Soul Eater
08:27:42 Devourer/Dev/Soul
Hmm well her rarity isn't that great.. and her lines a tad long..but she is CL and the defect makes her price almost reasonable. Let me check her weight.
~Milk Babe~
08:26:45 Flesh-Peddler >:)
Side Chick
we're all weird in our own ways :')
~Milk Babe~
08:26:27 Flesh-Peddler >:)
Fugly Foot Lord
I thought I was the assistant since you started this-
flying potato
08:26:15 TAM potato lord
yeah lol i got the youngest one postbule as the cheepest one that was 75 mush was 13
Soul Eater
08:25:10 Devourer/Dev/Soul
*wolf not pup sorry
flying potato
08:25:08 TAM potato lord
-WP Click-
Mr Clean
08:24:57 Timber here
Pimp Daddy

I understand that completely. Your friend is just weird.
08:24:56 Old Spice Swagger
Ice Ice Baby

That's pretty much what I am at this point qwq
Ooo like the chain from the ghost rider?
Soul Eater
08:24:42 Devourer/Dev/Soul
For your mela pup? One sec.
Soul Eater
08:24:14 Devourer/Dev/Soul
Houdini Pimp and Babe Peddler,

Don't worry, your assistant scrapes off the toe cheese.
flying potato
08:23:26 TAM potato lord
dev tell me if she was worth the 100 mush i just spent to get her
~Milk Babe~
08:22:59 Flesh-Peddler >:)
Oh my gosh-
that just doesn't sound good at all xD

y e s
Soul Eater
08:22:04 Devourer/Dev/Soul
Swagger Daddy,

I don't doubt that at all, big protective parent <3
With a chain as the handle that can be unwound and used as a whip..
flying potato
08:21:49 TAM potato lord
i just got a mela
and both of her parents are mela's
Soul Eater
08:21:02 Devourer/Dev/Soul
Babe Peddler,
Yes, you pimp out the fugly feet XD

Houdini Pimp.
~Milk Babe~
08:20:51 Flesh-Peddler >:)
Just gonna shove an unwanted forum here :3
-WP Click-
~Milk Babe~
08:19:54 Flesh-Peddler >:)
Fugly Feet Lord
Geez, now I'm a pimp AND a fugly feet owner- :')

stahp it-
08:19:29 Soso/Pond/Blank
Ello :)
Try us
08:18:21 Carter,Country Girl,
It is fun to watch and really fun to do, right now I am training people in basic riding skills so lets see how this works out.
Soul Eater
08:17:45 Devourer/Dev/Soul
Babe Peddler,
Hehe >:3 We have created one of the best cul- er clubs ever.

The Evaporated Lactose.


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Canine OC Design Contest Second Edition! April 12, 2021 03:13 PM

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I'm going to be entering. Expect a submission soon.
Canine OC Design Contest Second Edition! April 12, 2021 04:14 PM

Heros We Can Be
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My entry
Ninja Dog!

Sorry if it's not what your looking for.

Edited at April 12, 2021 04:15 PM by Heros We Can Be
Canine OC Design Contest Second Edition! April 13, 2021 10:58 AM

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I doubt this will win anything but I tried xD
I hope wolves with multiple tails are accepted

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