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 Blind Bat
07:12:11 I Am Vengeance
I'm about to just drop out of school
 binders united
07:09:31 binders or binders
I am almost done with forest level 6 then I ran out of moves
 Celestial Saga
07:09:29 Queen / Jo
Ohh sorry to hear how come
 Blind Bat
07:08:50 I Am Vengeance

I'm upset and tired and burning up and sick :)
 Blind Bat
07:08:15 I Am Vengeance
imagine a school trying to keep kids from using laptops in class when they willing handed us out laptops

like wtf the laptops for then XD
 Celestial Saga
07:07:41 Queen / Jo
I’m doing okay was meant to train but mom came over to move more stuff. How are you
 Blind Bat
07:03:55 I Am Vengeance

how are you?
 Celestial Saga
07:03:43 Queen / Jo
Hi Bat
 Blind Bat
07:03:29 I Am Vengeance
hi jo
 Celestial Saga
07:01:51 Queen / Jo
06:46:24 Kat ?
I really need a good pup to come along e.e My relic hole is filled with buried pup toys but I haven't had a good pup to use them on in like three game years
06:24:45 Fei the writer
I'm really curious on how stubborn my wolf Salad is
06:24:10 Spider,Rake(He,Him)
random question how does the time counter for the changing pack name work, cause yesterday it said 2 days left and today it says 2 days left
06:21:52 ET
Death script is still 7:45am! :D
-WP Click-
 Dark Fire Wolf
05:36:55 Hell Fire
It is like he is switching between the two of you
05:24:34 Fei the writer
oh what do you know! It's my shark's dinner time!
05:23:18 Boe is a bear, Rawr!
No, he's never going to leave me alone is he.
05:22:46 Amy
It was only the matter of time before he finds you🤣
05:22:15 Boe is a bear, Rawr!
Fei, you need to get a leash of some sort for Salad
He found my Jungle 10 hideaway.


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the invasion | horror rp | openJuly 9, 2024 03:13 PM

Salt Shaker

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reboot of a roleplay originally hosted by myself and a friend
Info is subject to change in case I find any old inconsistencies!
The year is 2003.
On an old ranch in Utah, a group of high school friends is spending the first months of the year volunteering to help with chores and responsibilities while the owners are on vacation, leaving only their eldest child at home to tend to the ranch with the help of their friends. It's been a chilly winter with heavy snow thus far, a miserable experience. Most of the "fun endless sleepover" has been spent holed up inside the farmhouse and hoping to God above that the power doesn't randomly cut.
Last summer there was a coyote problem on the ranch, which had prompted the owners to set up numerous trail cams around the property. These are supposed to be checked daily, but lazy high schoolers have a tendency to leave things be for a while, and they forgot all about it...
Until a sheep was found one morning, completely hollow. They'd never seen anything like it. It wasn't just organs missing - it was like the damn thing had been skinned. All that remained was the pelt, which was oddly intact. Not knowing what else to place blame on, they assumed the coyotes must have somehow eaten everything but the skin, and they scrambled to check every camera's memory card to see if they could catch the culprit and see what time this event occurred -- after all, the sheep were supposed to have been locked up at this time, and there was no sign that it had escaped!
But there was nothing on the cameras, save for one dot at 2:34 AM, on February 16th. A little blue blur in the sky over one of the distant mesas.
For a while, that was it. The sheep was soon forgotten, as was the dot, the strange death passed off as "well, we must have a blindspot somewhere that the coyotes so happened to use".
And then the animals began to behave strangely. Horses would start whinnying in distress in the early hours of the morning, cows were more aggressive than usual, and sheep were always huddled in a circle in the far back of the corral, always. At first, they could be negotiated with and coaxed out by food and a proper spooking, but as the days went by, the sheep became more stubborn, refusing to leave the shelter of the roof. Other animals quickly followed suit.
The cameras are checked more often to see if those damn coyotes are harassing the animals, but of course, there's nothing there. At least, not on the first dates that show up, the ones from a week or two prior. The first of those eerily tall, thin humanoid figures appear on a camera the day an ewe gives birth to a grotesque freak of nature, a six-legged, two-headed lamb that lives for three hours and makes the most horrendous noise anyone has ever heard during that time. That was the first lamb of the season - off to a great start.
That was three days ago. Ever since then, more things have been appearing on the trail cameras, though no identifying features can be found. Strange, malformed tracks start appearing in the snow outside, circling the barn, the coops...
the house.
And on the night of February 25th, 2003, in a small ranch in Utah, the third kind makes contact.

