Rageing Stormz
01:15:08 That Pet Spider
I just said Crap a lot

I do that on another game that doesn't allow cussing

Though it also censored the word crap
01:15:00 Lunar / Mic
What do y'all think of the custom girl I want to make?

-WP Click-
01:14:17 Aussie Bird
Dagger Pack

No, I wouldn't. It's a 1x1 for a reason, and Person A & B obviously want to RP between themselves if they created a 1x1 for it.
Silver Shadow
01:14:04 Sil
seulement très peu
01:13:52 Lycan
Casp!an maybe. Maybe not.
01:13:29 Your local cryptid
oh darn it i poofed and missed whatever was said to me didn't i
01:13:17 Deci

Oh right. Because every time I look at your page I'm going to see grinch and then hide back under my sheets.


Well, have fun is all I can say. ;)
01:12:20 Deci

You little shit.

Don't use my hatred for grinch against me. xD

Tu parle francais?
01:12:15 Lunar / Mic

I love all my characters but lately I have been mainly in the mood for playing them rather than my females.
01:12:04 Lycan
Casp!an I would have to think about changing the pup's name.
01:11:30 Deci

How cute. Eximus, my male twin is bicurious. Meaning he would only date a man under circumstances.


You could have done some basic name like andy.
Silver Shadow
01:11:19 Sil
I j'aime vous
Dagger Pack
01:10:57 Dag/Verity's Wife

Well lets say A and B are doing a 1x1. C wants to join but both A and B say no. If you were C would you just go ahead and post in the A and B forum?
Silver Shadow
01:10:18 Sil
The grinch will get you! 🤣🤣 okay okay, I'm joking, I don't like the grinch either
01:09:53 Aussie Bird
Dagger Pack

Do you mean a 1x1 that doesn't involve you, or a 1x1 between you and someone else?
01:09:44 Deci

Bonne Nuit.


Lmao. We would probably be saying shit like:

Gosh Darn it

Oh fudge

mother fricker / trucker
01:09:33 Lycan
Casp!an no. I just could not think of a name.
01:09:00 Lunar / Mic

I have twin ravens and twin wolves.

Ace and Nico


Galen and Seren

And they are all gay or bi.
01:08:33 Deci

Of all names, why the grinch. XD

Is this because I told you I don't like the grinch?
Rageing Stormz
01:08:24 That Pet Spider
Not back then we couldn't XD

Back in ye old days XD


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Crushing Strength Wolves May 23, 2019 12:39 PM

Posts: 3887
Okay, so crushing strength wolves and elite speeds tend to do more damage, right? At least that's what I thought as it's the point of their boost. Though, all the wolves on my explore team are trained to the same move [death grip] and all have maxed battle CP but they all do the same amount of damage. They all to 32 damage.
I would have thought the crushing strength wolf would at least do a little more damage.

I'm a little confused, it'd be great if someone could explain.
Crushing Strength Wolves May 23, 2019 12:44 PM

Posts: 2339
32 damage is the max damage a wolf can do sadly (with the exception of critical hits). They do actually do more damage, but if you have a maxed out HW battle wolf, it will be the same since the cap is 32 damage

Edited at May 23, 2019 12:45 PM by Moonshadow
Crushing Strength Wolves May 23, 2019 12:46 PM

Posts: 3887
Awh damn, that kinda sucks... I'm quite tempted to make a suggestion to change that..
Crushing Strength Wolves May 24, 2019 11:38 AM

King Lafayette
Posts: 2072

Eternity said:
Awh damn, that kinda sucks... I'm quite tempted to make a suggestion to change that..

I'd support, it sucks 32 is the cap for boosts oof

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