Burning Stars
04:53:48 ChocyMilkObsessed
Exactly lol
04:52:04 Fei/Demon/Vixen
Burning Stars
Indeed why not watch them. Watch what gets your interest or what you like
Burning Stars
04:50:09 ChocyMilkObsessed
Hmm I'm sure which ever one will be good

The Umbrella Academy, and an Aussie show Blue Water High cuz why not lol
04:49:09 Fei/Demon/Vixen
also earlier my nanny (grandmother) was going through youtube on my phone after I left to let grandad out then let him in later lol
04:43:35 Fei/Demon/Vixen
Burning Stars
I am thinking the theme of either dark, sad or bittersweet but not completely sure.

Ooh which shows have you been watching?
Wraith Fox
It's that time of night. I'm sleepy but feel like I could stay up longer and then I start listening to Mr. Nightmare soothingly tell me a horror story.
Burning Stars
04:40:16 ChocyMilkObsessed
What are you thinking of for the banner?

And honestly not much since I'm done my sports for the year. Been binge watching a few shows
04:36:08 Moth
Speaking of Aussie stars I actually wanted to become a voice actor, but things just didn't go that way. Not that it's too late to start, but it's just too hard.
04:35:50 Fei/Demon/Vixen
Burning Stars
I am thinking about getting a different banner. I am just unsure of who I should choose lol

What have you been up to? ^^
BlueSnow Pack
04:35:46 Bluewind Pack
Okie I going to bed for real night
Burning Stars
04:33:47 ChocyMilkObsessed
That's good. And sounds nice ^^
BlueSnow Pack
04:33:45 Bluewind Pack
I think I just found another online bestie
04:32:21 Moth
Probably because late-gen melas are so common now that he's not worth anything.

Also yeah the hemsworths are a great example.
04:32:00 Fei/Demon/Vixen
Burning Stars
I am still alive. Life hasn't killed me despite it's attempts.

Had fun with my grandparents today. They came to visit :)
Wraith Fox
Wow, there's a mela in the Sanctuary.
BlueSnow Pack
04:29:47 Bluewind Pack
Moth that is very much true like have you seen Chris Hemsworth like damn if he was my age I would never let out of my sights
Burning Stars
04:29:34 ChocyMilkObsessed
I'm pretty good, thanks. You?
04:28:23 Moth
I beg to differ. You can't find much hotter than an Aussie.
BlueSnow Pack
04:28:23 Bluewind Pack
Any how night guys
04:27:51 Fei/Demon/Vixen
Burning Stars
how are you?


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Whats Left Behind | Apocalypse RP | Reboot | Open! October 25, 2021 08:38 PM

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[ Whats Left Behind ]

There's no such thing as civilization. No more humanity left either. Everyone is for themselves, and even the strongest of groups are torn down because of the selfishnesses of others. Nobody truly thinks for others anymore. Survival of the fittest, right? That's how it was then and that's how it is now; for everyone. No doubt about it either.

Those things arrived over five years ago. Nobody knew what to do. The CDC had been doing everything they could before it was bombed, leaving nothing but rubble and debris behind. Most cities had been looted, burnt to the ground in anger of civillians simply because the government wasn't doing anything. Then National Gaurd went down. No more Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy, Coast Gaurd...

Then went away the entire world. Overrun by these creatures that are dangerous and hideous. Some of the largest cities have crumbled, everything was looted and deserted. Some people were left for dead. Some surviving on their own or with groups.


The year is 2032. The world we all knew is gone - simply erased and back to the beginning. Survival is the only thing everyone focuses on, or seems to. Trust isn't easy and it's only earned, heartbreak is common, death is even more common, and pain is up there. Will you be able to survive, or will you just become one of them?


This RP follows a group of sixteen people who find their way through the new world. There will be death, heartbreak, sadness, and blood will be shed. Just know it won't be pretty.


Note: This is a reboot of the same title. There has been minimal changes, if any.

Edited at October 25, 2021 08:46 PM by Corpses
Whats Left Behind | Apocalypse RP | Reboot | Open! October 25, 2021 08:38 PM

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[ Rules ; OOC ]

OOC - Out of Character - Form Rules, General Rules, etc

-Please be sure to keep you forms nice and clean. Have something that isn't required in your form? Delete it. This is just for the sake of keeping everything nice and tidy, and it's easier to look at for me and more pleasing to the eye.

