11:39:16 The Rat King
You okay?
Beautiful Oblivion
11:38:46 Sagey | She/they
(not on here)
Beautiful Oblivion
11:38:31 Sagey | She/they
that moment when your abuser friend requests you and tries to start small talk
11:35:36 The Rat King
Is a two page introduction a good start for lore? Because I cut it down to two pages instead of five:')
11:29:47 Shen
oh shoot wrong chat my bad
11:29:39 Shen
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Bald eagle feather and other goodies for super cheap in my market den
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Little Constellation
11:27:12 Cloudz, Pumpkin
Just checking in. Not sure when I'll be able to fully come online.
11:02:00 Techno | Texhno

It's mainly Milo that forces him to do pictures and to smile. Sebastian is just in it for the comedy.
Pack of Blazing Fire
I don't have her number but i have her friends number... im going to tell them first and see if they know who she likes
Syncopated Clock
10:59:21 Kai, Synco/Clock
Burst Light Pack
Spell out your words please~
Burst Light Pack
Dm me if you can help
Burst Light Pack
Me and a friend pack need some help from a premium pack Plz
Shadow Sages
10:57:32 SS, Sages
Techno~ I'll keep that in mind.

Life~ Of course. :)
10:55:52 practice 40 hours
sounds like something he'd do, yeah--

@floof flood
don't listen to her, keep simping for the ginger grumpy fuck.
10:55:12 Techno | Texhno

His boyfriends are dying because they took the picture. The moment they got a good one he stopped smiling and shot them both with paintballs as revenge.


He already has like 2 simps he doesn't need more. His ego is big enough.
Shadow Sages
10:54:19 SS, Sages
Life~ It's fantastic.
Shadow Sages
10:53:19 SS, Sages
Techno~ Well.

That's. That's a pretty character. I'd simp, but got no brain cells left lmao
10:52:55 Red Panda Hoarder
pine, i might. i want the cool looking bracelet all the nominees get. i got one yesterday because they did it yesterday also but i gave it to my friend since they gave my friend a broken one
10:52:40 practice 40 hours
@floof flood
this is a draft of one-- like i said, not that good LMAOOO
Shadow Sages
10:51:43 SS, Sages
Life~ Yeah.

Boba tea and other things as pride art sounds interesting.


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Sacred | Post-Apocalyptic RP | Lit | Open! January 7, 2022 11:46 PM

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"Why are you doing that?"
"Doing what?"
"Treating me like a person."

Sign-ups: You're here!
Discussion: Click me!
Thread: TBA

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Sacred | Post-Apocalyptic RP | Lit | Open! January 7, 2022 11:54 PM

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The world is not what it used to be. Roughly twenty-some years into the apocalypse, the world has succumb to undead cannibals ravishing the once civilized lands. Humanity is no more. Humans are cruel. The Infected may be considered worse. Everyone fights for what they can get, and some simply let the world crumble them. This world is not what anyone would have ever anticipated in years. Not even those who remember what the Before Days were. A life so prosperous, that even through normal hardships, those who knew what life before was like began to miss it.

But nobody could care. Everything became about survival. What you had to do if you were living to live in a torturous, dark, menacing, cold world. The world became a warzone, its inhabitants hungry for anything they could get their grubby mits on. But one day, there became a day of hope.

A vaccine could be reverse-engineered, preventing anyone who wasn't already infected to become immunte to any way the virus would travel. However, it was a false hope, simply the government making an attempt to ensure that the survivors would listen.

That was over ten years ago. The world returned back to its warland that it was in the beginning, but a new-found hope popped up again.

Six people in a settlement near what once was New York City, New York, have been discovered to be completely immune to the Infected virus. No signs of turning. No symptoms shown. No reaction to the ways people can get infected.

This group is sent out to reach Los Angeles, California, where one of the last running hospital facilities is still up and running, heavily guarded by the remainder of the military and inside lies only one person who can make a vaccine. Sent with only themselves, whatever they bring, and a few others for protection, the group must learn to survive against all odds. They must learn that this very mission could mean more than life itself.

That they are sacred.


This RP will be heavily character driven. That means you must be active, and you must make an effort to pull your weight regarding the development of the characters and the pushing of the plot. Please keep this in mind if you decide to join.

Edited at January 8, 2022 12:09 AM by queen.
Sacred | Post-Apocalyptic RP | Lit | Open! January 8, 2022 12:30 AM

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The year is 2042, exactly twenty years into the apocalypse. Mother Nature has been reclaiming what was once hers - buildings collapsed, water rushing into places it shouldn't be, wildlife growing everywhere, deer in the middle of streets, trees sprouting from the cracks of crumbled sidewalks and roads. Most towns and major cities have been destroyed aside from the few settlements that may have been established later on, but nonetheless, the world is absolutely ruthless.

