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hey Midnight. how're you
10:37:27 Mid, Jay (he/him)
Stxrmmix <3
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I fell asleep with a stream open by accident ;-;
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Hi Mid :)
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hi rose hey stray
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My females all honestly produce pretty well, it tends to vary on who I breed them with though
Edith Rose
10:35:50 Edith, Rose, Friday
Doesn't it really depend more on the lines and stats of both parents? I know I have some females that simply produce better than others and I have certain studs I continue to go back to cause I think they produce particularly well *^*
Stray Secrets
10:35:37 Stray.
I keep forgetting to breed my girls, then I end up scrambling to find studs and having too many pop at a time. ;-;
The West Wind Wolves
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Bro I love my aunt :D I'm making a huge garden project and she has instantly made it her mission to find me all the furniture and decor I need XD
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dipping for a few minutes but i'll be right back
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no problem
Stray Secrets
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prey and predators spawn randomly, but stealth will help for tracking prey.
Continental Wolves
I used one of Otso's girls & 2 different stud all 4 litters popped put some boost & defect pups
Forgotten Dreams
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Yesss! Some of my girls pair amazingly but others...never want to like anyone
what is most important for explorer wolf after battle and resolve? if you want to let them find prey?
10:32:52 V, Vox, Cor
Some females also just do bad with certain studs, it's odd.

I can breed one female to a certain stud, but my others will do shit with them.
10:32:13 OogaBooga, Spooky
The bloodied are mirrored and it makes me kinda happy XD
10:32:02 Eas
See I don't get the same luck you do. I'm hoping I chose a good decent stud for Pickles at least.
Forgotten Dreams
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My luck is always breeding 50+ girls to random studs and hoping I don't get IB pups and a few mela pups. Which usually results in unwanted coat defects


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Ashes of Night x RoawOctober 4, 2022 10:39 AM

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When Alleya snapped at him about not being able to hold the cat and save him, his eyes narrowed a bit before looking away, he didn't want to snap back at her. Niké had never asked for her to save him, he'd rather she ran and let the Rebels do as they wished with him, that way they might have been calmed for a bit, enough for the gang to move locations and figure out how to deal with them, now they would probably attack in the harshest way possible, attempting to kill as many people as they could.

The grey-haired man froze for a second, sighing lowly at himself, once again he caught himself doing the one thing he wasn't supposed to… Caring about the gang and being willing to risk himself for it. Ever since he’d joined the gang he found himself having to be reminded of his real job, why he was here, he hated it.

"Look, I'm sorry. These days have been hell and I just want to go home. I don't know where Iris is but I hope she ran. We'll see her again."

The low sound of Alleya’s voice made him redirect his attention to her. “You're not the only one who wants to get back, I was just worried, she's so small,” he muttered back. Niké knew how bad these few days had been, he'd had to experience them too yet he didn't feel the need to snap at Alleya for that, even when she'd taken a huge risk with that shot. The only person he couldn't tolerate any more after these few days was Taurus, the man had revealed himself to be a complete fool with an oversized ego, unfit to be a leader in any way, shape or form.

Niké leaned his head back against the dumpster, hand still covering his wound as he started looking for a way out. The cops would probably start tapping off the area, given that there had been a shooting and the Rebels would probably not stay quiet about him and Alleya also having been there, he wanted to get out of here, or at least get Alleya out of here, he’d be fine if the police caught him, Alleya wouldn't. Best case scenario she'd get jail, worst case scenario, that ex of hers would find out and she'd end up back in his control.

He did spot a sewer vent which could be one way out but with an open wound he felt cautious about going into the sewers, he didn't want to risk an infection. The man moved his hand to look at it, it was coated in blood but the bleeding seemed to have slowed to a minimal.

After a moment of consideration, Niké sighed, “You should go, I’ll make sure they don't see you. I’m the one with a slashed throat, if I'm lucky I can get off easily by saying it was self-defense. Someone needs to get back and tell Theo, you're the fastest of us. I’ll find you, even if the whole gang moves before I can get out,” he told the woman. However knowing her, she'd probably argue back, he found it hard to believe that she'd just go along with it, even if it was their best shot.

