12:13:17 BegoneThoughts
HEE's the site with manips that needs more digital drawing and linearts to be honest.
12:12:35 Summer!
Oh, thank you! I do have a HEE account, but I never really got into it. I do a lot of comms on here so I can, in theory, splurge on art later, but HEE's art community is a lot of lineart coloring and manips, so.
Rageing Stormz
12:12:19 That Pet Spider
Trying to but I'm really too distracted at the moment to do so
Rageing Stormz
12:11:42 That Pet Spider
And in that RP I was just trying to be a carnivorous animal XD

Most predators take advantage of killing baby animals because they're easy
Killing only male adults of everything, especially things like Elk, is stupid XD.
But hey I'm just never doing animal RP ever again
12:11:41 BegoneThoughts
HEE is a thing, they like horse art there..
12:11:05 Summer!
I have not, and I'm not great at felines :')
~Non Sequiter~
12:10:49 Can
Gasp. You are so good at it. Do you have an HEE account? Would they be more popular there?
12:10:26 Navy's Mate/TKO

I am curious
Have you done a lion before?
12:09:18 Summer!
Aha, I know - I'm just a little sick of canines at this point. Equines are what I love to draw, but try as I might, I can get nobody to commission me for one heh.
12:09:17 Navy's Mate/TKO
Spooder Rage

Replying to rps
Peppermint Twist
12:09:09 Minty | Twist

12:08:34 Summer!

I personally really love this RP, because nobody cared that I murdered one soldier and one very pure golden retreiver in one day (I mean, we cried over it, but it was very planned out from the beginning and set up to give some OCs depression) -
-WP Click-
Rageing Stormz
12:08:09 That Pet Spider
I'm good

Watching Ze Frank videos

How about you
12:07:37 Lycan
Peppermint Twist, thank you.
12:06:38 Navy's Mate/TKO

Yes. That is a much smarter idea
12:06:37 I miss Nick
12:06:31 Summer!
Oh, gotcha. That's really helpful! I think I might go out on a limb and get it, just to see what happens ^^
Rageing Stormz
12:06:25 That Pet Spider
It really is

It's either something boring, or I'm stuck with people that won't let me do anything

A lot of them really hate it when mine kills a female or baby animal which I find fucking stupid XD
Killing a baby animal is what literally had someone try to murder my wolf before XD
Peppermint Twist
12:06:19 Minty | Twist

I'm quite alright. I'm just sorting a few things.

I'm sorry to hear that you aren't feeling the best. I hope that changes.
12:05:31 Em / Flu / ila
Kind of? You can definitely tell that it was designed for iPad use. I enjoy the two finger tap to undo and I feel like it's fairly intuitive. I also have a ton of fun panning in and out of the canvas. My biggest complaint would have to be the brushes though as I've had to go and alter a fair amount of them to try to make them fit my style


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