07:02:12 Seppa the witch
Good morning
07:01:52 Woof,Hermit,Luci
Mornin people
Sherwood Wolves
-WP Click-
Sherwood Wolves
Thank you

It has the or option which says Choose to Sniff a Wolf at this Round.
Then two buttons (sniff and join pack) or (sniff for free)
06:47:23 Grumpy ol Cries
-WP Click-
Wanna become a Mercenary?
06:46:36 Grumpy ol Cries
i havent had the token yet, but i imagine if oyu had it, it would give you the option to use it rather than paying

@transparent nothing affects pups, not a starving mother, so no worries
06:46:00 Satan
Yes use the free one
Sherwood Wolves
Does anyone know, if I have a wolf party token and want a wolf to join do I click ‘sniff for free’ or ‘sniff and join pack’ XD
06:34:14 Satan
Good morning!

Thank you!! I didn't see it at first. I bought the basil I needed for the potion so she should be good as new soon. I was just so worried about the puppies. Of all my wolves... she's the first to get injured.
06:29:40 Main chat nickname
My art monitor arrives today 0.0 along with my mic and poly flag *^*
06:28:10 Grumpy ol Cries
@transparent yes, click on the injury note and no it doesnt affect pregnancy
Isn't it supposed to tell you which potion to get for each injury? Does an infected wound affect pregnancy?
Lazy Kingdom
06:24:27 Crazy Cat Lady
I swear to god this cat, she just wants the sink on but she won't actually drink from it but she will yell at you once it's off >.>
04:34:42 Seppa the witch
oh nice! I don't know who that is
Aethelwood Grove
04:31:44 Æthel
Thanks! I got Eno to do the palette!
04:29:57 Seppa the witch
I like your profile by the way
04:27:25 Seppa the witch
Aah that makes sense, I thought i missed something oops. Actually 2 of my explore wolves come from you, both had these random names and i just couldnt understand why xD
Aethelwood Grove
04:25:45 Æthel

Oh! Random number I generated because I went through a phase of using real wolf Identification numbers ^^
04:24:20 Seppa the witch
oh yeah i got him from you! So i was wondering since ive been inactive for a bit, what does the 1285 stand for?


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Magnus's Hybird retry! August 16, 2022 08:14 AM

Magnus Bane
Posts: 1510
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So a while back I tried to get this hybrid thing out there and was not really successful. I thought they were amazing but not many people did. I am by no means a professional or good at this, but I think they're so cute..
so would anyone be interested in me making more of these? Possibly even in themes. Like animal markings (fox, raccoon) goddesses, elements?
here is an example of one

Poll Question: Should i I try to sell them or no?
Total Votes: 14
Yes : 1393%
No : 17%

You have cast your vote.
Magnus's Hybird retry! August 16, 2022 08:35 AM

Posts: 5
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I would work on expanding your art skills and what creatures you draw before selling anything.
that sounds mean. I don't mean its bad, I just want you to be sure you'll be okay with selling art to others. I am just offering tips for the art to give it more variety and make each character you draw unique, and less of a recolor of one character.
maybe try different horn types (Ram, Ibex, Wildebeast, goat, moose, elk), different tail types (fox like, docked tail, husky tail) different poses(sitting relaxed, standing relaxed, laying down relaxed, jumping, standing alert, sitting alert, laying alert), different ear types (elven, long and wispy, short and sharp, oblong, round, feathery) body textures (pebble scales,smooth scales, fish like scales, long fur,short fur, medium fur, short feathers, long feathers, smooth skinned,or combine some of these to make cool looks), body type (fox like, wolf like, coyote like, german shepherd like, deer like) eyes ( color? is it just one color? does it have a pupil? if so, is the pupil goat like, slitted or round? how many eyes does it have? does it have eyes?) wings( feathered or scaly? maybe both? each species of bird has slightly different wings)
color( if you have no idea what colors to use, put warm colors in a group( pink, red, red orange, orange, yellow orange, yellow) the cool colors in a group (yellow green, green, blue green, blue, indigo, blue violet, red violet, violet or purple) and the neutral colors in a group(brown, tan, silver, grey, skin tones) and then close your eyes and pick one from each group) Black and white aren't colors they are shades. instead of using black try using a very dark blue, or very dark purple/ brown. instead of white, use extremely light grey/yellow tan.
just a few ideas.
i hope it helps.
Magnus's Hybird retry! August 16, 2022 10:11 AM

Beautiful Oblivion
Posts: 1294
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While I agree with the tips and ideas from Diasomnia, I don't think you should wait to expand your skills to sell them. I would buy one as it is right now, (in fact, can we make our own? Just double checking. ^^)

They're such a cute species. <3
Magnus's Hybird retry! August 16, 2022 12:11 PM

Game Moderator
Posts: 1665
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You could build a community first, and attract artist whose willing to help expand the designs, and open a few slots to get comfortable. And while having fun you could definitely not stress yourself out. Managing a whole species comes with holding onto designs, traits, and uniqueness. Otherwise, I say definitely sell.
Magnus's Hybird retry! August 16, 2022 07:25 PM

Posts: 894
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I like doing free linework for unique creatures and would love to draw lines for you, if you'd like~ I always want to do adopts but I am terrible at colouring so this is the closest I can get.

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