09:24:00 Nao
-WP Click- Is traventine a coat you can buy or :/
Dulling Melodies
09:23:52 I like rocks uwu
Your wolf trips over your hopes and dreams.
09:23:32 TS
I have got my eye on you miss, >.> you better behave

-WP Click-
Jack Of Stars
09:23:16 Forum Stalker
Desire of The Hills
09:22:53 Caffeine Snorter
Pack life code*
Desire of The Hills
09:22:31 Caffeine Snorter
Imagine they added 'Your wolf trips over a crystalline dye' to the wolf play code xD
Ninjago Realm
09:22:16 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
@ Jack Black silver red ?
Dulling Melodies
09:22:11 I like rocks uwu
black, white, brown
09:22:02 Former DG Queen
Champagne, hickory and tan
09:22:02 roll boi
-WP Click-

thoughts on adam taurus?
Jack Of Stars
09:21:25 Forum Stalker
Can I get three different pelt colors? (all common)
Desire of The Hills
09:21:22 Caffeine Snorter

Lmao good, angel wolves are good xD.


Ninjago Realm
09:20:26 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
Sensie Wu trips over an apple.
I could really use that wu dang it why must you trip or is it one of the apples I have in my hole ? XD
09:20:15 Jared.
Aight, makes sense. Thanks!
Leopard Lover
09:20:00 Leopard, LL
Yeah, probably.
09:19:44  blackbird
caffeine snorter
Queen of the Forest!
09:19:41 Forest, Queen, Angel
@Desire of the hills
I'm going to get me a halo now, lmao
09:19:39 roll boi
-WP Click-

flax custom i want to make
09:19:29 Jared.
I see. I was confused, cause I thought I put a geode up for 250 and sold it for 270. I must've just put it up for 300 then?
Desire of The Hills
09:19:00 Caffeine Snorter

Little too messy for my taste, but better than just to plain obsidian.


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WolfPlay Rules MASTER THREAD July 30, 2020 11:02 AM

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This post is going to be a compilation of links to the various rules we have on WolfPlay. If you're unsure about a certain rule but don't know where to find it, this thread might help!


Our Terms of Use can be found here. There is also a link to our Privacy Policy in this document.


Most of our overall game rules can be found here. This includes our Community Conduct Rules (rules for behavior in chat, forums, and any other community features), rules regarding Cheating, and our Roleplay Rules. This link can also be found if you scroll down to the bottom of any page on Wolfplay and click "Game Rules!"


Our Art Crediting Rules can be found here. These rules pertain to any image you post on Wolfplay, whether that be on the forums, in your bio, or as your avatar.

* Keep in mind our art crediting rules still apply when it comes to roleplaying! There is a thread that explains this here, and explains our overall art crediting rules in a more concise manner.

* When uploading an image somewhere that isn't your avatar, you're going to need to use a direct link. This means you need to be wary of something called hotlinking. There is a guide to explain what hotlinking is and how to avoid it here!

* If you're a bit confused about our art rules, our All About Art guide goes into more detail about art on Wolfplay! Link here.

* Finally, there are some stock sources that we do not allow on WP for various reasons. A list of those Banned Stock Sources can be found here!


Our Auction Rules can be found here. These rules apply to any auction you are hosting on the forum, both of WP-related things (such as wolves, items, etc) and of artwork. But please keep in mind that artwork auctions go in the Artwork forum, while other auctions go in the Auctions forum!

* Outside of auctions, our conduct rules for Buying and Selling on the Forum can be found here.


If you wish to vent on our Growl forum, rules regarding that can be found here.


If you wish to make a poll in our Polls forum, rules regarding that can be found here.


If you have an idea for an improvement to the site and want to make a suggestion about it, rules for our Suggestions forum can be found here.


If you want to report a possible bug you have found on the website, guidelines regarding Bug Reports can be found here.


Still confused about some of our site rules? Feel free to post any questions in the Member Help forum or PM a moderator! We're happy to help! You can find a list of all moderators here.

If I missed any links to rules that would be good on this list, please PM me! Keep in mind that I will not be including links to rule reminders, (for example, there are a few pinned threads that remind users of specific rules), as those rules are already listed elsewhere in one of the links above. Hope this helps some people!

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