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They're all too nice and adorable.
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Still brand new, so bear with me as we get going here, but I would love to have ya in my alliance!
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yeah this was a loong time ago as you can see the age- lol just wanted to say this now XD
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Ashes of Night x RoawSeptember 25, 2022 01:56 PM

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Niké shot a glance over his shoulder, making sure Alleya was following him, the woman showed clearly that she didn't like the fact that he’d beat her ex. He couldn't understand why though, the man had shown himself to be an absolute piece of shit and not only that but Alleya had run away from him, how could she still be defending him?

The man made his way out of the alley and he stopped, looking around to try and figure out where they were as he let out a low sigh. Why had the woman taken off like that? They had to be far from her ex’s house and Niké had barely known his way around that area.

He pulled out his pack of cigarettes and put one between his lips before lighting it as he continued thinking, trying to figure out what the next step for finding back would be. Niké scratched the back of his neck as he smoked a few puffs before glancing back at Alleya. He then sighed again before starting to walk, he'd just start walking in what he thought was the right way, eventually they'd find a main road and they’d start recognizing where in the city they were.

It did annoy him a bit that Alleya would even think that he’d just kill someone out of the blue, sure her ex had pissed Niké off with the way he'd treated Alleya and how he'd acted but that didn't mean he'd kill someone. Was that really all she thought of him? A coldblooded killer?

As the grey-haired man walked down the street he kicked a rock, sending it flying over to the other side of the street. He knew the woman had gone through a lot but really? Could she really think he was a killer? He’d come close a few times, he had… But that was when he was younger and he would always come to his senses, realize what he was doing and get control over himself again. He could never kill someone else, it wasn't in his nature.

Niké glanced around a bit as he walked, trying to find something that looked familiar. Glancing back, he made sure that Alleya was still behind him. The man smoked a last puff of his cigarette before flicking it onto the ground and with a sigh he pressed out, “Thanks.”

Even if he was annoyed with her, it didn't change the fact that she'd kept watch pretty much the whole night and made sure that he'd been able to get a full night’s sleep and for that, he had to thank her. Even if she was a large reason as to why he'd been so exhausted and why they were lost.

Ashes of Night x RoawSeptember 25, 2022 05:26 PM

Ashes of Night
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Alleya followed Nike but she didn't look too happy. She hadn't looked too happy for a very long time, probably since they left to find a new home. Maybe even before that, when she was captured by one of the Rebels and held at gun point.

She dragged her feet she walked, her back slouched, and her gaze on the ground. Everything was going wrong and there seemed to be nothing she could do to fix that. She felt betrayed and hurt in a wa and talking about Alex wasn't helping. She wasn't sure what to think about Alex now.

She sighed as they walked, clutching Iris. Normally she would be bounding ahead, playing invisible hopscotch or picking up unique things she found on the ground. Now she wasn't, her mood was dull which had been a new normal for quiet some time.

It's not that she didn't trust Nike, it's just that there was a lot playing on her perceptions of people. She thought Alex was nice and he wasn't. What else could be wrong about her perception of Nike? Theo? Even Taurus?

She looked up at Nike at him telling her thanks. She wasn't sure why. She hadn't done anything but question his persona. That hardly deserved a thanks.

"Uh, no problem I guess?" She didn't want to ask him about it. She probably didn't want to know. She bounded a little bit closer to make sure she wasn't too far behind him. Hopefully they can find their way back while avoiding any trespassing on other gangs or worse, finding the Rebels hideout.

"So, um, when we will be back?" She questioned after a few minutes of silence.

She was aching for some normalcy. She missed her spot on the floor, her raccoon pelts, and her pillow. She missed doing chores for the gang and more importantly, she missed the presence of Theo. Theo stood for an anchor in the chaos which was exactly what she needed right now. She was really starting to miss home..

Ashes of Night x RoawSeptember 26, 2022 04:03 PM

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"Uh, no problem I guess?"

Niké noticed the confusion in the redhead’s voice but he didn't make an effort to explain what the thanks had been for, he’d let her figure that out. Although it was fair that she didn't understand why he was thanking her, the thanks was a bit late given that it had already been awhile since they'd woken up and everything.