Ashes of Night x RoawOctober 4, 2022 03:19 PM

Ashes of Night
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Alleya didn't mean to snap at Nike. It was just that she was incredibly annoyed about how they didn't seem to go a single day without some sort of battle. She was also just acting out of exhaustion. She didn't sleep hardly at all last night and when she did sleep, it was accidental.

But Nike would be okay. He wasn't fragile and could handle a little mixed emotions, after all he hadn't threatened to cut her mouth off or anything like that. Most people had a bone to pick with her but Nike didn't. He would be fine with her short tempered response. Half of that was out of worry anyway. She didn't know where Iris went and she had grown attached to the little white kitten.

"She knows how to live on her own, size doesn't mean somebody is weak or helpless," She pointed out but dropped the conversation. The sirens had stopped and she heard voices.

"You should go,I'll make sure they don't see you. I'm the one with the slashed throat. If I'm lucky I can get off saying it was self-defense."

She immediately rejected this idea. She wanted to get home but she wanted them to get home together. She also didn't leave friends behind. That was the number 1 rule from Theo's gang. You didn't leave your friends behind.

"Shh," She put a hand to his mouth as he continued to talk about what would happen with her running away. That was part of the reason why she did it, to stop him from talking nonsense. The other was because she could have sworn she heard a car door slam and footsteps,"Listen."

A flash of doub crept across her face as she heard footsteps grow even louder and closer to them.

What if her theory was wrong? What if they didn't arrest the Rebels right away?

She wouldn't get how she could be wrong. It was pretty obvious that they were from a gang and it had to be gang violence. Most police officers assumed gangs were evil in nature. They didn't know Theo's though. Just because someone knew how to defend themselves didn't mean it was a work of evil. What even classified evil anyway?

She breathed in a sigh of relief as the footsteps faded from the dumpster and more voices was directed toward what members of the Rebels gang was left. She knew their brute of a leader was left, the one that choked her, the one she shot in the knee...but she wasn't sure who else.

"It was that nasty redhead! That nasty psychotic redhead!" She heard the brute say,"She's psychotic! Attacked me for no reason and my friends!"

Oh god, they didn't really think these gang members were just friends. They wreaked of sweat, dirt, and death for Pete's sake. The police surely weren't dumb enough to fall for that were they.

"It was the redhead and the girl-boy with gray hair officer. From Theodore's gang," Another Rebel said.

"They ran away before you arrived. Those brutes!" Exclaimed another.

"Haynes, make note of this," she heard an unfamiliar voice state. It must be the police man,"That gang needs terminated as quickly as possible. They've been nothing but trouble. Collins, call an amublance for these five."

So there was only five left. And it didn't look they were escaping any time soon.

"Nike, what they are talking about? Terminating us? What the hell did we do?" She whispered to the gray-haired man like he would know. Of course he wouldn't. It was definite something to bring up to Theo.

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Ashes of Night x RoawOctober 5, 2022 07:57 AM

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Like Niké had thought, she wasn't going along with his idea, she didn't talk back though, instead she put a hand over his mouth and shushed him. The grey-haired man furrowed his brows at her actions but stayed quiet and tried to focus on listening, doing his best to tune out the ringing in his ear and listen to what the voices were saying.

He could clearly hear the voices of the other gang members describing them and trying to claim their innocence in the situation, no way the officers would buy it though, it was obvious that they were gang members, anyone could tell.

Anyone but these particular police officers apparently. What worried him more than the fact that these officers seemed completely incompetent was the fact that they were calling ambulances for just five people, there had been six originally so where was the missing one now?

"Niké, what are they talking about? Terminating us? What the hell did we do?"

Pale eyes dropped down to look at Alleya once more and Niké sighed softly. He knew exactly what they were talking about as it was the whole reason he’d even joined the gang, to take them down from the inside, get valuable information to help put a stop to them, only he was starting to realize that they weren't to blame for even half of what people thought they'd done.

“People like to twist the truth… They are blaming you for things you haven't done and now they want to throw you in prison, anyone under 18 they can probably ship off into foster care, and I doubt they'd mind seeing you dead… They want to split you- Us.. Split us up…” Niké whispered, he was just stating the obvious but he did also know them to be true, he'd been there for all the meetings discussing how to deal with the dangerous gang that he’d been made to believe Theo’s was.