-No OP characters. They are human and are living in a world where being far from perfect is normal. They will have strengths and weaknesses. And this applies to no Gary/Mary Sues. They are not going to have perfect hair, skin, etc. Make them human. Please.

-Please follow all forum rules. This applies especially to the art/image usage. Properly credit everything if you do not own it and make sure you are allowed to use it. If you need help, let me know or ask a mod because I would prefer if this thread didn't get locked.

-Please keep all chatter in the discussion thread. This also keeps everything neat and if you do need to discuss something, take it to PMs.

-You're allowed up to two characters. Pets do not count. HOWEVER, your pets cannot be overpowered and you can have no more than a singular pet per character. Pets count as another mouth to feed and another thing to take care of, please note that I am not accepting all pets either. Please discuss with me before going forward with it.

-Your character is allowed three weapons - primary, secondary, and melee. Not exceptions. Note that they do not have to have all three and not all characters will even have weapons. This is for the sake of keeping things balanced. Note that if your character has a gun, there is no such thing as unlimited ammo.

-Keep things realistic. There will be times where the characters could run out of supplies, especially water and food. Clothing will not constantly be cleaned. Your characters will probably stink a bit because showering is the least of their concerns. Just keep in mind that this world they live in is not pretty either.

-Reservations last 24 hours only, no exceptions unless you talk to me. I will extend it by another 24, but no more than that.

-You must be literate. This means over a paragraph (5-7 sentences), with minimal grammar mistakes. I don't expect perfect responses, but please be sure to re-read what you've wrote to catch some mistakes. I understand - we're all human and are not perfect.

-I don't expect this to be a very fast RP, and I am perfectly fine by that. I expect at least two responses per week, more if possible but this is meant to be slow-burn and slow-moving. Posting as often as you can works though because we of course want to keep it moving along.

-Please respect everyone and just be kind! We are all welcoming here :)

-Remember I have the right to accept and decline forms. If I feel like you can make adjustments, I will let you know.

-Please ask permission to harm/kill another person's character. I will more than likely approve, just as long as both parties agree!

-We are always looking for ideas, so always drop them in the discussion.


[ Rules ; IC ]

IC - In Character - Camp Rules, People's Rules, etc

-No staying out past dark.

-Shut off all lights to keep the monsters away, it attracts them at night.

-Never use guns unless absolutely needed. This also attracts them.

-Supply runs are to be sorted out by those who actually need the supplies. This is to prevent losing more people and only those who decide they need supplies go.

-Leader's word is law, no questions about it.

-Everything is to be discussed with the leader and then the group.

Whats Left Behind | Apocalypse RP | Reboot | Open! October 25, 2021 08:39 PM

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[ Worldbuilding ]

Locations, Creatures, etc


Because the group will constantly be on the move, there are no exact locations as to where they will be. However, this RP does take place in the state of California. They have came down from Montana, let's say, and are moving towards L.A. Along they way, they will stop at many places and will have to deal with a lot of the creatures and possibly other groups and people.


The 'Creatures' were always called zombies, but everyone has their own names for them. They are relatively slow, no faster than a fast walk. That's they're maximum -- a fast walk. However, this is simply during the day. They are nocturnal as many have come to learn, and aren't much faster but gain a lot of strength for some reason. People also learned that they do not perform well in very cold weather. If too hot, they do slow down a bit but nobody really knows what other temperatures affects them. Anyways, the only way to become one of the zombies is to be bitten or scratched. After this happens, you get a very shitty fever that won't come down, you suffer from hallucinations, and then you die from the fever and maybe blood loss. The only way to kill the Creatures is a bullet or something to the brain.

