08:03:15 Em / Flu / ila
Shoot. I accidentally took a familiar to BE train .-.

Now to wait for the cooldown so this guy doesn't take all of my trainee's kills
Panic! at My Romance
08:03:09 Lombre-Ragu-Cello

Should I do more sketches of him?
Panic! at My Romance
07:56:10 Lombre-Ragu-Cello
I'm glad I got that commission done last night

I want to do more sketches of the character though, he's fun
NightMountain Wolves
07:53:30 NightFlame or Potato
Anyone want to listen to catchy but morbid songs?
Maenads Of The Stars
07:53:05 Strai | Celestia
I love my defects in my den, I only have one boost
Jade's Haven
07:51:08 Jade

I don't whine at the mailman. *^* I bark. XD

Have a good bath, bye!
07:47:52 Eternity, ET
Lmao that short wolfparty spam could have been worse.
Nebula's Reign
07:47:36 Galaxy's End II
Weirdo Pet,
Great. That's reassuring.

The mailman has left so don't whine. I'm off for a luxurious bubble bath scented cotton candy. Be bacl in 20!
Jade's Haven
07:46:32 Jade
Nebby Pet

Oh, I eat those too. XD

I'll PM you the story, it'd take up a bunch of chat. XP
Nebula's Reign
07:46:27 Galaxy's End II
All my wolves are needed :3
07:46:01 Tartarus
i got too many defects
07:46:01 Cass, Cassi
Strai, he's cute! :D
07:45:56 Detective Vale
by guys!
07:45:25 Cass, Cassi
Strai, I'm not even sure why they retired him :/ 5 people were watching him on auction, this person won, and retired him. He coulda gone to a good home, but oh well
07:45:25 Tartarus
i dont even care if he ends up retied i jus dont want him
07:44:54 Tartarus
ughhhhh why did i buy this QwQ
-WP Click-
Pack Alpha
07:44:54 Alpha // Jo

Well if im needed ill be in pms.
Nebula's Reign
07:44:52 Galaxy's End II
Weirdo Pet,

But... Why crickets. Why not some home cooked chicken nuggets or some medium rare steak :'/
Maenads Of The Stars
07:44:41 Strai | Celestia
-WP Click-

My 34R albino male
07:44:35 Detective Vale
night mountain wolf
Yes, they owned it, but I told them (or the previous owner, to not retire or free range
yes, yes it was


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Just a nice talk and chat ^-^ February 28, 2019 12:37 PM

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hey :)
Just a nice talk and chat ^-^ February 28, 2019 12:43 PM

The morgue facility
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Hello. ^-^

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