to jam her elbow into whatever had grabbed her.

"Fucking hell Alleya! Are you okay?" She stopped herself from ramming her elbow into him at the sound of his familiar voice. It was Nike. Thank god. Her arms wrapped around his midsection, pulling him into her for a quick hug. "They didn't hurt you or anything? Don't do shit like that!"

She had never heard somebody so worried about her. sh didn't think that Theo would even worry about her that much, and that said a lot. She often heard the gang leader pacing stressfully in his room after the gang went to bed. She knew he worried about the gang severely.

"Oh my god, don't do that to me! I almost beat the shit out of you!" She pulled back to playfully punch his shoulder with one hand and then reach up to ruffle his hair with the other. She took a few steps back to fully examine him. He looked beaten and exhausted. She thought she saw some new bruises but she couldn't be sure-not without proper lighting. She frowned a little in thought. Had he been in another fight?

She was sure he would tell her all the details later. For now,Alleya was happy by just seeing him alive. She did think that he would be back at the house by now. That neck wound needed to be treated as soon as possible.

"I can handle a few cops, don't worry. You should have seen that one though," She broke off chuckling,"I left him tied to the traffic light in nothing but his boxers."

Normally she wouldn't find amusement in tan banter for cops but she couldn't help it. That one officer had it coming. How dare he try to trick her, after all.

"We need to keep going though. I think I can hear Theo stress pacing from here," She grew serious and glanced at him. He looked at exhausted as she felt. The quicker they got to the house, the better.

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Ashes of Night x RoawNovember 7, 2022 05:25 PM

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When Alleya gave him a quick hug, he didn't try to protest or pull away, he was still just happy to see her right now, he didn't care if she hugged him.

"Oh my god, don't do that to me! I almost beat the shit out of you!"

Niké grinned slightly at her, “Sure you did, I’d beat you any day,” he told her. The man ran his fingers through his hair a bit after Alleya had ruffled it and messed it up further than what it usually was. In reality he knew that the woman could put up one hell of a fight and that they’d probably be rather even in a fight but he still decided to tease her.

"I can handle a few cops, don't worry. You should have seen that one though. I left him tied to the traffic light in nothing but his boxers."

The grey haired man let out a soft chuckle, he could picture it and he knew he shouldn't find it funny, but he did. Just the image of a cop being taken down by the short woman and then getting undressed and tied up by her. It was a laughable thought and he bet it would have been even more fun to see in person. But still, she had assaulted an officer, it wasn't something he was supposed to laugh at.

When Alleya turned serious and said for them to keep going he couldn't do much more than nod and start walking. He could guess that the woman saw right through him and knew how exhausted he was, just like she had the other day, it didn't matter that he tried to hide it, she could tell. But she was tired too, he knew she’d barely slept for days and all this running around and fighting surely wasn't a good way to restore energy.

For a few moments, Niké stayed quiet as he walked next to the woman before glancing at her a bit and muttering, “I know you can handle yourself. Doesn't mean I won't worry about you though so don't pull anything like that again.”

He turned his gaze back towards the house, they were finally close now, just a little more and they would finally be back.

“You're going to sleep once we're inside, you can talk to Theo once you’ve rested, okay?” Niké told her, hoping for once that the woman wouldn't talk back but he knew that probably wasn't the case, she would want to talk to Theo first thing, especially since she hadn't seen him for days.

Ashes of Night x RoawNovember 7, 2022 07:30 PM

Ashes of Night
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Alleya was thrilled to see Nike. It meant that they both escaped with very little damage. She was sure that the cop would be rather angry when he woke up but he sort of deserved that. Besides, she didn't have a criminal background and the man didn't even know her name. What mattered most was that she was safe and Nike was safe.

She wanted to speak with Theo quickly, sleep would wait. She also wanted a bath and good food in her stomach. She did just want to get back to see the familiarity of gang life. She was missing it and desperately wanted to be back. She even missed doing the dirty chores such as cleaning out the toilets.

She stuck her tongue out at Nike about him beating her up. He was good in a fight but he was heavy. Heavy people tended to use their weight in their punches which made it easier for her to throw off his balance. He also hadn't been trained to fight either so most of his fighting was more instinct. Hers was more thoughtful and planned out.

She took of walking in the direction of the house, feeling more energized than earlier. She had a faint bounce in her step, a little happiness that was helping mask her exhaustion more. All she wanted to do was go home, take a bath, talk to Theo, and sleep. She could even skip eating if it meant she could sleep sooner.

