08:36:03 The Sith Of Bidders
No fern used either XD
08:34:10 Winter
If you wanna see them as a pup just import them into customs <33 :D
Congrats too
Destiny Of Angels
08:33:28 Strai | Bones | DOA
-WP Click-

Need 10 people to start
08:33:25 Goldy
Your wolves played: Harry🌌 sneaks around poking every wolf in the pack.

But why?
Crescent Moon Pack
08:33:21 DG Queen
Anakin, congrats!! Shes gorgeous as well :o
08:32:06 Winter/North
It happened to me more times that i remember @Goldy
08:31:41 The Sith Of Bidders
I just bred a G3 53 AC female pup 0.o
08:30:54 Goldy
My wolf gave birth last night while it was still winter and i never got to see her pup before it was a juvenile :(
Zombified Breyer
08:30:41 Nightmare Street
I have never had their food. I wonder how good it is
Crescent Moon Pack
08:28:07 DG Queen
Dash, that is such a mood. The social thing thingy, i mean
Dash Attacked
08:26:03 nyoom
Always choose Chick-fil-A, lmao
08:25:40 Silly-wan Kenobi
Do it for the little hashbrown nuggets.
08:24:54 Em / Flu / ila
I can't decide if I want to go to Chick Fil A for breakfast or not
Level 9 explore gave me 10 enemies 4 times guess I just have to play it out
Dash Attacked
08:22:14 nyoom
When you're like "hell yeah, I'm going to go to this social thing" and then show up and just.. really don't want to talk to people. :')
Zombified Breyer
08:21:42 Nightmare Street
Mountain lions have a lot of health. Geez but the mush is worth it
08:19:25 Silly-wan Kenobi
When you get to bears they drop even more ^^
08:19:03 Silly-wan Kenobi
Yeah once you have good wolves explore starts really paying off around level 13.
Zombified Breyer
08:18:13 Nightmare Street
My first mountain lion. Wow they give a lot of mush
08:15:04 Rae | Alisha ♡
Oof, I have to go. My puppy is trying to chase my cat, and my cat just scratched her up ;-;" why can't they just be friends >.>


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A Divide | An Elf RP | Discussion July 26, 2019 10:10 PM

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Hurry said:

Grim said:
We could always make a new elf rp, use similar to the same characters & a different plot

Plot is not bad,it is rather interesting if you ask me,but there are too little people involved :/ we had more or less a few unconnected stories among people.


I wish we could remake it.

I was thinking of make a more dnd kind of thing with different races all trying to take down an evil. Corrupt king. But I think that would be for a smaller group of evil vs. Good like 4 or less people be evil 4 or less be good.

But idk I feel like that's still more of a legitimate dnd session thing. Although I was thinking of twisting it perhaps.

I liked the plot, but I agree I would want this more than a set romance rp.
But I also believe we need more involved people.
Which should perhaps be visibly stated.
A Divide | An Elf RP | Discussion July 27, 2019 05:37 PM

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Yes, unfortunately most RPs here get bored to quickly.

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