09:38:27 Screech...Run
Okay pm the responses from here be back in like 20ish
09:38:25 The Monster
Im making a grotesque version of Oogie Boogie for my Halloween avatar.
Coral river
09:38:19 coral, river, mother
space i gotta spooky up my avi halloween is my everything i told my fiance he gets no choice my kitchen will be spooky
09:38:03 Screech...Run
Yas. With a lil raven familiar(if you can draw those of course)
Dead Space
09:37:40 Space
Spooky-ing up my profile was fun ^^ Halloween art always turns out the best
Coral river
09:37:27 coral, river, mother
how do you feel about a witchy goblin :3
Destinations End
09:37:24 Desti, Coy, Coydog
That's actually a good idea. I'll see if my mom can bring me one
09:37:23 Screech...Run
I'm hoping in the shower so pm any responses
09:37:00 Screech...Run
Coral river
09:36:44 coral, river, mother
rave is this you asking me to doodle again :3 because doodling is fun
09:36:31 The Monster
Im still working on mine. Im trying to buy a burlap tanish brown paint.
09:35:52 Screech...Run
Coral. I need a spooky one for the month 👉👈
Destinations End
09:35:40 Desti, Coy, Coydog
See my response to River and Skeleton
Coral river
09:34:13 coral, river, mother
i need to make a new avi :/
09:33:49 The Monster
Cool beans.
09:33:29 they/he/it α
09:33:25 Ω Forseance
Destinations End
Welcome back, how are you doing?
09:31:47 The Monster
Skeleton, am I still The Pestilence?
09:31:40 they/he/it α
that's good. can you use a warm washcloth to keep your eye from closing up?
Coral river
09:31:34 coral, river, mother
desti thats fine if you wanna talk about it later you know where my pms are lol and im meh been sitting in the bathroom waiting to throw up one bonus is my kids arnt hanging on me


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Event Update Poll June 20, 2022 11:21 PM

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Familiars are a premium feature and are going to stay that way. It's unfortunate but I'm pretty sure Eve has already stated premium features will not become basic.

Poppy~Pack said:
I would actually like to see more Familiars events and make the people who don't have the premium subscription to maybe have the chance to win a familiar, So it's fair to the people who can't afford the premium and would really like a familiar.

Event Update Poll June 21, 2022 06:45 PM

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Firefox said:
I would like to see more events with both the alliances and allegiances. Currently all I see for the alliances is the fighting which is just the press of a button.

Event Update Poll June 22, 2022 01:57 PM

Dystopia Wolves
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I think there should be an event where you can win a custom wolf.
Event Update Poll June 24, 2022 07:47 PM

Grim Reaper
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I do believe it has been stated about that not becoming a thing. It would be ridiculous to make a way for anyone to win a free wolf that otherwise costs a lot of apples.
Dystopia Wolves said:
I think there should be an event where you can win a custom wolf.

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