10:05:46 *wormn on strngi*
Don't talk shit when I'm not here >:(
10:05:42 SpiderPlant

Before the tooth conversation. :)
10:05:33 Goldy
How is it whenever i breed my 67 rarity wolf his pups are always super low rarity it makes me mad
10:05:31 Silly-Wan Kenobi
Very. I've had the retired mod twitches all morning I'm tired
Crescent Moon Pack
10:05:31 DG Queen
Oh, its the plant! I havent seen ya in a while, Aven :D
10:05:17 SpiderPlant

Very fun. :')
10:05:04 Salty Pans
my luck is horrible also...

Hi Aven!!
10:05:03 Sir Whiskers, Mikey
Don't be Salty about that Salty
10:04:56 White
XD we were talking about wisdom teeth there may of been a small misunderstanding
Sleepy Ash
10:04:42 Sloth
Mine grew up underneath the back teeth because my mouth is too small.
10:04:24 Salty Pans
I must be having a bad year because all im breeding is duds.
10:04:21 Silly-Wan Kenobi
Ave it's been off and on all morning we're at peace for now.
Mathew Williams
10:04:07 Mattie|Kumo|MapleBab
Sire Elbows
I am only here to supply my fried knowledge. In my Lamborghini, of course
10:03:59 SpiderPlant
Do you guys need me to quote what drama Silly is talking about or no? If you aren't doing anything wrong then go about your day, but there was drama. :)
10:03:56 Silly-Wan Kenobi
Yeah that's called impaction
Crescent Moon Pack
10:03:55 DG Queen
Silly, i blame Alli.
10:03:35 Silly-Wan Kenobi
I only had 3 in my head. One never grew in on the bottom.
10:03:19 White
i meant they are growing in sideways -Click-
Crescent Moon Pack
10:03:15 DG Queen
I think im the only one in my family who didnt have them removed <.<
10:03:07 Sir Whiskers, Mikey

What is wrong with my English today? This is what I get for learning Spanish


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Crushing Strength Wolves May 23, 2019 12:39 PM

Posts: 1339
Okay, so crushing strength wolves and elite speeds tend to do more damage, right? At least that's what I thought as it's the point of their boost. Though, all the wolves on my explore team are trained to the same move [death grip] and all have maxed battle CP but they all do the same amount of damage. They all to 32 damage.
I would have thought the crushing strength wolf would at least do a little more damage.

I'm a little confused, it'd be great if someone could explain.
Crushing Strength Wolves May 23, 2019 12:44 PM

Posts: 1683
32 damage is the max damage a wolf can do sadly (with the exception of critical hits). They do actually do more damage, but if you have a maxed out HW battle wolf, it will be the same since the cap is 32 damage
Edited at May 23, 2019 12:45 PM by Moonshadow
Crushing Strength Wolves May 23, 2019 12:46 PM

Posts: 1339
Awh damn, that kinda sucks... I'm quite tempted to make a suggestion to change that..
Crushing Strength Wolves May 24, 2019 11:38 AM

King Lafayette
Posts: 1778

Eternity said:
Awh damn, that kinda sucks... I'm quite tempted to make a suggestion to change that..

I'd support, it sucks 32 is the cap for boosts oof

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