06:43:54 Cryptic | Crypt
You beat hope you're online when they go into labor and that they don't go into labor all at the same time so you can sort through and get rid of the pups you don't want. There's also almost always someone offering boarding if you are that concerned about not being online when they give birth?
 Mysterious Moon Clan
06:40:58 She/Her, Moon
i have five wolves pregnant and 8 spaces in my den, help
06:35:08 Cryptic | Crypt
Your wolves played: Pup 12 of pack The Deathly Hallows wrestles with Brother Chaos in a good natured test of strength.
Hey! I got an interaction with Hallows!
06:26:43 Flammable/Mylo(he/xe
The bus almost left me- I was walking up tonit and the lights turn off and the door shut- omfg I'm sorry to everyone this bus
06:13:05 Sky Sky ^°^
I have to go feed the stray kitties in my neighborhood.
Back in a minute
06:12:41 Sky Sky ^°^
I feel bad for his car >>
06:11:20 Flammable/Mylo(he/xe
My brother just drove 70 down the hilly bumpy backroads while it's dark out 💀
06:02:07 Zyra_the_wolf
-WP Click-

literally love him
06:00:54 Sky Sky ^°^
Alliance of the day B3
05:58:23 Zyra_the_wolf
dead chat?
05:01:43 Zyra_the_wolf
my friend is holding one of my wolves that was pregnant, and that wolf and my other pregnant one just gave birth
got a DS from one litter and a DH from the other
 Azure Empyrea
04:44:41 Edme
thank you fox!
130+ is hw
 Azure Empyrea
04:40:05 Edme
Hey chat, just came back from hiatus so brain is a little rusty. Can someone remind me of the heavyweight range again? i forget where it starts
 Mysterious Moon Clan
04:38:25 She/Her, Moon
Your wolves played: Pepper Fur growls dominantly at Swift Leaf.

Ahh yes, growl at the child that has more CP than you XD
 the Wayne pack
04:24:42 Waning
I can technically use the word "denomination" for a species, right? I know it's usually associated with organized religion, but the dictionary is telling me I can. The goal for me is to get the meaning of "species" without using it, well, I might have to use it.
 Ghost Of Christmas
04:22:44 Free

Mines over 150-
 Destinations End
04:03:16 Desti, Coy, Coydog
03:48:55 Cae, Blue
Do i get 3 den expansions? Yes or yes?
 The Winter Walker
03:44:36 Noctem Lupus
I feel like I want to scream, but I don't want anybody to hear me?


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Police K-9 Units RP | DiscussionJuly 20, 2022 02:01 AM

Thunder Struck
Posts: 1118
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New station, new friends, new companion.
This RP follows a group of new police handlers (and maybe some normal officers) as they all move to a new station from different places. They've never met before this, will drama start to brew? These handlers are just being introduced to their new loyal companions, will they get along or will it take a few days, or even weeks, to trust each other?
Police K-9 Units RP | DiscussionJuly 20, 2022 02:03 AM

Thunder Struck
Posts: 1118
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This is only for the users that are participating in the Police K-9 Units RP, so if you haven't signed up, stay out >:(
Please no being rude, no arguing, no being homophobic, transphobic and all of that.
Hate the character, not the player
signups: click click
RP thread: clickity click

Edited at July 26, 2022 03:51 PM by Thunder Struck
Police K-9 Units RP | DiscussionJuly 20, 2022 02:04 AM

Thunder Struck
Posts: 1118
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Captain (1/1):
Jasper Millwood|Male|41Yrs|K-9: Tolkieryan|Biromantic|Played by Lokaste
Officers (0/3):
Handlers (6/6):
Audrey Senita|Genderfluid|24Yrs|K-9: Maverick|Bi|Played by Pastry Lord
Rachel "Bear" Harris|Female|27Yrs|K-9: Whiskey|DemiLesbian|Played by Teddy Bear
- reserved for Chicks with Kicks
Alberess "Alber" Kramza |Male|27Yrs|K-9: Theo|Bi/Asexual|Played by Teddy Bear
Aspen Indiana|Male|27Yrs|K-9: Kodiak|Bi/asexual|Played by Pastry Lord
Cassandra “Cassie” Troy|Female|25Yrs|K-9: Phantom Ace|Pansexual|Played by Teddy Bear
K-9s (7/7):
Maverick|Male|5Yrs|Belgian Malinois|Handler: Audrey Senita|Bi|Played by Thunder Struck
Tolkieryan|Male|7Yrs|Dutch Shepherd|Handler: Jasper Millwood|Panromantic|Played by Lokaste
Kodiak|Male|5Yrs|German Shepherd|Handler: Aspen Indiana|Hetero|Played by Firefox
Phantom Ace|Female|4Yrs|Handler:Cassandra Troy|Omni|Played by Pastry Lord
Theo|Male|3Yrs|German Shepherd|Handler:Alberess Kramza|Gay+Poly|Played by Free-Claw12
Whiskey|Female|3Yrs|Handler:Rachel Harris|Hetero|Played by Moonshed
- reserved for Chicks with Kicks
Criminals (if you really want to)(2/3):
Kaitlyn Hawke|Female|16Yrs|Hetero|Played by Firefox
Kaiser Dresden|Male|32Yrs|Hetero|Played by Fangsoffire
NPCS (3/unlimited)(npcs don't need a form, just PM me):
Sebatian Willwood - can only be played by Lokaste
Vera - Retired sniffer dog (9yrs, golden lab, female) - often seen walking around the station - only played by Thunder Struck (for now, just to get her personality out)
Sady - Stray (9yrs, German Shepherd, female) - seen wandering the streets - only played by Firefox

Edited at July 30, 2022 04:58 AM by Thunder Struck
Police K-9 Units RP | DiscussionJuly 20, 2022 02:28 AM

Posts: 5108
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Question, what uniform are they wearing? I personally prefer the qld or maybe the sa uniforms in aus :)
Police K-9 Units RP | DiscussionJuly 20, 2022 02:54 AM

Thunder Struck
Posts: 1118
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Qld uniform it is ^^
Police K-9 Units RP | DiscussionJuly 20, 2022 02:57 AM

Posts: 5108
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Woooo :) Thankyou! :) hehe I'm so hyped for this RP lol
Police K-9 Units RP | DiscussionJuly 20, 2022 09:02 AM

Posts: 157
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I'm so excited to roleplay with everyone; if anyone wants to establish relaionships before the roleplay, feel free to shoot my a pm and we can do a bit of rleplaying beforehand!
Police K-9 Units RP | DiscussionJuly 20, 2022 01:50 PM

Thunder Struck
Posts: 1118
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how is everyone? and just so everybody knows, I upped the user limit to two handlers because we need more ^^

Edited at July 20, 2022 03:35 PM by Thunder Struck
Police K-9 Units RP | DiscussionJuly 20, 2022 07:46 PM

Posts: 850
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Theo still needs a handler and I was wondering if I can make him an ex-military dog?! If not that's fine he is also open to friendships and relationships!!
Police K-9 Units RP | DiscussionJuly 20, 2022 09:48 PM

Posts: 3137
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I finally found this forum after searching and being blind for five minutes. But anyways how are ya'lls~? I should I have my criminal finshed by tonight or tomorrow at the latest. I will possibly make a handler

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