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04:09:45 Vah is banned
When you're tired of your own shenanigans
04:09:36 Boeing, or Boe
I probably shouldn't be talking in foreign languages in chat lol

Uh... I'm going to lose again tho. And my DH is off-limits for today because I've killed him too many times
04:09:23 Leo, Lion (He/him)
Wager can just be like 5 mush or something! :D
04:09:16 ET
Guys you can block yourself LMAO. I can't see my own chat messages
04:08:42 Vana
Yes. I moved to a different state and my accent gets remarked and my grammar is not good when I speak.

Yes I sound like an average redneck you see in Kansas.
04:08:31 Leo, Lion (He/him)
Wanna PvP a few rounds?
04:07:54 Ironstrange Brainrot

-YT Click-
04:07:25 Chior, Jax

I'm learning between my freetime

:^ I'm failing miserably

but hello
04:06:51 ET
I lived in Germany for 2 years and also studied it for 3, but my German is so so shit LMAO, at least compared to the average German's English.
 Midnight Moon Pack
04:06:43 Dark Skies
If anyone disses you on it tell them its cultural heritage & true to the subject/setting
04:06:26 Spider
Bye Chat
04:06:04 Boeing, or Boe
I took German for two years
Die Deutschen Jungen ist hier! Was ist los?
04:05:22 Vana
Dark Skies
My southern ties made up ain't. Perchance I use it in my essay again.
04:05:22 Boeing, or Boe
De Bri'ish is heeer, with theeer reeed neeecks
04:04:59 Chior, Jax


release the German
04:04:46 Vah is banned

Thank you, thank you. It's my job.

I'm like the mix between the village idiot and the village granny.
 Midnight Moon Pack
04:04:34 Dark Skies
Pardon me a phrase or expression not a word
04:04:16 ET
Amazing, amazing *^*
 Continental Wolves
04:04:09 Emmet , Spoopy Wolf
04:03:57 Chrissy
i bought a charger literally yesterday and it's already broken. 😞


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Destined Hearts | RP Sign-ups | OPENMarch 28, 2024 12:44 AM

Suburban Disaster
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In the new world where technology is the supporting system of life, people have found a way to determine soulmates. These people aren't often matched by personality, but instead randomly picked by the Universe. The people believe that the Universe created them all to evolve and expand to new habitable planets. It is believed that the Universe always had soulmates out in the world, though hardly anybody could find their own. After technology had been updated enough, the Soulfinder was created. The Soulfinder uses complicated satellites (and other stuff we won't get into) to "communicate" with the Universe. When someone is born, they are given a chip, which allows them to see the name and location of their soulmate. There are very rare occurrences of someone being born with two soulmates, or even none. Recently, the Soulfinders have been malfunctioning, and producing wrong matches. Nobody knows this except for the scientists watching everything and, of course, the Universe. Some people report having trouble getting along with their soulmate but they continue to try, despite the hard conditions.
Is your soulmate really meant for you?

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Destined Hearts | RP Sign-ups | OPENMarch 28, 2024 12:50 AM

Suburban Disaster
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1. Follow all WP rules
2. No Mary Sues, Gary Sues, or God-Modding, please!
3. Also don't make your character have a too-tragic backstory
3. I don't really have a minimum or maximum word count, as long as you are giving good detail and something for others to reply to
4. Maximum characters is 2 for now
5. Please be active. This roleplay will have some random events that would be better if everyone was a part of it
6. Please try to use good grammar!
7. Hate the character, not the pack
8. I will control NPC's, so please send me a PM if you need me to
9. Please keep everything in the forums, unless you are asking someone else a question or you need help. I do not want this roleplay to be spread to PMs
Destined Hearts | RP Sign-ups | OPENMarch 28, 2024 12:54 AM

Suburban Disaster
Posts: 658
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Sign-Up Sheet
Name: (Full name please! Middle names are optional)
Number of soulmates:
Physical Appearance: (At least 4 sentences)
Personality: (At least 4 sentences)
Strengths: (At least 2)
Weaknesses: (At least 2)
Family: (Ask others! Your characters can't be related)
Backstory: (Optional. Doesnt have to be extravagant)

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Destined Hearts | RP Sign-ups | OPENMarch 28, 2024 12:59 AM

Suburban Disaster
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Soulmate Picking
After I get enough accepted sheets, I will use a random number generator to decide between 0-2 soulmates. The likelihood of 0 or 2 soulmates will be very low. You may PM me if you would like to try and change your number once it is assigned. Afterward, I will put all the characters into a random name generator according to sexuality and gender and will roll it. I will then let you know about your soulmate(s).
One Soulmate
1: RESERVED - Biologist at Work
2: Rosella Inez Riene - The Tea Drinkers
3: Nia Smith - Silver Via
Two Soulmates
1: RESERVED - Biologist at Work
2:RESERVED - Austan vindar
Zero Soulmates

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Destined Hearts | RP Sign-ups | OPENMarch 28, 2024 07:37 AM

Biologist at Work
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I have been waiting for this *-* Reserving both a role for Two Soulmates and One Soulmate, please!
Destined Hearts | RP Sign-ups | OPENMarch 28, 2024 08:43 AM

Suburban Disaster
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Biologist at Work said:
I have been waiting for this *-* Reserving both a role for Two Soulmates and One Soulmate, please!