With his still relatively clean hand, at least the one that wasn't coated in blood, he gave Alleya a reassuring pat on her back before pulling his hand back to himself. “Don't worry though, we’ll figure something out, we just need to get back first,” he told her, smiling briefly at the woman, “So let's start by finding a way out of here, okay?” Niké made sure to keep his voice low and calm, the last thing he wanted was to be found or have Alleya start freaking out, he needed her calm while he figured out a way to get away.

From the sound of it there were at least three officers on site, five of the Rebels left and there was an ambulance coming probably more than one since two of them had been shot. With some luck it was possible that they could slip away when the ambulances arrived but it would be a risk, otherwise the sewers were probably their best bet unless Alleya had thought of another plan. Had he been alone and this would have been when he was younger, he would have just made a run for it, most officer’s strength wasn't their speed and the young man had outran them several times but seeing as they were now apparently deemed dangerous, bolting might make the officers try to shot them down and he didn't want that for himself or Alleya.

Ashes of Night x RoawOctober 5, 2022 11:39 PM

Ashes of Night
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,Alleya couldn't understand why the Rebels were targeting them...well that really was an understament. She knew why. They hated them, especially now. They were pissed, angry, hurt, and had a majorly bruised ego. Their ego may be more bruised that her own neck even. What she didn't truly understand was why the police were listening to them. With the police actually listening to them, there was very little escape for her and Nike before they started investigating the crime scene.

She looked at Nike at the sound of his sigh. She was trained to detect little noises like that. She hadn't expected an answer from him because how was he going to know something like that. But yet, he did have an answer. The answer though...wasn't what she wanted to hear.

Her eyes widened quite a bit at his words. SHe wasn't sure what to say or do. It was difficult hearing that the gang she grew to love was being accused by the police. If she knew that, she probably would have never fired the gun. Of course, that meant that it would have been harder for them to escape...but it meant potentially getting the both of them killed. As the thought of getting "terminated" she shivered a bit. She might not be afraid o fight but she was afraid of death. Well more like what would happen afterward.

"Well let's not stay here much longer," She grumbled in a whisper, shifting her weight uncomfortably. She wanted to get home. She missed her own sleeping space and the protection of the gang. As much as she loved the city and adventure, she was just ready to go.

She glanced around, looking for another way out. There had to be something or someway to get out without the police noticing them. They did need to get on the move on and tell Theo about this. He wasn't going to be very happy but it is what it is. She had to do what she could to free Nike.

However, when she looked she did not see a single pathway out. SHe knew the sewer but it was disgusting. If she was by herself, she would just make a run for it. The police men appeared to be three times the size of her. The bigger a man was, the more heavyset they were at running. Her narrow, petite frame would certainly get away but she wasn't too sure about Nike. She had made it very clear that she wasn't leaving him behind.

"It looks like the sewer is the only way," She whispered to him, her nose wrinkling in disgust. The red-haired woman was definitely not looking forward to this part. The last thing she needed was to come back smelling like quite literal shit.

"Tear a peice of your shirt off to use like a bandage for your neck. It'll help keep it clean. Then let me know when the ambulance gets here so I can cause a scene," Nike would have more trouble with getting inside the tunnels than her so she would be best suited for a distraction if they needed one. She could get away easily and she wasn't really injured besides small scrapes and bruises.

Ashes of Night x RoawOctober 30, 2022 05:16 PM

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"It looks like the sewer is the only way."

Niké frowned at that, it was the last thing he wanted and he looked around once again. Why couldn't there be a better way out? He looked up, hoping for an open window they could climb through or maybe there was a fence they could jump?

But of course, like all the other times his eyes had searched for a way out, there was nothing.

Nothing but a dirty and smelling sewer, just the thought of it was almost enough to make him gag.

The man looked at Alleya as she instructed him to tear a piece of his shirt off to use as a bandage for his wound. He already knew to do this but he kept silent, the woman only meant well and snapping at her wouldn't help the situation, it wasn't her fault that the sewer was their only way out.

Well, in a way it was. Had she not fired the gun then the brute's knife wouldn't have slipped and cut Niké’s throat, nor would the police be here but she'd done it to save him and now, despite his attempt to get her to leave and go warn the gang, she refused to leave his side. The redhead was a kind-hearted woman even if he and her didn't always think in the same way.

As Niké tore a piece of his shirt, he cringed slightly at the sound of fabric ripping. He didn't like the idea of Alleya acting as a distraction either but he knew it was their best shot at getting out so he didn't object, even if he wanted to.