They go by many names, so be creative as to what your charaacters call them.
Whats Left Behind | Apocalypse RP | Reboot | Open! October 25, 2021 08:40 PM

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[ Characters ]

Males : Females
10 : 5


Leader-- This person makes all the calls for the group. They are the most respected and have the most experience (more than likely) out of anyone in the group. They are normally quite trustworthy and reasonable, with some out-of-the-ordinary tendencies. NOTE: The leader's s/o does not count as a second-in-command. They might help out, however.
-Grayson Wayne Spring | Male | 22 | Portrayed by Corpses

Second-in-Command-- Perhaps a life-long bestfriend to the leader, this person is the second most trusted and helps out with the leader as much as they can. They have already been with the leader for a while before the group had been properly formed and places had been earned.
-Kieran Sang Larter | Female | 23 | Portrayed by Meian

The Observants-- These two people are quite witty for the most part and always alert. They are here to keep watch most of the time, and might take out a few patrols or go on runs for supplies when asked to or need to. They are close to one another, perhaps related or significant others.
-Aurora Grace Solus | Female | 16 | Portrayed by Glacialis
-Louise Lee Jackson | Male | 22 | Portrayed by Determined_Wolf

The Hunters-- Not only does their name explain what they do, but these three people are decent with their shot. They are useful in not only hunting for game, but also tracking. They are normally taken on runs alongsinde the Observants.
-Atlas Pan Booker | Male | 22 | Portrayed by Howler
-Jimmy Lee Carter | Male | 20 | Portrayed by Meian
-Francis L Fox | Female | 20 | Portrayed by Queen Wolf

Residents-- Making up most of the group's population, these people do simple chores around camp, and might go on runs here and there or be trained even for the sake of having more guns. There's not much else to put here apart from the fact they might just be the reason this group is still alive. NOTE: This includes children and adults.
-Billie Ryan Kline | Female | 14 | Portrayed by Corpses

Newcomers-- Being in the group for less than three months, these people are new and are still learning about the group, the people within it, how they run, and are still gaining their trust and earning their positions within the group.
-Calvin Borelson | Male | 22 | Portrayed by Fusty-Dudget
-Kolos Seare | Male | 24 | Portrayed by Overthink101
-Rowan Flynn Caddel | Male | 21 | Portrayed by Lightning Chasers

Wanderers/Loners-- These people are not a part of a group, and are always on the move, never staying in one spot. Sometimes they might join a group to simply get supplies and then leave after they feel like they need to. They never stick to anywhere.
-Zephyr Elidaes | Male | 20 | Portrayed by Skor
-Agris Bairugih | Male | 21 | Portrayed by Overthink101
-Eden Milos Nedbalek | Male | 22 | Portrayed by ThisIsAPackName
-Hope Arie Caddel | Female | 20 | Portrayed by Lightning Chasers

Edited at November 17, 2021 08:19 PM by Corpses
Whats Left Behind | Apocalypse RP | Reboot | Open! October 25, 2021 08:41 PM

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[ Character Form ]

Delete everything in parentheses, anything with a * beside it means it's optional.

Name: (character's full name; first & last, optional middle if you'd like to include it)

*Nickname(s): (Your character's nicknames. What do other characters call them?)

Age: (10-24; you may include birth-date if you wish)

Sex: (Sex of your character)

*Sexuality: (Self-explanatory)

Appearance: (describe what your character looks like in as much detail as possible)

Attire: (What your character wears for clothing)

*Accessories: (Does your character wear necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, etc? If so, describe)

Personality: (describe how your character acts around people, by themselves, etc)

Strengths: (three strong-spots for your character)

Weakness: (three weak-spots for your character)

*Likes: (a few things your character likes)

*Dislikes: (a few things your character dislikes)

*Reputation: (what are some opinions on your character from others? what causes this reputation?)

Weapons: (What are your character's weapons? Review the rules for this for more info)

Rank: (What is your character's rank in the group? Do they have a desired rank?)

Affiliations: (Who do they associate themselves with and what are they to this person?)

Significant Other: (Is your character in a relationship? If so, with who?)

Offspring: (Does your character have any children? If so, list them)
Kin: (Any family members? List them here, dead or alive [does not count for offspring or s/o]).

Voice: (Describe how your character sounds and talks. Do they have an accent? Do they have any speech problems? Describe)

*Handwriting: (How does your character write?)