Destined Hearts | RP Sign-ups | OPENMarch 29, 2024 01:47 PM

Silver via
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Name: Nia Smith
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Heterosexual leaning towards Ace possibly
Physical Appearance:
Nia has wavy light brown hair and eyes that are bright green. Her skin in lightly tanned and she has a spatering of ferckles across her checks. Her build is on the taller side and quite slim. She dresses in jeans and a t-shirt more often then not, but wears the ocasional long skirt for the fun of it.
Nia is friendly and a bit sarcastic at times, but she can be down right awkward around people at times. At first glance she seems pretty laid back, but after getting to know her she's a bit off the walls and tends to be chaotic neutral at times. Although chaotic, she rarely raises her voice and hates seeing others in pain, emotional or physical. She's not good with her own feelings and is clueless half the time.
Caring/thoughtful- Nia is the kind of person who you could knock on her door at three am and, after she dragged herself out of bed, would make some hot coaco and listen to anything you had to say.
Quick- She is a fast thinker and can normally get herself out of trouble. And if that doesn't work she can run pretty fast, making it kinda hard to catch her.
Selfdoubt- She second gesses herself a lot and needs verbal reasurance at times for her to rembemer that everythings okay and that people care about her.
Weak- She can reach the top shelf, but she's not much help if you need someone toprotect you. She'd try her best, but probably end up injured.
Family: Open, PM me

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Destined Hearts | RP Sign-ups | OPENMarch 30, 2024 06:56 AM

The Tea Drinkers
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I think I might toss my girly in here :0 reserve one soulmate please
Destined Hearts | RP Sign-ups | OPENMarch 30, 2024 02:07 PM

Suburban Disaster
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The Tea Drinkers said:
I think I might toss my girly in here :0 reserve one soulmate please

Destined Hearts | RP Sign-ups | OPENMarch 30, 2024 03:02 PM

The Tea Drinkers
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Rosella Inez Riene

~The Pure Rose~


Rose (more to be added)


19 (ish)






Bisexual and polysexual


Rosella walks with the grace and beauty that becomes a lady of her family. She isn't very tall, standing at only 5'4, but her nimbleness and agility make up for this. She has warm, darker skin, the colour of burnt caramel or burnished bronze. She has few scars to show, though the few she does have, she prides herself over, considering them the marks of a warrior. Her body is slender and lithe, making it easier for her to slip through unnoticed, though she has been caught quite a few times, due to her risky actions. Although she complains deeply about her hair, she loves the dark, silky strands, the oil black waves usually pulled back into braids or elaborate up-dos, from braids to winding shapes, like stars in the night sky. She adores the sunlight, and seems to glow and bask in the bright beams, and takes great care to spend as much time as possible in the outdoors.

The eyes are considered a window to the soul, and this is very true for Rosella. Her dark eyes, nearly black, are soulful and deep, offering the best chance at catching a glimpse of her feelings. Her face is oval shaped, and her eyes are the most prominent feature there, giving her an innocent, child-like appearance that she uses to her advantage. Her eyelashes are long and curved, and she has a tiny scar at the corner of her right eye, but it's barely noticeable unless one looks closely. Her hands are delicate and willowy, a lock-pickers hand, or those of an illusionist, and as a child, were constantly covered in ink and henna, and on her sixteenth birthday, she was granted permission to have flowers tattooed over her fingers and wrists, covering part of her forearms. During heists, she usually covers them with powder, not wanting anyone to have a way to recognize her.

She often dresses in flowing clothes, during her time away from her duties, she can almost always be found in some nook of a library, dressed to the nines in her richly coloured swatches. For the most part, however, she wears more practical clothing, such as breeches, and hooded tunics, with many hidden pockets for knives, poisons, and whatever else she decides to bring along. She always has a tiny gold chain around her neck, for no particular reason other than the fact that she likes it.


Rosella is mostly known for her reserved nature, although those she considers to be close to her will see her as quick to laugh, and a very cheerful soul. She is mentally strong, although she occasionally suffers from anxiety, especially before a task, and she also struggles with dyslexia, which is why she often takes herself away to quiet, dusty corners, and softly reads aloud to try to teach herself better. She goes for her own aspirations without hesitation, considering herself to be as important, or even more so, than the people surrounding her, even when the mission is not necessarily built around her. She is quiet, and tends to shy away from talking to strangers, unless they manage to put her at ease right away. She loves dancing, and old timey music, especially the songs that sound smoky and warm.

She loves to share her opinions, especially on matters that aren't very important, and debating is one of her most honed skills. Unfortunately, she is quite keen on the sound of her own voice, and will talk constantly if she feels comfortable with someone. Rosella is very impish, and is always down for a prank or joke within her own family or friend group. The loyalty she has for her family is nearly frightening, willing to risk her all for the greater good. Known as the Lynx, she is very agile and graceful, and is known for being able to slip away undetected, and her spider-like movements make her an ideal choice for evening events. She is earnest and easy-going, appreciating the attention that is given to her.

She is quite fond of black cats and crows, and considers animals to be equal to humans. In her eyes, any creatures are like siblings to her, and animal abuse is the worst thing she can think of. Her knives are also *very* important to her. She has three little knives that she keeps in her sleeves, and one in her bustier, and each has a name and a purpose. She is vaguely religious, but keeps her faith out of most aspects of her life, unless someone asks.

A bit vain, Rosella does care greatly about her complexion, and tries to keep herself looking as beautiful as possible, prioritizing her beauty over many other things, which is clear in the way she does her makeup and dresses herself. However, she tries to dress for herself rather than someone else, but if someone catches her eye, she will try to find out as much about them to try to impress them.

Backstory*: WIP T_T


-Knives hehe-





-dancing (ballet)-

-warm days-




-the colour orange-



-non-fiction books-

-big dogs-

-public affection-


Theme Song or Quote*:

“A girl doesn’t need anyone who doesn’t need her.”

~Marilyn Monroe

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