The man continued walking in silence, thoughts filling his head as he did. He had gotten nowhere with his actual job that he was here to do, he wasn't a bit closer to Theodore. Instead he’d been busy keeping himself, and others, alive as well as babysitting Taurus and Alleya, listening to the two fight almost constantly for three days.

"So, um, when will we be back?"

Alleya’s voice caught the man a bit off guard, he’d been so preoccupied with his own thoughts about how to proceed from here that he'd forgotten about the woman for a brief second.

“Soon I hope,” Niké muttered, glancing at Alleya a bit. He still hadn't found a main road through the city but he was slowly starting to recognize more and more where they were. If they were lucky they could be back at the hideout within an hour or two. That was unless anything went wrong of course…

So far things had gone smoothly since they'd woken up but given their luck the past few days Niké doubted that it would last, why would it? Especially after the way he'd lost it the night before, he hadn't done anything to deserve things running smoothly.

As if on cue, something, or rather someone, grabbed ahold of him from behind and his back hit the wall harshly as a knife pushed against his throat.

“Well if it isn't the girl-boy? Not so tough without your gun, huh?” The words came from a rough-looking guy, Niké could recognize him from the attack a few days earlier but he wasn't as concerned with that as he was with Alleya, he wanted to see that the woman was okay, he doubted it but he still looked for her, his view mostly blocked by the large man pinning him against the wall.

The man had come out of nowhere and surely he wasn't the only one. Niké knew he hadn't been too cautious but he also hadn't been all that careless, he just didn't understand how the man could have sneaked up on him that easily.

“What the hell do you want?” The grey-haired man spat out, glaring up at his attacker when he couldn't manage to get a clear view of what was happening to Alleya, surely she'd start screaming any second now either way.

Ashes of Night x RoawSeptember 26, 2022 10:55 PM

Ashes of Night
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Alleya kept her head down most of the time. She wasn't really keeping a lookout or focusing too hard on the task of getting home. She missed home but she trusted Nike to find the way. She just needed a little time to think about everything. Most being her ex but also what the hell she was going to tell Theo whenever they got back.

And by the sound of it, she would have plenty of time to think about it.

She felt kind of bad for not listening too much to Nike. She just needed time to herself and he didn't provide her that time earlier. He also didn't allow time for breakfast, her stomach was basically eating itself like a starving beast. She was still a little mad at him for that but now she had other things to do. She was just tired of all these problems and just wanted to get home. Home sounded like normal and that's all she wanted. She wished she had never listened to her gut and went after a chase for Alex. She should have just let it be. She also should have told Taurus to never kiss her like that again. She should have at least told Nike.

"About that one night-" She started to say but then stopped. Something didn't feel right. She felt like they were being watched or that something was going to go wrong.

She was drawn back into reality more based off of that feeling. It got worse when she sensed movement. She grew more alert and looked up, pausing. She was about to send a warning to Nike but she was too late.

"Well if it isn't the girl-boy? Not so tough without your gun?"

Goddammit, not the big brute again. She knew that face and that voice from anywhere. She pulled out her gun, the gun she had taken from Taurus from hunting. She turned off the safety and aimed it toward him.

"Back for round two?" She sneered,"Let him go now."

As soon as the gun came out, so did a whole group of them. There was at least 6 of them and they kept on popping out of places. In a sense, this felt like an ambush. Oh god, her and Nike couldn't fight a whole gang by themselves.

Her hand trembled on the gun. What was she supposed to do?

"Let him go," She repeated but seemed more unsure. Her gaze flickered nervously to Nike and the gang. They were screwed.

There was no way they could safely end back at the gang safely. Absolutely no way. She wasn't stupid but she had to try. She had to do something anything to save Nike.

Edited at September 26, 2022 11:02 PM by Ashes of Night
Ashes of Night x RoawSeptember 27, 2022 09:57 AM

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Suddenly Niké heard a click, a click like when you took the safety off a gun. The sound caused him to panic even more before he heard Alleya’s voice, where had the woman gotten a gun from? Surely she didn't intend to actually use it?

"Let him go."

The woman repeated herself but this time her voice was filled with uncertainty. Niké’s attacker twisted his body slightly to face Alleya but kept the knife pressed firmly against Niké’s throat, giving the man no opportunity to fight back or barely even move without risking his throat being slashed.

