Don't have any honestly
You art is very pretty
los campesinos!
12:21:15 xe/it/he
-WP Click- criticism
Megan :)
12:20:51 Pitbull momma
Keep or retire?
-WP Click-
12:17:50 Tea Spirits
mornin Shen!
12:17:24 Shen
morning all
Megan :)
12:14:46 Pitbull momma
Thank you! :)

Very pretty
12:12:09 Tea Spirits
Megan - Handsome boi!
Dark gold

Thank you
That's what I thought to! :)

I think it's going to turn out pretty cool especially after some light work

Was just having mixed thoughts :')
Megan :)
12:11:46 Pitbull momma
-WP Click-
check it ;)
12:11:27 Tea Spirits
I now have a stamp >:P
12:08:08 Tea Spirits
Jack - Or just delete the number in full from your phone? loll
The different colors in the skin is whats giving it life though! Looks incredible, I'm sure they'll love it
I still have another good hour of work left with the skin
So ya know it's no where near finished
I think I'm getting carried away with the different colors in the skin
But personnally I like color contrast
So I think I'ma keep it and pray that the commissioner likes the end result

Bella the Shredder
12:02:55 Bella
Your wolves played: Blossom and Canyon relentlessly chase 🍪Cookie🍪 of pack Wind Winder through the meadow.

Sorry @Wind Winder through the meadow.
Jack Frost
12:01:46 Kháos
I shall keep it to avoid making that error again. 💀
11:58:47 Tea Spirits
Nezu - Hello!

Sabby - Hey hey!

Jack - yikes, that's kinda funny I'm sorry.
Jack Frost
11:57:44 Kháos
I texted a "random" number to find who it is, and guess what? I texted my ex's dad. 😕
11:50:48 Grandpa


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Sacred | Post-Apocalyptic RP | Lit | Open! January 16, 2022 12:18 PM

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Sacred | Post-Apocalyptic RP | Lit | Open! January 16, 2022 12:42 PM

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Sacred | Post-Apocalyptic RP | Lit | Open! January 16, 2022 01:18 PM

