02:16:38 Kira / Ray / Picachu
Stranger Things
I do too!!
I also have a Buckskin, a light grey (pretty much white) and a red roan!
Warriors Of Dawn
02:16:29 Entn
For many years , two packs of wolves; The Dawn Pack and The Darkness Pack have been at war. They are like fire and ice.
They hate each other, and wolves are constantly losing their lives in the brutal fights packs between.
Suddenly, one day, the leader of The Dawn Pack and the leader of The Darkness Pack dies in a fight, killing each other.
Who will be the new leaders?
How will this war end? 

Sign-Up here!
-WP Click-
Pack Alpha
02:15:23 Alpha // Jo
I have 50 Relic spots now
Stranger Things
02:15:14 Alexei
I have a Palomino ^^
02:14:59 Lonely
@Jupiter- are these your first horses?
Maenads Of The Stars
02:14:35 Strai | Celestia
Cuuute, I love palomino! I hope to buy a horse one day
Hawthorn Light
02:14:28 Thorn, Light
Ooo I love cobs! We have one at the barn named Tasca and he is the sweetest little angel. I personally own an OTTB.
02:13:15 Creepy idiot
Irish cobs, a mare and her filly. The mare is fully white and the filly is palomino :)
Divine Seeker
02:12:22 Aloha
I hope her pups are good. I would like at least 1 DH pup in the litter...

-WP Click-
Maenads Of The Stars
02:12:00 Strai | Celestia
Sales, Winter :3
02:11:36 Deadly Piñata
When your mother tries to ship you with the guy who stalked you because she doesn't remember his name :|
02:10:48 Sheena / Rachna
-WP Click-

Lynn up for breeding
argent et noir
02:09:12 is a kitchen cabinet
I am completely drained of any and all energy
Maenads Of The Stars
02:08:37 Strai | Celestia
Ooo, what breed! I need pictures woman!
02:08:30 Owner of TNMP
-WP Click-

A project to help the new members of Wolfplay! Please look over it and possibly join! We will also work with Clubs. If you are interested in working with us with your club or business, please PM me!

02:07:58 Creepy idiot
Guess what idiot just bought 2 horses
Maenads Of The Stars
02:06:53 Strai | Celestia
-WP Click-

How does he look?
Wolves of Asgard
02:05:47 The Dragonmaster
Hawthorn..i've been working on this OC for about 3 weeks.
02:05:46 Callie, Spider Lover
Nice. You could make it a little less saturated
02:05:08 Taz
any one want to rp group:
wolf pack life?


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The Shipping Club: Ship or be Shipped (or eat food) April 25, 2019 01:01 PM

Posts: 5369
hey there! feeling lonely or curious? want a partner or just to be shipped for fun? welcome to the shipping club where you can get shipped and hey maybe names will be created. I don't know.

this is where everyone who is shipped or wants to be shipped can come to. have fun

Me: Jupitermochi, Carpe Noctum, RoseKatt and myself are married. No shipping us. I am married to Jupiter.

Warning: joined before the form and were already shipped or joined before form existed then you are trapped. don't fill out the form just say if you want to be shipped or not.

Also please use form to sign up to be shipped to someone else otherwise you will end up on a boat to a country. It would be like a adventure.

Burned/Crashed ships
Jupiter x Hero
Galaxxia x Feiella
FireFox x Feiella
FireFox x Hero
Diggie x Feiella
Argent x Diggie
Argent x Hero
FireFox x any female
Steele x Feiella
Diggie x Carpe
Diggie x Jupiter
Diggie x Deadby
Diggie x Mars Bars
Lusus x Feiella
Lusus x Anubis
Lusus x RoseKatt
Lusus x Carpe
Steele x Jupiter
RoseKatt x Jupiter
Mars Bars x Jupiter
RoseKatt x Anubis
RoseKatt x Quail
Steele x Carpe
Stag x Carpe
Hero x Carpe
Anubis x Carpe
wolfz x Carpe
Kitty x Carpe
Mars Bars x Carpe
Mars Bars x Steele
Mysterious Secrets x Sayonara
wolfz x Sayonara
Sayonara x Deadby
Luki x Hero
Galaxxia x Hero
Toby x Hero
Chillinator x Hero
Argent x Legends

Canon ships (unless they get burned)
Fate x Panic
Voltron x LunaCry
Winter x Fate
Steele x Galaxxia
FireFox x Labyrinth
Feiella x Jupitermochi
RoseKatt x Carpe Noctem
Avalon's Edge x Diggie
Mars Bars x Luki

