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I'm half asleep and running on Sprite and a badly cooked steak. My stuff is normally that goofy, but with better context.
03:47:48 not here
I swear it happens everytime >.>
I refuse to leave something as a WIP, I refuse. Very tempting though
03:47:26 Amy
Pvp anyone...i can do 2 more with boosts today
03:47:23 Boeing, or Boe
NZ. It's a lot colder than the ads will ever show you
 Wild Roamers
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I am!
03:47:13 Star, your Beluga
03:46:51 Amy
We use minutes too mostly...or atleast i do...like work is 20 minutes away and so...
 Wild Roamers
03:46:47 cinna, wild
I *love* the botanical gardens!!! my favorite place to go to so I can show off to my friends in America that I live part-time in London!!
03:46:34 Ironstrange Brainrot

I've been having those moments a lot recently. Have a lot of WIPs that need to be updated.
03:46:32 ET
London Natural History Museum > British Museum
03:46:25 Leo, Lion (He/him)
Ohhh i didn't know you already were in Copenhagen! XD Send me a pic of børsen if you see it! As said i haven't seen it since it set on fire! XD

What have you seen so far?.... You should have been to Aalborg instead 🙄

And thanks! :D
03:46:23 not here
It'll be returned uh, sometime.. probably :P
 Pink Tears
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My school is forcing us to eat outside-
 Pack of Mist
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Still have a dragon and three cat adopts for sale if anyone is interested :3

-WP Click-
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Theft </3 I cry

Damn right!

Amazing amazing, that is pretty chilly! Where abouts in the world are you, if you don't mind me asking? :0

Leo [again, lol]
I wish the UK used kilometres </3 miles are a pain.

Pink Tears
Fahrenheit makes my brain hurt LMAO
03:45:46 (She/Her) Cat

Nice prompt
03:45:34 Vana
As an American in the Midwest: My travel time is based of time not miles.

Example: my place to another town is 15 minutes away. Not whatever miles to it
 Wild Roamers
03:45:30 cinna, wild
Kensington Palace, Tower Bridge,Big Ben, Tower of London, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, St Paul's Cathedral, Madame Tussauds, Sea Life London Aquarium, the British Museum, the Shard,Camden Market, Kew Gardens, Putt in the Park, the National Gallery, Westminster Abbey,Covent Garden, Piccadilly Circus just to name a few
03:45:12 not here
No, I mean I'm trying to write up another character and words are not wording correctly. It's not that i can't write, it's that I can't find the words I want to use to describe properly ^^"
03:44:33 Ironstrange Brainrot

Use this prompt: "And then the rabbit, with nowhere else to run, did the only other thing it could: Danced."


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Ashes of Night x RoawAugust 4, 2022 11:18 AM

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When Alleya pointed out the abandoned hotel Niké turned his head to look. It honestly didn't look too bad, there would be plenty of room for everyone and if they were lucky, there could even be proper beds for everyone.

"Too obvious."

Niké glanced at Taurus, while that was true, it was in a more quiet part of the town and too obvious didn't have to be bad, others wouldn't expect them to pick somewhere to obvious but he didn't argue with the man, Theo had put him in charge and either way, Niké had no intentions of staying too long, he was going to do his job as quickly as possible and get out of here so in a way, he didn't feel as if he had a say in the new location.

"There we go, let's look here."

After having walked for a bit longer Taurus stopped and pointed towards a cellar who he then proceeded to open. As Niké stepped closer to look down into the cellar the stench hit him and he took a step back while wrinkling his nose and looking over at Alleya.

He listened to Alleya’s protests as Taurus simply jumped into the cellar with no hesitation and Niké shook his head softly. He knew he had to follow the man, he couldn't let him go down there alone.

“You can stay here but keep your back against the wall so no one is able to sneak up behind you and if you see anything even slightly suspicious then call for us, okay?” He looked at the woman with a serious expression, while he wasn't a people person, he did want to make sure that everyone around him stayed safe and as annoying as Alleya could be, he didn't wish her any harm.

With a sigh the man then jumped into the cellar after Taurus while muttering, “Wait up a little…”

The stench was horrible, the smell of smoke was too much, even for him, and mixed with the smell of decay, Niké felt the urge to throw up but he had to swallow and keep it in, even if the smell had just gotten worse when he’d jumped in after Taurus. As Alleya had pointed out, it was small and not really ideal for a gang filled with different people who each had their own personalities. If someone got annoyed at another there wouldn't be the opportunity to walk away and be alone for a bit.

