06:24:30 X || Xesei
Slow chat~
Destinations End
06:21:05 Desti, Coy, Coydog
I'm now really wanting art of my dragon dog hybrid gal :/
Quoth the Raven
06:20:39 Nevermore

I also have her -Click- as one of my favorite villagers now too. She was my one of the villagers that I started with
Blacky death Kitty
06:19:43 Santa Pasta\Kitty
Destinations End
06:18:22 Desti, Coy, Coydog
I'm glad you got your favorite villager again
Quoth the Raven
06:14:42 Nevermore
I completely restarted my Animal Crossing island and started fresh. And I'm so happy because I didn't want to lose Erik as a villager, but I got extremely lucky and found him on an island.
Destinations End
06:12:46 Desti, Coy, Coydog
It seems a wild Hall has come out of the near never ending hallway

How are you?
Moonlight Wanderers
06:12:11 MoonW
-YT Click-
Something to jam out to.
Destinations End
06:09:15 Desti, Coy, Coydog
Yeah. Thanks for being willing to if you could :3

I might just get on animal crossing myself or something
Quoth the Raven
06:05:26 Nevermore
Damn. I keep forgetting you're 3 hours behind me. I'm sorry you can't get much sleep and I wish I knew a good way to un-boredom you.
Destinations End
06:01:31 Desti, Coy, Coydog
Not too much because it's only 4:00 AM

I'm unable to get back to sleep because of my own extreme pain.

So I'm pretty bored too
Quoth the Raven
06:00:48 Nevermore
I know right? Anyway, what about you? What are you up to?
Anyone want to roleplay? If so, PM me!
05:58:19 Overlord
Aand i did an oof

Three pregnant wolves, 6 spaces :')
Destinations End
05:58:07 Desti, Coy, Coydog
Ah, I'm sorry to hear you're in so much pain.

But the animal crossing date sounds really sweet
Quoth the Raven
05:57:13 Nevermore
Not much, I'm sore as heck and everything hurts so I'm laying in bed and waiting for my girlfriend to wake up so we can go on a quarantine animal crossing date.
Destinations End
05:55:36 Desti, Coy, Coydog
What's up?
Quoth the Raven
05:54:59 Nevermore
Destinations End
05:52:54 Desti, Coy, Coydog
Quoth! <3

I would breed
Depending on how much though lmao


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