*Theme Song(s): (List a song or a few that reminds you of your character or that relates to them)

*History: (Your character's back-story. Please no sob stories. Make it interesting and unique)

Other: (Any other information you would like to include)

Edited at October 25, 2021 08:43 PM by Corpses
Whats Left Behind | Apocalypse RP | Reboot | Open! October 25, 2021 08:43 PM

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[ Links ]

Sign-ups-- You're here
Discussion --

[ Misc ]

Co-host-- Open (PM me to discuss)

[ Advertisment ]

As the world has crumbled due to a real-life apocalypse happening, everyone is on edge and a true friend is hard to come by. Follow the journey of a sixteen-member group, and see where your loyalty lies in this new world. Will you survive, or will you just become one of them?

Edited at November 6, 2021 04:34 PM by Corpses
Whats Left Behind | Apocalypse RP | Reboot | Open! October 25, 2021 08:45 PM

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[ Grayson Wayne Spring ]

'It was something I held so close to me, living without it seemed like a sin.'

Grayson Wayne Spring

Gray, Spring, anything else anyone calls him.

Born Januaray 22



With a rather charming face, Grayson describes himself as average. The young male has bright blue eyes that come off as striking and can speak for him most of the time. They are a representation of what many say the ocean, or maybe the clear skies they have experienced. Following above his eyes though are his eyebrows, which are just as dark as his slightly curly hair and are pretty average, with a slight arch towards the end, sometimes exaggerated if he cocks an eyebrow towards you. Grayson has a slightly larger forehead, but is covered by his thick and slightly curly locks of hair that come down and frame his face. His hair is a dark, deep brown, sometimes appearing black in certain lighting, and is parted down the middle. His hair goes just a little bit below his average-sized ears, curling at the ends and look especially curly if he wears a cap. Anyways, Grayson has a more ovular-shaped face with a defined jawline that most seem to notice he clenches a lot of the time. His cheekbones are slightly defined, which lead to his full lips. His upper lip is slightly larger than the bottom, but they are pink in color and fit his face pretty well. Just above his lips is his nose, which comes straight down from his forehead and is pretty much straight, but it is small so it doesn't look the worst where and how it sits on his face. Grayson likes to keep a pretty shaven face, but sometimes he will grow some whiskers that are dark. His facial hair is pretty patchy so he tries to avoid it as much as he can.

Grayson stands at six foot two with an average and athletic build for his age. He has broad shoulders that lead out to his arms, which are a bit more defined than anywhere else on his body because he normally does so much work with his upper body. Grayson has a more longer torso, making him look a bit taller than the man truly is. He doesn't have much going on, apart from his scar that was from the beginning of the world ending. This scar is quite distant now, but you can still see it pretty well. It runs down from the top of his shoulder, and goes down to his hip. This was from a fight with someone he had before he well, killed them for his own survival. Anyways, Grayson has a fit frame to say the least. He has some veins that are very visible in some places, especially his hands which are normally covered in blood and dirt. His fingernails are kept pretty short for the sake of not breaking one and because he's never liked long nails. Grayson has tanned skin from being out in the sun most of the time and working, so he's got tanned skin and a few tan lines that he despises, but has no control over. He has a couple scattered freckles, especially his back, but they aren't too visible because of how tan he's become.

Because a closet during the zombie apocalypse is just out of this world, Grayson has stuck to wearing jeans, dark cowboy boots that are starting to wear on him, and flannels with either tanktops underneath or nothing at all. This is because flannels are light yet look decent on him and because of his longer torso, it's hard to find anything else. These things frame him nicely (as he thinks, because Grayson doesn't know a single thing about fashion), but it's just easy to come by as well. He has a few flannels that he keeps for as long as he can and like two tanktops and one normal shirt. His jeans are well, one pair. His boots are starting to wear on him, so sooner or later there's gonna be none.

Grayson only wears one ring that is on his left hand, on his middle finger. It is simply a silver band, nothing else to it, but he holds it close to him for reasons he doesn't like to explore. Grayson also wears a gold chain that is pretty small, but doesn't really care. Again, what does a man like him in his condition know about fashion?

Grayson is a pretty reasonable man. Although, he doesn't think much. Despite his intimidating face at times, Grayson is constantly thinking and his mind is out a thousand miles per hour. Perhaps he's thinking about his next move, a plan, or what he or the others are going to do that day, and even things from the past that will still haunt him and sit at the back of his mind. Whatever it is, sometimes his thinking will lead to overthinking so he has to take a step back for a moment and get space. Because of this, he might seem a little less sane in the momet. Grayson can come off as a bit cold when this happens as well, but he doesn't mean it. But also because of his thinking, he's witty and is always alerted, keeping a look out for himself and his group.