“I know you can handle yourself. Doesn't mean I won't worry about you though so don't pull anything like that again.”

We never had anyone care that much about her. It was sweet on one end of the spectrum but also annoying on the other. She was fine on her own. She wouldn't do anything without making sure it was exactly right. She wouldn't have risked her life and Nike's if she wasn't confident in her abilities to get them both out.

"I can't promise that. I will do whatever is necessary to make sure everyone and anyone from the gang is safe-it doesn't matter if they don't feel the same toward me," She kept her voice low and stern. It was non-negotiable. Theo's gang meant everything to her and she would give her life to make sure that it would survive.

They were so close to being back. She couldn't help but run her hand against the tree branches they passed. She was starting to feel more energetic the closer they got. Finally at last, she could see the wooden house in the woods up close.

"You're going to sleep once we're inside, you can talk to Theo once you've rested, okay?"

She frowned at the gray haired man's words.She wanted to talk to Theo desperately and make sure he was alright. They had left him recovering from the first attack of the rebels.

"Nike, he needs to know what hell happened today," She tried to reason, giving the man a stern look,"This is the easy part of our journey. I will rest but not until everything that needs to be done is done."

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Ashes of Night x RoawNovember 7, 2022 09:10 PM

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"Niké, he needs to know what hell happened today."

There it was. He knew it had been coming and it still annoyed him. She adored the leader, at least that's what it seemed like. She simply couldn't be without him now could she?

“I already need to see him and have him look at my wound, I just as easily tell him,” Niké told her with a sigh, “Aren't you exhausted after everything that's happened? Just go to sleep, I’ll tell Theo about what happened and you can fill in with details after you’ve slept,” he tried.

As they reached the house, the grey haired man put his hand on the door handle and he paused for a second and looked at Alleya. Whatever she’d decided on, he knew he wouldn't be able to change her mind. If she’d decided that she was gonna talk to Theo then she would, he knew that.

Niké pushed down the door handle and opened the door, the sound of the gang members laughing and playing music flooding out through the open door. All of them were still so blissfully unaware of the threat that was looming over them all. Cops wanted to lock them up and split them up, meanwhile the Rebels wanted to kill them. No one seemed to want the gang good even if they were far from the biggest problem on the streets.

The young man waited for Alleya to enter first before he followed her inside, shutting the door behind them. He instantly noticed how things seemed to quiet down a bit as the two walked further inside, it did make sense though, people had to have noticed their absence, at least Alleya’s, Niké they barely knew and he hadn't made an effort to introduce himself to everyone either.

One thing was for sure though, everyone already knew they were back even if it had just been seconds and it couldn't be long before Theo would appear. But instead of letting his eyes search for the rough-looking leader, he turned his gaze towards Alleya, waiting to see if she'd be heading towards her sleeping area or Theo’s room.

Ashes of Night x RoawNovember 7, 2022 09:41 PM

Ashes of Night
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Alleya was thinking of the gang before herself. She couldn't risk their safety by not mentioning this to Theo. She did want to check on his wounds as well as see how the gang leader was doing, The gang leader and her were the most qualified to address wounds, the rest weren't as sure in what they were doing. And she had to admit, she was worried. They had been gone a lot more sunsets than she would like to. She couldn't help but worry about the gang, and the gang's leader.

Nike didn't want to take her stubborn responses as an answer and drop it though. He kept on insisting that she rested but she couldn't figure out why. He was just as exhausted as her, if not more. She was just doing a better job of masking it and focusing on what energy she had left. Either that or the gray haired man was masking it well and she could see straight through it. They had spend over three days with each other nonstop, that was plenty of time to grow a bond with an individual.

"I already need to see him and have him look at my wound, I just could as easily tell him."

Nike sounded tired and she wasn't feeling the energy to pick up a fight with her new friend. She knew Nike knew quite a bit of secrets about her that she didn't want the rest of the gang knowing either. She paused at the door, thinking of her options. The last thing she wanted was to pick a fight with Nike. She wasn't sure if she had enough energy to.

When the door was opened, sounds of music and laughter filled the air. She couldn't help but smile and lean against the door frame, just taking a few moments and eyeing everyone. It had been such a long time since she had seen them or heard the sound of bliss chaos. She couldn't help but smile and rest her head against the frame. They were home. At last.

Shhe knew Nike was waiting on her to enter so after a few minutes she stepped inside. She couldn't help but welcome the warmth and shelter from the wind and cold. She hadn't noticed how cold she was until she stepped into the place.

