09:50:10 Sil, SL, Ancient
A few years ago now I think, she drops items to make a craftable item
09:49:35 Niyol(He/Him)
Oh, Eve is one! When did she add that?
09:47:46 Canis Dirus !!
-WP Click-
09:46:47 Niyol(He/Him)
What are the mythical creatures for each area? I only remember bigfoot and the yeti
09:46:18 Shoto Todoroki <3
Why am I tired... I just woke up an hour ago. -_-
Frozen Roses
09:45:14 Lily | Freezie Pop

Kill your Wolves ( retire)
Black Swan
09:45:09 Swan Swannity Swan
Black Swan
09:44:58 Swan Swannity Swan
Murderin wolves by retiring them. Also through apple purchases with real money, and taking down mythical creatures
Okay thanks
09:44:27 Sil, SL, Ancient
You get bone fragments by retiring wolves, buying apples from the apple barter and killing mythical creatures
How do you get bone Fragments???
09:43:59 Sil, SL, Ancient
...I forgot to water my damn herbs.
09:43:59 Shoto Todoroki <3

Wow,thanks lol. ^^
Frozen Roses
09:42:20 Lily | Freezie Pop
You are welcome
Black Swan
09:42:09 Swan Swannity Swan
I was so scared starwolfs would close the 10,000 point gap overnight
09:42:06 Shoto Todoroki <3
Jeeeez,400 paws!! *^*
Frozen Roses
09:41:53 Lily | Freezie Pop
It gives me a SANS time:P
09:41:28 Sil, SL, Ancient
...does it give you a bad time?
Frozen Roses
09:40:24 Lily | Freezie Pop
Every time I hear the words bad time...
09:39:24 Sil, SL, Ancient
I don't know I'm competitive and old it makes for a bad time


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The Shipping Club: Ship or be Shipped (or eat food) April 25, 2019 01:01 PM

Posts: 7093
hey there! feeling lonely or curious? want a partner or just to be shipped for fun? welcome to the shipping club where you can get shipped and hey maybe names will be created. I don't know.
this is where everyone who is shipped or wants to be shipped can come to. have fun
Me: Jupitermochi, Carpe Noctum, RoseKatt, CCAlxndr, Alfred F.Jones and myself are married. No shipping us. I am married to Jupiter.

Currently looking for a second in command to help out: Have to be active, be able to help 'Monitor the chaos', let me know if people signed up/left/ships formed. At the same time have fun. Closed


Warning: joined before the form and were already shipped or joined before form existed then you are trapped. don't fill out the form just say if you want to be shipped or not.
Also please use form to sign up to be shipped to someone else otherwise you will end up on a boat to a country. It would be like a adventure.(directed to anyone who had not joined when club was first created)
Canon ships (unless they get burned)
Fate x Panic-agreed
My Hero Spookademia x LunaCry-agreed
Winter x Fate-married
Steele x Galaxxia
Feiella x Jupitermochi-married
RoseKatt x Carpe Noctem-married
Alfred F. Jones x CCAlxndr's-married
Heavenly Tears x Nebulamoon-married
Rollie x Xylophoney-engaged
Autumns Breeze x Ghostly/Howling Shadows-married
Frenchtoastbites x Moondrop-engaged
Eskentrap x Sevitch-engaged
Wolfkonda x FlowerDust-married
Suggested ships:
Steele x Argent
Luki x Legends
Luki x Diggie
Luki x Argent
Luki x Auld
Luki x Accadia
Russian x Maybe?
Russian x Harvest Fox
wolfz x Mossclan
Sayonara x Mossclan
Toby's Waffles x Mossclan
Hannah x Mossclan
Red Queen x Diggie
Rushing x Diggie
Rushing x Inferos
Red Queen x Auld
Harvest Fox x Galaxy
Mr. Sandman x Rushing
Kylie Hatake x Panic
Comet Dragons x Steele
Comet Dragons x Mr. Sandman
Ripple Moon x Empress
Legends x Red Queen
Kylie Hatake x Red Queen
Kylie Hatake x Legends
Kylie Hatake x Rushing
Legends x Trippie Red
Diggie x Trippie Red
Diggie x Russian
Diggie x Mr.Sandman
Diggie x Dikuria
Argent x Auld
Argent x Harvest Fox
Argent x Rushing
Mr. Sandman x Caeruleum
Auld x Caeruleum
Diggie x Caeruleum
Argent x Caeruleum
Legends x Caeruleum
Sayonara x Vale
Sayonara x Kylie Hatake
Sayonara x Persephone
Sayonara x Ripple Moon
Sayonara x Galaxy
Sayonara x Harvest Fox
Sayonara x Russian Bastard
Sayonara x Hannah
Vale s Spoopy
Sayonara x Spoopy
Shipping form (only if you volunteer to be shipped)
Gender (can be something random or your real gender):
Interest/Preferences? (Sexuality preferences) :
Open to being shipped?:

Edited at May 22, 2020 07:36 PM by Feiella
The Shipping Club: Ship or be Shipped (or eat food) April 25, 2019 01:02 PM

