Destinations End
01:50:01 Desti, Coy, Coydog
Think I'm going to probably get on my Switch lite for a bit
01:49:28 Corvid, Corb, Sei
-WP Click-

this is important
01:46:21 57, numbers

Perfect. Thank you~
01:46:02 Death valley bridge
Oh wow xD

i seen people got black berries and other stuff

I open 2 (got them from friend of mine for dree3) and just 2 pup toys
Clouded Views
01:45:35 Fumikage Tokoyami
-WP Click- gear ideas? :')
Destinations End
01:45:11 Desti, Coy, Coydog
Asexual demiromantic
Honeybee falls
01:44:39 Stormy, Mitsuki
Isn't it annoying when you accidentally skip over a dig space because your thing leaps
Destinations End
01:43:50 Desti, Coy, Coydog
Both quartz.
The first was a bald eagle feather. The second was a health potion
01:43:17 57, numbers
Asexual or Demisexual? I'm leaning more towards Asexual

01:43:11 Rain, Hail
-WP Click-
Just snagged her for 4 mush Should I sell an apple, buy pottery, train and sell, or...?
Quoth the Raven
01:43:10 Nevermore
Finally starting the new pokemon dlc, after catching like 18 rockruffs
01:42:58 King
Stranger things rp anyone? Pm me, I have few plots
01:41:48 Death valley bridge
I want crystal dye so bad xD
Lt. Chick Fil A
01:40:20 Autobat
Someone else got the topaz dye I was after <<
MoonShadow Wolves
01:40:15 Emo Garden Hose
-WP Click-
Teachers needed to start!
01:39:49 Death valley bridge
What did you get xD
Destinations End
01:39:22 Desti, Coy, Coydog
Time to open the two geodes :3
Honeybee falls
01:39:15 Stormy, Mitsuki
Mine come from desert 9 and mountains 7
01:39:12 Rain, Hail
Apples: 0
Apples Saved: 4
Mushrooms: 5
Mushrooms Saved: 0
Clouded Views
01:38:43 Fumikage Tokoyami
ehck I slept in, again e-e
here's to another day wasted~


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