Rules - post 2

Human information - post 2

Alien information - post 2

Ranch information - post 3

Character list - post 4

Sign-up template - post 4

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the invasion | horror rp | openJuly 9, 2024 03:13 PM

Salt Shaker

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1 - Follow Eve’s rules

2 - Must be active! Please try and post at least 2-3 times a week. You must participate in the discussion and answer PMs from me if I send them, or else it will be assumed you are no longer interested in the RP and will be booted.

3 - No Mary Sues or Gary Stus, no perfect characters overall. Make sure your characters have flaws!

4 - Reservations last 48 hours.

5 - Two characters max for everybody. Characters are going to be killed off, so please make two if one of yours is going to die.

6 - Do not make this a romance-centric roleplay. Romance is allowed, but the focus of this roleplay should not be romantic relationships.

7 - Please be semi-lit and write at least two paragraphs per post!

  • ·················•·················•

(The Humans)

The friend group has known each other for a while now, maybe a few years. They’re close-knit and know each other well. The friend group is made up of 16-19 year olds.

However, as things tend to go with long-lasting friend groups, some of the members have begun to drift and possibly even resent one another. Not everything is as it seems - if the kids even bother trying to hide resentment, as some teens can be especially petty. Being holed up in an old farmhouse for so long with increasingly paranormal events occurring just outside the brittle glass windows, relationships and bonds are bound to be tested...

  • ·················•·················•

(The Aliens)

The aliens, in their true form, are your classic eerily tall and thin grays. However, the most the kids will ever see of this form is the blurry outlines on the trail cams.

The aliens have a remarkable ability to adapt in order to blend in with new environments, taking the form of the animals on the planet. At first, they may be sheep - odd sheep that make weird sounds and have larger eyes than usual, but it'll probably fool the teens long enough. Long enough for them to start posing as their Fellow Human, anyways!

Similarly to The Thing, these aliens will have to kill the lifeform they seek to imitate. However unlike The Thing, they aren't perfect imitators, nor are they as aggressive and as skilled at stealing appearances. They do not assimilate, they strictly imitate, meaning that they can steal the appearance and voice of a human, but that human's body might still be around... somewhere. They can steal the memories too, taking enough information to blend in with the others. However, some features may be adjusted - some of the kids may notice that their straight-haired friend suddenly has white curly strands in their hair, almost as curly as sheep wool... or their tear ducts seem too pronounced, too long... or their nails seem too firm, too dark, like they're permanently stained by dark polish... Of course, these minor appearance flaws aren't the case for every alien involved, and some can get by just fine without being noticed. Depends on the skill of the actor.

When roleplaying the aliens, you will be roleplaying as their human form and will go by the name that their human host had. The goal of the aliens is to eliminate these pesky humans and perhaps mask as them too. The high schoolers have been potentially preyed on before February 25th, when it became obvious that something distinctly Extraterrestrial was invading the farm, so some of the teens could have been caught while running errands or trying to check the trail cams (reminder that this is 2003, so they'd have to go out into the snow to grab the memory cards and check). Your alien could have infiltrated the friend group as early as February 3rd, when the crew first arrived on Earth and began scouting the farm.

For Humans who are potentially caught by aliens - you will have to make minor adjustments to character behavior/appearance, enough to where something is definitely off but maybe not so easy to prove. You'll have to write a switching scene when your human is replaced by an alien impersonator and plot it out in the discussion, but no other character should know unless they directly witnessed the event.