As the attacker turned, Niké could see Alleya clearly and the woman was indeed holding a gun but except for that they were also surrounded, there had to be at least six more people surrounding them, each one with a weapon in hand and with equally sinister looks or their faces.

“And why should I listen to a redhead bitch like you? Put the gun down before you hurt yourself,” sneered the man in a mocking manner. He wasn't frightened by the gun and it was extremely obvious.

“Look, we're just passing through, if we’ve trespassed then sorry, let us go and we will leave right away,” the grey-haired man started, choosing a different play of actions than the time before were his goal had been to provoke the attacker and attempt to make them more predictable. With a knife pressed against his throat, threatening to break skin if he just took too deep of a breath, he attempted another plan, to try and persuade the man into thinking they weren't a threat and letting them go, he had strong doubts it would work though.

A cold chuckle did nothing but confirm his doubts and the young man bit the inside of his cheek, so this was how he'd die? At the hands of a coldblooded gang member who seemed to get off on hurting others.

“Get her gun, little girls shouldn't be playing with firearms,” the brute ordered, completely ignoring Niké's words.

Why had she not tried to take off? If she had gotten away then it would have been one thing less for Niké to worry about but now he had to try and make sure she didn't get hurt, or at least not killed.

“Maybe we should use you two as an example for what will happen if Theo keeps on refusing?” The man continued, a wicked grin on his face as he looked at the other men, pushing the knife even harder against Niké’s throat, the blade starting to dig into the young man's skin.

Ashes of Night x RoawSeptember 27, 2022 10:25 AM

Ashes of Night
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She didn't know exactly what to do. She wouldn't ever run because she wouldn't have left Nike but if she had been paying attention, she would have spotted them earlier. She probably could have found a better place to travel. She would have been more alert and ready for things to go wrong. But in all honesty, she had let her guard down. Now this was consequence.

She tried to not let it show that she was afraid, but she was. Theo had never prepared her for an attack like this. She knew that the Rebels were ruthless and she knew that Nike and her didn't stand a chance. But she also knew that she had to get that knife away from her friend's neck.

"And why should I listen for to a reheated bitch like you?"

That angered her a lot more than it should have. She was tired of all the comments and prejudice against her hair color. And of course her sex. She was just as capable of fighting than a man and all these hair color stereotypes were annoying. It's like people couldn't find anything else to comment on other than her hair and that she was a female.

"Oh wow, it took an IQ of 10 to think of that comment," She sneered at him. She was getting angry at him. She was tired of seeing his stupid face and hearing his voice,"Why don't you set the knife down and let the smart people handle this?"

She wasn't afraid to shoot. She would rather get Nike free without a gunshot. A gunshot would alert the whole city and they wouldn't have much time before the cops arrived on scene. Then again, that wouldn't be such a bad thing. Nike and her might be able to hold them off until the police came and then sneak out before getting caught. It was pretty risky though. She wasn't sure if the risk was worth the cost.

"Get her gun, little girls shouldn't be playing with firearms."

She took a defensive stance, her glare deepening.She watched as two guys stalked out of the crowd. They were three times the size of her. She was screwed.

"Alright, alright," She put her hands up as the men got closer. She leaned to put the weapon down but when she did, one kicked her in the exact spot she had been kicked earlier. She gave a gasp of pain and quickly raised the gun up and shot him.

The bullet hit him in the kneecap. He fell down with a cry. The other man attacked her, body slamming her to the ground. She fought against him, throwing multiple punches with her left hand while her right hand had a grip on the gun. She just couldn't get a clear shot to shoot.

She kicked him hard in between the legs which caused his grip to loosen on her from where he had pinned her down. She started wiggling out but then she felt something grab her neck. The grip tightened and she choked for air, trying to kick and punch her way free from him. Her hand accidentally pulled the trigger to the gun though and a bullet went flying into the sky.

She wasn't an equal match to him and she was running out of air and energy to fight. She couldn't continue doing this. Taking one last thought about the situation, she went limp and stopped fighting.

She felt the weight get off of her and his hands freed from her throat. She coughed some but quickly sprung to her feet, kicking him back and then finding her aim to the brute that had Nike pinned by a knife. She aimed for his hand that had the knife. She fired the gun and the bullet went flying into his hand.