Tying the fabric around his neck he made sure to tie it securely and tightly, not so tight that it would be difficult to breathe but so that there was pressure on the wound and that it also wouldn't slip down or that the knot would loosen.

After that he leaned back against the wall, waiting for the sound of the ambulance to make itself heard. Once they did he would just have to be quick, hesitating or looking back could mean Alleya not getting away, the faster he was, the faster she'd be able to get out too. He hated having to rely on her and letting her risk herself for his sake but he wouldn't be able to talk her out of it either, she was too damn stubborn.

Ashes of Night x RoawOctober 30, 2022 06:48 PM

Ashes of Night
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Now Alleya wasn't the first one to volunteer to take the sewer route. She hated messy escapes and run-ins with the cops. Granted the only time that she ran into the cops was when she was on the streets by herself. They basically just warned her to stay out of the trash. After all, she did look extremely weak and helpless.

The sewer wasn't going to be pleasant and they certainly weren't going to hear the end of it when they got back. However, it was the only choice they had. She turned to meet Nike's gaze, noticing him doing what she told him and tearing the shirt. She shifted her weight so she was ready to spring into action.

Lucky for them, she was a great actor. She had to be to put up with her ex this whole entire time. She was also smart and could easily outsmart a cop. They weren't the brightest sometimes.

She gave another glance at Nike. He looked like he was ready and so was she. She was just glad that he didn't argue with her. They didn't have time to wait it out. The police seemed pretty keen on finding the suspect. They wouldn't have to look too much longer.

"I'll meet you at Theo's," She whispered, her gaze darting toward the direction she was going to run. Her hand moved to rest on his shoulder briefly,"Don't worry about me. They're easy to outsmart."

With that,she crawled over him and to the other side of the dumpster. She positioned herself quietly and glanced at the cops. They were still fussing over the Rebels. Perfect.

She darted out of the hiding spot, moving carefully but stealthily toward another building corner. She kept moving until she was sure that they would turn their backs to the sewer and dumpster so Nike could escape. She ended up behind a thick light pole that covered a majority of her body. Taking a deep breath, she looked back at where Nike was hiding.He better be ready to run.

Giving a massive scream, she hurled herself toward the nearest officer, grabbing him and screaming again.

"Help me! Help me! Someone tried stealing my purse"

She screamed with the right amount of believable distress. She clung onto his shirt, digging her nails in so deep,"Please officer, you have to help me!"

Ashes of Night x RoawOctober 31, 2022 03:25 PM

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As the sound of ambulance sirens could be heard in the distance he heard a whisper from Alleya, and not the words he wanted to hear.

"I'll meet you at Theo's."

Niké looked at her, opening his mouth to protest. That wasn't what they’d agreed on. She was going to go with him. They weren't going to split up.

"Don't worry about me. They're easy to outsmart."

He placed his hand on the one she put on his shoulder, a weak attempt to get her to stay. Of course he would worry about her, he couldn't make sure she’d stay safe if she went off on her own.

“No, wait…” he started but the man slowly went silent again as her hand slipped away and she moved away from her. Too damn stubborn.

Niké looked after her, pale eyes following her as she moved further away from him. What was even her plan? Surely the Rebels would say something if they saw her, she was the one who’d fired the gun and they already knew her face from before. If she got thrown in jail he wasn't sure how much he’d be able to do in order to help her.


With a sigh the grey haired male leaned back against the wall once more. Both of them getting caught wouldn't be ideal either so he had to make sure at least he got out of here, no matter how much he hated the thought, and what would Theo think? It felt cowardly to leave the woman behind but what choice did he have?

Suddenly a scream could be heard causing him to spring to his feet, it was Alleya’s scream. He’d known this was a bad idea.

"Help me! Help me! Someone tried stealing my purse"

Her next words made Niké realize that this was the distraction though and while he didn't want to leave, he knew he had to. He would just have to trust that the woman would get away too.

With quick steps the man hurried towards the sewage drain, hoping that he would be able to fit through it, otherwise he would have to make a run for it and that would increase the risk of them both being caught.