There are plenty of routes to take on the group's adventure, but they will mainly be sticking to any possible direct routes such as highways and interstates. Along the way there could be the chances of other groups, loners, infected, and even small towns that might have supplies in them. Speaking of which, supplies are rather scarce. Nothing should be entirely trusted, especially twenty years into an apocalypse as everything is mainly left untouched and nobody knows how long something has been sitting there.


So far, there is only one true known Infected. They are known as well, Infected, unless people have their own thing to call them. But universally, for the most part, they are known as the Infected. They are absolutely ruthless creatures, and their insatiable hunger is one that should be cleared of. They appear as a normal human who groans and whines, growls and snarls, and probably has the most intimidating look on their face twenty four seven. Their eyes are a cloudy red, mainly from the fact that once someone becomes infected, they bleed. A lot. Nobody knows why.

The Infected are rather strong. They can sprint, punch, climb, etc. When undisturbed, they just sorta roam. However, they are easy to attract, especially during the night. Any light that catches their eye they will approach, any sound, movement that they see, anything of the like. It's best to be as cautious as possible when encountering them.

Some other attributes of the Infected is that they do roam in groups, and they do migrate. They will take the same routes as they have the previous years, and some settlements even went as far to barricade where the Infected may stop roaming. That being said, it also isn't uncommon to see a few stragglers every now and again while they are migrating. Otherwise, they just have minds of their own.


As stated before, supplies are rather scarce and are really only ever found in settlements anymore. Most places will grow their own crops if the conditions are right, raise sheep, cattle, chickens, etc. However, it is quite common to come across useful things in smaller towns that have been abandoned. Most people will just get creative with they find, others will use what is there for them as it is. Just depends on who you are.


The main transportation is horses. Cars are no longer simply because of limitations of gas and car batteries. Some may prefer a long walk, others may prefer a horse, some may not even go anywhere at all.


Dependent on how far we are into the RP. But for the most part, they will be traveling from New York City all the way to Los Angeles, which is 2,778 miles. They will stop at certain places for rest of course, but for the most part, just depends on how far the group is on their journey.
Sacred | Post-Apocalyptic RP | Lit | Open! January 8, 2022 12:32 AM

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RP Rules

1. All of Eve's rules apply.
2. Be semi-literate. At least 300 words per post with proper grammar, punctuation, capitalization, etc.
3. Don't join to just not be active. Post at least twice a week. Let me know if you will not be active or want to drop out.
4. Hate the character, not the person.
5. Reservations last 48 hours unless stated otherwise.
6. I have the right to accept/decline forms as I see fit.
7. No Gary/Mary Sues, Weeping Willows, etc.
8. This is a group RP - include everyone.
9. Please PM me any questions, concerns, etc, instead of clogging them in the sign-ups thread, or drop them in the discussion.
10. You are allowed two characters.
11. No romance between your own characters.
12. Be sure to have permission before harming/killing someone else's character.
13. No OP characters.
14. No God-modding.
15. Do not control other people's characters.
16. Please be as realistic as possible.
17. Your characters can and will get injured, or possibly killed. Please keep this in mind.
18. Please be kind, respectful, and welcoming to everyone in the RP.
19. If you have any issues with someone, contact me or a mod.
20. Have fun!

I have the right to accept/decline people's forms as I please.

Sacred | Post-Apocalyptic RP | Lit | Open! January 8, 2022 12:41 AM

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The Group

Leader -- They were one of the most trusted people from the settlement in New York City. Tasked with ensuring everyone's safety, their job is to well, lead. They hold all responsibility for the group and their word is law. Overall, what they say goes and should be listened to.

Second-in-command -- The Leader's chosen companion to help them enforce any tasks, rules, etc that the Leader may not be able to do in a moment's notice. They're probably a close friend of the Leader's, maybe even related.

Members -- The people who were sent with the group to simply protect the Immune.

The Immune - The six people responsible for even being the reason for this mission. They are those who are to be protected and are immune to the Infected virus.

Other Roles

If the RP gets as far as them getting to LA, roles such as solider roles and possibly other roles will open. For now, there are only the group roles available.