Former Pack
Posts: 0
hhhhhhh it's real
The Shipping Club: Ship or be Shipped (or eat food) April 25, 2019 01:03 PM

Former Pack
Posts: 0
you actually made it, Lol.
The Shipping Club: Ship or be Shipped (or eat food) April 25, 2019 01:03 PM

Posts: 7093
what are canon ships in here? Canon ships are made in three ways:
A) a ship is agreed on by both people being shipped (Fate x Panic, Argent x Legends)
B) a married couple (Fate x Winter), (Jupiter x Feiella), (Rose x Carpe)
C) unofficial canons are those that is said to be canon by one shippee but still has the chance to be destroyed
Can ships be rebuilt?
you are welcome to try but chances are they will be shot down again.
Galaxxia (gender is female): males
Sayonara (gender is non-binary): females
Toby's Waffles: open
Chillinator (gender is female): males
Burning Stars (fire) (gender is female): male
Destiny (gender is female): males
wolfz (gender is girl goat): open
Diggie (gender is idiot): open
argent et yeet (noir) (gender is titanic): open
Legends (gender is male): open
Steele (gender is Haunt suit of armor): open
Dikuria (gender is attack helicopter): males
MossCan (gender is genderfluid): open
Pretzel (gender is female): males
Rushing (gender is waman): likes dark humor, enjoys being with a smart ass and has to be a bit of a flirter
Red Queen (gender is Queen): Willing to help achieve World Domination. Must be cool to have a specific chair in the palace.
Inferos (gender is bi-pans-trans-attack helicopter-sandwich-potato): open
Maybe (Rollie) (gender is female): open
Lonely Pine Pack (gender is female): male
Luki (gender is female): males
Hannah (gender is female): open
Accadia/Star (gender is Personal Tree): Beans
Auld (gender is attack moose): partner in crime
Jade (gender is female): males
Russian Bastard (gender is female): open
Harvest Fox (gender is female): open
Shadow (gender is female): males
Galaxy (Isabel) (gender is female): open
Ripple Moon (Liea) (gender is female): open
Persephone (gender is female): open
Starstruck (gender is female): males
Mr. Sandman (Trevor) (gender is male): funny, out going,
Empress (Empi/Maddie) (gender is grill): open
Comet Dragons (gender is female): males
Kylie Hatake (gender is female): open
Eskentrap (gender is female): Open
Moodlight Mist (Moondrop or Mood) (gender is female): open
Frenchtoastbites (Toast) (gender is female): females
Xylophoney (gender is male Xylophone): female
Trippie Red (gender is female): male
Tauriel (gender is female): male
Caeruleum (gender is female necc): males
Winged (gender is male): open
Spoopy (gender is female): open
Sunset Corridors (gender is female): males
Spring Spark (gender is female): open
Thunder (gender is female): males
Vale (gender is female): females
Azoreth (gender is male): open
Past Ghosts (gender is male): female
Moonhunters/Leonas/Leo (gender is male): open
Foxtrot (gender is male): males
South Side (gender is female): males
ToxicRaptor/Owl/Toxic (gender is female): open
Blue (gender is female): males
Dio Brando (gender is male): females
Dark Halo (gender is female): Potatos
Sailor (gender is female): open
Yan/Psy/Psycho (gender is female tank): males
Wildfell (gender is female): males
LucidNavy (gender is female): open
*Golden-Hour* (gender is female): open
Reathmuaz/Curtis (gender is Racoon): open
SAVE (gender is nonbinary): open. would like someone kind and open minded
Hecky I Crave Death (gender is female): open
Sunny (gender is female): open
Foxy the Pirate (gender is male): females
Pirate (gender is Potato): females
Melancholy (gender is gay toaster): males
Azoreth (gender is male): females

Edited at May 20, 2020 11:31 PM by Feiella
The Shipping Club: Ship or be Shipped (or eat food) April 25, 2019 01:03 PM

Former Pack
Posts: 0
I dunno if I want to subscribe or not... Hmm, decisions decisions.
The Shipping Club: Ship or be Shipped (or eat food) April 25, 2019 01:04 PM

King Lafayette
Posts: 2072
I'll ship people. I cannot be shipped tho since i have an irl girlfriend xD
The Shipping Club: Ship or be Shipped (or eat food) April 25, 2019 01:04 PM

Former Pack
Posts: 0
Can I get shipped to Florida please?
The Shipping Club: Ship or be Shipped (or eat food) April 25, 2019 01:04 PM

Former Pack
Posts: 0
we need moar people here so we can ship them
The Shipping Club: Ship or be Shipped (or eat food) April 25, 2019 01:04 PM

Duchess Galaxxia
Posts: 1649
i want to be shipped

not because i want a friend but because i must have a father for all of this children

The Shipping Club: Ship or be Shipped (or eat food) April 25, 2019 01:05 PM

Former Pack
Posts: 0
I did it. I subscribed. Let's see how long I will regret my life choices.

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