Nevaehina's Den
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~Completed ~
Raphael Coleman
[Ra- phy- ele]
Raph, Soot/ Cole
"If I wanted your opinion, I would've asked."
(He do be curious)
Raph has a light tan skin tone due to his half Latino bloodline. His face oval in nature though paired with a sharp jaw line and is sprinkled with a few dark colored freckles. His lips are quite thin, being a light pink in colour though his bottom lip is a slightly darker coloured hue. His eyes are quite the dark shade of brown. People have complimented him by saying that they resemble deep pools of warm chocolate. When angry, these warm brown hues turn into a dark, wild brown. His eyebrows are thin and dark choclate almost black. His hair dark, chocolatey black hair is kept as short as possible. Though it's never been properly cut so it's often uneven and messy. But if and when he lets it grow out, even in it's short length, it's quite curly. When it does grow too long, Raph just pulls it back in a messy bun. A long thin scar reaches from the side of his nose to just a few inches from his ear, caused by an accident whilst on the run from a horde of infected.
Raph stands at 6'8" and is well toned, though he generally has a lean and lanky appearance. He has somewhat broad shoulders and chest. He can be found wearing light materials. He mostly wears practical clothing. But he has a favourite black, worn leather jacket and a trusty pair of very worn sneakers.
There are two things that others easily notice about Raphael: he's a major flirt and a smart ass. His charismatic nature allows him to openly flirt with anyone without having any romantic intentions behind it. He just enjoys seeing others flustered or annoyed when he does that. He doesn't act like a know-it-all and he's aware that he doesn't know everything. But it won't stop him from throwing in a snarky comment to rile someone up. He loves to annoy others, so if you want him to stop then simply ignore him. Because he hates being ignored. He doesn't want to be the centre of attention, he just wants someone acknowledging his existence. As a single child, he grew up alone and without the love of his parents. So he perceives negative acknowledgement the same as positive acknowledgement. He can be snappy at times but he would never outright insult someone. If others reciprocate with a smart ass comment or flirty remark Raph would take it in his stride, enjoying their company and even consider them as friends. After all, they have to be able to put up with him to do that.
If and when Raph considers you a friend, know that he would go to great lengths to protect you and be there for you. Come hell or high water, this you man will not be leaving your side. He immensely loyal to those he trusts, to his friends, maybe even dangerously so. Like you could've committed murder and despite knowing this, he'd still say your innocent. Do not misinterpret his loyalty as naivety, he has a strong set of morals and he isn't blind to what's going on in the world. Along with his loyalty, he's honest too. Yes, he will sugarcoat things if the situation calls for it but he will not lie. Period. And if he catches you in a lie, oh boy, be ready for a beating or a lecture. This stems from his parents, and other people he was around while growing up, constantly feeding him lies.
He's impulsive. That saying about "If your friend jumped in the fire, would you jump too?", well he's the friend. And it most definitely does not help that he's immune to the infected. He would use himself as a human shield to protect someone else, happily taking the hits and/ or explosions. Hell, he'd take a bullet for you. He just doesn't fear death nor experiences pain like everyone else. He knows he's not immortal and respects that. His pain tolerance is dangerously high and it takes quite a lot of damage to his body before his brain realises he's in pain. His Impulsive behaviour is not all that bad since it does help him in having fun or trying new things. It also does make him a quite rule breaker. He respects authority but it doesn't mean he'll always listen.
Raph experiences the opposite of outbursts, suddenly becoming quiet and unresponsive for a few minutes. This happens when he's worked up, nervous or frustrated and is struggling to word his thoughts and emotions. Just give him a sec, he'll come to you when he's ready to express himself. Though, don't let him get stuck in his own head for too long. He tends to violently lash out, more angry at himself because his brain isn't working like it's supposed to.
- Throwing knives - Staying fit - Being around friends - telling jokes
- Crowds(big or small) - Spiders - Being bored - Being ignored
- Throwing knives (He's got good aim) - Knives are his weapon of choice (or any pointy weapon really) - Stamina (Good for travelling far distances on foot)
- Aracnophobia (He's terrified of spiders, okay.) - He's not light on his feet (He's clumsy. Very clumsy) - His impulsiveness (Sometimes he can't help himself, easily doing very dumb things)
The Leader: TBD
The Second in Command: TBD
Members: TBD
Immune: TBD

Edited at January 18, 2022 02:58 AM by Nevaehina's Den
Sacred | Post-Apocalyptic RP | Lit | Open! January 17, 2022 09:43 PM

Golden Deer
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Are you still looking for a leader position? I would be interested in portraying that part if you are
Sacred | Post-Apocalyptic RP | Lit | Open! January 18, 2022 10:12 AM

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Reserve me a male immune?
Sacred | Post-Apocalyptic RP | Lit | Open! January 18, 2022 06:26 PM

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reserved and accepted!
Sacred | Post-Apocalyptic RP | Lit | Open! January 20, 2022 08:13 PM

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Name: Azrael Smirnov

Age: 34

Gender: (Cis) Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Role: Immune


Azrael stands at the slightly tall but generally unremarkable height of 5’10”. His general physique could be described as slightly above average but otherwise unremarkable, really. He’s somewhat broad-shouldered and built with some lean muscle that stretches to reveal ribs poking from his sides if he were to lift his arms; not noticeable most of the time, no, none of his interesting traits are noticeable on a surface level. Perhaps that's because to his core, he is simply a man in his mid-thirties going through the worst imaginable scenario.

To his initially noticed traits, Azrael has blonde hair with a slight wave to it that sweeps over his face and at the nape of his neck, falling a bit past his shoulders. It has almost a spiky sort of look, partially because of its natural wave and partially because it’s an utter mess. The color has been somewhat muddied with dirt and lack of care, though his eyes are arguably muddier; a dull sort of color, one where you could hardly tell whether they’re green, or blue, or gray, or a mix of the three. His eyelashes are long and pale, his eyebrows are arched and expressive, and his jaw is a strong one, covered in slight stubble that he cannot be bothered to shave. His hands are calloused and his nails are caked with dirt, he has thick bags underneath his eyes that accentuate the tired sort of unimpressed stare he often gives out, he has a chip in the tooth next to his right canine -- the more you look at him, the more you wind up finding.