Edited at January 8, 2022 10:08 PM by queen.
Sacred | Post-Apocalyptic RP | Lit | Open! January 8, 2022 05:00 PM

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Leader (1/1) CLOSED
River Scout - 22 - Male - Portrayed by Meian - Pg. 2

Second-in-command (1/1) CLOSED
Ariel Agro - 35 - Male - Portrayed by Polaris

Members (4/6)
Asmaranti Noriega - 18 - NB (feminine) - Portrayed by Spellbound - Pg. 2
Samira Octuras - 20 - Female - Portrayed by M I S E R Y - Pg. 3
Christopher Kennedy - 24 - Male - Portrayed by queen. - Pg. 3
Aderyne Devane - 20 - Female - Portrayed by Nevaehina's Den - Pg. 3

Immune (6/6) CLOSED
Dakota Blake - 19 - Female - Portrayed by queen. - Pg. 1
Aurora Solus - 16 - Female - Portrayed by Glacialis - Pg. 3
Vavega Simeon - 18 - Female - Portrayed by Meian - Pg. 2
Raphael Coleman - 26 - Male - Portrayed by Nevaehina's Den - Pg. 5
Azrael Smirnov - 34 - Male - Portrayed by ThisIsAPackName - Pg. 5
Alice Parker - 21 - Female - Portrayed by Northlake - Pg. 5

Gender Ratio
M | F | NB
5 | 6 | 1

Edited at January 29, 2022 05:19 PM by queen.
Sacred | Post-Apocalyptic RP | Lit | Open! January 8, 2022 06:46 PM

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Character Sheet


Be sure to include at least three strengths and three weaknesses. More is definitely welcome.
Sacred | Post-Apocalyptic RP | Lit | Open! January 8, 2022 06:47 PM

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Upon joining, you understand that you will not be accepted right away. I will be accepting people who I trust can follow all rules and who's characters make a better fit for the roles needed. That being said, you may waste a reservation. Please take this into consideration.


"Why are you doing that?"
"Doing what?"
"Treating me like a person."

Six immune people along with a few others must trek into the unknown as they travel from New York City to Los Angeles in hopes of finding a vaccine in a post-apocalyptic world.

Edited at January 14, 2022 02:46 PM by queen.
Sacred | Post-Apocalyptic RP | Lit | Open! January 13, 2022 05:52 PM

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_____DAKOTA BLAKE_____


"Don't you dare think that there is anything, past or present, that I would put in front of you."


Female | 19 | Immune | Lesbian

Dakota isn't much of anything. Her build is made up of lean muscle, but nonetheless she is long and lanky, only standing at six foot seven. Dakota's built rather flat with nothing for a chest or the other end, but that's probably the least of her concerns to be honest. She is rather boney as well, most of her joints defined. She has a flat stomach, and most of her fat is in her thighs. Her legs become more narrow towards her feet, which are like a size seven in woman's shoes. Dakota's skin tone is rather fair, her face being littered in freckles, and the few scars that little her face and body. Her tone is more on the paler side, though isn't ghostly white.

Dakota's headshape can easily be described as an oval. Her face is more or less on the rounder side - full cheeks, a soft chin, though she is blessed with a defined jawline. Dakota is one to be known as possessing the holy resting bitch face, with round, but more or less almond-shaped hazel eyes with full and thick eyelashes rimming them. Her eyebrows are a bit darker than her hair color, in which they are a dark red-ish brown.

Dakota's hair lingers just above her shoulders, and is a dark red-ish brown, but more on the lighter side of the brunette spectrum. Her hair is more or less thick, though is still manageable by her own standards. She prefers to wear it in a half-up half-down style with a small half-bun in the back or in a low bun. At times she may wear it down if she deems neccessary, but for the most part, it's in the first mentioned style.

Dakota is notorious for wearing rather common clothing. She wears a gray sweatshirt with a shirt underneath and a tank-top underneath of that. She is commonly found wearing skinny jeans accompanied by sneakers that have been worn into the ground, practically falling apart with each step she takes. Dakota never has really had a sense of style, to be honest, so it should be known that she could care less what her attire is. If it fits, she'll wear it.

She carries a backpack that is tattered and obviously a bit old, but was a gift from her father-figure long before he was murdered. It holds any belongings she may have.

Dakota's bite mark is on the back of her neck, towards her shoulder on the right side. It has healed with teeth marks and fucked-up cysts. It is normally covered by her hair or her clothing.

Switchblade ;; With a smooth handle, it has roughly a five-inch blade. Mainly used for close-up kills.

9mm handgun ;; A weapon she learned how to use when she was roughly 14.

Bow and Arrow ;; She prefers the more stealthy approach to any attacks, therefore she has mastered the bow and arrow weapon. She is quick with this thing and is not hesitant to let an arrow fly.

The easiest way to describe Dakota is a killing machine. She is menacing and brutal, and takes no second chances on someone who may be a threat to her or those she cares for. She does not resist taking on a dark, brutal side of her. Besides, she figures that with the world that they live in, it is not to be messed with. It should not be avoided - you must struggle to survive, and killing is just part of the package deal you get when you sign up to be in a world such as Dakota's. It simply demands things that you would never want to do.