It didn't take long for him to reach it and there he was quick to get down on the ground. The gap was small and if he fit, it would be just barely. Casting another glance at Alleya, he could see her gripping one of the officers tightly, she really looked like she was in distress for real. Niké then took a deep breath before starting to slide himself through, going in with his feet first, he was not going to land face first in shit.

It was a tight squeeze, very tight in fact, but he made it and with a small splash followed by a groan of disgust, he had made his way into the sewer. It stunk, terribly. Gagging slightly, the man moved to the side where the ground was relatively clean, as clean as a sewer got at least.

His pale gaze slowly adjusted to the dim lighting and he looked around, he had no idea where to go, or how he’d get out. “Fuck,” he muttered quietly as he started walking, hopefully he’d find a way out soon enough, a man hole cover or something. He felt completely lost but he knew one thing and that was that he needed to get back to the hideout so ignoring the terrible smell of the sewer, he pushed on, walking at a quick pace and hoping that a way out would appear sooner rather than later.

Ashes of Night x RoawOctober 31, 2022 08:13 PM

Ashes of Night
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Alleya had heard him protest but ignored him. She had to do this. Ideally her trick should work. Well not really a trick. She knew the Rebels would say that she was on the one that attacked them. She just needed something to distract the cops, just for a few minutes. So she went with purse stealing. Surely it should work.

She was in position where she could see Nike but theycouldn't. She threw all her weight against the cop, crying against him. He looked shocked and unsure of what to do. She kept a straight face but inwardly, she was grinning. On top of it all, the rebels were just staring at her with wide eyes. They obviously didn't expect her to be so stupid. She would have to take all the stunned minutes she had.

"Ma'am you need to calm down and get off scene," the cop she had thrown herself at was whispering, his voice steady. She caught a glance at the second cop and noticed that the brute of the leader to the Rebels was talking to him in a quiet voice. That wasn't a good sign. Her stunned minutes were drawing to an end.

"Oh but fixer, it was tragic! I don't want to see that again! The thief was ugly! Oh so ugly-" The corner of her eye caught the second officer reaching for his belt, toward either his gun or taser. She couldn't be so sure which one but it didn't matter. She was faster. She grabbed the taser that the first cop had in his belt. Being so close to him like this was for a good reason. It made it easy to grab. She took it and pulled the triggered, aiming for the second cop. There was a grunt of pain and a thump but she didn't look back. She took off running, running away from scene.

She knew the Rebels report of her didn't look so good and now it looked even worse. She tasered a police officer. That wasn't going to improve her record. But hey, she was pretty sure Nike got away which is all that mattered. Both of them weren't going to get away without the other distracting them.

"Hey get back here!" Came the first cop's voice followed by heavy footsteps. That's the thing about cops, their uniforms were heavy. She ran faster, running through traffic intersections without looking. Cars stopped and blared their horns at her. She kept running. With the noise of traffic, she couldn't hear the cop anymore. Thinking she was good, she ran a few more feet until stopping to catch her breath. She rested her hands on top of her head, taking deep breaths.

That was a close one.

"Hiya," a familiar voice to her left. She jumped and spun around, aiming the taser. It was the cop.

"Woah easy now. Let go of my buddy's taser," He put his hands in surrender. He barely sounded out of breath. He had caught up to her rather quickly. How, she had no clue,"Let it go."

She didn't. She kept it aimed toward him.

"Don't play this game. I know your buddies back there wanted to blame you for what happened. However, I don't think you're the bad guy," He told her,"So let go of the taser."

She wasn't the bad guy? What?

"Why should I trust you?" Her hand remained steady, her eyes focused. She knew how to use the taser,"You want to lock me up and charge me for whatever the hell you find fitting. I know cops by now. None of them are on my side."

"I'll be on your side," He said, daring to step closer,"Just trust me."

For a moment, she almost did.

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Ashes of Night x RoawNovember 6, 2022 06:08 PM

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Niké moved with quick steps, he wanted out, the horrible smell was sticking in his nose and the sewers really weren't that homey, they were a cold and wet place and just a few minutes down here made him regret not making a run for it with Alleya. Iit was really only her that needed to get away, he would have been fine, no matter if he was caught and arrested or not.

Great, now he felt like a coward even more, a coward who’d left Alleya to take a huge risk while he ran off even when he had nothing to lose, at most he would have had to stay in a cell for a few days and then be released to go back and continue doing his job, his job that he had so far failed at doing.