Edited at September 27, 2022 10:32 AM by Ashes of Night
Ashes of Night x RoawSeptember 27, 2022 06:04 PM

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The first gunshot seemed to catch everyone off guard as even the cold and seemingly calm brute holding a knife to Niké’s throat flinched, slipping with the blade slightly and causing a small cut to form. The young man winced at this but did his best to not make a sound. Both him and his attacker were focused on the fight that had broken out in front of them and Niké wouldn't risk anything drawing attention back to himself, not as long as Alleya could handle herself.

He watched as she struggled against one of the men and just as he was about to open his mouth, despite having no real plan. However another gunshot interrupted him.

Niké knew the woman could fight but she did impress him, she wasn't just blindly throwing punches around, she was also using her head at the same time. The fact that she'd fired a gun wasn't the best though, cops would be here within minutes and while he wasn't worried about himself, he was a cop after all, but Alleya could risk prison time, despite defending herself. The system was far from perfect, he knew that and had it been someone else, for example Taurus, he wouldn't have cared much but he did care for Alleya and that's why he wanted her away from here safely.

Suddenly the gun Alleya was holding got aimed in his direction and Niké could feel panic rising in his chest, why was she aiming it at him?

Niké shut his eyes tightly as he prepared for her to shoot, his mind filled with a thousand thoughts and at the same time being completely blank as he heard the gun fire.

While the bullet didn't hit the grey-haired man it did connect with his attacker’s hand, causing the firmly pressed knife to slip from the man’s grip, cutting the young man’s throat up more than before.

The brute took a step back, crying out in pain while clutching the hand that Alleya had shot. Niké looked around for a second, a hand covering his wound to reduce bleeding, while it wasn't the deepest of cuts, there was still a note-able amount of blood coming from the cut.

Quickly, the grey-haired man turned towards the nearest gang member, choosing to ignore his injury and the fact that Alleya could have easily missed and shoot him instead, with full force he threw a punch into the side of the other followed by a punch towards the man's head. For as long as he could, he'd try fighting off the Rebels with Alleya but he knew it was only a matter of time before the Rebels crushed them completely.

Ashes of Night x RoawSeptember 27, 2022 09:39 PM

Ashes of Night
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Alleya was trained to fight, to use her brains about how she was going to attack. She knew all the major arteries but she refused to use that information for harm. If she didn't have her morals, she would probably be higher ranked in the gang. But of course, she wasn't. She was just trained well.

Once Nike was free, and once she was sure he was okay, she launched herself into the fight.She was also fast-it was one of the advantages to being short and not largely built with muscles. She still had an altheletic frame but she had a slimmer muscle build which came in handy. These guys were a little awkward, she was starting to notice that. They didn't control their actions all too well. They went straight for the throat, the kill.

She tucked the gun back into her waistband, safety on. She was better at combat than relying on a gun. She also knew they didn't have long until the police were called. Especially with more than one gunshot fired. She was pretty sure she heard sirens in the distance.

Once the Rebels noticed their leader was hurt, they started to back away. The ones that did fight were fighting without orders and they were messy. She was able to knock out three guys with one swift punch to their head. The sirens started drifting closer and she knew they had to run. Pausing to catch her breath and look around, she spotted multiple exit points.

"Come on," She found where Nike was fighting off some guy and grabbed him by the wrist, taking off in the nearest exit point. She didn't want to get caught by the police and once the big brute-the leader-realized he could still fight with his not dominate hand they would be unable to escape or worse, immediately captured.

So she dragged Nike by the wrist and out of the scene. The sirens sounded louder now and she didn't want to get caught. The police would arrest both her and the gang members. Street violance was highly illegal. She would rather not be arrested.

She dragged Nike behind a dumpster and couched down. She saw the red and blue lights glow as they appreached the scene. Oh god, the Rebels were going to hate Theo for life.

Ashes of Night x RoawOctober 1, 2022 05:09 PM

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The young man only had his focus on one thing and that was to not get caught again, these guy's only had one thing on their minds and that was murder, if they managed to grab ahold of him once more then he had no doubt that the would kill him.