“Are you certain about this? I don't mean to argue with you but I don't really see how this is like the current location ‘with a few better qualities’,” the grey-haired man said as he looked around a bit, it was pretty dark, of course that was something they could do something about but still. And not to talk about the smell, it would take ages to air out.

Ashes of Night x RoawAugust 4, 2022 04:29 PM

Ashes of Night
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She wasn't the only one who didn't like it. It would take forever to get the stench out and it was hard telling what exactly was down there. The hotel looked better and more intact. Sure it was obvious but she also had seen cameras on the perimeter which mean better security. Everyone would be able to have their own rooms and bathrooms. It also wouldn't cost much to get water put back in if they all put their savings together. Plus being closer to the city meant more people to help earn money.

But instead, Taurus wanted an old cellar.

She watched Nike step back with her, the same expression on his face. This cellar is wasn't it. There were other places like the hotel. But Taurus had jumped into the cellar, his mind clearly set on exploring it.

She glanced at Nike with a look of pure disgust. She wasn't going down there, it wasn't worth her time. She could be stubborn at times and this was one of them. she was a bit surprised when Nike started to give her a talk about staying here and how to be on the lookout. It sounded like he was going inside the hell hole.

"What do you think i am? Stupid? I know what to do," She grumbled off to him, the stench was making her crabby. She didn't want to be here long,"I know how to defend myself and keep guard. Go if you're going."

And then he went into the cellar after Taurus.


Taurus coughed at the smell and started looking around. He had to admit, Alleya was right about this being too small. There was also a foot of water where the floor should have been. Mold was growing on the side of the cellar.

He heard a voice behind him and paused. It was Nike.

"Wow decided to join me? I thought you would stay up there with Alleya," But instead he was down there. He waded through, looking around. This was starting to seem less and less promising and the smell was getting worse. He frowned as he looked around.

Nike began questioning it and his original idea of the cellar. He couldn't help but agree. Still he moved a little bit more forward. The cigarette smell got stronger and he frowned. Why was it getting stronger?

"What's this? Boys in my cellar?" A grouchy old voice yelled.

Taurus jumped and looked around. He spotted the source of the smell and the voice in the corner. it was an old clothless man smoking a joint.

"go, go, go," He hissed, turning back and running back to the entrance, well now exit. He didn't want to mess with the old man or fight in this stench.

Ashes of Night x RoawAugust 5, 2022 03:22 AM

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Niké followed after Taurus deeper into the cellar. Now putting a hand over his nose and mouth as the smell was getting stronger and just as he was about to make another attempt of convincing the other man that they should leave and just forget about the cellar, a third voice could be heard.

"What's this? Boys in my cellar?"

The sight of an old naked man made him frown and he glanced at Taurus who was telling him to go while taking off towards the exit himself. He didn't need to tell him twice but as long as the old man wasn't chasing him, he wasn't going to run and splash himself with more of the disgusting cellar water than necessary.

“Sorry mister!” Niké called, figuring that the old, and probably high, man wasn't much of a threat, nor did he seem aggressive.

With quick steps he made his way to the exit, glancing over his shoulder to make sure that the old man stayed idle. He felt relieved by the presence of the old man actually, that meant that Taurus wouldn't even have to consider this place. One thing was sure and that was that if the gang did relocate to a place similar to the cellar, Niké would be leaving. There was no amount of money in the world that they could pay him to keep working undercover in the gang and live in a cellar smelling of smoke and decay. It was almost enough to make him never want to pick up a cigarette ever again. Almost.

Once he reached the exit he pulled himself out and glared at Taurus a bit, muttering, “Last time I followed you into a stinking cellar.”

It felt as if the stench was stuck to his clothes now and just the thought of being down in that cellar with the smell and the old man made him gag. Next time Taurus wanted to explore a similar place, he was on his own, no matter how much of a risk it would be for him, if he was going to be an idiot, he could be an idiot on his own.

“Hotel may be obvious but it's a hell of a lot better than a cellar, I can assure you,” he told him. Yes, he had promised himself to not get too involved with the new location since he wasn't going to be around for long but ignoring his promises to himself seemed to be the new standard for him, he would tell himself one thing and then proceed to do pretty much the opposite.

Ashes of Night x RoawAugust 5, 2022 12:48 PM

Ashes of Night
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Alleya stood guard with her back to the cellar, watching for danger. She didn't think anyone would approach them or own this stinky place but of course it was the city. It was hard to tell what people would live in these days. Inflation was rising and prices skyrocketing, that's what she saw in the newspapers anyway.