Their presence was welcomed with silence but that was okay with her. She moved so she was standing closer to Nike, close enough that their shoulders could have brushed if they were close to the same height. For once, she didn't mind the silence. It gave her plenty of time to think about what she wanted to do.

"You're back! Thank god!" Taurus approached them and looked like he was about to take Alleya into a hug-but then clearly thought better of it. Instead, his hands were placed on her shoulders. Her shoulders were given a squeeze instead,"I missed you. Glad to see you in one peice-both of you."

"Er thanks," Alleya shrugged off Taurus' hands and walked further away from him, looking around. Nothing had changed since they left and that's the way she liked it. She felt two gazes on her and turned back to glance at them. Nike was watching her, probably to see what her next move is. Taurus was watching too but his gaze reminded him of a look a sick puppy would give her. She wasn't in the mood to deal with Taurus or Nike.

"I'm going to take a bath," She stated, walking over to the supply closet and grabbing an extra pair of small woman's clothing and soap. She wanted to scrub everything from the trip off of her and get away from all the looks. On her way out, she bumped into Theo, her shoulder ramming his roughly as she stomped out the back door, on her way to the bathing pond.


Theo gave a small curse of pain and confusion. Alleya seemed pissed about something which wasn't a good sign. His eyes scanned the room until they landed on the newbie's gray hair. He gave a gesture for the newbie to follow him before turning around and disappearing into the entrance of the room.

Whatever was bothering Alleya, he was going to figure that out. He was also curious to why the two took so long coming back. As well as the bruises on both of their faces. They looked like they had been down to the underworld and back. There was clearly a lot that happened since he had last seen them both. He was determined to get down to the very bottom of it.

He tried talking to Taurus but the blond man spoke in a way that he couldn't make sense of. The man had been worked up and angry about something so after capturing a few words about Nike and Alleya coming back later and a crappy hotel, he decided to dismiss Taurus and wait for the rest of the group to return.

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Ashes of Night x RoawNovember 8, 2022 08:49 AM

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The sound of Taurus’s voice and seeing him approach made Niké take a step to the side, doing his best to not frown and show his dislike for the blond. The past few days spent with Taurus had made him feel rather strongly about the man, he wouldn't fight him or anything like that but he certainly wouldn't feel bad locking the man up.

The grey haired man rolled his eyes slightly as Taurus spoke, tuning out the sound of his voice in an effort to keep himself from snapping at the idiot. Instead he turned his gaze back to Alleya, sure that she would be heading for Theo’s room by now.

"I'm going to take a bath."

It surprised him a bit when Alleya said that but he was happy that she took care of herself instead of running to Theo immediately. Or well, she did run into Theo, quite literally, he saw how she rammed her shoulder into the leaders before disappearing outside. She was clearly pissed and if it was at him or Taurus, he couldn't tell, possibly both.

There was no time to think about that though, Theo had spotted him and had motioned for him to follow him into his room.

The young man glanced at Taurus and sighed softly before he started walking towards the leaders room, he could only imagine all the shit that Taurus had told Theo, given how their last conversation before he and Alleya left him to go back on his own had gone.

He entered Theo’s room, shutting the door behind himself before leaning his back against it and looking over at the leader.

“I know, we should've gone back with Taurus, he was the group leader and we shouldn't have wandered off on our own but Alleya had something she needed to do and I wasn't gonna let her go back into the city all alone,” he started. Niké had known from the moment that they split up from Taurus that it was a bad idea but he didn't regret going with Alleya, sure, she could handle herself but she was still just one single person who could only do and endure so much.

He wouldn't tell the man what it was Alleya had wanted to do, that was for her to say if she felt it was necessary. “We shouldn't have done that and I know that and if you want to punish us then go ahead but there’s more important things to deal with first.”

Niké hesitated a little, his gaze shifting slightly. The leader didn't strike him as an angry man so it wasn't that he thought he'd get angry finding out about the Rebels, it was more that he’d noticed how much the man cared about his gang and this now put them all at risk.

“We had a run in with the Rebels on our way back, a gun was fired and the cops got involved so they are more than pissed now and I think it's only a matter of time before they go after the whole gang. They want us dead and the cops couldn't care less, they want the gang terminated, if the Rebels kill us then that's less work for them,” he told the leader, still not meeting the man's gaze. If he and Alleya had just gone with Taurus then none of this would have happened, at least not for now.

Niké was on the cop’s side, he had to be, the gang should be terminated but not killed, split up and given help to better themselves and their lives, that's what should happen, that was the better solution but at the same time he felt bad. This gang was the closest thing to family most of them had and now it was being threatened from two directions. He wished that he could just turn his feelings off and think about his job purely but it kept proving itself to be a hard task.