Grayson has learned to respect everyone and to be as much as a role model as possible. But sometimes, that second part just doesn't happen. Grayson respects everyone, even if they're younger, older, a smart ass (kinda like him), a different race, different sexuality, and your sex or gender. He could really care less, so this makes him quite accepting but he is still wary of newcomers in the group. Grayson always takes his time with allowing others near his group, regardless of how long it may take. He would do anything for that group, his family, and would in fact die for them.

Grayson can be reserved at times, especially while in deep thought, but he's always thinking of others. Anyways, Grayson is quite the smart ass. Always trying to brighten someone's day, he might be a bit quick or short with his answers but he doesn't mean any harm. Despite this goofyness, Grayson can quickly switch to serious in a moment's notice. His seriousness isn't to be messed with, especially by those he doesn't really know. Grayson will prioritize people depending on how much he knows them, so newcomers are barely anyone to him. This makes Grayson somewhat social, only for the sake of his group. He'll try his best to figure out whatever he needs to figure out to protect everyone.

Grayson always puts himself last. This is because he believes that he doesn't really have anything else to lose. He's quite selfless, always thinking about others and doing things for others. This makes him quite reliable and someone you can always come to, regardless of what you need. He's willing to do pretty much anything, but of course his boundaries have been set and are stated clear.

Grayson's worse part about him is his temper. He loses it quickly and is constantly on edge already. But once he loses his temper, he will scream at you, and maybe even leave with some bloody knuckles. He's been working on this though and he has become a bit better with it, trying his best to stay as calm as possible and keep his cool. The only times he truly does lose his temper is when he is lied to, feels like he should've done better, or when he thinks about the past and what he could've done. His thinking is his greatest enemy.

Grayson is quite the hard worker. He'll work till he drops and is always looking for ways to help out. He offers a lot of it, maybe too much, but he doesn't really care cause he likes to keep his mind pretty busy. Grayson also likes to offer this help for the sake of building a foundation for not only his home, but with others and building relationships. Nowadays, friends seem to be your only enemy, but you can never know how much impact you can at least make.

-Grayson has a nice shot. Learning how to use guns when he was about ten years old, his father had taught him well and he had been shooting for as long as he could remember. Little did he know, it would in fact come in handy later on, but maybe not in the way he would expect it.

-Grayson has physical upper-body strength, so he can fight decently up-close but he mainly has it from working. He's a handy man and is always trying to get work done.

-Grayson is quite easy to talk to and is easy to get along with. This makes him approachable and it's a good part for being a leader.

-His group. His family. Grayson will forever consider his group his family because they've stuck by him for so long. He could never repay them, and seeing something bad happen to them would make him crumble.

-Grayson isn't the greatest tracker. He can for sure shoot while hunting, but tracking isn't his strong suit. He hopes to get better in the future, but for now, shooting is what he sticks to.

-Grayson is constantly on edge, making him preoccupied sometimes and not talking to you. He means nothing by it, but it's the same with his temper.

-Rain. Grayson loves the sound and the earthy smell it leaves afterwards.
-Adventuring/discovering new things
-Coffee. Especially plain, black coffee
-Company of others
-His family

-Anyone who hurts him or his family
-His temper
-Those who are disrespectful

Grayson is known as the leader, yes, but he's also known to be someone that others look up to. He's not quite sure why, but that's for him to figure out over time. Grayson is also known to be the smart-ass he is, but also caring and accepting. He's been told he's done good, but he can't always agree with that.

Crossbow; A crossbow his father gave him when he turned 13, Grayson has used it since the apocalypse started. This stays on his back and he only uses it in small groups because of how long it takes to reload and retrieve arrows.

Hunting Knife; Mainly used for up-close things with the creatures. This is normally tucked away somewhere, he doens't always carry it.

Revolver; A gun he picked up along the way and has had for a while. He tends to it most of the time and this is his main weapon.

Leader, and he's quite content


Significant Other:
PM me, his former one is now deceased. Will be hella slow-burn.