As she was waiting, she heard a noise coming from the dumpster. She stiffened a little and slowly approached the noise. When she was close, she nearly had a heart attack as a shape leaped out of the dumpster carrying a chicken leg. She jumped back, hand on her chest and the shape spun around, hissing and dropping the chicken leg.

It was a small kitten. Nothing dangerous.

She squatted down and held her hand out,"Here kitty, I'm not going to hurt you." She managed to grab a peice of meat off the chicken leg and held it out to the kitten. The next thing she knew, the cat was rubbing itself against her legs, purring. She smiled and petted the cat, eventually grabbing it and the chicken leg and taking the cat back to her guarding spot.

That's when Taurus and Nike both jumped out of the cellar and closed it quickly. Taurus looked like he had seen a ghost while Nike looked pissed. The kitten gave a small growl in her arms but with a few pets, it settled down.

"Don't worry it's just dumb and dumber," She soothed the kitten, wrinkling her nose at the stench that carried off of those two. Nike was talking to Taurus about exploring the hotel.

"I think you guys need new pants and a shower first," She stated, clearly disgusted with the both of them.

Ashes of Night x RoawAugust 6, 2022 02:00 PM

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Niké huffed a little, annoyed at the fact that his shoes and pants had gotten wet and not to mention the fact that the water stank. He smelled like death and it was Taurus’s fault for jumping blindly into a cellar. Now of course, as if that wasn't enough, Alleya had to open her big mouth and annoy him further.

"I think you guys need new pants and a shower first."

Niké turned his head towards Alleya as he snapped back at her, “And I think you need t- Aw you're just a little baby aren't you?” His voice softened immediately when he saw the small kitten that Alleya was holding, always having had a soft spot for animals, especially baby animals.

He moved closer, completely forgetting the fact that he was stinking or that he had been in a bad mood earlier, instead he leaned down to pet the kitten.

“Where did you come from, huh? A little one like you shouldn't be out here all alone,” he mumbled while petting the kitten.

When younger he had always been feeding stray cats in his neighborhood, something his mom hated as there were always cats outside but she never said anything directly to him as it had been clear how much he loved those cats. He wasn't a people person but he definitely was an animal person and right now Alleya was standing with the most adorable little cat in her arms.

((Sorry it's kinda short heh))

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Ashes of Night x RoawAugust 6, 2022 02:22 PM

Ashes of Night
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Alleys had found the kitten and it was hers now. It seemed to like her and to be comfortable around her. It was laying down in her arms, playing with a few strands of her hair.

Nike had started to snap something at her, probably an insult or two but immediately his expression changed at the sight of her kitten. She was a bit surprised. Nike didn't appear to be a cat person. But then cat people didn't really have a certain look to them either. The kitten had hissed at first when he reached to pet it but soon started purring after a few initial pets. The kitten seemed relatively friendly for a stray.

"Oh great, a cat. That's what we need," Taurus grumbled half to himself,"Come on, I think i saw a house down the street with a clothesline."

Taur began heading in that direction. Alleys sighed and started to walk after him. The quicker they got the smell off of them, the better. She didn't know how much longer she could handle their smell.

"I found the cat rumaging through the dumpster," She told Nike, giving a small smile,"She thinks she's a feisty one that's for sure."

Ashes of Night x RoawAugust 6, 2022 04:33 PM

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"Oh great, a cat. That's what we need."

Niké glared at Taurus a little, anyone who had something bad to say about animals, he had something against. Taurus had seemed like a nice guy before but since they had left the gang’s location he seemed to be in a bad mood.

He rolled his eyes slightly and started following after the two others, staying next to Alleya and the cat. “You're keeping her, right?” He asked her, if she wasn't then he was more than willing to take the cat off her hands.

Once they reached the house with the clothesline Niké glanced around a bit, it was quite around here, not many people so stealing a pair of pants wouldn't be any problem, socks too probably since his current ones were soaked, so were his shoes but there wasn't much he could about those now, unless he had the luck of finding shoes his size just lying around.

The clothes hanging on the clothesline wasn't exactly his style but he couldn't be picky, if it didn't smell like decay then it was good enough to wear so he quickly snagged a pair of pants and socks from the clothesline.

“I’ll go change somewhere so I can get rid of this damn smell…” he told them before looking around again, this time for somewhere to change. Niké walked away from them for a bit before spotting a shed that he walked in behind and quickly changed into the clean clothes.