The man had been stupid to think that he'd be able to go undercover and do his job as a police officer. He had thought that his past life would make it easier and to some extent it did, he blended in easier, he knew what to do and how to but it also meant he related too much to these people, none of them were bad people, some were assholes like Taurus or annoying like Alleya but none of them were bad people, they weren't a bunch of coldblooded killers who got off on seeing people in pain, they were people who cared about others and helped those in need, willing to put themselves at risk to do so.

With a sigh, the grey haired man lit a cigarette in an attempt to mask the stench and also, to distract himself. Instead of listening to the thousand thoughts clumping up in his head and telling him why he couldn't do his job properly and why he was such a failure, he just focused on breathing in the smoke, getting it down into his lungs, letting his whole body relax a bit before exhaling and watching the cloud of smoke exit his mouth and slowly disappear into nothingness as he repeated those very same steps over and over.

For a few minutes that's all he did, quick steps leading him forward as he had his full focus on his cigarette. The man was almost too focused because soon he was pulled back into reality when he almost stepped on a rat that hissed at him as it ran off. It caught Niké so off-guard that he took a step back, almost slipping as he did.

“Shit…” came a low mutter from the man before he finished his cigarette and flicked it on the ground with another sigh. He’d been walking for some time now and still there seemed to be no way out. He glanced around once as he started walking when he finally saw it, there was a ladder leading up to a manhole cover.


But of course, he couldn't just be lucky. It was on the other side of the sewer, even worse, on the other side of the sewage. With a frown the grey haired man took a step into the sewage, forcing himself not to gag as he did. He hurried over to the other side, he would definitely have to find new clothes, there was no way he could go back like this, he wouldn't.

Although right now, the important thing was getting out and now he was just steps away from that. Niké grabbed a hold of the cold metal bars that made up the ladder and climbed up a bit before pushing a hand against the cover to move it out of the way but it didn't budge. He climbed up a little further and tried pushing with his shoulder but was met with the same result.

In frustration he rammed is elbow into the manhole cover with full force, wincing a bit as pain shot through his arm but it seemed to have loosened the cover as he was able to push it off after that and with a sigh of relief, Niké pulled himself out and took a deep breath of the city air, it didn't smell good but it smelled better, far better, than the sewers.

Ashes of Night x RoawNovember 6, 2022 07:40 PM

Ashes of Night
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It took Allleya an uncomfortable amount of time to get out of the city. She had wondered mindlessly for two hours after her interaction with that cop before finally finding somebody and asking for directions. Now she was leaving behind the city and travelling through the forest behind.

As for the cop, he would be waking up with a not so pleasant surprise. She had to taser him too, in order to free herself. She had tasered him and then tied his sleeping self to the traffic light. For a humorous factor, she had left him tied up in nothing but his underwear. She did that out of spite but to also prove the cop that she wasn't on his side or falling for any of his tricks.

The sun was setting again which made day two since her and Nike left Taurus. There was no doubt in her mind that Theo would be getting worried by now. All she could hope for now is that Nike was already there and telling the leader that she was fine and on her way. Well, she hoped that was what Nike was telling Theo.

Sometimes she felt as if Nike didn't trust her or believe in her abilities. It made her feel inferior and as if he was using her size against her. Or judging her based off of her size and not her own capabilities. She didn't mind if enemies treated her like that, she just needed her friends to believe in her at the very least.

As everything got darker, she traveled deeper on the path that lead to home. She had the taser in one hand and her other clutching the knife in her pocket. She didn't trust the forest at night. She knew city people loved to get drunk and have parties in this area. Drunk city people and a woman walking alone didn't mix. Not to mention if regular city people did that, she was sure city gangs did to. It was always best to proceed with caution.

She climbed up the hill and when she got to the top, she paused to take a deep breath and give her body a break. Walking through the city all day had worn her out. Not to mention, she still didn't have Iris. She had no idea what happened to the kitten and her heart was beginning to ache for her presence. She was also missing Nike. Although he annoyed her time to time, he was still great company. Hell, she even missed Taurus, just a little bit. Travelling alone did that to her. It made her miss everyone and anything that was familiar to her.

Peering over the hill, she spotted the house a little distance away. The house that the gang decided to occupy. She couldn't help but smile. She was almost there. Almost home.

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