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the invasion | horror rp | openJuly 10, 2024 05:23 PM

Salt Shaker

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(The Ranch)

The Ranch has 300 acres of land, for breeding and trading stock. There are some horses used in training lessons, but the main focus is sheep and cattle. While living on the ranch, the friend group will be tasked with farm chores and generally just upkeep of the house. The house itself has multiple bedrooms. The ranch house has an expansive kitchen, a large living room area, and three floors. The house was built in the late 1800s, meaning it's especially dated in some areas and still has the original windows in many rooms, as well as some faulty electricity since the house existed before electricity was mainstream.

The Ranch is owned by the Davis family. However, all of them but their eldest child are on a long trip currently, and they won't be home until March 10th. If the eldest volunteered to stay behind on their own volition or was obligated to for some reason or another is the player's choice.

the invasion | horror rp | openJuly 10, 2024 05:26 PM

Salt Shaker

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(Character List)

Humans [no max]

1 - name/age/player/page

2 - name/age/player/page

3 - name/age/player/page

4 - name/age/player/page

5 - name/age/player/page

*reminder that One of these humans has to have the surname Davis and be the owner of the ranch!

  • ·················•·················•

Aliens [ four max at start ]

1 - name/age/player/page

2 - name/age/player/page

3 - name/age/player/page

4 - name/age/player/page

  • ·················•·················•

Sign-up Template

[ ** is optional ]




Gender + pronouns

Human or Impersonation?






the invasion | horror rp | openJuly 10, 2024 05:27 PM

Salt Shaker

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this is neow open 🥳
the invasion | horror rp | openJuly 10, 2024 05:59 PM


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Oh how I would love to join this RP. I have too many other RPs right now though, so I really can't join without killing my motivation. I hope to see this RP succeed though. ^^
the invasion | horror rp | openJuly 11, 2024 11:17 AM

Salt Shaker

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Mortimer Caswell




Unlabeled - Probably Demi

[Gender + Pronouns]

Male | He/Him

[Human or Impersonation ?]



Mort is the resident “weird kid” at school, and he definitely looks the part. Gangly and tall, Mort stands at a towering 6’3, mainly due to his freakishly long legs that give him the spindly appearance of a cellar spider. The boy has long fingers and long arms as well, but he’s not very knobby even despite being maybe a few pounds under the suggested weight - he’s actually surprisingly strong, especially in his arms and core, as he does aerial performances as a hobby. He’s an aspiring circus performer, after all! Though everyone thinks he may be bound for the freakshow and not the aerial stunts.

Mort has permanent eyebags and a sharp hawk nose. He looks a bit gaunt, though not concerningly so, just enough to be constantly compared to every Tim Burton character that comes on TV. This comparison is further encouraged by his pasty pale skin, so pale that he barely even has the normal pink blush on his fingertips or cheeks. Sometimes the boy looks like he just got out of the morgue, especially with that creepy tight-lipped toothy grin he has.

Mort has fluffy dark brown hair. It’s medium-length (for a male) and has a middle part. Though he puts in some effort to style it well, it still manages to gather grease often. He insists he practices basic hygiene, it’s just his accursed genetics and this evil wicked teenhood making him out to be more monstrous than he truly is.

He also dresses like he just exited a time machine. Maybe he’s just a wax figure that escaped the nearby museum. He’s usually in pleated pants, a button-up blouse, and suspenders. Sometimes he likes to adorn himself in make-up inspired by 1920s theater with thin black lips and sad, downturned eyes. He likes to give himself thin long eyeliner that resembles lashes but is more spider-leg-like in appearance.


Odd | Pestering | Curious | Apathetic | Excitable | Provocative | Creative

Mort is weird. That is usually obvious by his appearance alone, but once you get to know him, the fact is just further solidified. He’s the black sheep at school and he knows it. It hasn’t made him quiet or withdrawn - in fact, it’s inspired him to purposely antagonize those that he knows are off-put by his presence, he finds it amusing. Sometimes his behavior can be a bit performative, playing the role of the kooky weird kid with no boundaries to just how strange he can be, simply to get his perceived enemies to squirm.