Ashes of Night x RoawNovember 8, 2022 03:42 PM

Ashes of Night
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Theo was a lot more concerned about Alleya's behavior. The fiery woman was prone to becoming angry, yes, but never acting out on it. Especially not him. Plus, he had also seen the cold approach between Taurus and the other members of the group from his room. There was clearly something going on. As leader, it was his main concern to make sure everything was going alright and his gang members weren't tearing at their throats.

He didn't want to draw more attention to the group than what they had already so instead he gestured for Nike to follow him, once it was clear he had the newbie's attention. He figured there was a lot of news and also, it seemed like more private news. So he walked inside and popped a few pills of tylenol.

He had managed to send someone out to get some after the first night of sleeping and trying to manage a gang wasn't very successful. They had noticed Taurus' and Alleya's disappearance and it worried them. He couldn't blame them but it had been a long couple of nights. The only reason why he was walking and functioning was because of the Tylenol.

His body was extremely sore, every ounce of movement sent his muscles screaming in pain. He would probably be like this for a decent amount of time to say the least. His burn marks, however, were staying clean and already starting to heal. That was a good sign, even with the amount of pain he was in. Not that he wasn't used to it though.

He heard the footsteps of Nike and the door close. Before he could even swallow the pills, the man began talking. His expression briefly shown his surprise before going back to a neutral state. He wanted to discourage the man from talking so fast but then, his own curiosity kept him from telling Nike to slow it down.

“We shouldn't have done that and I know that and if you want to punish us then go ahead but there’s more important things to deal with first.”

At that notice, Theo sat on the top of his desk. The picture of him and his girlfriend had been moved to the windowseal, with it facing toward the bed. Besides that, the room hadn't changed at all since the group left. He fixed a serious expression on to Nike and waited for the man to explain. So far, the gang had kept up with Alleya needing to do something so Nike followed her. That was the right thing to do. He would have had a cow if Nike had left her out there. Alleya liked to think she is a lot tougher than she actually is. Not to mention the dangers of a woman out alone in the city.

“We had a run in with the Rebels on our way back, a gun was fired and the cops got involved so they are more than pissed now and I think it's only a matter of time before they go after the whole gang. They want us dead and the cops couldn't care less, they want the gang terminated, if the Rebels kill us then that's less work for them."

Theo didn't show an reaction to what Nike said besides a small eyebrow raise. He wasn't surprised that the cops or the Rebels didn't like his gang. That was old news. He knew about the Rebels always trying to frame every crime on him and his gang. He would like to think that they were just doing that in hopes that his gang would join theirs and not the fact that the Rebels gang consisted of nothing but nasty criminals that liked seeing others suffer. And a gang fight happening? That wasn't too surprising either. It was all part of the typical gang lifestyle He was just glad to see every one of his members alive and in one piece.

It seemed like Nike was really rattled up but who could blame him? He was the baby of the gang and so far, he was capturing secrets that only Theo had known. He hadn't told his gang about to rise of the cops' interests in his gang. He also hadn't told his gang about moving to a better location. Or about their old leader. This was everything that Nike had figured out on his own and the man had barely been in the gang for a week.

"Come here, you look like you need to sit and take a breather," The gang leader patted a sport right next to him on top of the desk. It looked like there would be enough room for the both of them. He could imagine that Nike was exhausted, by the sound of it, it had been a long trip filled with a lot of karma.

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Ashes of Night x RoawNovember 8, 2022 06:22 PM

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Given how much Alleya had been stressing about telling Theo about everything and how pissed she’d gotten when he told her to rest and let him tell the leader, Niké had expected more of a reaction. But nothing. The leader didn't react at all it seemed.

"Come here, you look like you need to sit and take a breather."

Niké looked up at the leader at those words, certainly wasn't what he’d expected but he didn't protest or even hesitate, instead he just stepped closer and took a seat next to Theo, their shoulder's brushing against each other briefly before the grey haired man leaned slightly away from the other.

He felt awkward as things grew silent between them, he’d gotten so used to Alleya’s near non-stop talking that it felt odd to not have someone talk your ears off.

The man reached up with one hand and untied the piece of cloth around his neck, having kept it on even after getting out of the sewers to keep the wound as clean as possible. He held the cloth in his hands, looking down at it. The light grey fabric had been stained red with blood but it seemed mostly dried up meaning that hopefully the wound wasn't bleeding anymore, still it would be best to ask Theo to have a look.