Dakota is no stranger to being considered reckless. She does as she pleases, and thrives off of the adrenaline rush she my receive. She could care less about what someone may think of her choices as it is her life, not someone else's, therefore why would she take interest in something that doesn't apply to her? Rumors, drama, anything of the like... not her forte, so she decides to avoid it. Dakota has little to no interest in "uninteresting things", but it's more or less she could for sure just ignore it.

Dakota is, nonetheless, stubborn. Along with doing things she only wishes to do because she feels like and because she doesn't like being told what to do in general, Dakota is known for being a subborn little shit. She is persistent and obsessive, and when she has her eye set on something, expect her to finish what she's started. She's not one to leave things incomplete or simply say she will do something and not do it. Dakota follows through with her promises and what she says. She's definitely all talk and all bite.

Adding on to her dislikable and brutal nature, Dakota is known to be blunt. She does not beat around the bush or sugarcoat things just because you can't handle it. She speaks her mind, and isn't going to be shut down just because someone doesn't appreciate what she's doing or how she's doing something. If she tells you something and it's not what you wanted to hear, too fucking bad. Dakota could care less, the only time she really would care is if it's someone she actually likes, which is genuinely hard to reach past this cold and barren wall.

Deep down, Dakota is aware that she is not the most likeable person around. Her world has shaped that among her trauma, but Dakota regardless is reserved. Though she knows how to interact and knows how to read the room, Dakota likes to keep to herself regardless.

As if it were obvious enough, Dakota has a spicy temper. It is one that she lets fly and shouldn't be messed with. Her words become laced with a venom, her actions become more and more ruthless, and once an anger is built up, Dakota doesn't just keep it to herself. Of course there will be times when she's annoyed, maybe slightly pissed off, but otherwise, you should never try to harvest her of her anger on purpose. That is an action nobody would want to take. Just... don't.

Dakota, because of her reserved nature, is quite observant. She reads the room, reads the people, and picks up on things that others may not notice. That being said, she can hyper-fixate on certain things, or maybe even obsess for no reason. However, Dakota easily snaps out of this and can tell you things that may not have seemed too important in the moment, but end up being useful later down the line. Just depends on how you look at it.

Behind this rough and tough exterior, Dakota still feels like a normal human being. Although perhaps considered a "prodigy" because she is immune to the Infected virus, that doesn't stop her from being as real as anyone else. Among everything else, befriending Dakota and making an impact in her life is something that very few can do. But when it happens, it hits her hard. You become a priority, a part of her. You might as well become her life. She can care, she can love, and she can experience. Deep down, she's just wanting to make her life mean something.

Dakota's main humor and remarks consist of sarcasm. She doesn't really care what you think of it, but she's one to laugh at her own jokes. She doesn't do it to be the one to lighten the mood, but it's just Dakota being Dakota. Most of the time she's "Captain Obvious", if you know. She makes obvious comments that are too sarcastic for her own good. But hey, she gets a kick out of annoying people. She's practically a master at getting under other's skin. She finds it quite entertaining. Her responses are wickedly witty and are normally making obvious points but sometimes good ones.

Quick and Agile ;; Because of her small size, Dakota is quick and swift on her feet. She's nimble and can fit into small places and climb rather well.

Brutally Honest ;; No point in lying. She will tell you how it is, whether you like it or not.

Intelligent ;; Because of how observant she is, she's one to quickly find solutions to certain problems and her brain works at an undeniably and fascinating speed. She's more street-smart, however.

Weapons ;; Specifically a bow and arrow. She knows how to use most, though, due to her older brother before he died.

Tracking ;; Not the greatest hunter, but she for sure knows how to track. A skill also taught by her older brother before his death.

Vulnerability ;; She hates it. Although Dakota knows that she is human after all, it just feels wrong.

Temper ;; It causes a lot of pain to herself and others sometimes.

Physical Strength ;; Although she does have some lean muscle, most of the time, she's too weak. The best she can do is pull herself up, so she prefers long-distance combat and such.

Recklessness ;; Gets her in trouble. Trouble leads to fights. Fights lead to... Probably death.

Ruthless ;; As useful as it is in her world, it doesn't really help with reputation.




--The Immune

Dakota grew up in a settlement close to what was Jackson, Wyoming. However, at the age of ten, the settlement was overrun by Infected (which is when she got bit), and other groups. Her older brother would go on to take care of her and made it his job to protect her. Just before she reached New York City, Dakota's brother was brutally murdered. Since then, she's been questioning everything he ever did for her.

Edited at January 14, 2022 03:18 PM by queen.
Sacred | Post-Apocalyptic RP | Lit | Open! January 13, 2022 05:52 PM

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This RP is now open!

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