Mort likes to mess with many things just to get a reaction. He has no impulse control and if he’s told not to do something, he will immediately turn around and go do exactly that, with the sole purpose of irritating someone out there. He likes to respond to questions with “What?” and then respond to every repetition with “What? I can’t hear you!” until whoever is talking to him gives up in frustration. He can be extremely provocative, seeking out kids who are known for their temper and dancing on their nerves until he has to bolt away before they can get him for it. If someone is resting their head on their palm in front of him in class, he’ll slowly raise his shoe up before suddenly kicking their elbow out from under them, causing them to nearly hit their head on the desk. The only people off limits from his constant obnoxious behavior are his friends, and even then, he’ll pick on them in a less mischievous manner.

He’s so hellbent on picking on people, actually, that he’s definitely the friend you don’t want to be alone with ever, or he’ll purposely try to scare you at every opening. Tense moments are made worse by Mort and his constant yelping or flinching as he tries to act scared in order to rile his partner up. He likes to hide at the end of hallways and then sprint after the others to scare them from behind. He loves spiders, they’re his favorite animal, and he’ll grab them off the ceiling to toss them at friends he knows are arachnophobes. It’s not with any malice, however - it’s just how he tries to have fun, he thinks it’s funny to get everyone worked up. Anyway, it goes without saying that Mort is more committed to the bit than reading the room, and his empathy can be fairly low at times.

Mort is a curious person at heart and always wants to study new things. And people. He loves his fellow outcast students who don’t fit the mold and have obscure interests. He could listen to them go on for hours about their special interests, he loves listening to people talk about things they are passionate about and absorbing it into his own interests and hobbies. Despite how strange and antagonistic he can be, he’s very inclusive to the outcast kids and is always willing to jump right into what they like to do and watch the media they like to watch. Anything that deviates from the norm is cool in Mort’s book. Outcast kids and new, strange occurrences, kind of like the stuff happening on the ranch right now! Which he treats as some undocumented event that he must study closely instead of something to be really worked up over - Mort still thinks there’s some natural oddity occurring and hasn’t yet grasped the gravity of the situation.

Mort is highly energetic and creative, usually always doing something to pass the time. He even brought his silks to the ranch house so he could hang them up in his room and practice aerial performances. He’ll hold full conversations with whoever comes to the room to visit him while he dangles upside down from the ceiling and works on his contortionism act. Mort is a very crafty individual and always has these ideas for brilliant inventions, though he never has the motivation to actually make them - these, he feeds instead to his friend Nin, who does tend to tinker with things.

Usually, this is the part where the kindness and protectiveness that Mort hides deep down is revealed, but… there’s nothing there to be revealed. No, he’s not exactly a bully, but he is a jackass for pranks and he is seldom genuinely kind and soft unless he absolutely must be. It’s just very awkward for him, he doesn’t know how to do that and it doesn’t come naturally. He’s protective to an extent - you have to be one of his closest, closest friends, and the situation must be dire for him to decide he’ll override his self-preservation instincts for the sake of someone else.

However, he is loyal and vengeful. A lot of his targets at school that he spends his time messing with in a not-friendly manner are usually people who have wronged him or his friends in some way, and now he’s taken it upon himself to make them regret the day they ever made his friend upset by constantly, ceaselessly bothering them. He’ll never get in a physical fight but he will drive them insane by merely being himself, and that’s probably worse.


-Learning, either about people, their niche interests, or the world in general. Mort excels in school because he actually loves listening to people yap about literally any subject.

-Spreading mischief and purposely messing with people, either playfully (friends) or maliciously (anyone he or his friends don’t like). Perhaps there are some people in the friend group who think he’s just Being Typical Playful Mort, when in reality, no. This Jesting Behavior does actually come from a place of genuine malice this time.

-Spiders and cats, his two favorite animals!