Michael Spring, father, deceased
Amy Spring, mother, deceased

Lee Spring, brother, unknown

Grayson has a bit of a deeper voice with a slight rasp to it, especially while he talks quietly and low or in the morning or while he's sleepy. Grayson grew up in Georgia, so he has a slight southern accent that has since then become a bit distant, but you can still hear hints of it in his tones.

Grayson probably has some of the shittiest writing you'll ever know. It's a mix of print and cursive and since he writes pretty fast, it's rather messy and is hard to read, even for him even though he wrote the damn thing.

Theme Song(s):
Nickelback - How You Remind Me

Yellow - Coldplay
Come As You Are - Nirvana
Condemmed - Zach Bryan
Godspeed - Zach Bryan
Oats in the Water - Ben Howard
Black Flies - Ben Howard

Grayson grew up in Georgia on his family's farm, constantly tending to animals and had been doing so until he turned sixteen. His family had to move due to his grandfather's death, but he couldn't quite remember the reason for moving. Grayson had then moved to Wyoming, starting to work on other farms and earning money. There he met his former significant other, Hannah Greene. They hit it off immediatley, and soon, got engaged just before everything went to shit.

After everything when to shit, Grayson learned that Hannah and her family had turned, and his last resort was staying with his own family. He was separated and found them dead from what he assumed was starvation. Since then, he's been on his own until he met the group.

Grayson used to own a horse, but since then lost it. He never really had any other animals.

He's open for discussion about children, significant other, affiliations, and anything else.

Edited at October 25, 2021 08:53 PM by Corpses
Whats Left Behind | Apocalypse RP | Reboot | Open! October 25, 2021 08:46 PM

Posts: 3629
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Now open!
Whats Left Behind | Apocalypse RP | Reboot | Open! October 25, 2021 09:26 PM

Queen Wolf
Posts: 7
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I've finally updated this! Here's my character, my beloved Francis.


Francis L. Fox


Franny, Granny Fox, and only by her close friends/code name Lady Fox



(October 30th)






Francis is a thin, but toned 5'7 female. Her face is very sharp with nicely contrasting round eyes. Not bug eyes, think more doll like with dark brown eyes and flecks of green around the pupil. Her nose sharply sloped, and lips small and forever pouting, with a small cupids bow. She has firey red hair in a long bob with the back half shaved on the bottom. She always keeps her hair in tight braids as to not get in her face while she's hunting. She has an average sized forehead and face proportions, but her left eyebrow is permantly paralyzed from spider bite she got when she was a teenager. So she looks a little funny when she tries to raise her eyebrows. She has very thickly haired but thin shaped eyebrows that are also red, that she tries so desperately to make brown. Her cheekbones are very sharp but rounded looking from the front.

Francis while being a red-head, has somehow managed a tan over the years of being outside so much. The freckles on her face and tops of her shoulders stand out the most. She's olive toned so her skin tanned very nicely. Because she's 5 foot 7 inches, Francis is pretty tall for a women. She's mostly leg so her upper body seems quite short in comparison. Especially because she's a size C cup. She's always wearing two sports bras as to not hurt herself while she's doing basic movements while hunting. Her hands and feet are very small, she wears a size 7.5. She keeps her nails short but still manicured, because she's a proper southern Belle.

She's very careful in her movements and calculated so she's not too beat up with scars however she has a scar from the top of her right hip that goes down the front of her right thigh and stopping just above the middle of it. It's from when the world first started ending and she had sliced it on a metal contraption.


Francis likes to wear clothes in more neutral and natural colors, like tan and dark green. She's commonly seen wearing a dark green cammy top with light tan shorts and a bomber jacket and hunters boots. Which she tight laces. Whenever she's hunting, she always wears a solid black jumpers suit that's been stained with blood and dirt.


She has a matching ring with her owl.


Francis is a very stereotypical introvert. She is very cold towards others, but has no interest in making friends. She is with them for group protection and so she can finally take a breather and relax somewhat. Francis would personally describe herself as a Synical Cow, and she is somewhat. She's got hella hard nihilism after having to kill her father then her boyfriend from hobgoblins. That's when she realized all she's got left is her bird. Whom she protects with her dear life. While she believes that life is meaningless and that nothing matters, she's not always been that way. Francis deep inside is just extremely heartbroken over everyone in her life having to leave, either by death or choice, leaving her lonely. She's not very talkative anymore, believing her words shouldn't be wasted in mindless banter that ultimately means nothing.

