07:44:18 Cass, Cassi
Vale, eh it's alright. I was hella disappointed, but then I realized I made a good profit off him anyway- but damn, what a waste of mushies for that person!
07:43:58 Eternity, ET
Ohhh someone bought a 500 mush G2 30R+ albino from me and then retired it but I didn't mind because hey, I got the mush.
Jade's Haven
07:43:55 Jade

Kill it. Recluses must die. ;-;
Nebula's Reign
07:43:49 Galaxy's End II
I need to do that.

I hate bugs and insects. Something about them creeps the shit outta me. Like they can jump oj you and crawl into your ears... Okay I'll stop there
Maenads Of The Stars
07:43:43 Strai | Celestia
@Cass That's harsh & a waste of mush. I cherish my 300 mush, 34R albino male
Pack Alpha
07:43:42 Alpha // Jo
I love most animals and insects, I even got to hold a python when i was around 10-14 and it was massive.
Leopard Lover
07:43:28 Leopard, LL
Some phobias are caused by trauma. Like, if you nearly drowned once it would make sense to have an irrational fear of water :>
Jade's Haven
07:43:21 Jade
Nebby Pet

If I don't like them, why would I eat them?

You're safe, though... the only insect I eat is crickets. And they have to be dried and seasoned at that. :P
07:43:15 Detective Vale
I am so sorry to hear that ;-; I would be FURIOUS because I cant hold in my temper...
07:42:58 Cass, Cassi
Alpha, welp, I'm all for researching- why not
Blue and Gold
07:42:53 Blue ~ Gold ~ BG ~

Its 5:32am and freezing outside ehehe


It looks like a brown recluse
07:42:41 Callie, Spider Lover
Was it one of your first alphas?
Nebula's Reign
07:42:39 Galaxy's End II
-WP Click-
No idea what to do with him.
NightMountain Wolves
07:42:38 NightFlame or Potato
Well... That's kind of sad but, they did own that wolf so they had the right to do whatever they wanted with it.
Pack Alpha
07:42:27 Alpha // Jo
Nebu-Meh im overcoming my fear on many things,

Cass-Yes but read up on the internet about it.

Same here because there is no reason to.
Jade's Haven
07:42:16 Jade
I'm not afraid of them unless they're on the walls or the ceiling, but I hate them being anywhere around me. >.>
07:42:08 Cass, Cassi
Vale, somebody retired one of my albinos they bought for 325 mushies Cx
Nebula's Reign
07:41:49 Galaxy's End II
Weirdo Pet,

Just don't eat one and maybe ill start to like you more xP
07:41:22 Detective Vale
someone retired my FIRST ever wolf on wolfplay
07:41:04 Eternity, ET
Phobias aren't necessarily self caused y'know. ^^


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AB #1 please :)
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Thank you all for bidding. Chimera 1 sold to Death Wish. :)

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