-vintage fashion and products

-aerial arts and contortionism


-Serious or ‘dull’ people. Unauthentic people or those who are very predictable.

-Garlic bread… yuck… it gives him heartburn. If you don’t want dinner with Mort, make garlic bread, it’ll keep him at bay like a vampire

-People who dislike cats. He thinks it’s an automatic red flag

-being kept in the dark. Mort hate hate hates secrets, he will make it his personal mission to extract information if he senses something amiss… which has led to bad outcomes before and will again.

-Mice. Sometimes people think he may have a personal vendetta against mice. He arrived at the farmhouse with several packs of mouse traps because he knew the old place would be crawling with vermin and he’s itching to exterminate them.


-he's probably not a close good pal of everyone in the group. Might have just tagged along because some of his friends who were more included in the group were going.


the invasion | horror rp | openJuly 13, 2024 09:12 AM


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Can I reserve a human?
the invasion | horror rp | openJuly 13, 2024 09:56 AM

Salt Shaker

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the invasion | horror rp | openJuly 14, 2024 02:24 PM

sleepless nights

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“I’m down to Earth… teehee.”

[ pronunciation ]

Nin Ban-dar-ee

[ Nin = Grace ]

[ Bhandari = Treasurer ]

[ age ]


[ gender + pronouns ]

Male + He/Him

[ sexuality ]


[ mbti ]


[ human or impersonator ]


[ personality ]

Nin Bhandari serves all traits of being the "intelligent yet clumsy" nerd, who experiences an overwhelming amount of confidence shown through completion of bad ideas, unluckiness, and other un-charming factors that drag him down. He is a passionate character, always striving to be the best, in skills, hobbies, personality, and in any contest, whatsoever. Nin will always make his way to the top, whether clawing or soaring up, through whatever means giving to him. With means of extreme overconfidence and a brain made for bad inventions, Nin has the tendency to aim for a high-risk yet promising goal, and yet trip along the way, and come tumbling back down the hill. His failure is almost comedic--Nin's life has constantly been followed by a looming, dark cloud.

Nin is resourceful, clever, and knows his way around a circuit board. With great intelligence comes great creativity, and Nin always finds himself being able to whip up a little contraption on the spot with what is around him. He uses them for no great plans, other than a completely useless plot. He may use an invention to do his homework for him, but it messes up and writes the answers in ancient Greek. No matter how many failures obscure his goals, Nin is rarely ever let down, and continues to push through ruts and obstacles. He is propelled by the manifestation that no matter what happens to him, he'll always win and beat the competition, but it never not happens in a way he'll expect. As stated before, he may create something promising, it will break and do the exact opposite, and yet, it works out in the end all in chance.

He loves to blabber, and to talk just to hear himself talk. Nin is stocked up with many ideas for conversation, and will pour a waterfall of words from his mouth whenever he's with his friends. To many others, he is annoying to be around, and does not let others get a word into his rants, but Nin genuinely means well, and will eventually pace down his thoughts when he feels like he's put too much into the conversation. Going alongside his blabber-mouth, he experiences very little embarrassment and concern for self. He has a tendency to put his "secrets" on blast, and follow them up with some concerning jokes. Nin is the type to open up on the first date, trauma dump, and then never call you back. He can be considerably hard to get along with because of these reasons, but those who he is close to, he will tone down many notches and go into a more "docile" mood where he doesn't feel like he has to talk just to fill the air.

Nin has always been one to stand out. From a young age, he fell victim to… neurodivergence mixed with the Lubbock Lights from 1951. Ever since discovering the fictional worlds of aliens, UFO's, and strange light rays, Nin has been obsessed with the idea of living things out in outer space. Because of struggles with socializing, to "fit in," and to make himself more palatable to others, he became calloused to the idea of masking himself to "fit in." Nin is fully aware he functions differently from other people, and fully embraces it. He believes that if he had to train to "fit in," and that still fails, he should give up on the idea to "fit in," and rather to allow his true personality to take place. On some level, Nin genuinely refers to and thinks of himself as an "alien," and as odd as it may sound, that is the byproduct of neurodivergence mixed with the Lubbock Lights from 1951. He considers himself an alien because he stands out from others in personality, finding himself falling short on social skill, and unable to partake in conversation with others.