For example, Azrael really doesn't have many major visible scars, but he does have quite a few small or hidden ones. He has a nasty burn scar that spans his left side, and his wrists have mild scarring as though something had been on them. He has a scar directly across his throat, so thin you could hardly see it unless you were extremely close to him -- really, he has a countless amount of nicks and small scars on his body that are similar in that you could only see it if right up against him. He has a devilish glint in his eye that can only be recognized by those looking for it or those who know him, and the manner in which he moves tends to be lazy and infuriatingly calm without fail.

Underneath the surface, Azrael is a fairly interesting man. That is not meant to imply a recommendation for getting to know him, however. He is incredibly annoying.

Personality: Azrael is a conman, first and foremost. Perhaps that's how people are tricked into the tiring ordeal of knowing him; he presents himself as calm and intelligent, first, and they get drawn in by it. Oh, and perhaps he is that, and perhaps the charm that he lays on in order to promote whatever he wants to promote -- a deal, an item, himself, whatever -- could be considered a real and genuine part of his personality. Still, it does not change the fact that he promotes himself using the charm of the average man, and he is not that.

There are a few layers to knowing Azrael. There's the initial meeting, where he's all calm and professional. Every layer of him, he has the same feeling of always being on top of things, as though nothing could catch him off guard -- it's not true, of course, but the first rule of being a conman is the ability to play pretend. He's remarkably amicable at this point, actually; usually quite trustworthy, with quiet, tired smiles and few words. He'll make some friendly talk, indulge them in whatever they might say (no matter what it is), offer them what he has on hand. This is when he'll present his product or what he wants, and it quickly becomes evident that he is not easily tricked. He's awfully perceptive, with quick retorts and unimpressed looks to any attempt at conning him.

Azrael is good at getting what he wants. He's great at dealing terms and bamboozling, and perhaps even worse, he's even better at knowing when he's already got it. With his smugness and the joy of a successful hunt comes his eccentricity. Yes, Azrael is deeply irritating and incredibly strange -- taunting, rude, and incredibly petty. He does exactly what he feels like doing, no more and no less. It's a mixture of stubbornness, laziness, and simply enjoying others being frustrated. He'll be compliant if it aids him or if he thinks it'd be funny but no other time. It's difficult to tell his lies and sarcasm from his honesty, and he is entirely unabashed about everything he does.

It's only when someone gets to know him even better, looks even closer, when they see something breaking through the cracks of his pettiness. Perhaps more surprising than the fact that there's more to him than the annoying conman is the fact that his true nature is one that returns him to calmness. You don't necessarily need to know him incredibly well to see it -- he can be amicable even past the initial cover. He may be more loose and rude about it, but there are still moments where you can see him staring down tiredly, or seeing his smug demeanor drop into something more quiet and introspective. He's more than willing to hold a personal conversation, and he has a relatively positive outlook on life despite all that's happened to him. Despite everything, he can still act like just the average man in his mid-thirties who's going through the worst situation imaginable, and perhaps someday, someone will see him staring blankly and tiredly at the sky and realize that maybe it was his innermost layer that he showed first.


+ Silver Tongue :: As has been covered already, Azrael is a great conman. He's a good manipulator, he's excellent with his words and he's an even better liar. +

+ Wit :: Despite the idiotic feel he gives off at times, Azrael is undoubtedly a smart man. He's quick-witted in the moment, but especially great with planning things in advance. It's a shame he refuses to do so the majority of the time. +

+ Evasion :: Not only is Azrael great at evading questions and people, he's also simply agile in general. His best work on the battlefield is usually in dodging attacks, or at least figuring out ways to take as little damage as possible. +


- Fighting :: Probably his worst trait is the fact that Azrael is not actually good at fighting. Not good at hand-to-hand, not skillful with weapons, nothing -- he's gone his whole life winning fights by avoiding them, running from them or tiring the opponent out. If he were to ever be trapped in a room with someone with plans to kill him, well... he'd be fucked. -