Suggested ships:
Burning Stars x Labyrinth
Galaxxia x Labyrinth
Kitty x Quail
Steele x Stag
Steele x Argent
Steele x Zypheria
Luki x Legends
Luki x Diggie
Luki x Argent
Luki x Auld
Luki x Accadia
Russian x Maybe?
Russian x Harvest Fox
Russian x Sayonara
Russian x Toby's Waffles
Russian x Anubis
Russian x Deadby
Russian x Mossclan
Lusus x Mossclan
wolfz x Mossclan
Sayonara x Mossclan
Toby's Waffles x Mossclan
Quail x Mossclan
Sanity x Mossclan
Katnip x Mossclan
Hannah x Mossclan
Hero x Harvest Fox
Russian x Sanity
Red Queen x Diggie
Rushing x Diggie
Rushing x Inferos
Red Queen x Auld
Kylo Ren's apprentice x Wolves of the Mirror
Confidential x Galaxy
Harvest Fox x Galaxy

Shipping form (only if you volunteer to be shipped)

Gender (can be something random or your real gender):
Interest/Preferences? (Sexuality preferences) :
Open to being shipped?:

Edited at July 6, 2019 09:57 PM by Feiella
The Shipping Club: Ship or be Shipped (or eat food) April 25, 2019 01:02 PM

Lusus Naturae
Posts: 694
hhhhhhh it's real
The Shipping Club: Ship or be Shipped (or eat food) April 25, 2019 01:03 PM

Posts: 1098
you actually made it, Lol.
The Shipping Club: Ship or be Shipped (or eat food) April 25, 2019 01:03 PM

Posts: 5369
what are canon ships in here? Canon ships are made in three ways:

A) a ship is agreed on by both people being shipped (Fate x Panic, Argent x Legends)

B) a married couple (Fate x Winter), (Jupiter x Feiella), (Rose x Carpe)

C) unofficial canons are those that is said to be canon by one shippee but still has the chance to be destroyed

Can ships be rebuilt?
you are welcome to try but chances are they will be shot down again.
Galaxxia (gender is female): males
Sayonara (gender is feminine pot plant): females
s&s wolfs (gender is female): males
Toby's Waffles: open
FireFox (gender is female): males
Chillinator (gender is female): males
Burning Stars (fire) (gender is female): male
Quail (gender is female): open
Temple of Anubis (gender is female): open
Deadby (gender is female): open
Lusus Naturae (gender is axolotl): open
Destiny (gender is female): males
wolfz (gender is girl goat): open
Autumn Blossom (gender is female): males
Katnip (Kitty) (gender is female tic toc watcher): open
Zypheria (gender is chicken without the en): open
Stag (gender is female): open
Mars Bars (gender is mail): Open
Diggie (gender is attack submarine): open
Alfred F. Jones (gender is male): open
argent et yeet (noir) (gender is titanic): open
Legends (gender is male): open
Steele (gender is Haunt suit of armor): open
Dikuria (gender is attack helicopter): males
MossCan (gender is genderfluid): open
Pretzel (gender is female): males
Kylo Ren's apprentice (gender is female tomboy): open
Rushing (gender is waman): likes dark humor, enjoys being with a smart ass and has to be a bit of a flirter
Red Queen (gender is Queen): Willing to help achieve World Domination. Must be cool to have a specific chair in the palace.
Avalon (gender is annoying toaster): straight but cats get a pass
Inferos (gender is bi-pans-trans-attack helicopter-sandwich-potato): open
Confidental (gender is a hen chicken): open
Maybe (Rollie) (gender is female): open
Lonely Pine Pack (gender is female): male
Luki (gender is female): males
Hannah (gender is female): open
Accadia/Star (gender is Personal Tree): Beans
Auld (gender is attack moose): partner in crime
Don't Look Up (Sanity) (gender is female...ish): open
Wolves of the Mirror (gender is female): open
Jade (gender is female): males
Russian Bastard (gender is female): open
Harvest Fox (gender is female): open
Shadow (gender is female): males
Galaxy (Isabel) (gender is female): open
Ripple Moon (Liea) (gender is female): open
Persephone (gender is female): open

Edited at July 9, 2019 08:33 PM by Feiella
The Shipping Club: Ship or be Shipped (or eat food) April 25, 2019 01:03 PM

Posts: 1098
I dunno if I want to subscribe or not... Hmm, decisions decisions.
The Shipping Club: Ship or be Shipped (or eat food) April 25, 2019 01:04 PM

King Lafayette
Posts: 1291
I'll ship people. I cannot be shipped tho since i have an irl girlfriend xD
The Shipping Club: Ship or be Shipped (or eat food) April 25, 2019 01:04 PM

Posts: 49
Can I get shipped to Florida please?
The Shipping Club: Ship or be Shipped (or eat food) April 25, 2019 01:04 PM

Lusus Naturae
Posts: 694
we need moar people here so we can ship them
The Shipping Club: Ship or be Shipped (or eat food) April 25, 2019 01:04 PM

Duchess Galaxxia
Posts: 1581
i want to be shipped

not because i want a friend but because i must have a father for all of this children

The Shipping Club: Ship or be Shipped (or eat food) April 25, 2019 01:05 PM

Posts: 1098
I did it. I subscribed. Let's see how long I will regret my life choices.

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