On the contrary, Nin hates any fictional stories, conspiracy theories, and anything immediately deemed "untrue." When he was younger, he fell for these schemes many times, which ironically birthed his special interest for outer space. As Nin grew older, he developed the idea that "if I wasn't there to see it, it obviously didn't happen!" He can be a horrible elitist and untrusting towards other people. If Nin were to make a pyramid made of blocks concerning the roles of other people in his life, he would always put himself at the very, very top. Nin's favorite person is not himself, however, but rather his friends or an obscure "UFO analyst." Nin just trusts himself the most out of any other person he knows, and if he could, he would be the person performing his own surgeries, signing his own paychecks, and the person who reaches for him when he's dangling off a cliff.

Nin is… a bit of a doormat. Although he cares little about opinions of others, he still cares about pleasing others as a possible way to get something he wants (perhaps, a bully to leave him alone, or a friend to give him something he'd fancy). He will take any opportunity to be greedy, even if the prize is not worth the risk. He can also be a doormat when it comes to people he has platonic or romantic crushes on. If he feels as if he has to make a good impression, he will break his back trying to bend over for them. Nin also loves to give gifts to his friends, and can be overly giving, which can make him a target for abusive friends. When Nin has made a new friend and/or crush, he will practically shower them in affection, whether it be gifting a pointless contraption, or just cheesing about them to their faces. If he manages to make a connection with another person and they overcome that sickening amount of talking in the friend-making stage, he holds them close and dear to himself. He tends to cherish anyone who appreciates him at the same level he cherishes himself.

Nin thinks of himself as a leader. Not only as a leader, but the obviously most important person in the room, and must get whatever he wants. He has many reasons for feeling like he deserves better than others, but none of them are surprising for any brash reasons. Not that he is more intelligent than others or anything along that line, but because he feels like he was born with a natural right to "be the first in line." At the core of his personality, he can be a "tad" vindictive. Nin is the type to fight others for a leadership role, to get the biggest prize, and to view himself as the main character of a fake story. He tends to treat his friends as "sidekicks," but only because he views himself as the most important in his own life. He could understand how others could view themselves as the most important people in their own lives, but Nin strives to be more than that.

Nin treating himself better than everyone can run deeper than just believing he deserves an extra candy bar than the next person. In some aspects, he believes that he should be the one running the country, not this silly president who just voted for a law that he, Nin, didn't like! The new NASA experiment just had its launch date held back? Nin now believes that he, Nin, should be the one running the experiments because he would have it launched in half the time! His little sister claims he is full of himself? No! He, Nin, is the least full person in the entire world, of course. In conclusion, whatever it is, Nin will always be at the top of his invisible mountain, sitting on a throne that no one can touch.

Despite all these unlikeable traits of Nin's, he can be a genuinely kind, and caring person. Thing is, he falls short on being able to show it. He devotes all of his free time to the upwards of three people he keeps dearest, and shuts himself off socially when he feels like he knows enough people. Even calling his friend a "side kick to his hero," it is still affection in his book. He shows he loves his friends through brutal honesty with them, aforementioned gift giving, and just accepting to do things with them. Nin is rarely the one to invite others to hang out, but will always come if he's invited. He will chalk it up to "wanting to get it over with," but in reality, he's been hyping himself up for this day weeks before it even happened. If Nin notices that his friends are having a bit of trouble with someone or something, he will always be the one to step up first to offer to help them with it--to which he'll chalk it up to, "No one else could do it as great as I could!"

