Last Updated July 26, 2023

Go Go Gatsby Designs, LLC (“GGGD”, “us”, “we” or “our”) strives to provide a gaming experience that is safe and fair for all who play on our sites. These are the Game Rules. If you use our website you are bound to these rules. If you do not agree with these rules, then do not use our website.

Community Conduct Rules

These rules are to be followed on this site with regards to Member behavior and describe what is not acceptable behavior. If you cannot understand, follow, or do not agree with these rules, then please do not use our Community features. (Forum, Chatbox, Gamemail, Blogs, Roleplay, Shoutbox/Comments)

  1. Trolling is not permitted. This includes all aspects of trolling, which may include but not be limited to: harassment, antagonization, pestering, dramatics that upset the community, lying for attention, intentionally starting fights/breaking rules.
  2. Do not negatively discuss other members or gossip about other members. Do not discuss banned members.
  3. Do not start, entice, or perpetuate flame wars or drama. Debates are ok as long as they are civil.
  4. Have respect for your fellow game members. Do not harass, bash or negatively comment towards someone. Do not make passive aggressive remarks to attack or bring others down. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
  5. All instructions from Admin/Mods must be followed at all times, without arguing.
  6. Please make all posts in English as our English-speaking Moderators can't moderate properly if you are speaking in other languages. You may speak whatever language you like in your Gamemail.
  7. Do not post in All Caps. Do not make titles of things in All Caps. Do not make nicknames in All Caps.
  8. Swearing is allowed as long as:
    • It is not directed at anyone.
    • It is not used excessively.
    • It is not used in a vulgar way.
  9. Do not negatively comment on or bash Staff Members, the Game, or the Rules/Terms Of Service/Privacy Policy.
  10. Do not bump topics in the Forum.
  11. Do not discuss other online Games, or pc/console/mobile Games of a similar nature (animal games)
  12. Do not advertise other websites, games, products, or services.
  13. Do not try to sell things for real life money or direct people offsite for real life commission/funding purposes.
  14. Do not mini mod. If people are breaking the rules then use the Help Me link at the bottom of the page to contact the appropriate Staff member.
  15. Do not post personal requests (answer a PM, respond to an RP, etc) in the Chatbox or Forum.
  16. We discourage chatspeak, textspeak, babytalk, etc. Please use proper spelling. The only textspeak permitted is: OMG, OML, LOL, LMAO, and IRL. Do not post excessive numbers of emotes or other nonsense/gibberish. Do not flood the chatbox with lyrics.
  17. Behave like an adult at all times.
  18. Roleplay actions are not permitted in the Chatbox.
  19. Members may not make posts for other members.
  20. Begging or asking for donations is not permitted.
  21. Do not make “leaving” posts to announce that you are quitting the Game. Use your mailbox to contact your friends about it.
  22. Do not invite members to offsite chats or other Games.
  23. Blacklisting members is not allowed. This consists of multiple Game Members ganging up on someone because of a disagreement of some kind, and blocking them from game resources such as art shops/auctions/breeding ads/etc. If you are caught being involved in this type of activity you will be banned from the Community permanently.
  24. Do not ask people for personal information or share personal information. (See Privacy Policy)
  25. All users created content on this site should be PG-13. Do not discuss inappropriate subject matter such as illicit drugs, underage drinking, hacking, self harm, suicide, abuse, explicit sexuality, or other topics that are not PG-13.
  26. Religious content/comments/discussion is permitted on this site provided you are not preaching at people, being hateful, or creating drama.
  27. Fandom content is not permitted on this site with the exception of roleplaying fandoms in your Gamemail or RP Scenes. Discussion of fandoms are fine.
  28. Pictures/Art of humans that show identifying features are not allowed.
  29. If you are advertising in the Sales Chat, you may only make one post until your post falls off the screen. Then you may make another.
  30. All Chatbox content related to Advertising of any type (except RPs), or links to anything For Sale/Breeding/etc belong in the Sales Chatbox. Veiled Advertising is not permitted in the Main Chatbox.
  31. Members are not permitted to post/share that they are planning to commit suicide or to seek advice because they are suicidal. Please contact your local suicide hotline and medical professionals.
  32. Hotlinking is only acceptable in the Chatbox and Gamemail.
  33. If someone blocks you, do not try to get around the block or use others to contact them. Respect their wishes.
  34. Spamming other members' gamemail is not allowed. This means don't send gamemail to other packs asking them to buy your wolves, or breed to your wolves, or any other spam type requests.
  35. Contests may not require an entry fee.
  36. Impersonating staff is not allowed.