However she's very respectful of those in power above her, and especially towards Grant. She believes he's done a wonderful job in leading everyone. She knows her place and she makes sure others know it too, when necessary. She doesn't tolerate any disrepect towards anyone close to her. She has a very patient personality, as is common in the hunters, however her temper, like her hair, is pretty firey. She is extremely focused on the hunt and keeping herself and team safe. She's quite cautious and quiet so only her team is aware of how fucking crazy she can be. She's a bit of a workaholic and believes the hunt of anything can't be finished till whatever it is they are going after drops dead, it's either her or their prey.

When she's by herself, she's can be found doing a number of things. One of them is studying the nature of their surroundings. She's hardly ever resting, so she's always walking around. She likes to sing and come up with little tunes to keep her mind occupied while doing mindless activities like waiting around for the perfect shot. She's done a very good job at keeping a log on her thoughts and feelings over the last several years since the world became over run by the thing she calls Hobgoblins.


-Francis is the best at identifying flora and helping the healers with medicine.

-She's a good shot. She's been shooting with a bow and arrow since she was 5. She got best in her age group for Archery when she was 13.

- She's tough to start talking to but she's very good at listening to others, mostly because she just doesn't want to talk back.

-She's quite agile, as a hunter, and extremely flexible.


- Being social. She likes to consider herself an introvert. Being around a large group of people for any amount of time gives her extreme anxiety.

-Not being sarcastic. That's her default tone. She's very straight forward and her sarcasm is hard for others to pick up on.

- Any dairy. She's extremely lactose intolerant and she avoids it as much as hobgoblins.


-Her bird. She really likes her little flying buddy and will protect it to the death.

-Grits. She's from the south, that's all she can say.

-The sun and more humid climates.

-Singing. It's a more secret like of hers.


-Being by herself

-Her group of friends

-Finding new herbs/ Exploring

-Water, mostly rivers


-Large groups of people

-The rain

-People who are loud

- Insects

-Rude and Disrepectful Behavior towards her and her group of people


She's mostly known for her seemingly cold behaviour. She likes to keep to herself but, despite her closed off behavior, she is mostly seen as the women to go to for information on plants and their properties and uses. Or the neighborhood witch. She's fine with this nickname because that means people will only come to her with a reason.


-Most comfortable with a Bow. Custom bow from her father before he passed. It's made from complex carbon that's engraved with her name and other runes. It's incredibly light and can shoot up to three arrows at a time.

-A short dagger she constantly has to re-allign, however she's too lazy to replace.



Significant Other

None. Had to kill her former boyfriend after he got infected by the Hobgoblins




Richard Fox (Father) Deceased.

Ashleigh Ians (Mother) Believed to be Deceased.

Ashton Fox (Older Brother) Unknown Location. Alive


Francis is from the south, so she speaks with a very southern Belle accent. Her voice is deep for a woman, however it's still very light and feminine. She doesn't talk much so her voice is sometimes raspy and crackly whenever she starts talking. Causing her to clear her throat quite frequently.


Francis could've been a doctor with her hand writing. Although it is quite pretty to look at because of the cursive loops and and connected letters, reading it takes some skill.

Theme Song(s)

Sweet Caroline

Miss American Pie

In the still of the Night

Killer Queen

King of the Road


Francis was born in Lousiana, near the top close to Alabama. She was born into an already broken family. Her parents were barely ever near each other, and her brother, Ashton was having issues in school. When she was three her parents divorce was finalized and her father gained full custody of 3 year old Francis and 5 year old Ashton. She has never seen her mother since and was only told her her death when her father died after a hobgoblin attack and he was infected.

Francis was left alone with her brother Ashton in Texas afterwards, still trying to move towards California. When they got to El Paso, they split for the safety of Francis, her brother decided to stay back and help protect a group that formed and was taking hold of the city in Texas. From there she continued to move west towards California where she later met the group in LA.


Francis has a bird. A Great horned owl, that's about 5 years old. The only reason it's stayed is because she's had it since it was in an egg and it thinks she's its mother. She always makes sure to let it loose at night so it can hunt. It's name is Charlie, or CharChar for short.

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