Ashes of Night x RoawAugust 6, 2022 04:56 PM

Ashes of Night
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Taurus was either grumpy or not a cat person. Alleys couldn't tell which. She on the other hand, loved this cat. She liked how soft it's fur is and she never had the opportunity to have a cat before.

"My cat, not yours," She stuck her tongue out playfully toward Nike as he asked about keeping the cat. She wanted the kitten, she just didn't know the sex of it or a good name for it. She thought it was a girl but she knew very little about cat anatomy. She watched as the boys arrived to the clothesline. It looked like they each would have a pair of socks and a pair of pants each. She didn't need a change of clothes, although her green jacket was covered in little white kitten hairs.

She sat down and sat the kitten down, watching it attack and play with her shoe laces. While Nike went behind a shed to change in private, Taurus just changed right in front of Alleya. The two were used to changing in public and comfortable around each other. It was quite clear in that moment who was new to the gang and who had been there quite some time.

She glanced up at the sky and realized they didn't have much daylight left. It was probably around dinner time now.

"Perhaps we should head back to the hotel and crash there the rest of tonight? We can wake up before dawn and explore the city more," She suggested, glancing at Taurus who was struggling to put on pants and keep his balance. She snickered slightly.

"You're not just saying that because you think that shitty place can be a good place for the gang are you?" Taurus narrowed his eyes but his voice was more of a teasing tone.

"We're all cranky and tired. We'd be better off starting off nice and fresh in the morning," She shrugged. Resting sounded pretty good to her. She was exhausted from last night.

Edited at August 6, 2022 04:57 PM by Ashes of Night
Ashes of Night x RoawAugust 6, 2022 07:26 PM

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Niké leaned his back against the chest once he’d changed and he let out a loud sigh. These three days sure would be long. He didn't know what Theo had been thinking, putting three very different personalities together, surely he had to realize that there would be problems in the group.

He walked back, leaving his old clothes in a pile behind the shed, he felt as if the smell was still there, oh how he wished for a hot warm shower right now. Maybe the few years of the streets had made him a bit too comfortable, before he had been used to going weeks without showering sometimes, not that it hadn't been disgusting back then but he had been used to it back then.

As he joined the other two again he heard them talking about the hotel and Niké fully agreed with Alleya, at this rate, someone would just end up pissing off another and fighting was the last thing that they needed.

“I’m with Alleya, something to eat and some sleep would be nice,” he said, crossing his arms a bit before adding, “What if you two go and check out the hotel, make sure that there aren't any squatters there and I’ll go see if I can find us something to eat?”

His pale gaze switched back and forth between the two a little, hoping that they would agree, he could use some time to himself, currently the cat was the only one he wasn't annoyed with. Taurus because he was an idiot, at least currently, hopefully it would pass. Alleya, he couldn't say why he was annoyed with, he just had this feeling of annoyance towards her at the moment for no reason.

Ashes of Night x RoawAugust 6, 2022 07:48 PM

Ashes of Night
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She didn't know why Theo chose all three of them to do this mission. All three of them had conflicting personality traits. Nike was reserved, she was the opposite of that, and Taurus was well Taurus. Most of the time he was too nice and too serious. Except for when he was cranky then he wasn't very pleasant to be around. Like right now. But she supposed she was cranky too, and Nike seemed pissed all the time.

They did need somewhere to sleep.

"I'm with Alleya, something to eat and some sleep would be nice."

She felt a sense of pride that Nike agreed with her. If he agreed with her then it must have a really good level headed suggestion. Most of the time people disregarded her suggestions because most of the time she was energetic and a bit much too handle. Now she was just tired. She could care less about food.

Taurus finally figured out how to step into the pants after all his struggles. She couldn't get why it took him so long. He quickly put on his socks and shoes, clearly thinking about it. He did shake his head at the mention of splitting up.

"We need to stick together," He grunted, standing up and offering a hand to Alleya. She took it and let him pull her to her feet before grabbing her kitten.

"We'll get food along the way," Taurus took off back in the direction of the hotel, looking rather pissed at the thought of going back to the hotel. Maybe the man just had a bad experience with hotels.

Alleya waited for Nike, once he was close enough she whispered,"Can I ask you an awkward question?"

She was pretty sure what she had to ask was really embarrassing but she wanted to know. She wanted her kitten to have a name. She barely gave him a chance to answer before continuing.

"How do you know the sex of a cat?"

Edited at August 6, 2022 07:48 PM by Ashes of Night

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