We have these rules for the safety of our Community and so that the Game is enjoyable for all. There may be times when content is posted that is upsetting, but within the rules. We recommend that you not read it/participate in discussion about it.


These are the rules that describe what constitutes, but are not limited to, Cheating. If you are caught cheating then infractions against your account will occur. These include things such as fines, timeouts, suspensions, and complete banning. We are not required to give you a Warning on your first offense.

The following actions by game members are strictly prohibited.

  1. Don't transfer Apples or Mushrooms between your accounts. This includes all accounts in your household whether or not they belong to multiple members in your household, or just you.
  2. Don't transfer wolves between your accounts or accounts in your household.
  3. Don't Save links to copyrighted materials where you do not own the copyright or have written permission to use it. This applies to pack avatars, pack page pictures, posting pictures on the forum, or any other part of the site. Do NOT hotlink to any images. This is also stealing. All images used on this site, by members, must be credited. Please see the game Forum Art Shops Section for a sticky on how to properly credit artwork. It is located Here
  4. If you have multiple accounts, they should be played separately on their own, and cannot be used to benefit your other accounts in any way.
  5. Proxy Servers and VPNs may not be used to access WolfPlayGame.com
  6. Don't have other people create accounts for the purpose of transferring Apples, Mushrooms or Wolves to your account.
  7. Don't try to get around the rules by involving another member in rule breaking.
  8. Premium features are for upgraded members only. If you are on a free account, please don't ask Premium members to use any Premium feature for you.
  9. Exploiting bugs for monetary or game advantage is strictly prohibited. Exploits should be reported immediately to the Admin and Mod Team.
  10. Deals between members are at your own risk. Staff will not solve it for you unless it involves real life money (such as purchasing Upgrades). However if you get reported as a scammer, you will be banned.
  11. Only 3 free accounts total are permitted per household.
  12. Attempting to decompose how the game functions is strictly prohibited.
  13. Our website and code are protected under United States and International Copyright laws and treaties, and may not be decompiled, re-used, copied, saved, reproduced, transmitted, hacked, or derived from.
Roleplay Rules

The Rules for Roleplaying are simple and must be followed at all times:

  1. This is a PG-13 Website. No Vulgarity or Sexuality is allowed. This means your Characters need to keep it clean.
  2. Being flirty and young love themes are Ok. Explicit/graphic sexuality is not allowed though.
  3. Roleplay of kinks and/or fetishes is not allowed.
  4. If you are roleplaying and an intimate scene occurs then Time Skip to afterwards.
  5. No forced breeding is allowed.
  6. Fighting is only permitted if both parties want to fight.
  7. God Modding is not allowed.
  8. If you are roleplaying in the Group Roleplay, please be welcoming towards other members who want to participate.
  9. The Group Roleplay is not a chatroom. All content entered should be part of the story and nothing else.
  10. Do not invite members to RP offsite to get around the rules. That is considered predator behavior and results in an Account ban.
  11. Advertising of any other game/RP site is not allowed.
  12. Fandom Roleplays (Warrior Cats, Harry Potter, Marvel, etc) are not allowed on the Forum. You can roleplay a similar idea, but without content from the fandom. For example, a clan of cats RP is ok, as long as no characters, names, places, concepts, ideas, etc from the warrior cats books are used. If you want to roleplay fandoms, you may do so in your game mail, or in the Group Roleplay.
By using our website you agree to follow these Game Rules and you agree to any and all actions taken against you if you break these rules.