Right as Niké was about to land a punch in the face of his opponent, someone grabbed his wrist. He spun around, fist clenched and ready to fight whoever had grabbed him. Instead of being met with the sight of a large man wanting to kill him, he was instead met with the small, but still surprisingly strong, woman, pulling him away.

He let Alleya drag him away and behind a dumpster where he leaned his back against it. The man put a hand around his own throat, covering his wound which was still bleeding, however it wasn't deep so he wasn't worried, more annoyed at the fact that he'd gotten wounded once again. First his hand and now his throat? Just great.

The young man turned his gaze to look at Alleya, she didn't appear hurt, and she had fought well. She'd surprised him to say the least, she went from seeming weak and unable to defend herself to fighting off several men three times her size, all on her own, he didn't quite understand it.

Soon Niké could hear the sound of sirens and he realized why Alleya had dragged him away, in the middle of things he'd not heard them and it would've already been too late to get away if not for Alleya. That didn't mean he forgave her completely, she had taken a stupid risk by aiming at the leaders hand, his shoulder or just about anywhere else would have been better and less risky, no use bringing that up though, she had saved him.

“We need to get out of here, police is probably gonna start closing off this area soon, I don't wanna be found,” he told Alleya in a hushed tone, “Even Taurus's choice of hideout is better than jail,” Niké then added with a quiet mutter.

Things had gotten messy ever since he and Alleya had left Taurus to go back alone, well messier than before, and the best thing they could do now was probably to get back to the gang location and tell Theo because there was no way the Rebels would let this incident go and surely the leader would be wondering why they were coming back nearly a whole day after Taurus, especially since they didn't let Taurus know what they were doing even if the man was supposed to be the gang leader.

Suddenly a thought hit the grey-haired man and quickly looked around, his eyes searching their surroundings for something.

“Iris… Where’s Iris?” Finally the man looked at Alleya. He knew Alleya had held the kitten in her arms before they were ambushed but where was the little white cat now?

Ashes of Night x RoawOctober 2, 2022 01:33 AM

Ashes of Night
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Alleya was trained by Theo to fight well and not miss. Theo claimed she had the makings of a good fighter from the start but she doubted that. Theo just liked to overestimate the potential of people. When she had first come to the gang, she was so weak and every bone in her body could be seen through her shirt. She was almost sick by how awful she appeared. Theo was definitely the one that taught her well. She knew how to make precise blows, think fast, measure the sounds of everything, and most importantly use people's presumptions of her to her advantage. That was only how she survived this attack with only a few scratches and bruises on her neck from where she was strangled.

She knew the police would investigate this area but she hoped it was later. Normally police wanted to take in the people on the crime scene They would question them and then come back to investigate She spent quite some time studying police patterns while Alex went to go waste money on baby clothes.

As they got closer, she tucked herself into Nike's body and further away from obvious sight Just to be safe but the police should arrest the Rebels The Rebels we're definitely not going to appreciate this one They needed to go home soon and warn Theo What they did could potentially launch war between the two gangs. It was risky but she couldn't think of any way to get the brute to let go of Nike Especially when they made it clear they weren't after peace

"We need to get out of here, police is probably gonna start closing this area soon, I don't want to be caught."

She knew how to get out of closings. She had already spotted a sewer vent they could use It wasn't the cleanest but it would do All that mattered was them getting out Of course, right now it wasn't safe to. She knew they had to wait until the officers arrested the Rebels and go to take them back Moving right now was too risky She did not want to go to jail.

"Is your neck okay?" She whispered to Nike, reaching a hand up to brush against the cut. It didn't seem too deep

She ignored the police thing, she was thinking of solutions. They were far enough from the area to whisper quietly but anything above that was risky. She did know that police weren't trained to use their ears which was a huge advantage.

"Iris...Where's Iris?"

As soon as he said that, her heart dropped. She had let go of the cat to save Nike. She didn't know where Iris went. Hopefully the white cat ran at the sound of the gunshot.

"I can't hold the cat and save your ass!" She snapped in a harsh whisper to Nike, her voice filled with annoyance and anger. Of course this came from fear of what might have happened to Iris. She didn't mean anything about it.

After a few minutes, she sighed,"Look, I'm sorry. These days have been hell and I just want to go home. I don't know where Iris is but I hope she ran. We'll see her again."

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