Dark Moonruler
07:33:19 King Boo
sorry to hear that
Dark Moonruler
07:32:45 King Boo
@Chai z,
of course! Thanks!
07:31:44 Z, Chai
dark dont worry. i know how to handle myself ^^ ive been in so many tight situations like the one i told you about the sasaengs. im safe ^^ just wont be if i have to look after someone ><
Peaceful Vengeance
07:31:35 A lost child
My uncle ate the last cupcake which was mine
07:31:34 Nao
-WP Click- I put her down oof
The Magma Kingdom
07:30:52 Sukii
Just finished a PM reply for a RP, did I miss anything? qwq
Dark Moonruler
07:30:39 King Boo
@Oh cuz i just google searched Divergent and yes its a movie and it looks dangerous! DO NOT get urself killed I'm warning you for your own safety!
07:29:29 Z, Chai
dark yeah divergent is a movie. divergent is a personality type there and we are all divergent here. since its dangerous for that personality type there, i cant bring you
Dark Moonruler
07:28:41 King Boo
@Chai Z,
do you mean, like, a place in a movie?
Peaceful Vengeance
07:27:55 A lost child
-A s a h i-
07:27:43 ~Country Shai~
I woke up with an apple today c:
07:27:25 Z, Chai
dark im gonna have to go without you- its dangerous ^^'
Dark Moonruler
07:27:02 King Boo
@Chai Z,
if going to divergent, ill have to visualize it. Do you have a photo of it or something?
The Baddest
07:25:15 Snek snorter
35 paws can i get 50?
Peaceful Vengeance
07:24:44 A lost child
I mean me too
~Glitchy Ghoul~
07:24:44 Pantry Eater :3
@ Feiella
When it comes to breakfast I normally skip because I forgot about it.
As for lunch and dinner, sometimes I just don’t feel like eating, sometimes I forget- it just depends.
Peaceful Vengeance
07:23:58 A lost child
I'm 6 hours ahead game time
The Baddest
07:23:43 Snek snorter

Traumatized from yesterday and now im procrastinating
07:23:41 Z, Chai
dark haha XD wanna go to divergent? O.o i wanna meet four XD
Autumn Shire
The Baddest
I’m not entirely sure, but you can fix that if you go into Marketplace >>> Barter >>> Apples >>> then purchase Make Friends for 2 apples, other than that I don’t think there’s any other way to fix it


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Wish For A Wolf October 15, 2020 07:50 AM

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Does this boy work? :)

September said:
A kinda young battle wolf? All my wolves are going to pass soon, as I just got back to WP :L

Wish For A Wolf October 16, 2020 12:02 PM

The Storm
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The wolf is for a friend
Wish For A Wolf October 17, 2020 07:08 PM

Lucis Pro Conquisito
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Luna Celeste said:
I wish for a 50+ rarity wolf ac or a blind/deaf wolf.
Granted! PMing you.
Wish For A Wolf October 19, 2020 10:26 AM

Queen of War
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I wish for a wolf with 300+ be.

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