The young man glanced over at the leader, in all honesty, he felt embarrassed. The first thing Theo had had to do was stitch his hand up and now, after being sent out on a mission for a few days, he came back needing medical attention once more.

“I don't think it's that deep or anything but I'd appreciate it if you could have a look. I got my throat cut when we met the Rebels,” he explained with a sigh, “And I'm not sure but I think the stitches in my hand can come out now. I can do it myself. I just need to know if it’s okay or if I should leave it a bit longer?” Niké looked over at the gang leader, watching his face for any hint of emotions revealing what Theo was thinking about the whole situation.

What had started out a few days ago as a rather calm and straightforward mission had ended in a complete mess. All Niké really wanted was to sleep, exhaustion making his eyelids feel heavy and his body almost numb, although that was probably a mix of the exhaustion and having been in two fights recently. All his body wanted was to sleep and get time to recover but after the nightmare he’d had the other night in the alley with Alleya, he wasn't going to allow it.

Even if the woman hadn't said anything he knew that she'd heard him, she had to have, and the last thing he wanted was to have the same dream in front of the whole gang, he knew how it went, either he slept terribly, waking up every other hour, or he slept okay until that damn nightmare made itself reminded and he would be yelling and shaking in his sleep.

Ashes of Night x RoawNovember 8, 2022 07:33 PM

Ashes of Night
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Out of them both, Nike seemed more stressed about the situation than the gang leader himself. Of course, Theo was concerned about the moves of the Rebels and police. That's why he wanted to relocate in case the rebels did come out for revenge. They had good reason to, the gang were very close to war and it was scary, not surprising though.

His reactions were self-guarded and controlled though. He was already thinking of solutions and ways to avoid war. One of them was relocation and stepped up night guards and patrols. He couldn't fix their image with the police so staying low was the best option there.

He felt a shoulder brush his which caused him to tense up a little and pull him from his thoughts. He glanced at the gray-haired man as he adjusted the way he was sitting so their shoulders weren't touching. He honestly didn't mind, for the most part. He had just become distracted with how to solve this issue and his thoughts.

He saw Nike reach up and that's when he noticed it; the man was injured. How he didn't notice it before beat him. It had to be because he had been concerned about the journey as a whole and Alleya's cold reaction toward him. The leader jumped off the desk, wincing a little at the pain it caused and then grabbed his first aid supplies.

“I don't think it's that deep or anything but I'd appreciate it if you could have a look. I got my throat cut when we met the Rebels."

He gave a nod of acknowledgement. Theo definitely wanted to look at the newbie's neck. He was sure it wasn't deep or else the man would be pale and faint. Although he was talking a lot, the man seemed fine. Just more on the exhausted side but who could blame him for that one? He had one hell of a journey after all.

“And I'm not sure but I think the stitches in my hand can come out now. I can do it myself. I just need to know if it’s okay or if I should leave it a bit longer?”

Theo grabbed the supplies he thought he would need for the man's neck. If it was a fight with the rebels, it was most likely a knife wound. That was pretty easy to handle, as long as it wasn't deep.

"Woah, man. One thing at a time please. You've been hanging out with Alleya way too much," His eyes glittered with slight humor toward that. Nike was definitely talkative which was a new characteristic for him. He didn't seem like the talkative type. Theo approached the newbie and slid in between the space of the man's knees. He would see the wound just fine from the desk and the man did need to sit and calm down.

"Everything is going to be fine. Don't worry about the events of your journey. They are not your burden," He muttered to the man before reaching up and tilting his head to the side to examine the wound a little bit better. It wasn't bad or deep. Covering it had been a very good choice though to avoid infection to the best possible degree.

"You need to watch it for infection. That's going to be my major concern with it," He told him, his gaze remaining on the wound before reaching what he needed. He grabbed peroxide, triple, and gauze to wrap the cut,"That means keep it clean and visit me at least twice a day. I want to keep watch on it."

He took the perioxide and a roll of toilet paper, squeezing a good portion into Rome of the toilet paper sheets,"This might sting. Please don't kick, punch, or anything like that. I'd rather not have a kick or punch to the groin, thank you very much."

He applied the perioxide. He tried to be careful but he also wanted to air sure it did it job. He applied a slight amount of pressure to squeeze the rest of the perioxide in there before taking triple antibiotic and smearing a thick layer of it on his neck.

"Doing alright," He pulled back to study the man's face. His face was extremely close to Nike's due to how close he had to be to doctor the wound. He didn't seem to notice, being too focused on treating the wound and how Nike was handling to treatment to the wound.

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