Despite having some… villainous traits… Nin is morally all there, with some grey-ness every now and then.. He has moral boundaries--unless it's him or his friends, sometimes. He is the type to help an old grandmother cross the street one day, and then the next, build a device to turn a stop light on green whenever he needs it on the road, regardless if people are crossing or not. Whenever the world is at peace, Nin must do something to sculpt it more to his vision. However, he holds his friends, children, and animals at a higher importance to himself, and would never put those in harm's way. Nin could live a sincerely positive-impacting life, if it weren't for the way he lived it currently.

[ strengths ]

Inventive - Intelligence matched with creativity means he is able to create unique inventions. They may be of no use the majority of the time, but at least it’s his favorite hobby and it brings him joy. He may create something with a little use, like an automatic stove, but beyond that little use, it’s pointless.

Confident - Being able to take stride in everything he does, Nin’s confidence is unmatched. However, this is more of a neutral trait, because it can still bring him bad luck. He tends to go with his gut on most issues, even if the option he is going for is obviously the worse one.

Leaderlike - Nin always takes charge first. He may fight to take the leadership position, but he surprisingly treats it well. Although he seems like the wrong choice because of his socialization issues, he can be perfectly patient, collected, and kind to others if the time is needed.

Persistent - He simply cannot let things be. This can be seen as a weakness, but the way Nin acts, it will be categorized as a strength. He will always finish a task, mostly right away, and do it perfectly. If he does not get his way, he will continue to grasp at it until he has it.

[ weaknesses ]

Vain - Nin can be… full of himself sometimes. Deeming himself the “greatest” (besides his beloved friends, of course) comes with some annoyance from others. He has trouble seeing the importance in other people because he can be so focused on himself.

Socially Inept - Nin has a complete lack of understanding of how to interact with others. He will gauge friendship based on how loyal another person is, instead of the bond created. Nin can also be incredibly annoying to anyone who doesn’t know him, as he will talk and talk forever to new people, or just people he doesn’t know well.

Perfectionist - The most detail possible has to go into everything he does. Nin will spend hours on a puzzle just to up the pieces perfectly, not to fit them together. He is also very particular about his words, although he tends to just talk to talk. However, this can be a strength, as he plans out things well.

Immoral - Not that Nin is completely devoid of empathy or morality, but he’s certainly skimping on it. He can be genuinely empathetic or moral when the time is needed, but most times, he’s morally grey and functions on what will get him what he wants.

[ likes ]

Space - The holy grail of Nin’s personality. His love for outer space trumps all other qualities of him, and he could talk about it for hours. All of his knowledge centers around outer space--specifically on extraterrestrial life.

Friends - Nin is a simp. He loves his friends, almost as much as he loves himself. He would do pretty much anything for them. He doesn’t originally base friendships off bonds, but the more he gets to know them, the more he becomes undeniably attached to them.

[ dislikes ]

Dogs - Not that Nin hates dogs, it’s more like… he’s terrified of them and pretends he isn't. He appreciates them from a distance, but their large jaws, full of sharp teeth, and slobbered-on gums… yuck. He can’t help but tremble in one’s presence!

Rain - He hates the texture of rain. Wet, salty raindrops on his skin will make him freak out. The feeling of damp clothes is something that can be matched to his own, personal circle of hell. If it’s raining outside, he’ll probably stay home the entire day.

[ voice ]

Nin’s voice sounds shy and demure, compared to his erratic personality. It’s a soft, mid-toned voice that sounds similar to Wirt from OTGW. Sometimes he may trip up on his words and garble what he was going to say, but he typically speaks quite fast-paced. Sometimes, when ranting, Nin will suck in a deep breath, give it a second, and then continue to ramble. He also accentuates his words by adding dramatics to them, like raising his voice or prolonging the word itself. He speaks similar to a theatre major, exaggerating his voice to put emphasis on what he’s saying. He often has voice cracks. Nin also has a large, boisterous laugh that is followed by coughing.

[ appearance ]
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[ other ]

Yes, Nin genuinely does think he is an alien. He thinks he was sent to Earth, as a baby, to infiltrate the humans and return back to his home planet when he grows older. I highly encourage bullying of my weird little guy.

Nin’s favorite singer is Britney Spears.

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