07:47:52 Eternity, ET
Lmao that short wolfparty spam could have been worse.
Nebula's Reign
07:47:36 Galaxy's End II
Weirdo Pet,
Great. That's reassuring.

The mailman has left so don't whine. I'm off for a luxurious bubble bath scented cotton candy. Be bacl in 20!
Jade's Haven
07:46:32 Jade
Nebby Pet

Oh, I eat those too. XD

I'll PM you the story, it'd take up a bunch of chat. XP
Nebula's Reign
07:46:27 Galaxy's End II
All my wolves are needed :3
07:46:01 Tartarus
i got too many defects
07:46:01 Cass, Cassi
Strai, he's cute! :D
07:45:56 Detective Vale
by guys!
07:45:25 Cass, Cassi
Strai, I'm not even sure why they retired him :/ 5 people were watching him on auction, this person won, and retired him. He coulda gone to a good home, but oh well
07:45:25 Tartarus
i dont even care if he ends up retied i jus dont want him
07:44:54 Tartarus
ughhhhh why did i buy this QwQ
-WP Click-
Pack Alpha
07:44:54 Alpha // Jo

Well if im needed ill be in pms.
Nebula's Reign
07:44:52 Galaxy's End II
Weirdo Pet,

But... Why crickets. Why not some home cooked chicken nuggets or some medium rare steak :'/
Maenads Of The Stars
07:44:41 Strai | Celestia
-WP Click-

My 34R albino male
07:44:35 Detective Vale
night mountain wolf
Yes, they owned it, but I told them (or the previous owner, to not retire or free range
yes, yes it was
07:44:18 Cass, Cassi
Vale, eh it's alright. I was hella disappointed, but then I realized I made a good profit off him anyway- but damn, what a waste of mushies for that person!
07:43:58 Eternity, ET
Ohhh someone bought a 500 mush G2 30R+ albino from me and then retired it but I didn't mind because hey, I got the mush.
Jade's Haven
07:43:55 Jade

Kill it. Recluses must die. ;-;
Nebula's Reign
07:43:49 Galaxy's End II
I need to do that.

I hate bugs and insects. Something about them creeps the shit outta me. Like they can jump oj you and crawl into your ears... Okay I'll stop there
Maenads Of The Stars
07:43:43 Strai | Celestia
@Cass That's harsh & a waste of mush. I cherish my 300 mush, 34R albino male
Pack Alpha
07:43:42 Alpha // Jo
I love most animals and insects, I even got to hold a python when i was around 10-14 and it was massive.


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Just a nice talk and chat ^-^ February 28, 2019 12:37 PM

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hey :)
Just a nice talk and chat ^-^ February 28, 2019 12:43 PM

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Hello. ^-^

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