- Lazy :: Azrael will not do shit unless he feels like it. This is both infuriating for others and detrimental for himself, as his unwillingness to do things has gotten him into many a tight spot. -

- Frustrating :: In general, Azrael is incredibly frustrating. He's awful to work with unless a deal has been struck with him or he likes the other party enough to grant them extra favor. Not the best predicament when he's supposed to be traveling in a large group for a great period of time. -


-- LEADER --

[Leader (Score)] - TBD


[Co-Leader (Score)] - TBD


[Member (Score)] - TBD

-- IMMUNE --

[Immune (Score)] - TBD

Other: Ah, if he's accepted, I have an idea for his backstory that I'm not sure would be accepted? I'd put it in the discussion thread for approval, as I figure that they'd probably all at least vaguely know each other's backgrounds after being assigned to work with each other.

Sacred | Post-Apocalyptic RP | Lit | Open! January 21, 2022 09:54 AM

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accepted! if you want, you can also just pm the idea to me, though it's fine if you throw it in the discussion as well :)
Sacred | Post-Apocalyptic RP | Lit | Open! January 24, 2022 12:52 PM

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Character Sheet
|Alice Parker|F|21|Immune|
Name Alice Parker
Age 21
Gender Female
Sexuality Hetrosexual
Role Immune
A pretty 21 British young aged Caucasian woman that stands 5"9 with featured with red wavy textured hair and unusual blue eyes, living in the year 2042, she has a group of strangers on her side. She is dressed in a black trench coat, a white scarf knitted by her mom that she will always hold on to, and black boots made in the early years.

She has a few flaws, such as a few visible scars around her face, but is hidden between her hair. She is shown with red rosy cheeks and a oval shaped face, and her mood usually is bad tempered or slight smile. Because of her lovely looks, she tricks people and steal things behind their back, but she does what she needs to survive. She is a fast runner, maybe because of her slim- long legs. Her dirty bruised hands are caused by fighting, attacks, and hiding.
Living a stressful life, she decided to take some time off work and loved to draw and the mood she felt. Sometimes as she drew, she felt so happy and imagined they came to life.

In the apocalyptic cruel world she lives in, she is on a mission with immunes to find out how to save it. Alice may be young, but she it smart-witted, and sometimes needs help and is scared often.
She is a humorous, gentle, and sharp-witted woman. She likes to make jokes sometimes as she is stressed, and sometimes depressed of the cruel world it is becoming. She is gentle with kind humans, and can help heal scars with her first aid kit. She knows which way to go, but can be confused at many times also.
Once living in the bustling town London, she and her family moved to the USA because of financial problems in 2021. Since she was a baby, she never experienced hate, cruelty, in anger in the apocalyptic world like she did before. Living as the only child in her family, her mother was a (coffee shop owner) and father was a ( former dermatologist) and was a in a upper-middle class society. Her parents expected her to be perfect, but she wanted to be free, she loved track and running, but her parents did not support her.
Years later, her parents were killed by the Infected and killed multiple people too. She may have been forced to be perfect, but she knew they wanted the best for her. She was stressed after that, she had no friends, or anyone to comfort her.

Speed- She is a fast runner, and used to particate in track and soccer (football).

Gentleness- She is a soft gentle person that learned to heal scars bruises, and etc with her first aid kit; she learned how to do it when her father was a former dermatologist.

Humor- She brings up many jokes, sometimes at a bad moment, fighting, and talking with the other immunes.
Stealth- Alice Parker is known for being stealthy and sneaky; she can steal a donut out of a person's hands without even noticing!


Indecisive- She may be sharp-qitted and such but can be indecisive where to go, who to attack, and even to steal from.

Nervous- She can get very nervous meeting new people, fighting the Infected, and talking.

Terrifed- She is terrifed of the Infected, other humans, and sometimes herself.

Affiliations -The Immune
Other: She mostly wears a Glock G19 Gen5 9mm Semiautomatic Pistol around her right upper hip.

Edited at January 24, 2022 02:28 PM by Northlake
Sacred | Post-Apocalyptic RP | Lit | Open! January 24, 2022 12:53 PM

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[email protected]

your form does not meet the literacy requirements. please view accepted forms to see what i accept.

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